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  1. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to RamNut in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    admiring the wife's bush
  2. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Parsnip in Picture where you and your knee are now   

    Ok maybe not exactly the same.
  3. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to PodgeyRam in Marcus Olsson   
    Let's be honest, if we have designs of getting out of this league, Marcus Olsson is not the player for it. Good honest pro, will always be remembered for scoring against Forest, but not good enough defensively. 
    When all our left backs are fully fit he's probably right at the back of the queue along with Lowe.
  4. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Nick_Ram in Scott Malone   
    Figures below are all since the start of Feb. Feel free to believe its just a coincidence if you like.
    70 mins against Brentford, drew 3-3 (all 3 goals conceded in his 70mins)
    45 mins against Villa in which we conceded all 4
    90 mins against Forest and lost 1-0
    Played 73 mins against Millwall in which we lost 1-0
    Rotherham 6-1 win (Malone started)
    Stoke 0-0
    Sheff Wed 1-1
    Wigan 2-1 win
    Ipswich 1-1
    Hull 2-0 win
    PNE 0-0
  5. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to Rampage in George Thorne - Joined Luton Town on loan   
    So your present girlfriend is your Next girlfriend then, David? Good move. 😎👍❤️
  6. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to Ellafella in Fans Forum @ Nunsfield House in Alvaston 27/3/19   
    I think it was about age. Seems that MM’s strategy was to get a whole new younger generation; he wants that “golden thread” throughout the Club and that was the point he made quite early on about if you aggregate  all the points into one league from across the various age ranges u18, u23, etc) Derby County would be 3rd overall behind Everton and Man City.
    MM is evolving a football conveyor belt...this is seriously long-term strategy; “own the region”, “be the Academy of choice” across the Midlands is about re-setting the Club back to the very top and ensuring its sustainable “sine die”. 
  7. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to ramit in Worst Travel Experience?   
    On my first trip to Philippines, a few days before we were to be wed in her village chapel i got the worst food poisoning of my life.  i thought i was a goner for sure.  How i hung onto that blessed motorcycle rider and stayed on the bike carrying my limp body to the local medical center i will never know.   Received a drip of some sort there, but still convinced i was about to die, i asked my wife to be, to move me to the family home.  There i received a home remedy of strong bean soup for two days until i recovered. 
    On the second trip, my father came along with us and he and i went on excursions while wife and son stayed in village area.  We traveled by native boat to a beautiful little island named Apo, off the coast of Negros Oriental and slept in a hut.  We went snorkeling first day, but it was midday and although i will never forget the undersea beauty i saw there i will never forget the pain afterward either.  My back and the backs of my calves burned very badly, especially the right one.  Father had little sympathy for my condition and marched me around nonstop.  The mosquito's and sand flies were zeroing in on the area and making things worse.  Once back on the mainland, four days later i finally went to a hospital. The doctor, after examining my glowing red leg and checking her computer, started eyeing the steel cabinet on her left.  No, i said firmly, you will not saw off my leg.  Startled, the doc replied, you were not supposed to see that.  So much for that visit.
    Again, it was family remedies that healed me.  Some big leaves mixed with something an old lady chewed up strapped to my leg for a few days and i began to heal.  i love the Philippines and can't wait to get back there but the place tries to kill me every time.   Maybe next time eh.
  8. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Inglorius in Fans Forum @ Nunsfield House in Alvaston 27/3/19   
    I must have missed something that Leeds and Sheffield United are receiving parachute payments 
  9. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to RamNut in Mel Morris to put the club up for sale SHOULD Derby fail to win promotion....   
    With respect that isn't true. Not from my perspective anyway.
    At the time the message from ramblur and others was that the club was debt free, and compliance with ffp wasn't a problem.
