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  1. IlsonDerby

    Best Premier League Player EVER!!

    Henry. I know hypothetical but Take him out that Arsenal side they maybe don’t have the success they did. I fancy that Ferguson would have still took UTD to those titles with/without Ronaldo looking at some of the sides he had winning titles. Ronaldo close 2nd mind. Just think Henry had a greater impact.
  2. IlsonDerby

    Leeds Fan In Peace 2

    Don’t understand why Leeds fans are so defensive when pundits are pointing out how bad that high foot from their keeper was... no one is starting their tweets with ‘in the only penalty incident of the match...’ nobody is saying Leeds didn’t have decisions go against them as well as us. They’re merely pointing out that it was an outrageous challenge.
  3. IlsonDerby

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    I can’t continue this argument against this level of bias. The last straw for me is this nonsense... Back up your allegations of a lack of effort with some statistics please. Anecdotal evidence isn’t good enough.
  4. IlsonDerby

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    The midfield was the problem last night. Bryson can not provide the energy any more. Evans was anonymous and Mount was marked out of the game. We need our other players to be taking advantage of the space created by teams man marking Mount but they just ain’t be clever/good enough to do it lately. Honestly like Evans but until his booking I wasn’t aware he was playing...
  5. IlsonDerby

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    This is ridiculous. You’ve got some deep rooted disliking for a player and it’s clouding your judgement. There were at least 7 worse performing players last night than Lawrence. Carson, Tomori, both fullbacks, Evans, Bryson, Mount if you wanted names... Jesus what he tried didn’t come off but he was the only one in their half trying something. Carry on telling our players how to celebrate...maybe we could introduce rules and really suck the fun out of football! His assist and goal against Southampton were both class. He isn’t going to produce that every game. No winger in the championship is hence why they’re in the championship! That winger for Leeds who gave Lowe nightmares will probably be poor in their next game.
  6. IlsonDerby

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    That was so, so bad. Not a single positive. Not one. Full backs that can’t block a cross. Keeper that can’t catch a ball. Midfield that can’t find a teammate with a pass. Wingers that can’t provide moments of quality.
  7. IlsonDerby

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Vile performance this. Not a single positive. Reaffirmed my belief that Bryson can go to Rangers for me. Great servant but ain’t cutting it. As is the case with some others.
  8. IlsonDerby

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Just got burning memories of their striker giving our centre back a 15 yard head start, our cb thinking it was going out for a goal kick only for their striker to cross it back it for Alioski to head into an almost empty net. Jeez that was a tough day at the office.
  9. IlsonDerby

    Jacob Butterfield

    Haven’t commented on this thread but I’ve always praised him. Would pick him over Bryson every week and I love Bryson. Just have fond memories of Butterfield playing with confidence! I think he was cleared of this ‘only passes sideways’ nonsense too by some nerd crunching the stats.
  10. IlsonDerby

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    Frank Lampard ‘Tom Lawrence is so important to us; he’s always willing to try something and he’s working hard and we love him here’ Derby Fans ‘Lawrence not good enough. Too fancy. Doesn’t work hard enough. Inconsistent. Bleh’ I’m inclined to lean towards big Frank
  11. IlsonDerby

    Best Premier League Player EVER!!

    Henry, Ronaldo, Vieira, Ferdinand & Schmeichel would be my premier league era 5 aside team. Maybe this is worth a separate thread mind. I’ll let the Mods decide 😊
  12. IlsonDerby

    Alex Pearce - Joined Millwall on loan

    Ahh famous Irish players Paul O’Pogba and Jesse ‘Paddy’ lingard
  13. IlsonDerby

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Interesting statistic I read the other day. Barnsley haven't played a single player over the age of 26 this season. Nuts!
  14. IlsonDerby

    Alex Pearce - Joined Millwall on loan

    Roy Keane is a massive *******. Hates players for having a fancy haircut, hates players for looking like they've enjoyed themselves when scoring a goal by dancing a bit, hates the fact that they make a lot of money from being marketable when he played with David Beckham! The same Roy Keane that (it is alleged) used to go out on the razz midweek, deliberately went out to hurt people (that City player for one example) on the pitch and got in massive arguments with management. Guys a total helmet and has no right to comment on what young players are doing. I'd be very interested to see the breakdown of the players that the likes Souness and Keane question, for their attitudes, by ethnicity.
  15. IlsonDerby

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Maybe you were lol 😊

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