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  1. Celtic’s squad under Rodgers would have been top ten in the premier league. Without a crystal ball I can’t judge how they’ll be with Lennon but probably not as good. If Celtic had Villas money they’d be even better...
  2. You've chosen 3 clubs who historically are league clubs that have fallen out the trap door. Secondly your argument is based on a perfect world. Money and gates doesn’t always equal success. Just look at some of the teams to go up from the championship. I watch a decent amount of Scottish football and I’m telling you now no one in the championship would win it, reckon only Southampton out of prem bottom 5 would have a chance at winning it.
  3. This will have a bit of edge to it if Gerrard ends up here 😂
  4. If you think that the championship is 2/3 leagues better than the SPL in terms of quality then what you know about football can be written on the back of a stamp with a paint roller. Club selling their LB for £25m allegedly want him as a replacement but yeah 2/3 leagues below 🙄
  5. That’s how the rule used to work but it isn’t now. You attach a residual value on a player and the difference between that and what we paid goes against our FFP figure. So if you think he’s as valuable one year in then you pay zero according to FFP
  6. I wanna point out, not necessarily to you but to all that are recommending him, that Fulham were bang average before he bought Mitrovic (a striker far too good for this division) in to the team.
  7. I’m telling ya now, we’d hit 100 points with this side and survive our first season in the prem!
  8. Grant Bogle Keogh Buxton Forsyth Thorne Mount Hughes (twitch on imagining these in the same side) Ince Martin Ibe Bench: Carson, Davies, Bryson, Huddlestone, Waghorn, Marriott, Dawkins(♥️) Squad: Tomori, Malone, Hendrick, Russell
  9. More consistent performances throughout the season. Good young attacking team. Aiming for top 6 again. Basically this season but with less of a slump in performances.
  10. People are scoffing at £1/1.2m because their crystal balls are telling them out academy is full of soon to be world class superstars. £1m bought us Holmes with change last year. A youngish exciting player, ready for the first team, potential to sell on for a decent wedge. This is the sort if wheeling and dealing a club in the championship without parachute payments has to do. I’d love us to have a team of 11 class academy graduates but it’s not not probable. We have to supplement our youth who are ready with experience and youth from prem clubs that are further developed than our own.
  11. Yeah let’s bosh 4/5 16/17year olds in our first team. They’ll gain value but we’ll be in a relegation battle.
  12. But are these other teams classed as successful? What I mean is that for all these grand remarks that our fan base tends to make about teams like Brentford, we simply wouldn’t be happy with midtable finishes that their methods have brought. I do think we need to improve our recruitment but it isn’t as easy as trying to copy a certain team and there just aren’t that many unknown starlets kicking around anymore. Very much doubt any manager could come in and pluck Reich, Idiakez and Rasiak out of nowhere again.
  13. We're singing about bombing German bombers. Germany - now an ally. We're singing about the IRA when they ceased operations 30 years ago. It's embarrassing. Why can't we just have the songs about our players and our team/manager and celebrate enjoying the side rather than having to chant about conflicts etc. Football has nowt to do with war so leave it out... It's only so small time. Look at the Ireland fans, having a good crack, singing 'i love you baby' to the local girls kicking footballs around. Then you get our lot - Throwing bicycles into rivers, launching bottles at police, trying to 'occupy' places singing about bombers and the IRA. Reckon men who fought in those conflicts would turn in their grave hearing the sort of g1mps abroad chanting about it after their first pint.
  14. From January to May he managed over 20 appearances right? That’s nearly 50 apps over a full season. He said himself he wants to be playing week in week out somewhere.
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