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  1. I’m all for the ‘Harry Wilson probably worth 50m’ chant replaced with ‘pride park stadium probably worth 80m’ as seen on Twitter 😂
  2. Ratings (from watching it on ramsplayer). Hamer 5 - is the pitch not wide enough for him to keep the ball on it?! Bogle 5 - Is not the same player he was last year, did not play as well as Wisdom did in the previous 2 league games. Lowe 7 - Solid Clarke - 6 Solid but gave away a penalty Davies 7 - Don't remember him doing anything wrong? Bird - 6/7 Maybe harsh but probably needed to be snapping at Wing anytime he was around the 18 yard box Rooney 5/6 - First half was poor, lost possession a lot. Second half much improved. Knight 7 - Grew into the game after a very quiet start Lawrence - 6 should have taken his chance first time rather than trying to cut inside. Was frustrating but wasn't the worst yesterday. Holmes - 7/8 Did the sorts of things we expect from him. Love watching him play. Capped off with a brilliant Shinola. Waghorn - 6 Works like a dog but simply doesn't have that strikers instinct. His attempt when through one on one was so feeble. Takeaway: Hamer, Wisdom Davies Clarke Lowe, Bielek Bird, Holmes Rooney Knight, Marriott would be my team moving forwards when Bielek isn't suspended and Marriott is fit. Hamer, Wisdom Davies Clarke Lowe, Bird Rooney, Holmes Knight Lawrence, Martin would be my team based on who is currently available.
  3. You'd probably tell him you loved him to his face. You wouldn't tell them they were arrogant, rubbish footballers, paid too much and not trying at all to their face so I reckon there's a difference haha
  4. Also I've stuck up for him for quite some time but even I'm struggling to see what TL is offering this team at the moment. Awful decision to cut inside when 10 yards out on his strongest foot.
  5. I tell you what, until we gave away that stupid penalty (10TH OF THE SEASON!!!!) we looked well on course to go on and win it. Abysmal first half followed by a really strong beginning of the second half and a deserved, if fortunate, equaliser.
  6. That was just simply too easy for Boro. Not one of them can come off that pitch with any credit. Not good enough at all. No desire whatsoever.
  7. What a massively disappointing performance after 3 consecutive wins. Watching Lawrence gives me stomach ulcers.
  8. Fans whinging before a ball has been kicked by a signing we have no concrete link to. Will never learn these fans.
  9. The way they’re going at the moment we won’t be playing ‘lee Johnson’s’ Bristol City...
  10. I think Whittaker is the one that Cocu sees the most in. Just a feeling I've got. I think its difficult to 'burst' onto the scene as a striker compared to a midfielder for example. Knight had some good touches, some strong runs with the ball and never shy'd away from getting the ball. We rate him for it. I feel like strikers have to be this + more in terms of goals but he's being asked to play quite selflessly whenever he comes on. I think if he can grab a few goals between now and the end of the season he'll be a crackin forward for us next season.
  11. He does come across well on the videos but tagging the players followed by his hysterical rant when someone mentions maybe not tagging the players is why I chose this particular example. this thread is also aimed at the inbreds tagging Dowell to tell him he’s garbage like he isn’t aware this loan deal hasn’t worked out... Don’t consider myself elite, don’t consider myself better than anyone else, will criticise players to my dad when we’re sat at the football or on the bus back but don’t tag them in it cos that would be pathetic.
  12. Fair play. Line drawn under it now. Nice to see someone not too precious to admit they made an error.
  13. Off the top of my head I can’t remember but I remember seeing the highlights and thinking he should be doing better. I also remember one of the Derby commentators on twitter saying as much too. Sorry I can’t be any more use!
  14. I agree I could have used many worse examples but this particular example got under my skin when it’s supposed to be coming from ‘Derby County FAN tv’... proper incel behaviour. The reply they give when someone reasonably points out they’re right in what they’ve said but there’s no need to tag the players in is absolutely unhinged as well. And for what it’s worth if you ask Marriott what he’d do in that position if he was there again he’d probably say ‘hit a better shot’ rather than pass 😅
  15. I have an account, I’m happy to deposit funds, do you have to be outside of the UK to watch it?
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