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  1. Haha
    ariotofmyown reacted to Kernow in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Two great chances and two good saves from Krul is the only thing preserving Norwich's lead at the moment. It's such a shame that the game's already over otherwise that would've been a pretty big equaliser!
  2. Haha
    ariotofmyown reacted to DCFClks in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Why play "Welcome to the Jungle" in our current situation, in an empty stadium? It's just really tacky, annoying and embarrassing 
  3. Like
    ariotofmyown reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Norwich playing like a team that’s been together for three years. Funny that!! Also confident and on a winning run.
    Sometimes you have to accept when the other team is just better. We’ve hung in there, shown some good moments, issue is we’re not going to have many chances which puts more pressure on that final pass or shot needing to be right.
    If we can sneak a point here it would be a great result. It’s the next 3 games that will make or break us regardless of how the other scores go today.
  4. Haha
    ariotofmyown reacted to angieram in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    He isn't playing wing back today.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Carnero in El DerbyCo   
    "Close friend"
    Do we actually know that? Are all friends/associates to be classed as "close friends" for the purposes of highlighting a point?
    He didn't say that on the interview I saw on sky, he merely said that they have money and will spend on the club what is required to be successful without being reckless. "If it takes £20m or if it takes £150m then ok"
    It's always better to listen to an actual interview than go on a headline tweet.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Leeds Ram in El DerbyCo   
    This just strikes me as ridiculous (as do your previous posts on this topic), of course as fans of the club and putting our hard earned cash into the club we have the right and obligation to hold the ownership to account if they are failing in their jobs. Football club owners in reality are pretty close to being custodians, they are owners of long standing institutions with an enormous role in local communities. This kind of attitude would have seen the 3 amigos hammer the nails in Derby's coffin over a decade ago when it took a combination of local reporters, the rams trust, and significant fan pressure to try and force those crooks out the club. 

    No-one likes to wallow in misery- I hope Alonso comes in, does a fantastic job gets us to the promised land and makes us a force again. As a Derby county fan who wouldn't want that? Honestly, one of the best days I've had since my dad passing away a few years ago was going with my mum down to Wembley to cheer us on- why wouldn't I or any other Derby fan want to have those memories again?
    The thing that worries me (and others) is that he's got 0 evidence to back any of this up, he doesn't have the money to run the club himself, his companies are basically shells and he's already had a run in with a club in this division the fans of which are largely thankful he's left them alone. I hope i am proven wrong, just like I hope I am proven wrong about Wayne's management but atm there is nothing to show beyond a press release and interviews that anyone with half a brain could do that to show he's not going to be a nightmare for us. 
  7. Clap
    ariotofmyown reacted to Ramarena in El DerbyCo   
    I’d mostly agree. I’ll offer one positive though, he had a busy up with Chansiri over who they should hire. Chansiri wanted Pulis who he sacked a few weeks later.......Alonso wanted Paul Cook. 
    At least this gives me some hope that he may be a bit more clued up on championship football than the average newcomer (so to speak).
    That said the links to Southall are deeply concerning!
  8. Clap
    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Chester40 in El DerbyCo   
    I find this argument that people are just being negative a bit crazy.
    Everyone knows multiple examples of dodgy owners coming in and ruining clubs. Everyone laughs at the pathetic fit and proper person test by the League and knows it is pointless. 
    With this new prospective owner, there are a few red/amber flags already. Struggling to see any clear positives yet. We all hope it turns out to be great, but nothing much suggests this yet.
    When it was clear the Amigos were crooks, it was easy to ignore because Burley has us playing well. All we've got now is the buying players for 20 million quote. Surely no one is excited by that.
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Leeds Ram in El DerbyCo   
    I find this argument that people are just being negative a bit crazy.
    Everyone knows multiple examples of dodgy owners coming in and ruining clubs. Everyone laughs at the pathetic fit and proper person test by the League and knows it is pointless. 
    With this new prospective owner, there are a few red/amber flags already. Struggling to see any clear positives yet. We all hope it turns out to be great, but nothing much suggests this yet.
    When it was clear the Amigos were crooks, it was easy to ignore because Burley has us playing well. All we've got now is the buying players for 20 million quote. Surely no one is excited by that.
