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  1. This isn’t ideal... you hoof the ball up, you either have to guarantee you’re winning the second ball otherwise you’re inviting another wave of attack on to you and you’re tiring yourself out chasing the opposition. By keeping the ball we’re in theory wearing the opposition out. Yes it comes with risks but don’t you think Cocu (a more football literate bloke than you or I) has weighed these risks up with the rewards?
  2. Lampard season was excellent ??? We had 2 England internationals in our team, as well as Wilson and still got dicked loads of times away... it was a decent season but highlights papered over a lot of poor performances.
  3. Just feels like as a fan base the phrase ‘transitional season’ is thrown around but as soon as our season starts to look like a transitional season Mel gets pelters, Cocu gets pelters, the team get pelters.
  4. Blokes poured over 100m into our club. Transforming us from one season wonders at the top end of the table, a category 2 academy and good facilities to in and around the play offs consistently, a category 1 academy we are starting to feel the rewards of and world class facilities. I challenge any fan to run a football club and not let their heart rule on at least a couple of decisions.
  5. Treat as 3 separate incidents. I'd imagine this would be the same sort of outcome had it been Keogh's Mrs who was over the limit and crashed with him in the car. I think it is fair. A smaller (but guaranteed) salary with access to some of the best facilities in the country for his rehabilitation isn't bad considering he only has himself to blame for getting into the car.
  6. Yeah as valid as that might be it isn’t good enough. we can’t be a team that only takes points if we score first. We’re in too competitive of a league for that!
  7. Just tiresome at this point. Watching players waste opportunity after opportunity when we have the ball in good situations. Bogle crossing out for a GK under no pressure, Lawrence putting in poor crosses, Holmes massively wasteful. only bleeder who managed to carve them open was Dowell with his excellent ball to Lawrence and he’s absolutely roasted on here.
  8. No one to blame for this other than our attackers making appalling decisions when in good areas. It’s like their brains have been replaced with cigar ash.
  9. The Luton comment smacks of arrogance to me. The same Luton side who absolutely spanked Bristol. A team currently much better than us. Any win is this division is a cracking win. Just look at Swansea and Fulham losing to stoke. Forest losing to Wigan. There are no gimmes in this division.
  10. Problem was signing loads of players that from the outside looked quality signings but no consideration was made as to where they’d fit in our system.
  11. We’ve been a team that’s mostly played possession based football in a 433 or 4231 for quite some time now. It’s not like Cocu has come in and said ‘we’re playing 352 when we have 2 centre backs and only 1 wing back is it?? The players we’ve got should be able to adapt to what he’s asking to a better standard than currently on show and they’re not at all replacing lack of ability to execute the plan with hard work which is what winds me up. This next part is not replying to you, just a bit of a rant so apologies that you’re quoted in it. Wanna take time to remind people that last season we played poorly in quite a lot of games. We turned up to a few big games which papered over a lot of cracks as well as 3 ridiculous loan signings getting us into the play offs. As long as we don’t look like going down I say stick with Cocu and get rid of these tragic excuses for players who aren’t up to it or who aren’t willing to work hard enough to get there. The way I see it is we have a manager who did it all as a player for Barca and Netherlands and then did an incredible job with PSV. You’re telling me a bloke as smart as him can’t simply adapt to the championship? I won’t believe that.
  12. Hamer Bogle Bielek Davies Malone Shinnie Knight Holmes Waghorn Martin Paterson Roos, Clarke, Lowe, Sibley, Mitchell-Lawson, Lawrence, Marriott
  13. he'll have to remind me how that went... very good player. awful manager. awful coach. awful angry little man pundit.
  14. I’m also incredibly bitter that the season we should have walked to the title we had injury after injury after injury culminating in the beginning of the end of us being that exciting club playing good football that outsiders kept an eye on.
  15. The thing I’m most bitter about over the last few years was the media’s love in with ‘little’ Bournemouth who went up with a bigger wage bill than we did. Seriously flaunted FFP and got away with it.
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