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  1. At the start of the season quite a few fans were giving it the ‘I don’t mind a season of transition as long as we’re trying to bring through some youth players and improving as the season goes on’ and you just know that they’re the same ones now complaining that we’re not flying at the top of the division.
  2. I’m certainly no happy clapper and get frustrated as much as the next fan and it’s fine to single out a player to criticise but the level of it on here is poor. People genuinely delighted he’s banned for our hardest game of the season so far... Just don’t see the need for such hyperbolic criticisms of him. He’s had an awful year personally and he needs supporting. Fair enough criticising on here but you know there are some pond life that will be tweeting him about it. Just glad Twitter and mobile access to the internet wasn’t around when we had Commons and Bueno playing for us.
  3. This criticism of one player constantly to the point of hounding him out the team is so so boring and so so typical of our entitled minority of the fan base. Fair enough he’s not been at the races but he’s not nearly as bad as some of the drama queens on here are making out. He loses possession? He actually tries things. Imagine having wingers who never attempted to dribble past players but instead chose to go sideways. You’d soon be accusing him of breaking down attacks for that instead. Marriott did just as little, lost the ball just as much but is not criticised by any of these Lawrence critics because it’s ‘swing low jack marriott’. Boils my piss.
  4. I don’t think either played well tonight but I think Marriott didn’t do any more than Lawrence (except his shot hitting the crossbar) on the ball. So are we saying he was twice as good as Lawrence because he ran at their defenders a bit more when they were in possession? Brian Clough ‘my dog can run’ etc
  5. If the crowd don’t start singing I’m dreaming of a white Christmas tonight then we’ve lost all ability to be genuinely amusing... a las we’ll sing about Forest and Collymore instead 😴
  6. I can’t agree with this. Last time some financial details were released we were spending over 100% of revenue on wages ! How is that financially sound?
  7. I do think the club highlighted these areas too. Carson sent out on loan suggested to me that another keeper would come in... I think Hamer and Paterson were very low down the lists of targets but still highlighted the clubs opinion that we needed another winger and goalkeeper.
  8. Would rather him sit behind Keogh and Clark in a back 3 with Bielek and another in midfield if people want to play a back 3.
  9. Think we’ve got the nucleus of a good championship side: Bogle, Keogh, Clarke, Lowe, Bielek, Huddlestone, Holmes, Lawrence, Waghorn, Marriott. + Rooney from January. Think we’ve got some decent squad options: Davies, Buchanan, Wisdom, Evans, Shinnie, Paterson, Knight, Dowell, Bennett, Martin, Mitchell-Lawson We should be able to carve out a team capable of success at this level out of these players in my opinion. Whether that success takes us to the premier league may rely on whether or not we can plug some gaps with some real quality (CM and a Winger) but there’s certainly enough there to get us moving up the division. Evolution not revolution. Getting so many players off our wage bill this summer was going to leave us short of first team numbers and the loans returning was always going to leave us short of a bit of quality. I genuinely think we’re 3 shrewd signings away from a side that could challenge at the very top of the division. A GK, a CM and an actual Winger.
  10. Is it not your day to have your family's one braincell today?
  11. Have to say I cringe with embarrassment every time we start with the collymore song. It’s so so small time.
  12. Exactly this! Footballers shouldn’t be on social media because ‘Adam Fisher’ has had a few shandies and is in tears cos we’ve lost a football match? I think on on social media you should only say to someone what you’d say to their face and if Adam would say that to Masons face then he’s just a rude imbecile that this club don’t need.
  13. I know it’s not the same but consider me, a secondary school teacher. If I’ve had a bad day, say a couple of my lessons didn’t go to plan or a class were unusually rowdy. The very last thing I’d need/want to hear is a phone call from a parent over exaggerating how bad I am as a teacher. What I would need, to bounce back the next day, is to focus on what has gone well and to think about what it was that caused those lessons to not go to plan. I don’t need an idiot tweeting me to tell me I’m rubbish and my school should sack me.
  14. I think that sort of attitude contributed, along with other attitudes, towards the current situation whereby men have shocking mental health.
  15. Alright then. Someone who’s made it through academy football and is still playing professional football at the age of 22(?) for a second division side can’t pass or control a ball. Alright then. Do you read what you’re writing before you click send? By all means question his quality but the hyperbole nature of your statement is ridiculous.
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