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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from GboroRam in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    Lol and you accuse the media of sensationalism! #brazildiditright
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Patrick Rams in Relegation watch   
    We are too big to go down and also don't deserve to go down. Every game is a Champions League final now (see we already got there). We have a divine right to stay up.
    If we do go down, we'll absolutely smash League One and all those little clubs will be in awe of us.  And who doesn't want to go to Wembley to see us in the Papa John's vs someone like Swansea reserves? Rooney will get his boots on again and score about 30 goals.
    (This post can be used to justify how people have been posting that we are too big to go down)
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Tamworthram in Relegation watch   
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Bearwood Ram in Worst gig you have ever been to. Comedy or music.   
    Great memories. We 'borrowed' the work minibus to travel the 30 odd miles to the festival and got stuck in a 10 hour traffic jam. Eventually arrived at midnight and missed all of Thursday's line up including Bowie! 😭 Having finally got settled, we had a great weekend. Lots of great performances, the Pistols, Neil Young... We survived on Hooch Alcopops and crisps from what I remember. Didn't sleep and hardly used the loo, sweated buckets... The organisation was terrible and the festival was over sold as there was no Glastonbury that year. Definitely a weekend I'll never forget! 
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Bearwood Ram in Worst gig you have ever been to. Comedy or music.   
    We'll have to start a Phoenix 96 thread. That was my first festival and looking at the line up again now, it was so good. If only I'd gone to see Bowie and Neil Young rather than Bis and Kulashaker!
    I think the Manics followed Super Furry Animals and I had to go to toilet and/or water as it was so crazy hot. I was near the back when Manics came on and I heard the opening to Everything Must Go. Some big guys were barging their way to the front, so ran behind in them in their wake and got near the front. I loved Foo Fighters in those early days to and the were incredible.
    The toilets were so rank and it was so hot that me and most my mates didn't have a number 2 the whole festival...Thursday morning to Monday when I got home. Getting off the car park in the heat nearly killed off my mate's old Metro. A more experienced driver would have probably turned it off and slept until the queue went!
    There was a problem with the water supply too and drinks were very expensive. Some hari-krishners were selling cold cans of pop for normal price and saved the day.
    Don't think the festival was ever on again. I loved every minute! 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to angieram in El DerbyCo   
    Jimbo, I am butting in here as it was my fairly light-hearted comment that brought about @Gaspode's response.
    I don't think we are getting at the reasoned posters - for or against any particular aspect of the current situation at the club. 
    I expect we share some if not all of these concerns. 
    It's more about those posters who repetitively make statements about the same thing without any context, any new information adding anything to the debate, or solely with the aim of bringing their viewpoint to the fore again and again and again or to have a dig at certain individuals, be that players, owners or other posters.
    I am certain sure that those posters are well aware of what they are doing. I could name names, but that would give them a satisfaction they don't really deserve, imo. 
    People who proclaim we won't get relegated irritate me equally with those who say we are already down, but I have no problem with people saying they think we will go down, or stay up.
    (I personally can't ever recall taking exception to any of your posts so wouldn't include you in any such category but it's interesting you think that might be how others see you. Although I don't think how long you've been a fan or how much you've put yourself out to follow the club has any relevance to this debate either.)
  7. COYR
    ariotofmyown reacted to Jimbo Ram in El DerbyCo   
    Other than Florist trolls, I don't think any true Rams fan that contributes to this forum wants the team to fail. If I am included in your doom monger classification I would counter that I am pragmatic and a realist. I hate the term but the so called 'happy clappers' on here who keep posting along the lines '100% not going down', 'we will be safe with 3 games to play', 'we will win our easy games away at Blackburn and Preston' are just not seeing it as it is......burying their head in the sand......just take a look at the table and the fact we have won one game in eleven.....I take no enjoyment out of that whatsoever. I have followed the Rams since I was four living down in Cornwall, no links to Derby. Travelled home and away in the 80's, had Rams weekenders with my son staying over after away games when he was a lad and now travel 120 mile round trips to home games and invested a lot of time and money in the process. I think that gives me the right to express my views and say what I think, including the grave concerns I have at the moment. The last thing I want is for the Rams to do badly and any fan that says that to me can go forth and multiply..........
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Chester40 in El DerbyCo   
    I've found very little to be right about.. 
    I badly wanted Cocu with his sophisticated, international pedigree to be a huge success. Wrong. Then we tried to hang on with him too long. Wrong. Thought even so his style of football would be something worth waiting for. Wrong.
