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  1. When my lad was mascot a few weeks ago, it was Rooney's first time at Derby. He was the focus again of loads of media attention but he made time to have photos with my lad and sign his shirt and autograph book. He treated my lad exactly the same as all the other players did.
  2. Rooney must be thrilled to come to a club with such a miserable bunch of fans 😁
  3. My boy is mascot on Saturday, he was already excited, now he's fit to burst!
  4. Thanks, didn't know about this service.
  5. Thanks IlsonDerby, I will pass this on, it's not for me, someone asked for some help.
  6. Sounds good. How much do they charge please and do you have to book on?
  7. Thanks, I have given them the Heanor option as I use it but I was thinking a pub or somewhere in Ilson might run a bus.
  8. I have been asked if there are any buses run to home games from the Ilkeston area. Does anyone know of any please?
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