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  1. Haha
    Ellafella reacted to JfR in DCFC Awards Night 18/19   
    Let's hope that the trophy engravers don't charge by the letter or we'll have to sell the training ground to Mel's company as well
    Thoroughly deserved win for him, though
  2. Cheers
    Ellafella got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in The most surreal match day experience.   
    Mange tout Rodney. 😮
  3. Cheers
    Ellafella got a reaction from Frogram in The most surreal match day experience.   
    Mange tout Rodney. 😮
  4. Haha
    Ellafella got a reaction from 1967Ram in The most surreal match day experience.   
    We did warn him about the beer...😲
  5. Like
    Ellafella reacted to Edtheram in Derby County vs QPR   
    Great result yesterday, it will do wonders for the teams confidence in the next 3 games.
    The togetherness of the squad is there to see. Im just taking it game by game and goal by goal. Its fantastic that after all the change in the last year we still have something to fight for at this point in the season and were above forest again! Im confident and im nervous, but what will be will be. if we can generate some performances and points from the next 3 then who knows what can happen. no one wants to play the side which is high on confidence after a late rallying to make the play offs.
    In terms of performances recently, ive seen Johnson spoken about a lot and the thing with Johnson is that hes never going to be as confident on the ball as Huddlestone or as athletic and skillful as mount but he fights and tries to make something happen even when hes not t his best. The effect hes had on Mount and how close he seems to the Harry and Mason will help them. People forget that he could of pulled an Anya and just sat on his wage until he left in summer but credit to the lad hes got stuck in and tried his hardest for the side and has helped us. 
    Bennett for how annoying he can be needs to start in the next 3, purely because he wins so many headers which helps us to get in behind and put teams under pressure. Marriott did well when he cam on and looked sharp. The reason we looked better with Nugent and Marriott on the pitch was because the striker had a player getting close to him, if we had Waghorn playing off Marriott like Nugent did we would batter teams.
    All in all it was a great day. On to Bristol. COYR
  6. Like
    Ellafella reacted to 'Rambe33 in Derby County vs QPR   
    Roller-coaster of emotions! Anything but dull being a derby fan! I have to say the up and downs have made it an incredibly fun season to watch the Rams and the number of late goals we've scored from Reading away first game, Hull away, Norwich away Wigan home and now yesterdays. One thing Frank has done is instil a never-say-die attitude into the squad. Previous years the belief would have gone and in recent history we were rarely able to score late goals when it really matters and often gone the other way and more likely to concede late on (many I remember from the Nigel Clough era). What a joy that was on Easter Monday. Yes we didn't play particularly well, but playing against such a stubborn and defensive side as QPR, we must applaud the boys for getting the job done. I must concede when Mount's shot went in slow-mo and hit the post I didn't think we'd do it. 
    Coming away from a game I was first relieved and overjoyed we got the win. A real statement that we aren't done yet. I was then smug as hell. For a team like QPR to come here and deploy such tactics with the constant time-wasting from such an early period for us to then go on and win in that manner is pure justice. When they've got nothing to play for by all means play defensive but the constant slow play when it was a stoppage set them up for an almighty fall. Karma of the highest order! Credit to the ref for adding on all that time when most take the easy option and add a mere 4 minutes. 
    Tip of the cap to our gaffer Frankie for the subs. Thought they all made an impact in some way when coming on. 
    Mason Bennett. Although his touch was left on the bench, once we finally chucked it forward (absolutely nothing wrong with this) He won pretty much every header against far taller defenders. Tremendous leap on the lad and gave everything. 
    Marriott- Looked extremely lively once he came on which bodes well for us with important games coming up. What a strike he had as well, thought it was in all the way. Set up the final goal as well when I bet most of us thought he'd take it on himself. Desperate for him to grab a goal in the final run-in.
    Nugent- I am far from his biggest fan and do think he's finished here but have to say he was energetic and did cause issue for them. Used the ball well. 

    Thought the fans were brilliant. From the start to the end we got behind them, when the penalty was awarded and the two goals the roof came off! Great to see the emotion of Frank at the end, he clearly loves it and lives for those moments like we do as fans! Lets hope for more bouncing at Brizzle on Saturday. 
    We march onto Bristol. Never been to Ashton Gate but relishing the trip now. This is a cup final in itself. We are in the driving seat now. Lets get behind the boys and get a result! 
  7. Haha
    Ellafella got a reaction from kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in The most surreal match day experience.   
    We did warn him about the beer...😲
  8. Haha
    Ellafella reacted to Srg in The most surreal match day experience.   
    So you found American Ram?
  9. Like
    Ellafella reacted to Smyth_18 in The most surreal match day experience.   
    It all started around 7:30am when I got a phone call from my brother asking if an American visitor at his work can come with us to the game.
    A few family duties followed then I was dropped off at my brother's work place. While my brother was locking up I was chatting away with the American bloke and heard a bit of a bang thinking nothing of it. The American then spotted smoke coming from behind the opposite building so I ran to check it out. Could immediately see it was going to turn into a major issue when we saw more gas canisters. Being the only people around, we rang the fire service. More explosions followed. Sirens everywhere. All the local scags turn up on bikes. Just mad. My brother and the American move their car around the back and off we pop in a taxi to the game. Looking back at the smoke from pride park was pretty surreal. Go for a pint in the yard and everybody is talking about it.
    We then go into the club shop and the American guy buys about 5 shirts! Onto the match. Despite it being absolutely terrible, the American was absolutely in awe. His words after 'your fans, WOW!'. He'd never seen anything like it. The togetherness, the tribalism. Amazing.