  10. Haha
    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Ramarena in El DerbyCo   
    Don't be such a drama queen. Southall is just a close friend, so of course Alonso knows what he is like. He won't risk getting him involved in the club where Southall can steal from again. He's just a close friend, that's all. Absolutely nothing to worry about whatsoever. I think it's great he has close friends with experience within English football.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Ghost of Clough in El DerbyCo   
    Duration promoted clubs spent in PL based on year they were promoted:
    00/01 - 13, 11, 11
    01/02 - 18*, 4, 1 
    02/03 - 7, 1, 1
    03/04 - 2, 1, 1
    04/05 - 8, 6, 1
    05/06 - 2, 1, 1
    06/07 - 10, 1, 1
    07/08 -10, 2, 1
    08/09 - 3, 2, 1
    09/10 - 8, 6, 1
    10/11 - 7, 3, 2
    11/12 - 9*, 9*, 1
    12/13 - 8*, 2, 1
    13/14 - 7*, 1, 1
    14/15 - 5, 5, 1
    15/16 - 4, 1, 1
    16/17 - 4*, 4*, 2
    17/18 - 3*, 1, 1
    18/19 - 2*, 2*, 1
    19/20 - 1*, 1*, 1*
    * = Still in PL
    They either stay up for a good 10 years, or go straight back down (1 or 2 years). Same pattern over the past 10 years. Typically, it's the bigger clubs (those with more income) who survive the longest - Newcastle, West Ham, Villa. Whereas it's the smaller clubs who go straight back down - Sheff United, Blackpool, Hull, Cardiff, etc... Hardly surprising news that a club with more money has a better chance of survival.
    As I've mentioned in other threads in the past, in season 1, our budget would be on par with Palace, Norwich, Watford. Our revenue would exceed that of West Brom, Burnley, Sheff United, and Fulham. 
    In year 2 or 3, once we start earning more through sponsors, we would make the small jump up to being on par with the likes of Southampton. 
    Financially, breaking into the top 6 is an almost impossible task at this point. Leicester (soon to be 3 top 6 finishes in the last 6 years) aren't even half way to reaching that point. It would take a couple of years in Europe for us to join the 'next 6' of Leeds, Wolves, Leicester, Newcastle, Everton and West Ham.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Jimbo Ram in El DerbyCo   
    Do you think the Wigan fans were right to try and hold their new owners to account? I have been a Rams fan for over 50 years, travelling up and down the country cheering on the team through thick and thin. Hopefully I will be here supporting my team long after Alonso departs but I think I have invested enough time, money and energy to ask questions of any new owner. I think ultimately it is our club and as has been seen over the last 12 months football is nothing without the fans.....
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Nuwtfly in El DerbyCo   
    Why should you hold your owner to account? Who else is going to do it if not supporters? The local media?
    Why is it so different to holding your local politicians to account, for example? Both have sizeable control and say over the future of something you care massively about, be that your local community or your football club. I’m really surprised that you think fans shouldn’t play this role and, even more so, that you think this “smacks of entitlement.”
    Look at what has happened to some of the oldest clubs in this country under some stewardships. Were Bolton supporters, concerned about the takeover by Ken Anderson, smacked with entitlement?
    It’s very easy to say “just wait until he’s done something” but what you’re doing there is essentially trying to make any of his previous completely irrelevant - but how can it be irrelevant when, at this stage, that is all we have to go on!
    I think being vocal about the future of your football club and calling things out when you see them is a better option than just packing it in and saying: “Huh, maybe professional football just isn’t for me? 🤷‍♂️“
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    ariotofmyown reacted to David in The slow death of comedy and humour.   
    Maybe he should, I’m not out to defend him, just the right for members to post their condolences if they so which in a topic dedicated to his death.
    Same applies to any politician, musician, film star when topics are open as you don’t know how they may have had an effect on their lives.
    It’s just being respectful to other members that use this forum.
    I don’t feel comfortable deciding who’s death can and can’t be joked about.
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Stive Pesley in The slow death of comedy and humour.   
    If only Phil would have heeded your advice on "time and place"......
    During Prince Philip's last visit to India to mark the 50th anniversary of independence in 1997, he joined the Queen on a visit to Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, Punjab, where the royals laid a commemorative wreath at the site associated with General Dyer's orders to open fire on a large Baisakhi gathering in April 1919.
    "Two thousand? It wasn't, was it," he questioned, as he passed by a plaque at the memorial, which read This place is saturated with the blood of about two thousand Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who were martyred in a non-violent struggle".
    "That's wrong. I was in the Navy with Dyer's son. That's a bit exaggerated it must include the wounded," he is reported to have said.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to David in El DerbyCo   
    It’s natural to have concerns or nervous as Marco Gabbiadini said, would be surprised if Alonso himself didn’t have concerns. 
    Ultimately unless any significant number of fans feel that strongly against him buying the club to protest (I’m not one), we have to judge the man as he says by the work he does and not his words.