    Without wishing to revisit the arguments etc, i posted the overall company accounts, which showed significant annual losses and £95m of debt to MM. I stated that i wasn't an accountant but that the overall picture seemed problematic to put it mildly. Ramblur went off on one because statements about the accounts were his personal domain and he openly contemptuous and rude to others who strayed into that territory. (I avoided responding in kind, but by then he was taking verbal pot shots at numerous people including mods). Putting the tantrums aside, i still believe that the fundamental business model of a championship football club does not work. Billionaire owners are losing millions and clubs are struggling to comply with Ffp. 
    It was interesting to see a shift this season and to hear stories of austerity measures at the club and the academy. Good news as far as i was concerned. We also had one particular poster giving us what appeared to be good inside info, praising the executive and announcing that we had agreed our ffp  position - we seemed to be absolutely at the limit.
    without looking up the specific figures, the approximate summary of our position seemed to be somthing like (from  memmory)
    turnover @£25m wages @£37m  overall annual loss @£25m The points i was making were headline issues rather than accountancy detail.
    all transfer fees have to be funded by sales we need to massively reduce the wage bill mel is funding excessive unsustainable losses  Fundamentally the problem is that television money in the prem has caused salaries to mushroom. That affected the salaries payable in the championship too. But the television money was not distributed to championship clubs in equal measure to offset those salary increases. Unless this situation changes, the financial model won't work. The only way to avoid having huge losses is to significantly cut the wage bill. 
    Furthermore championship clubs cannot afford to pay transfer fees therefore the strategy is inevitably based on the development of academy players, freebies and loans. We have a great thread full of suggestions for signings, but there is no way we can afford the fees for most of those players. Not a very nice position to be in. 
    this season we have made moves to promote and develop academy players. We have made some good signings on low fees - especially holmes, (and i remain hopeful with regards to evans). The financial position will be much improved when the out of contract high earners are released. However....i don't personally understand splashing £5m on any player. We are caught in a predicament - chasing promotion on the one hand, and trying to fix the broken financial model on the other.
    Given all of the above, the rumours of mel looking for help, and seeming to conclude that he cannot continue to fund the losse, does not surprise me. The financial realities won't go away unless we fluke a promotion and then the financial landscape is totally different. (Chelsea's turnover for example is £325. £300m per season more than ours. And a huge chunk of that increased income is tv money). 
    So where do we go?
    we could compare ourselves to sheff utd and swansea.
    Swansea won't get many accolades this season, but they have promoted four academy players to the first team - roberts, rodon, mcburnie and james. The difference is that their young players are 21-22. Ours are 19. We might be two years behind. once we concluded that the previous generation of guy, vernam, hanson, kwarme thomas, farrend rawson etc were not going to be good enough, it set us back a bit. 
    Sheff utd have operated a very frugal acquisitions policy. (Compare mcgoldrick on a freebie to waggers at £5m). Signings like holmes and evans are what we can afford. They won't all work, but fans need to understand the financial realities and show some tolerance. The raging away fans at aston villa might do well to think about our financial position as compared to aston villa who have had premier league income and parachute monies. I think villa might get promoted this year, but if they don't then ultimately they will have to face the same financial conundrum as everyone else, and slash and burn.
  10. Haha
  11. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to RamsFan10 in Mel Morris to put the club up for sale SHOULD Derby fail to win promotion....   
    I know some on here know the business/financial football stuff well. Can someone explain the part in the times article talking about Mel's loans to Sevco, the holding company? To the untrained financial reader it sounds like Derby/Mel somehow owes himself millions 😂
    EDIT: Is it just that Mel wants his debts cleared in exchange for giving the club (for £1) to a person willing to pay those debts?
  12. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to Carl Sagan in Academy Thread 2018/19   
    Just sneaking this thread of posts into the Academy thread in case people miss them in the match-specific Wolves one.
  13. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to cstand in Season tickets   
    Renewing for the 11th season in a row.
  14. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to Steve How Hard? in Derby County v Stoke City   
    A lot of positives to take from that performance considering some of the insipid displays in recent weeks. We're definitely heading in the right direction and when you add in the returning Mount to bring out the best in HW then I think the play offs are a distinct possibility. Lighten up Negative Nigels. The Rams are going up. 