    Never felt so proud to be a Ram. We've got something special between us here.
    Anyway, didn't get home til late. Police wouldn't let us have the cars back. My brother got to work this morning to a ticket on his car issued around 10pm. He got a message around 2am to say the cordon had been lifted and his car is free now!
  10. Like
    Ellafella reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Derby County vs QPR   
    Days like today are why we are football fans! It’s why we put ourselves through the ringer, it’s what we live for. Yes we were crap for long periods but it doesn’t matter, the heart and desire were there, the fans sensed the team needed and responded - tremendous. Then when we thought it wasn’t going to happen, from nowhere a penalty. Waiting for Wilson to take that pen took me back to the playoff semi with Southampton 12 years ago!! Nerves, despair, drama, euphoria, elation that game had everything. 4 stands doing the bounce FFS! (Well 3 then not sure the west stand were). 
    It may all prove to be for nothing but in my near 30 years of supporting Derby, this was one of my best days as a fan. We’ve had a few good days this season, let’s hope we can have some more, maybe even one at Wembley!!
  11. Like
    Ellafella got a reaction from 86 points in Derby County vs QPR   
    It was a penalty. I had a clear view and Bogle’s pace caused the defender to lunge as Bogle caught him up...and I loved Bogle’s double roll-over. I knew it was a sonewaller and the ref had no hesitation in pointing to the big white dot. Cue a huge cacophony of black n white noise...
  12. COYR
    Ellafella got a reaction from jono in Derby County vs QPR   
    It was a penalty. I had a clear view and Bogle’s pace caused the defender to lunge as Bogle caught him up...and I loved Bogle’s double roll-over. I knew it was a sonewaller and the ref had no hesitation in pointing to the big white dot. Cue a huge cacophony of black n white noise...
  13. Clap
    Ellafella reacted to Steve How Hard? in Sky commentators   
    I thought the Rams TV commentators weren't much better. They mentioned a few times that they thought the support was as flat as the performance, which wasn't right. On the whole it sounded immense to me. Yeah it may have gone flat at times but that's understandable when not much is happening on the pitch but the support was great for the first 25/30 mins and again when it really mattered. Well done to all those that contributed to that.
  14. Clap
    Ellafella reacted to Carl Sagan in Don’t Leave Games Early   
    I nearly started a thread like this. Absolutely right! 
    It matters because we're not customers or spectators. We're fans. We're one with the team. And in those final few minutes the team really needed us.
    Do the fans stay and spur the team on to one last glorious effort to try to achieve victory? Or do they stream out into the concourses, sapping the atmosphere, deflating the players on the pitch? 
  15. Like
    Ellafella reacted to jono in Derby County vs QPR   
    So true that last sentence. I stopped going wt years ago ... life I suppose ..I’d lost my way, become a casual follower
    Mac 1 and a chance live game one night. Re lit the fire. Today had it all, from the frustration with the bland and ordinary to the huge out pouring after the penalty, Malone dead on his feet but hanging in there, the east stand bouncing,  Frank going to each stand 
    bloody marvellous 😀
  16. Like
    Ellafella reacted to uttoxram75 in Derby County vs QPR   
    What an atmosphere that was. The noise during the first half was something else, hairs on the back of yer head stuff, Went a bit quiet second half but the tension late on was tremendous.
    Had a good drink round town tonight and the feeling was its our year.
    Lampards at the wheel
    tell me how good does it feel
  17. Clap
    Ellafella reacted to TuffLuff in Derby County vs QPR   
    Felt there was plenty of complacency about in the stands or at least a lack of patience. But plenty of noise and atmosphere, think sometimes the ‘know it all’ types need drowning out.
    All for the 9 minutes added approach, it properly punished QPR and it was thoroughly deserved. Ref told them enough times about it. If they’d not pushed it they could have come away with a draw!
    Seen a few say it were a lucky peno, but on replay I still think it is. Asking for trouble when you are sliding in not ‘on the goal side’.
    Nugent changed the game for me, I’m not his biggest fan but he came on and played as a no.10 which connected the midfield and forwards. It is actually how he played at Leicester and Boro and he looked much happier for it. You need a focal point and Nugent provided it. Thought Johnson had a good game too.
    MOTM was Bogle for me, Tomori was ok bit thought he got found out a few times today.
  18. Like
    Ellafella reacted to jimbo jones in Don’t Leave Games Early   
    I’ve never left before the final whistle of any game, but I don’t see the point in worrying about other people doing it. Maybe they’ve got valid reasons to rush off, maybe not. When something glorious like today happens, their the ones who miss out.
  19. Haha
    Ellafella reacted to rynny in Don’t Leave Games Early   
    I was supposed to start work at 5, left the ground after the final whistle, was half hour late for work. Walked in like

  20. Haha
    Ellafella got a reaction from JoetheRam in Bristol City fan here with the local info for trip to Bristol   
    Is it ok to cross even if the green man is flashing? 😲
  21. Haha
    Ellafella reacted to Dean_Saunders in Derby County vs QPR   
    Fingers crossed for Derby, Sheffield Wednesday and FOREST (🤢) to get good wins today.
  22. Haha
    Ellafella got a reaction from GenBr in Birmingham City vs Derby County   
    Camp looks a ****** without that ponytail. 
  23. Haha
    Ellafella got a reaction from Srg in Birmingham City vs Derby County   
    Camp looks a ****** without that ponytail. 
  24. Like
  25. Like
    Ellafella reacted to HantsRam in Bold favours the brave come on derby   
    L love the smell of a malapropism in the morning.......😂
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