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  1. Isn’t our biggest debt to HMRC? Which means that admin wouldn’t solve it as taxes aren’t subject to the same agreements as other creditors ?
  2. Davies, Menghi, Morrison, Baldock would be the 4 I try and get through the door if we’re restricted to 4 free transfers/loans. Then target Jagielka and Aluko if we can sign anymore.
  3. I don’t have a second team at all which is why the thought of Derby no longer being around is so worrying for me.
  4. He genuinely might go down as the owner that kills us. Which makes me angry but also sympathetic. There’ll be no one as upset as him if it comes to that. He was poured in well over £200m from his personal wealth so he’s not some sort of dodgy owner. He’s just made poor decision after poor decision.
  5. The problem is - we can’t protest him - we need him to keep the lights on month by month so we don’t face any more sanctions.
  6. I dunno what you expect her to talk about? Does she do another round of ‘oh we’re just hoping and praying for him’?
  7. Stop being a wet blanket man. She was clearly shaken by the ordeal and was visibly upset. I was upset watching it. I rang my dad just to talk to him. Blokes my age and fit as a fiddle and it looks like his heart stopped. Why pick on people for being honest?
  8. It just says rams pro wear instead now
  9. I ordered both this one and the other third kit from the same year too! Much nicer than any mundane crap they’ll serve up to us. last good home shirt we had was 2015 with those light silvery diamonds in the background of the shirt.
  10. Any adult who got genuinely upset by Whittaker’s celebration needs to admit that they probably should have stopped breastfeeding before their teen years. Snowflakes.
  11. Bet he can out sprint all our strikers from last season 😂
  12. More cool them for not putting relegation clauses into the contracts. I understand the purpose of parachute payments and I think if they’re used whilst a club trims the fat and gets back within their new means then fair enough BUT and this is important for me - parachute payments should NOT count towards revenue. They’re a safety net not a leg up against the rest of us peasants.
  13. Itll be one of those off the rack sets you can buy from JJB after we’ve gone bust and started up a Phoenix club.
  14. Robbie Savage - hated the idea of him signing. Was in tears by the time he brought his old man on the pitch with him for his last game. You don’t play in the top division as long as he did either by just being a headless chicken.
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