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  1. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to ramit in Coronavirus   
    ramit, with the latest local and personal news from Iceland where things are heating up.
    Two days ago we were at 250 infected, yesterday it jumped to 330, an increase from 44 the day before to 80.  To put that into perspective, that would equate to over 300.000 USA citizens having been found infected with the virus.  The local team in charge of battling this thing held a live meeting at 2pm, as they do every day, where they put forward their prediction model that we will have reached peak infection rate hopefully by April 7.  Clearly, a large percentage of Icelanders will get this.  All age groups are at risk of falling ill, for we don't know if there are more than two strains and how they are affecting different age groups.
    The head of the town council and conservative party member in Garðabær, a town of 14000 people situated 10 minutes from Reykjavík tells people in the town to go out and have a good time, shop, go to restaurants, keep the spending going for goodness sake.  She is being harshly criticized by many, naturally.
    Iceland's justice minister posted a reminder of laws passed in 2008 requiring all between 18-65 to be available for public service work as required during an emergency situation without receiving any wages or compensation for lost income, or job loss as a result of this requirement.  Anyone skipping town or country, or in any other way evading the civil duty will receive up to 3 years in prison.  The jobs are numerous of course and one of them is to assist with police work.  i have no problem doing what i can to help my fellow countrymen in times of need, but i will not under any circumstances take part in quelling civil unrest or riots for the police, would rather go to prison.  If we are found to be virus free, we will volunteer for assisting the organization that hands out food packages to the needy, as they have today appealed for much needed volunteers to assist them.
    i had my test done just earlier.  Waited in our car in a line of other cars.  One man was taking the test through the car windows, with two young ladies assisting him.  They did not have on hazmat suits, just disposable clothes covers and regular face masks, the cheap kind.  i felt for them having to do this in such risky attire.  Found out upon investigating that the EU has forbidden sale of any medical gear to countries outside the EU.  They are trying to buy these things from China now as i understand it.
    A long qtip like pin was stuck and spun very far up my nostril and the same end then stuck half way down my throat and that was that.  Will hopefully know tomorrow if i am infected.
  2. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to Boycie in Ridiculous decision to suspend the football season because of corona virus   
    Washing your hands doesn’t stop you sneezing over the person in front of you.
    It’s not all about you mate.
  3. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to David in Ridiculous decision to suspend the football season because of corona virus   
    @smiths_tavrn, has your business been affected by this outbreak and are you concerned about your future the longer this continues?
    I ask because whilst supermarkets are cashing in, others will be suffering, pubs for one as people are being told to distance themselves socially. 
    If so, I can understand why you are being so dismissive, we all put ourselves first, look at the toilet roll aisles. 
    I’m still slightly sceptical myself and question the media’s coverage, but seeing the death toll rise which before long may see loved ones on this forum pass away, I can’t sit here and fob it off as just a cold. It’s actually quite disrespectful.
    I’ve seen you ask for evidence in the other topic, that would come with a post mortem which I’m not sure you would still accept the results if published publicly. 
    People are worried, especially those with elderly relatives. 
    I hope your business hasn’t or will be effected by this and we can all get back to normal life as soon as possible.
  4. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in Ridiculous decision to suspend the football season because of corona virus   
    Our own captain is glad that the league is suspended, as I suspect are many of the players. As much as fans may be disappointed it's important that the players opinion on the matter is heard as well.
    "Writing in his column in the Sunday Times, the former England captain said: "The rest of sport - tennis, Formula 1, rugby, golf, football in other countries - was closing down and we were being told to carry on.
    "I think a lot of footballers were wondering, 'Is it something to do with money being involved in this?'. Why did we wait until Friday? Why did it take Mikel Arteta [Arsenal manager] to get ill for the game in England to do the right thing?
    "After the emergency meeting, at last the right decision was made - until then it almost felt like footballers in England were being treated like guinea pigs."
  5. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to Paul71 in Coronavirus   
    Then it depends on the rest of us to react. Today a colleague who works in the same office as me with 2 others was sneezing and coughing all day...
