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  1. When we were 2-0 up in the second leg didn’t bryson miss a chance from basically on the goal line? That goes in then it’s a different story.
  2. no, no you didn’t. you just named 16 defenders that had been ‘fairly successful’ during their time here.
  3. I’m 28 and still wishfully thinking
  4. I mean he’s only 18 isn’t he? That means technically he’s got another 3 years before he’s finished growing. If he could get to 5ft 11 then I think he’d be an excellent CB due to not being able to rely on physicality during youth football
  5. 5 ft 10 but I take your point on board. Have there been Many in our league?
  6. Made me roll when he was talking about Rooney giving them a rolicking after a game against Luton.
  7. My issue with Roos is that I don’t mind the punching, it’s the done thing for most modern goalkeepers and as you say if Steele says it’s the right choice then I’d trust him over any other Derby fan. My issue is that when he punches it his wrists turn into jelly and the desired effect isn’t achieved. If he spends all summer with those grip things you squeeze to build your forearms up and spends time watching top top keepers punching the ball and he gets better at getting it out of the danger zone then I’m fine with punching it.
  8. With Roos he doesn’t make as many mistakes as say Hamer but he’s simply not commanding enough in his box. If he could work tirelessly to improve that aspect of his game then he’d be good enough for us in this division. I just assume that if we can all see that he’s shakey dealing with crosses then surely the management team can which means surely Given is working on it with him as a priority but with no real improvement so far?
  9. If I wanted someone in a dressing room at half time at 2-0 down to get the lads to run through brick walls for the team then I’d pick Lampard. If I wanted a manager to take on a project of building an identity whilst bringing through young players and improving them then I’d pick Cocu.
  10. This conversation shows the lack of commitment from some footballers imo. You should be absolutely able to play out with both feet regardless of level if you’re professional. Obviously you’re more comfortable with your stronger foot but if the manager asks you to open up your body to the angles on the left then any decent ball playing cb should be able to train themselves to do it.
  11. There was an article about it on the athletic. They’ve been watching him for 2.5 years now and wanted to move last summer but he agreed to a one year extension to help out Ajax so they agreed to let him leave for €1m as their part of the agreement.
  12. The best supported league in the world per capita.
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