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  1. Haven't a few managers come out and said how good he is in training?? That diving header against Pompey in our first match of the dreaded prem season keeps him off the list for me... Majestic
  2. Bring on another general election. We aren't starting 23 points behind this time and we've created a lot more marginal seats with huge swings in Tory strong holds. Dead woman walking is how Osbourne described May. Jez will be PM before pre season
  3. Blair is an idiot who took the party to the very centre almost touching on the right. He beat an absolutely woeful Tory party in the same way that any competent politician would have. In the same way the media expected TM to do this time around. More re towards your post though, I'd disagree with your bottom line. It was Corbyn and his want to shift back towards the left and his brilliant campaign where he would not allow himself to be drawn into a slanging match that engaged non voters and the youth. He rose above the pettiness from the Tory party towards him and concentrated solely on positively promoting his fantastic manifesto. I will never vote for Tory but I sure as hell wouldn't vote for another Tony Blair. It's about time labour remembered what they're about and stuck with it. I can't see Jeremy making the next GE if it's in 5 years due to age but the next leader must stick with these principles that have galvanised the youth and took back unimaginable gains from the Tories ie Canterbury, Kensington etc.
  4. I'm scared shitless of heights so that was an uncomfortable watch for me...
  5. I know the Tories won but there surely isn't a mandate there for the wicked witch of the west? A bigger majority, hell even the same majority would resemble a mandate for her to do as she pleases but she didn't get either. surely a discussion about what type of brexit we're heading towards and how much further our public services can be cut need to be taking place right now.
  6. I'm primed and waiting in the wings to take over for him 👀, if this 'government' lasts the full term he'll be 73 by the next GE won't he?
  7. thought Cloughie had given his true identity up on here until the last word of this sentence!
  8. I'm just going on what people on here were quoting for him both before and after the euros. The values we gave him changed drastically.
  9. most definitely affected the Hendrick fee. He was not a 12m player until the euros...
  10. Could we have got better for less? Yes = low value for money no = high value for money
  11. Johnson on a 2 year contract costs us £3m per year against FFP on a 4 year deal he costs us £1.5m per year. They had to give them longer contracts to help spread the cost.
  12. Bueno and commons wow oh wow. They could get us 20 thousand out of our seats!
  13. Hope kills you
  14. Everyone's saying 'what about the matches next season?' I have never enjoyed the morning of those games. The only times I've ever been able to relax enough to enjoy those games have been when we've clearly spanked them. When we had nothing to play for because we were mediocre these were the highlights of our season. Now we're trying to get promoted they can be an unwelcome distraction. Imagine needing a win to secure 2nd place and promotion and going to forest away needing that win? You wouldn't be able to enjoy that match at all and in the worst case they'd have that to hold over us for years. Id be happy for a season or two without them.
  15. I just think that you're being so over critical. The three amigos fxcking off another better moment for us than sacking Clough. The chains being taken off the baseball ground in the 80s when we were nearly liquidated was another moment that was much better for Derby than sacking Clough. It seems you made your mind up about him and rather than make your point with facts and well thought out opinions you'd just make rash statements? I don't laud him as a hero but I do think he turned us around and made that play off final season possible with his sensible squad building for 5 years. Can you shed some light on which parts of his tenure lead you to believing that his sacking was so important for us?