    If he turns up tomorrow I will take issue with his line manager, and if he doesnt do anything i will take issue with his, and if he does nothing i will go to HR.
  6. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to Carl Sagan in How will Coronavirus affect football?   
    I'm good. 
  7. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Red_Dawn in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    Might explain our performance on the Friday 🤷‍♂️
  8. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to Carl Sagan in How will Coronavirus affect football?   
    There's a general thread on novel coronavirus/Covid-19 in the Jim Smith room, but not one specific to the football season.
    For a while people joked it would be the way to prevent Liverpool finally winning the Premier League again, but the reality is that it's very unlikely the football season can finish. So what happens then? Here's a BBC piece on the Premier League: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51805836
    Italian games were moved to behind closed doors recently but now the players are refusing to play - there are still loads of people at a game behind the scenes, even when it's behind closed doors. The situation changes daily and it may be that the whole country is now quarantined, but if not yet, then why would a team from a "free" area travel to a quarantined area to play a match? Are they allowed to leave? It's not workable.
    We will face the same issue soon in the UK. With infections doubling every four days, unless there's a massive unanticipated slowdown in infections then there will be no football within a month by which time there will be 50-150k cases here.
    The Euros won't happen.
    As the BBC piece says, how can you relegate people when the season doesn't finish, given the money involved? And what about the clubs expecting to be promoted, with the money involve? I don't know what the answers are but the questions are interesting.
    For the Rams I'd expect the Reading game on 17th March to be the last at Pride Park this season with fans. If the gumps goes ahead in April it will be behind closed doors. It may very well not happen.
  9. Like
  10. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Jourdan in v Blackburn Rovers (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I am still not sure about Cocu.
    But I am sure about Chris Martin.
    What a player!
    Get him the best treatment money can buy, set up a porta potty on the touchline.
    Whatever it takes!
  11. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to RoyMac5 in About time Derby got a new manager!   
    It is a new manager, isn't it??? 🤣

    🐑 #COYR
  12. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to Red_Dawn in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    Recycling this
  13. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to eezzeetiger in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    i already had booked the slot with Daveo , and the open top bus with the council, so might as well use it
  14. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to David in Are we allowed an opinion   
    This is the correct answer. 
    It‘s a forum, people disagreeing with you does not mean you are not allowed an opinion. 

    If we all agreed with each other what is the point?
    The key to a happy forum existence is to accept that sometimes your opinions may fall on the minority side or the majority and that this little corner of the internet is very much a small minority of the fan base.
    All this “I’m not allowed an opinion” is nonsense, unless your opinion goes against our forum guidelines. 
  15. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to Squid in v Manchester United (H) - Matchday Thread   
    ducking LOVE MY CLUB
  16. Clap
  17. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to atherstoneram in v RB Salzburg U19 (A) - Youth Matchday Thread   
    Typical european tactics
  18. Like
    DenmarkRam reacted to Jram in Academy Thread 19/20   
    The only issue is if youth players aren't playing for the youth teams and then sitting on the bench for the first team, getting no minutes. It obviously has value to travel with the first team squad etc so you integrate a bit but I'd rather they played
    In fairness, of late the likes of Sibley and Whittaker have been playing U23s football and travelling with the first team. Must be exhausting! 
  19. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to Curtains in v Sheffield Wednesday (A) - Matchday Thread   
    What a brilliant away day. 
  20. Cheers
    DenmarkRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in Chasing the playoffs   
  21. Haha
    DenmarkRam reacted to desirelines in Max Bird   
    just watched it back. I'm taking bullocks 
  22. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in U23s v Birmingham City   
    Brilliant save to stop Whittaker from scoring
  23. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to OohMartWright in U23s v Birmingham City   
    Didn’t miss the next one, though. 0-1 and it has been coming.
  24. COYR
    DenmarkRam reacted to OohMartWright in U23s v Birmingham City   
    Our lads are being given a football lesson in this first half-hour.
  25. Clap
    DenmarkRam reacted to rsmini in U23s v Birmingham City   
    No Sibley in the squad so presume he may be on the bench tonight
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