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    DenmarkRam reacted to NottsRam77 in Investment Close   
    Compared to many we’ve spent more than enough money 
    It’s been crap recruitment and lazy scouting 
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    DenmarkRam reacted to Gritty in Investment Close   
    Just because there are new investors doesn't mean they choose which players to buy. It will be channelled through the same recruitment team as now unless they have a majority stake and then change.
    As I've said above, we spend up to the limit (at least...) of ffp every year.  So new investors won't help us spend any more than we have been
    Our problem isn't lack of investment.  It's been very, very poor (albeit well intentioned) investment
  3. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in U23s vs Everton   
    Kickoff at 7, on RamsTV from 6:45. 
    Knight starting which means he isn’t in the squad vs Charlton tomorrow. 
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    DenmarkRam reacted to jono in Today I Learned   
    Well I never knew that ! 

  5. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Van Cone De Head in Today I Learned   
  6. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to cannable in The Championship 19/20   
    Not sure I blame either party either. Stendel lost his two centre-halves and ‘keeper and had them replaced with kids. Right to be annoyed. 
    But Barnsley’s transfer policy could have been a master-stroke if executed correctly. Leipzig haven’t done too badly only signing under-24s.
  7. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Oh I wouldn't say that!  Have you ever heard booing at the schoolboys internationals.  It hurts my ears!
    No, when it comes to booing, the deeper the better, I'd say.
    Oh, wait...
  8. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    A side who were only 1 point behind us before we played. “No easy games at this level” remember. 
  9. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Poor game.  Great result (And prediction league points for 2-0, so an added bonus!)
    Shinnie good in general.  Excellent first half.  FloJo seems to be getting worse as each game comes his way... and that from a poster who rarely notices individual performances, and never normally singles out players for poor performances!  The rest were all between "a bit meh" and "Whatever"!
    Poor show from the fans for booing the keep-ball... and for cheering the occasional long punt by Roos, despite 100% of them going straight to the oppo!  Fans are their own worst enemy at times.
    Any ref who can allow a free kick for off-side to be taken in the oppo's half is akin to a decorator stepping off his step ladders and putting his foot straight into the paint tin.  I ain't a fan of slapstick.
    Now... I've given a lot of stick to certain (alleged) Drunk drivers this past 10 days or so... and to the club too.  I didn't want either of them playing before the court date, but have come to appreciate that I have no say in the matter, as a mere "customer".  I wasn't particularly impressed by either "apology" either, be that content, or timing.  I wasn't overly convinced either were genuine and heartfelt.  Thus far, I have neither boo'd nor cheered their names, or their actions.
    However, from my vantage point half way up the upper tier, in the NE corner, I probably had a better view than 98% of people in the stadium... of just how much that goal meant to TL.  He looked absolutely drained.  A mixture of true relief and guilt.  He was almost apologetic for scoring, never mind anything else!  As much as I detest his involvement in those events that night, I felt for the lad, if I'm honest.  It was quite emotional stood there, politely applauding his goal, and witnessing his reaction up close and personal.  It almost bought a tear, if truth be told.  I can tell all those doubters... He is remorseful.  He is full of regret.  He is riddled with guilt... Either that, or he is one hell of an actor!
    He regained... in part at least... a little respect back from me today, strengthened by his determination to thank all stands after the final whistle, before being the last but one to go down the tunnel.  That in itself took guts, imo.  Seeing him today, I suspect he's lost a little of that cockiness now.  Personally, I'd say that was a good thing.
    Onwards and upwards.  There's a long way to go yet... on the pitch, off the pitch, and in the law courts... but despite the to-ings and fro-ings of the last week and a half, today was a step forward... and I'm glad I had the balls to turn up and witness it!
  10. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to Ellafella in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Absolutely...can see us losing 3-4 😟
  11. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Morris has bought shame on himself tonight   
    Lawrence did alright too. 
  12. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to cheron85 in If Lawrence and Bennett play......?   
    Just checked in to see what the meltdown was like and find a couple of people attacking the chap who's always run our forum in such a welcoming and fair minded way - bizarre 
    I for one have always found your opinions calm and measured whether I've agreed with them or not - I think there are people on here who are a bit too "you're either with us or against us" in their opinions and don't like to hear anything which disagrees with their stance
    I've said already this week - I'll support any decision Mel and Phil think is in the best interests of the team and club - Even if I think today might have been a bit too soon for then to be back in the team
  13. Clap
  14. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to i-Ram in If Lawrence and Bennett play......?   
    I certainly don’t want Bennett playing until he has sobered up.
  15. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to Carl Sagan in Academy Thread 19/20   
    After today's 1-0 win over Blackburn the U23s sit 2nd in the Premier League 2 table.