    Fans have been wrong to pre judge players, managers in the past, we have also been right. 
    I personally try to go in to any kind of signing/appointment now with an open mind but not without reservations if needed. 
  17. Cheers
    ariotofmyown reacted to Unlucky Alf in El DerbyCo   
    I'll not speak for ariotofmyown he can do that well enough for himself, But any DCFC supporter worth their salt wants the best, The best being honest players who pull on that shirt to give their best match in match out, A Manager that has the ability to attract the best talent available who WANT TO PLAY FOR DCFC and not just be here because it's a final pay day, A Manager that can motivate, That can match if not better the oppositions Manager, A Manager that has the players 100% attention on and off the pitch, An owner that is true to his word, That wants desperately as much success as the supporters do, Not being haulled up in the court of justice where football scullduggery is involved, To be proud to go to Pride Park, To feel that Buzz again, To tell your workmates your friends and your foes that "were back baby".
    I'll not be there to watch, I'll be elsewhere, But I can assure you all my attention will be focussed on kick off times where DCFCs match days are concerned.
    Be patient Boys and Girls don't ever forget...This is Derby County.
  18. Clap
    ariotofmyown reacted to Nuwtfly in El DerbyCo   
    This is just where I’m at with it going on everything that has been put before me about this guy.
    I’m absolutely open to having my mind changed. I hope it is! I hope I’m wrong! Because if I I’m not, we’ll all be wallowing in misery...
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Oldben in El DerbyCo   
    How much would it cost to do a complete rebuild of the team, to something able to complete for a top 2.
    I can't think of any area of the team that wouldn't require improvement, given this season. 
    Is it a good idea to tell the world you have a lot of money to spend.
    Other clubs will rub their hands together and say, happy to charge you more than market value for players.
    If this money exists, I'd wonder whats happening about buying the ground.
    Doesn't not owning the ground mean you don't get the full money from sponsorship and merchandise, which is a big reason to own the ground.
    Derby will need some very good scouts, but those scouts will think we can charge more since we know the team has deep pockets
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Norman in Rip Prince Phillip.   
    Nah, let's not talk about Churchill in this tread.
  21. Haha
    ariotofmyown reacted to Bob The Badger in Rip Prince Phillip.   
    I am conflicted when we judge actions from years ago with how we would judge them now.
    I'll not hijack the thread though and instead go back to watching a fascinating real life documentary on Netflix called The Crown.
    That way I can comment in the future from a position of authority.
    I am surprised they had a camera crew in with old Sir Winston when he passed away, but glad we got to see the last breath of a great (if considerably taller than the history books would have you believe) man.
  22. Clap
    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Bob The Badger in Rip Prince Phillip.   
    That was back in the 60s though. We were all going round shooting tigers then whilst president of a wildlife conservation charity.
  23. Haha
    ariotofmyown reacted to Bob The Badger in Am I in a select group?   
    Phew, I guess i can come clean then that I have my count configured to display on a 4 foot v 3 foot digital display mounted on my living room where the tv used to be.
    Nothing like a cold winter night curled up on the sofa with the log burner roaring watching my reputation count.
  24. Clap
    ariotofmyown reacted to angieram in El DerbyCo   
    Exactly this. There are no guarantees in football and for every ten investors, only two are "succesful" - if success is measured on a scale of only promotion is good enough.
    The other eight aren't all crooks or were rubbish. They just tried and failed. 
    Overall the last seven years have been more enjoyable on the pitch than they haven't and I like others am just sad that it didn't work out for Mel. Have met him a few times I feel he is a decent guy who only ever wanted the best for this club.
    There is no magic formula for success. I have just rewatched the review of the 13/14 season (I know!)
    Leeds were in the High Court, look where they are now. Wigan, alternatively, were riding high. Look how divergent their future paths have been.
    There's nothing guaranteed in football but we journey with hope, that's what we enjoy. 
    For those of you that just enjoy wallowing in the misery, this may well have been your season, but beware, things might get better! 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in El DerbyCo   
    The idea that it's harder for promoted clubs to compete in the Premier League these days is a bit of a myth. I heard a stat on a podcast the other day which suggested that very little has changed from 20 years ago in terms of promoted clubs surviving.
    Granted, there's a difference between surviving and attempting to break into the 'Bix Six'. But I'd be interested in knowing if it really is as unattainable as people make out. I think people sometimes say things to fit their narrative of "football isn't what it used to be".
    Now, the one thing that would make it almost impossible to compete with the best would be the European Super League. Duck that poo.
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