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  1. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Huddlestone and forsyth’s Passing in the first half disappointed me a bit. Very professional performance from us especially in the second half. Very enjoyable to watch. Thought both Thorne and Martin looked excellent when they came on! Martin is definitely pushing Nugent for that nod from Rowett. Only negative is that they did create 2/3 good opportunities against us as well as hitting the post... can’t rely on poor finishing!
  2. How can the club justify (I know it isn’t just Derby) charging so much for our home shirt which is essentially the Umbro training top with a badge transferred on to it? I’d pay if a) our design had at least some sort of unique point to it b) the badge was embroided. I want these shirts to last years when I’ve bought them at near £50 a pop.
  3. If we lose Sunday...

    I’m not saying I want him sacked but ive seen nothing from our performance s this season to have any sort of confidence he’s going to get it right at all never mind sooner rather than later. where does your optimism come from? (Not a dig, genuinely interested in what you’ve seen)
  4. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    I'm not saying last minute but at least until we knew how tight it was going to be... Had he not have ballsed up his signature it would have still been incredibly close to the deadline. It's proper sunday league standard organisation from us.
  5. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    The Bryson deal was done hours before our shambles with Keith. I'd suggest that we could have kept Cardiff waiting longer, it wasn't like there wouldn't have been other offers for him (i.e. interest from Burton to replace Irvine). Was such a poor showing from us.
  6. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    All of which I agree with but we need a midfielder with legs... he was our only midfielder with that sort of energy. Yes he wouldn't have been scoring as many goals or looking as dangerous but he was our best of a bad bunch for that role.
  7. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    For me it doesn't show a manager with a coherent plan. He should have had a list of midfield engines, he probably did. He should never have let Bryson go until we'd brought in a midfield engine. I've been critical of Bryson but if that's what Rowett is looking for then he's the most suited out of those we'd got on our books already. I'd have expected Rowett to have had them at least putting in the levels of energy he expects by now... That's worrying that he hasn't been able to get that from them.
  8. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    No we simply don't. He has to deliver on this high intensity, pressing football that moves through the thirds of the pitch quickly with devastating effect, that he spoke so wonderfully about, rather than us sitting 25 yards out allowing the opposition all the time in the world to play it around us eventually pulling us out of position... You say this but if he couldn't realise that a midfielder costing less than a million was the answer to our questions after the end of last season and pre season then why should we trust that he is the missing piece and not a last desperate throw of the dice to get some mobility in the middle of the park... He had so much more time to prepare than other managers who have taken over in the summer and he has developed nothing in terms of playing style or identity. He has raised the age of our squad with players that honestly I don't think we'd miss if they were injured (Davies/Huddlestone). They might have been good value in terms of cost but for the football he wants they were not good value for us. Sick and tired of us chopping and changing managers but it isn't too much to expect the team to be showing signs of what he wants from them?! Instead its dour, horrendous football followed by 'they're not doing whats asked of them' in post match interviews. Well guess who's job it is to get them to buy into your ideas Gary! It ain't ours!
  9. Time to go !

    Mediocrity with a clear direction, identity, playing style wol#uld be acceptable but I genuinely can't even see little shoots of the three things I'd need to see during the season to justify this level of mediocrity... We have only beaten teams below us, It'd be nice and not greedy to expect us to grab a result occasionally from those above us!
  10. Time to go !

    Wassall 👀 in seriousness we don’t have a right to expect to win every game but we do have a right to expect to see progress. We are currently going backwards, it feels like we’re getting worse. Mum very concerned. Rowett had the end of last season to assess the squad. He shouldn’t still be trying to find his best eleven! Also we need legs in midfield, put an under 23 in. One that can do the running and just play it simple to more seasoned pros... instead of playing a midfield with no movement!
  11. Brentford V Derby County

    Wassall didn’t have 2/3 transfer windows yet he was probably a couple of inexperienced decisions away from getting the job permanently... The performances under wassall were the last time we played really well - thats depressing in itself
  12. If we lose Saturday

    I can accept losing, I'm struggling with the manner of our defeats though...
  13. Bristol City v Derby County

    Not sure if this is tongue in cheek but there's needs to be leadership all over the pitch - Carson, Baird, Keogh, Davies, Huddlestone, Johnson, Nugent etc who should all be contributing leadership
  14. Bristol City v Derby County

    I don't buy the 'he needs time'. This group of players should lose matches but they shouldn't be capitulating on this scale. The manner of the defeats is very concerning...
  15. Is Max Bird.....

    I'm 25 and have been a teacher for 3 years now... it alarms me that someone who's age group I've taught is now playing for Derby's first team! 😳

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