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  1. NottsRam

    18/19 Fixtures

    I was thinking the same thing, seems strange. We have always done Tuesdays for a good few years now.
  2. NottsRam

    England Cricket 2018

    What price for the aussies to knock them off 😂 And to think they put us in to bat lol
  3. NottsRam

    England Cricket 2018

    The record's gone with 4 overs left. This is phenomenal stuff from England.
  4. NottsRam

    Notts County away ticket details

    Got our tickets at lunchtime, second allocation is selling well apparently. Looking forward to this day out.
  5. NottsRam

    Notts County away ticket details

    Taking my lad with me but not sure if kids are welcome in Hooters! Vat n Fiddle maybe?
  6. There seems to be a lot of bad blood between Mr Marples who I believe was one of the league of Gentlemen assembled by Peter Gadsby, and Mel Morris. I was on a DCFC related page on FB and saw a comment by Peter Marples, had a look to see if it was the same guy. It is and reading through his posts (which are made public) he seems very very bitter towards Mel Morris and indeed DCFC as a whole. It seems he feels he has been badly treated and that Mel's running of the club is a shambles. Alludes to the fact that Rotherham is a far better run club than Derby and seems to have almost a hatred for all things DCFC.
  7. NottsRam

    Justin Phillips dead

  8. NottsRam

    Sportscene Talk-in with Rowett

    Fair do's, most managers will go the Moan In when things are going well but not so keen when we are in a sticky patch.
  9. He made it clear he did not want it rearranged for 17th April which is the next available date because it meant three away games on the bounce.
  10. NottsRam

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    Correct. He has basically accused DCFC of cheating or at least bending the rules to gain an advantage. Take Colin to the cleaners I say.
  11. NottsRam

    Would missing out on the play offs

    I think that you have put into words exactly how I feel at the moment, bravo.
  12. NottsRam

    Barton on Ince..

    Talksport don't give a toss who they employ, some proper Bjellends on there.
  13. NottsRam

    Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Surely that performance is worthy of a third star on the shirt, a point at fortress Pirelli is something to bang on about for the next 40 years or so.

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