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  1. IlsonDerby

    Jordan Jones

    What age was Lingard when we had him?
  2. IlsonDerby

    Matej Vydra

    Good point. I forget that we got him on a free considering how good he is/was. The point about having to pay him off still stands mind
  3. IlsonDerby

    Matej Vydra

    Unless he has a residual value. If this is the case and he goes on a free we take a hit to FFP to the sum of his RV? Thats without even considering that if he leaves without asking we have to pay him off too!
  4. IlsonDerby

    Jack Marriott

    We might have offered what they want but not in the structure they want it. Minimal upfront with lots tied to promotion etc
  5. IlsonDerby

    Unpopular opinions: Football but not DCFC

    30 seconds is a long time (or so I tell my Mrs...). Genuinely think that unless they're being subbed due to injury it should take 15 seconds maximum. These are athletes!
  6. IlsonDerby

    Matej Vydra

    This is my concern with Marriott. Bags for fun but is he really a 'focal' point of the attack? Vydra is a lot stronger than he looks as well as being electric. Could he be the foil up front that Chrissy Martin was when he had balls played in at chest height and lower? He could also run the channels if we need an outlet? I'm not fussed if he stays or goes, just wondering how he'd go on playing centrally on his own. I guess we haven't seen a lot of him in that position as he spent various stages of last season playing off Martin, then Nuge then Jerome. As long as we're not pumping balls up to his head, I don't see why he wouldn't be able to be that focal point.
  7. IlsonDerby

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Mount is closer to a number ten than a CM. He played an advanced role from the left side of CM in a 3 last year. No point stifling a goal scoring midfielder by sticking him in a double pivot.
  8. IlsonDerby

    Ideal starting XI for Reading (A) - Discussion

    Carson (Roos back up) Wisdom(Bogle) Keogh Davies Lowe(Forsyth) (Would only play 1 inexperienced FB Pearce as back up) Huddlestone (Thorne as back up) Mount Bryson (Butterfield and Ledley as back ups) Lawrence Wilson (Any of Thomas, Bennett & FZoom to rotate with) Jerome (Martin if FL rates him) So subs looking like: Roos, Pearce, (1 of)Bogle/Lowe/Foz/Wisdom, Ledley, Martin, FLzoom, Thomas. Based on players we pretty much have...
  9. IlsonDerby

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Fake news. It's 13 weeks... haha. (On a serious note, the pay kind of reflects this. Teachers are paid for 28 hours work per week. I don't know a single teacher working less than 45/50 hours per week so 'free' over time so to speak evens out the holidays)
  10. IlsonDerby

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Swansea - They had their fast, possession based footballing philosophy tore apart in recent seasons and are now trying to rebuild that. Not sure they have the squad they'd want just yet. West Brom - A lot of very decent players who wouldn't have gone down had they got rid of Pardew sooner so I'd agree with this one. Stoke - Spending a lot of money on effective championship players so fair enough again. Forest - We absolutely do not know the quality of the players they've brought in. Grabban is a goal scorer but would I want him in our squad, aged 30, on a 4 year contract? No. Will be interesting to see how their new signings do but I can't see past 0-0 and 1-0 being their most common scorelines with that manager. Boro - They're starting to get the players Pulis wants. They already had a squad full of quality and the best player (arguably) in the league with Traore. Sheff Wed - Do they have a squad that suits their new gaffer's style? He's only had 1 transfer window with them and its a big change. Norwich - Very good squad of young players but lost their best player (by some distance) in Maddison. Playing them wouldn't worry me but I'm sure playing us wouldn't worry them. Brentford - I dream of us having the sort of consistency in coaching and recruitment that these guys have. Paired with the fact we are much bigger and wouldn't need to sell so regularly it'd be brilliant. I'd let you have West Brom, Stoke, Boro and Brentford out of that list. Maybe's are Forest and Norwich. This is the thing, we were not just finishing higher than some of these, we were in a different ball park. We'd have to be much worse and those much better for them to over take us? I can see them being lots better (they can't get worse). I just can't see us being so much worse than last season?
  11. IlsonDerby

    Academy thread 2018/19

    Is he an Irish under 16 or a Nigerian under 16... This could have big implications on his true potential...
  12. IlsonDerby

    TalkSport Best Championship Grounds

    This this and more of this! Spent £50 to go and watch England play Costa Rica and I had some big post in the way! Thought it was Peter Crouch warming up until the players all went in for the team talk.
  13. IlsonDerby

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    being a teacher that'll be me paying double (I know I'll receive little sympathy for this!) haha
  14. IlsonDerby

    Martyn Waghorn

    Sheff United said to have bid £5m in today's bbc gossip
  15. IlsonDerby

    Matej Vydra

    Would make more economical sense to loan them out with a view to a permo when their contracts have expired at the end of the season. Releasing them means taking a financial hit to pay them off. We may get most of their wages off the books (and in some cases a fee) for loaning them out.

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