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  1. what sort of bunce would we be lookin at?

    The past couple of seasons have been interesting in that we've been able to make substantial sales from our players. Have Derby ever had a transfer window where they've bought in £19m* in transfer fees? *best estimate given the information available.
  2. Jota

    I'd definitely want us bidding for him even if we're not going to get him. We should be driving his price up so Boro or hull have to pay over the top for him.
  3. MAN v FAT Football coming to Derby with DCFC

    Box to box! Love the confidence
  4. MAN v FAT Football coming to Derby with DCFC

    Great idea! Such a fun way to keep in shape too... I play twice a week just with friends and it keeps me in fantastic shape even though I have a very stressful and time consuming job. The short bursts of energy when on the ball or defending mean it doesn't feel like you're working as hard as if you decide to run for half an hour. Good luck To all involved!
  5. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    4231 Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth/Olsson Huddlestone Johnson Weimann Vydra Lawrence Martin/Nugent Get the ball to the 'supporting 3' in between their midfield and defence as soon as possible and get them to turn and run at the defence. Defenders hate being ran at through the middle.
  6. Derby County v Preston North End

    Can't believe it's taken him this long to set us up in 4231 when it was clear last season our best performances were when we set up like that with Vydra in the 10 role.
  7. The fall of Johnny Russell

    ahh thanks, I'd forgotten about that one!
  8. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Either my eyes are getting worse and I need a stronger prescription or it was Vydra who created that chance with the reverse pass to Weimann who curled it wide? Can anyone confirm or deny whether a trip to specsavers is required? He frustrates me but so do a lot of our players regularly throughout the match so I'm not singling him out for criticism on that basis. I do however have a problem with this point here. I'm right footed. When I'm on the left, I will go on the outside of the defender and will deliver a cross with my left foot or I'll get a shot away with my left foot. Now granted it won't be as good as if I'd used my right foot but I get my fair share of goals with my left. If some useless enthusiast like myself can be getting snapshots away with my weaker foot then I expect a professional to be able to. I think any professional footballer who can't do everything with their weaker foot is an embarrassment, it's their job to be able to.
  9. The fall of Johnny Russell

    How bad was your kids report if you considered sending them to Birmingham?!
  10. v Sunderland (A) - Predictions

    0-2 Russell fgs
  11. Vydra

    Is he made of balsa wood?!
  12. Interesting point may be that for me Russell is much more effective on the right and Lawrence played on the left regularly for Ipswich. Could rejuvenate Russell... Turn him into the player that Brighton/Bournemouth wanted!
  13. Best? That's subjective. Favourite - Hendrick winner in the ten men game at city ground.
  14. How are you feeling about the upcoming season right now?

    Carson/Mitchell/Roos Wisdom/Baird Fozzy/Lowe/Olsson Davies/Keogh/Shackell/Pearce Thorne/Butters/Johnson/Bryson Russell/Anya/Weimann/Blackman Martin/Nuge/Vydra/Bent that squad with 1/2 quality additions should be good enough to challenge top 6. Im feeling quite optimistic.
  15. Ince's Replacement

    Reckon without Hughes we can definitely be playing 2 of Martin, Vydra and Nugent together every game regardless of formation. This suggests we definitely need a creator, an unselfish winger who will square it for the forwards to finish off etc.

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