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  1. Daniel might be a red dog but he’s very fair and balanced. Normally enjoy reading his pieces.
  2. Fair enough, might be forced to with more frequent injuries and form dipping. Very true. CM is despairingly thin on the ground
  3. I’m not suggesting the squad is ready, just what we’re realistically going to be left with and realistically how some gaps could be filled. I honestly forgot about Thorne...which is upsetting given how good he was. I’m fairly happy with the striking options/could maybe do with another experienced wide man. Definitely need cover in the central defence and midfield areas.
  4. Reckon we have a squad of Carson (Roos - will sign with an eye on Carson retiring soon?) Boyle (Wisdom) Davies (Tomori- another loan) Keogh Malone (Lowe) Huddlestone (Evans) Bird Holmes (Palmer - still think we’d have gone for him if we hadn’t got Mount for the ‘mount’ role) Waghorn (Thomas) Marriott (Martin) Lawrence (FloJo) With Bennett, MitchellLawson and Forsyth left over. Gives a squad size of 23. Feel like the additions I’ve chosen are very realistic and affordable. Feel like we probably need to strengthen further for another push but Jody and Frank have better loan contacts than me. Probably lightest in the central midfield roles. So incoming Palmer and Tomori plus others. Thoughts?
  5. Not anymore my friend! Quite a fair price if you consider no one was involved in more goals than him in our division last year.
  6. Was also very impressed with the increase in intent. By that I mean we were looking for the forward pass a lot more frequently and midfielders were turning with the ball and driving into space rather than playing it safe. We looked exciting.
  7. Pleased with the performance. Gutted not to win based on chances. Slightly disappointed with Johnsons decision making and Roos commanding of his area on 2 occasions but delighted with Bogle, Keogh, Tomori, Lawrence, Holmes and Malone. 17 days off is needed. Hopefully recharged for the final push.
  8. Our experienced players were some of our most disappointing this evening. Huddlestone’s gone from being able to land a ball on a 5 pence piece from 60 yards to not being able to land it on the same pitch. Incredible really.
  9. People in football are aware that Sarris style is a non negotiable. He needs a full pre season. He got less than 3 weeks because of them dithering about appointing him. Hes worked his way up playing stunning football and is capable of making it work. I just think Chelsea went half hearted and it’s backfired.
  10. You either cut your losses on Sarri (£19m they paid Napoli for his services) and bring someone in to work with their youth players or you appeal it and get Sarri the players he needs to recreate Sarriball. Interesting to see what they do.
  11. Will appeal it in time for it to be suspended during the summer transfer window...
  12. Watch Sheffield United haha it’s absolutely bonkers but their 2 outer (of the 3) CBS are often on the wing crossing in/making a late run to the far post. It’s so unusual.
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