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  1. Plain for all to see (but not the manager) !

    Don’t click on an article that’s clearly (from the title) going to wind you up ? To be fair surely we’re all wannabe managers of sorts otherwise we wouldn’t discuss tactics, substitutions or even put down our preferred 11. Tell him he’s wrong for what he’s said if that’s your opinion I just see no point in going onto an Arcticle you know will irk you! Anyway 3-0 derby tonight hopefully
  2. Plain for all to see (but not the manager) !

    How can it be when you never actually gave an opinion?! But you felt the need to post s comment anyway ridiculing? Why bother when it adds nothing to debate? No by all means post what you want I’d just hoped that on this forum we could have people arguing opinions with opinions to create interesting arguments rather than arrogantly ridiculing another poster having different views.
  3. Plain for all to see (but not the manager) !

    I think we shouldn’t be contemplating Rowett going. I do think however this summer marks his 3rd transfer window and that’s the ‘get a new manager in and give him time, give him 3 transfer windows’ sort of time scale. Its obvious to a lot of us that the problems are caused by the space between our midfield and our attack. People stopped playing 442 because it was overrun by a formation with 3 in the middle. We are currently playing 2 in the middle and being overran because for me Vydra (excellent goal scorer) isn’t a number 10. He doesn’t have the discipline of a midfielder which you need some of for that role. I look forward to seeing how Rowett plans to address this and will give him this summer to bring in the energy our team so dearly lacks but I’ll be worried if next October our midfield are still miles away from our attack.
  4. Plain for all to see (but not the manager) !

    You pair going to come back at him with your opinions/facts to rebut his claims or are you going to make silly comments that add nothing to the debate? Its a fans forum for fans to discuss and debate opinion. Not for fans to make snarky comments rather than constructively building an argument against the original poster. I don’t agree with everything he has said but when I reply I’ll add to the conversation I won’t just dismiss it because it goes against some of my opinions...
  5. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    This!!! Vydra is brilliant. A fantastic goal scorer and dangerous. We need him in the side currently. He isn’t however a number 10 and all of you ‘formations and systems don’t matter’ merchants need to leave the past behind!
  6. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    We’ve already got rid of our best players, what’s left are square pegs and round holes. Full circle!
  7. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    Fair points, for me though we as a team are not creating enough chances. You expect to miss chances during a game. We went through a very fortunate patch where we scored with almost every clear cut chance we had. That’s not the norm. We’ve simply not been creating enough in terms of chances but our quality/clinical finishing masked this. I don’t think Vydra should be played out wide but then I think we should have a more creative force in the number ten role or we should only be playing with 1 holding midfielder and Vydra should play with another ball carrying midfielder further up (Palmer)
  8. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    Yeah you could use intellect to persuade me that I’m wrong or you could post some childish comment that adds nothing to the debate. How valuable of you. Hope the 1/2 likes you got from this comment made your mundane existence slightly more lively this evening!
  9. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    We had Bryson and Russell contributing during that time. Spurs have Alli, Son and Lamela all chipping in. Next ridiculous non example??
  10. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    We should have probably 4/5 players with over 10 goals instead we rely too heavily on him. He’ll score in any forward position but the most important part of the number 10’s role is to create goals for others. If we play 442 I think he’s the best striker in the division. I just don’t think he’s creative enough for the number 10 role. I like him as a player. I think he’s quality. I just think he’s a striker not a number 10. The reason he’s scored more goals is because he’s playing behind a foil (nugent).
  11. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    Yes unless he’s played as a striker then get rid because he’s too good/valuable to not be playing but he doesn’t create enough to be playing as an attacking midfielder!
  12. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    I’m not suggesting his number has a bearing on his role. He isn’t played as a bloody striker he’s played in an attacking midfielder role behind the striker and if you can’t see that then it’s you who need to check your facts again! Also read the end of the post regarding us scoring a lot. Also look at our next highest goal scorer after Vydra. Simply not good enough for one player to have such responsibility for scoring!
  13. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    I’m not calling out for underperforming!!! He’s performing well as a goal scorer but not as a provider. He played as a front 2 in his most successful period at Watford playing off Deeney. May not be me that’s not done his research...
  14. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    Hold on, you say ‘blame’ like the article is derogatory about him. It isn’t. It highlights a personal opinion that he isn’t the creative force that should be relied on in the number ten role. Hes a fabulous finisher and is clinical in front of goal. As you’d expect from a high cost striker, which is what he is, not a number 10!! ‘Sniffing’ grow up.
  15. Vydra is the reason our goals are not shared out...

    Nobody and that’s the problem, for our most creative player he needs to be creating more. Currently he’s behind Huddlestone for creating chances in my opinion and huddlestone plays 20 yards behind him! I’m not criticising him as a player I just think he’s being asked too much. Our most deadly finisher needs to be concerned more with getting on the end of chances than creating but he can’t if he’s playing the 10 role. I didn’t say get rid and the others would improve but put someone more creative there and others will contribute more.

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