  15. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Wolfie20 in Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday   
    Will anyone spot we'd have 13 on the pitch?
  16. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to i-Ram in DCFC Fans Night Mode (Beta)   
    God, don’t l look handsome in night mode.
  17. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to David in DCFC Fans Night Mode (Beta)   
    I said I was working on it, and now it's here, night mode which = less strain on your eyes which allows you to browse the forum even longer maximising advert revenue to the full potential.
    Now I have called it a Beta to cover myself if you spot any issues, although I take pride in my work and have tested this on multiple browsers and both iOS and Android. It's pretty perfect even if I say so myself.
    How to enable it?
    Scroll to the bottom of the site and you will see a Theme drop down menu, from there select Night Mode.
    I welcome all feedback and likes, many hours went into this, and a few tears may have been shed. I hope you like and this further cements this place into your hearts. 

  18. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to Ambitious in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Can we look abroad too, significantly lower wages and I don't think you'll struggle to find talent. Well, I know we have in the past, but anyone with a brain shouldn't struggle to find talent. It makes me sick that Leicester were able to sign Riyad Mahrez from a Ligue 2 side for 400k. He's obviously a better player now, undisputedly, but he would have clearly shown a lot of promise. 
    I just don't know how we struggle so much. In the past 10 years, we've signed the following:
    Abdoul Camara - Angers
    Alban Bunjaku - Sevilla
    Ivan Calero - Atletico Madrid
    Tom Koblenz - Hoffenheim
    Isak Ssewankambo - NAC Breda - although he'd already been at Chelsea
    Raul Albentosa - SD Eibar
    Valentin Gjokaj - FC Luzern
    Alberto Bueno - Real Valladolid
    Aleksandar Prijovic - Parma
    Przemyslaw Kazmierczak - Porto
    Andrejs Pereplotkins - Skonto Riga - although he'd already been at Southamapton

    It's not the most inspiring lists. However, it's poor form to ignore overseas leagues when you consider the impact imports have had in our division. If you pick up a poor player, it just points to bad scouting, because the standard of the Championship isn't that high. Pukki signs on a free and is currently the league's top goalscorer, I believe. In fact, you could argue that the teams who have won promotion that weren't considered strong contenders at the start of the season did so largely by taking advantage of the foreign market: Cardiff City - Manga, Zohore. Huddersfield - Kachuna, Schindler, Lowe, Hefele. Watford - Peredes, Ighalo, Layun, Vydra, Tozser.
  19. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to HantsRam in Max Bird and Sibley   
    well I'm not surprised, as when i googled "George Evans Footballer" it turns out he was born in 1935 and plays wing-half.
    So not only is he over 80, but Frank is playing him out of position!!!!
  20. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Anon in Derby County v Wigan Athletic   
    Bennett definitely meant to score. For anyone who doesn't know, he practises that specific shot all the time. He finds them easier to score than tap ins. I'm a bit surprised he celebrated, normally he just shrugs and walks back to the centre circle.
    It was very clever of Malone to lull Wigan into a false sense of security by pretending to be rubbish at football for the majority of the game. They never saw him coming.
  21. Clap
    DenmarkRam got a reaction from EnigmaRam in Derby County v Wigan Athletic   
    Agreed. Johnson also my MOTM. 
  22. Like
    DenmarkRam got a reaction from SuperDerbySuperRams in Derby County v Wigan Athletic   
    Agreed. Johnson also my MOTM. 
  23. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to David in Villa v Derby   
    That’s how I see it. Can’t see 4-3-3 today.
  24. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to VulcanRam in Lack of penalty decisions for us   
    Or perhaps we think that every time one of our players goes down in the box it must be a penalty when an independent, non-biased referee who knows the rules doesn't?
  25. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to David in U23s v Bristol City   
    2-0, Mitchell-Lawson. Easy this.
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