    The next round of league games isn't until 18th October when we entertain Everton.
    Meanwhile it's a big week for the U18/19 team who begin their Champions League campaign with a trip to Minsk! Kickoff is 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.
  16. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to David in U23s v Blackburn   
    Only full fans are here today with our umbrellas

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    DenmarkRam reacted to Shang in Birmingham City (H) Match Thread   
    Jesus Christ, Huddlestone had a fantastic game. He definitely didn't do any lumping of the ball either, was calm passing whilst bypassing their press and provided extra height against their crosses. 
  18. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to richinspain in Birmingham City (H) Match Thread   
    Where's @Nick_Ram?
  19. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to admira in Birmingham City (H) Match Thread   
    Must be the shortest captaincy stint in history! 
  20. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to SaintRam in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Phillip Cocu reflects on his first three months

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    DenmarkRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Middlesbrough to sue the EFL over Derby's Stadium Purchase   
    That was my first thought, if I'm honest.  It's not really our place to be making statements about matters between two other bodies.
    If it affects us, we can make a club statement when the EFL make known their findings and/or take action (Which DCFC now seem to be implying cannot happen).
    If the EFL effectively "clear us", then again, no statement should be forthcoming from DCFC, as the matter is between Gibson/MFC and The EFL.
    For now, our stance should have remained "No comment"!
  22. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Alpha in Premier League 19/20   
    I've read they're in a crisis. 
  23. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Alpha in Just a small tear in my eye for that Chris Martin sub   
    I don't give a feck how Martin did last season or the season before or anything else.
    I have seen Kieran Dowell lose the ball by being a complete wimp. I've seen him pick the ball up in areas that a creative player is supposed to want the ball and the play like he's a defender strayed too far
    I've seen Lawrence dribble until he absolutely can't take another step without losing the ball and then 'pass' to somebody who is now marked. I see him do it over and over and over and over until the point I don't see the promise in his dribbling but the utter rubbish in when the ball leaves him.
    I've seen Waghorn frequently have a first touch worse than Connor Sammon. We are talking 3 or 4 touches in the wrong direction to do what everyone else does in 1
    I've seen Jozefzoon... wait, no I haven't because he's hiding. 
    So maybe Chris Martin isn't the Derby Messi. Maybe he's not our saviour. But I just fail to see how having some Bamford up front that can control and pass a ball won't benefit us
    I mean by all means if you actually believe that Lawrence pretending to be Ronaldo, Waghorn pretending to be Sammon, Jozefzoon pretending to be...there? Dowell pretending to be Ben Davies, Paterson pretending to be Stephen Pearson are all on the verge of something good then fair enough. 
    Let's worry about how many goals Martin isn't scoring when we are at a stage where we actually have forwards who understand the idea of the fecking game. Right now our best attackers are Lowe, Malone, Keogh and Bielik. 
    I mean ffs. Not only do I refuse to rule out Martin but i still think Chris Porter could do a job. I'd take Adam fecking Rooney right now. 
    I just can't cope watching Lawrence beat 30 defenders and then do something utterly poo 99 times in 100. I can't watch Dowell look worse than Paul Green. 
    We are all looking at Duane Holmes now to save our sanity and feed the ball through to Marriott. Unless Waghorn manages to trap the ball it looks like a bunch of guys who are looking for imaginative ways to lose possession and expose that useless DM statue
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    DenmarkRam reacted to Carl Sagan in Loan watch 2019/20   
    In better loan news, Max Hunt played the full match in a 1-2 away win for Aldershot at Stockport.
    According to the Aldershot forum https://www.shotsweb.co.uk/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=50049
    "Max Hunt a ******* rock today"
         "Spot on mate my MOM"
    "The loan signings have all made an impact, so well done to Danny for bringing them in, and to Shahid and the board for providing the funds for this to happen."
    "Well that was as good a Shots performance as I have seen in the last few years."
    "Chislett, Powell and Hunt outstanding.
    Hunt man of the match for me.
    Brilliant team performance well done lads"
    Sounds as if big Max had an impressive game. Aldershot are near the foot of the National League and Stockport near the top. Next up is away at Barnet on Tuesday.
  25. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Boycie in Lets behind Derby tomorrow night   
    You’ll have to suck if they’re kicking towards you. Blow when they change ends.
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