    Believed no way CKR was a decent striker. Wrong, he led the line valiantly at times. Thought how can Rooney fail as a player with his winning attitude. Wrong. Hated the idea of him as manager, going to be a disaster. Wrong, went on a great run. Thought he was pretty personality-less, wrong. He started to come across well in interviews and after being so anti his appointment I had to say he deserved a chance. 
    Mel finally manages to secure investment that I couldn't believe was a total hoax, there seemed no way he could be conned to give a say in decisions to a group of chancers - trick me once shame on you, errr trick me 3 or 4 times then shame ain't the word! 
    Rooney then oversees a group of games so terribly dull and insipid that I can't recall ever being so bored by a Derby team. Results go off a cliff. CKR is every bit the 'couldn't hit a barn door' journeyman I thought he would be. 
    I'm struggling to get any pleasure from Derby full stop. Terribly frustrating and like a nightmare you can't wake up from.  Relegation may be the reset we need but I fail to see how playing Fleetwood etc is going to get us in the Premier League.
    Limping over the finish line, fourth bottom and giving Rooney the job feels equally depressing too...but I've been wrong before!!! 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to CornwallRam in El DerbyCo   
    I'm starting to wonder if Mel is really gullible
    iPro - biggest sponsorship of it's kind...other than having no money 
    Sam Rush - best thing since sliced bread but suddenly he's out and being taken to court
    FFP -we're fine, no worries, well inside...oh flip, we need to get more creative with our accounts and flog the stadium to stay compliant
    Henry Gabay - takeover in place, brilliant bit of business - oh he's not paid up and now we can't pay the players...oh, he's now under arrest
    Sheikh Khaled - fantastic news for the club, here Sheiky have a go at running things whilst your cheques clears, oh he's not paid up and now we can't pay the players, but he's still going to buy the club imminently!
    Erik Alonso - so you've no obvious means to buy the club, hang around with club killer Matt Southall, but that's no problem - it's fantastic news for the club. Here have a long chat with the manager to discuss future plans.
    I know that Mel has always tried to act in the best interest of the club - he's one of our own and I dearly hope he's back to his healthy best quickly quickly, but come on. He must be the unluckiest demi-billionaire on the planet.
    I wonder what happened to the 'local' offer around Christmas. Surely if Mel just wants out that's the way to go...assuming the Alonso thing doesn't pan out.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Gerry Daly in El DerbyCo   
    It just doesn’t feel right. It feels a bit like a return to the days of Jeremy Keith and Sleightholme I’m afraid. Sleightholme was the front man who suggested that there were ‘persons’ in the background providing the cash but in fact there wasn’t, just 3 chancers. I’d much prefer that there was real transparency about this, but it’s just smoke and mirrors. We are all desperate to get out of the position we have been in this season but I fear this might be ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’
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    ariotofmyown reacted to RadioactiveWaste in El DerbyCo   
    Last christmas, you gave us the Sheik, the very next day, he faded away, this year to save us from tears, we're going to league 1 football....
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Kinder in Worst gig you have ever been to. Comedy or music.   
    Bill Bailey at the NIA 22 November 2007. Problem was we turned up on 29 November to find out the snooker was on! It was our first night out after we had our daughter and we both clearly had baby brain. I’m sure it was a good gig but we didn’t see it, we just went home!
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    ariotofmyown reacted to LondonRam2 in Relegation watch   
    Oh dear.
    So now we need 2 wins and a draw from the last 4 to reach the magic 50.
    We now have to hope that:
    (a) 46 or 47 points will be enough (1 win and 1 draw from 4 games is still possible I think)
    (b) Rotherham fail to capitalise on the games in hand
    (c) the other teams around us all draw with each other and all lose to the higher placed sides
    Let's also console ourselves by reflecting on the fact that in recent years quite a few big clubs have dropped into L1, come storming back, and are now in the PL or Championship.  If that were to happen then we wouldn't be the first 'big' club to do that and probably not the last.
    Maybe there'd also be a healing effect to be had from a season of (hopefully) mostly winning rather than mostly losing, with a new line up of hungry, fit, ambitious players (and a proper pre season) looking to make their mark or prove themselves, talent that we could really get behind, explore some unfamiliar places (anyone here ever been to Accrington? me neither LOL) and in some cases outnumber the home supporters.  A successful L1 campaign might then provide the springboard for a subsequent Championship to PL promotion push, in the style of Bournemouth & Sheff Utd for example.
    Mel tried to buy us promotion and we got very close but in the end it didn't work.  Whatever league we end up in come August, maybe it's time to try a different way based mostly on home grown talent, of which we have an abundance, plus Wazza using his contacts to find us another Mount & another Tomori on loan, plus a few shrewd purchases.  Too often in recent years we have spent £10 million buying 5 journeymen when we should have instead spent that money on 2 proven match winners.
    Adam Bolder made an interesting point last night on the radio.  Even in L1, there must be many young players out there who would jump at the chance to work with Wazza, we would just need to find them.
    Footie to me is about roots and identity and loyalty.  Any fool can 'support' a team that's rich &/or successful.  We're all here because that kind of fickleness is not for us.  Once a Ram always a Ram, simple as that.
    Roll on next season, and wherever we end up let's sell out all the home games and out-sing the home fans wherever we go away from home.  
    Having said all that I still believe we can avoid the drop.
    da da     da daaaaaaaa da da da          da daaaaaaaaa da da daaaaaaa da daaaaaaaa (Great Escape tune)...
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    ariotofmyown reacted to mozza in We deserve better.   
    Gone downhill ever since the Joiners episode.. 
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Spanish in Relegation watch   
    Well it was in our own hands and isn’t now.  Bit sad you want to revel in our position but so be it
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Ken Tram in Relegation watch   
    According to Wikipedia, Derby's 111 seasons have been distributed as follows:
    Level 1: 65* (1 in every 1.71 seasons)
    Level 2: 52 (1 in every 2.1 seasons)
    Level 3: 4 (1 in every 27.8 seasons)
    Level 4: 0
    Therefore, if Derby can expect to visit the third tier roughly every 28 years (on average), we should not be too disheartened if we were to get relegated, especially as our last trip down to the old third division being 35 years ago, in 1985-86.
    And it shouldn't be anything to worry about, because such visits to the third division have never lasted very long.
    It's the sort of club that we are! It's where we sit in the football pyramid. In the long-term, we tend to divide our time between the top two tiers, with rare and brief drops down into the third tier.
    * If the first four seasons of the football league only had one division; and the next twenty-seven seasons only had two divisions; then this should make the expected gap between our visits to the third tier be more frequent then every 25 years.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Abu Derby in Relegation watch   
    We’ll be back in 22. 
  18. Clap
    ariotofmyown reacted to cannable in Relegation watch   
    Meh, we’ll be dead one day anyway 
  19. COYR
    ariotofmyown reacted to alexxxxx in Relegation watch   
    Lookin forward to these away days next season 

  20. Haha
    ariotofmyown reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Relegation watch   
    Mrs VdM has crunched the numbers......and it says.... Norwich.... (useless old computers.....) . 🤣

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    ariotofmyown reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Holiday Plans 2021   
    Just because you’re too old to pull.
  22. Angry
    ariotofmyown reacted to Beetroot in Am I in a select group?   
    I've found that many of my tactical insights, team selections etc. don't recieve the 'likes' they deserve. I generally put that down to my ideas going over the heads of most forum members, I have to keep reminding myself that not everyone is Pep Guardiola!
    So I simply throw in the odd Cheryl gif a couple of times a week and she bumps my numbers up nicely.

  23. Sad
    ariotofmyown reacted to Gaspode in Helen McCrory - RIP   
    Probably best known for playing Polly in Peaky Blinders - Helen McCrory dies of cancer aged 52.....😢
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    ariotofmyown got a reaction from Bearwood Ram in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    Probably worth remembering that 10s of 1000s of people have died through Covid and it's left lots of people in grief, including people on this thread. Of the 30 or so people I know who have had it, of them have been left with long term issues (asthma and quarter of lung usage instead). I know a few people who have lost people too.
    I know you and others are not heartless by any means, but possibly worth watching your language when posting on this subject. Covid deaths are very real for some people and they could easily get hurt/emotional to read posts saying it's all hype, or profiteering by big companies.
    I'm no lover of big business, but recognise that the logisitcs infrastructures built up by the likes of Amazon and the food industry have been pretty useful over the last year. I also appreciate that companies like Netflix have been able to keep us entertained. They aren't all bad.
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    ariotofmyown reacted to Eddie in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    To summarise - one death is a tragedy. 127,191 deaths is a statistic.
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