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  1. I would try to get Lee Johnson from Bristol. Seems to do well on a limited budget.
  2. NottsRam

    Watchable telly

    But for me, that fact that Chernobyl is real and by most accounts a fairly accurate portrayal makes it much more scary.
  3. NottsRam

    Watchable telly

    Chernobyl, brilliant but harrowing
  4. Coach journey down with Heanor Rams was great, left at 8.30, parked up at Wembley before12, Fan Park was rammed so cans from Sainsburys Local (£5 for 4 tins against £5.90 per pint), drank those soaking up the atmosphere at the bottom of Olympic Way. Journey home was a nightmare, the coach park is a shambles, nearly 2 hours to get off the car park as they got the Villa coaches away first (how does that work when they won?). Got to M1 in reasonable time once moving and were going well until they shut M1 meaning a detour round Loughborough. Got home about 11. If they can sort the coach park out everything would be fine.
  5. Brilliant program, well worth a watch. I swear 90% of the country love Frank and DCFC these days
  6. Hi, anyone still in need of coach seats to Wembley, Heanor Rams have opened up a fifth bus due to demand and have seats available. Leaving Heanor 8am, £25 per person, £20 for under 12's. email: heanor.rams@gmail.com or message Heanor Rams FB page to book. Cheers
  7. I know of two that were returned today, as I say, I do not know what they are doing with them.
  8. if folks are still desperate for a ticket I would be phoning the ticket office every day. There have been some returns I know for a fact, what I don't know is what they are doing with them.
  9. Yes, just be aware, last time Stanmore was an absolute nightmare, queueing from the M1 slip road as the car park was full and no-one moving. We had to jump off the coaches and walk to Stanmore to get the tube.
  10. All seem to have gone now. 1 seat left in South Lower
  11. So despite Sky's best efforts to derail our playoff campaign, justice is served although 'Lawrence avoids ban for diving' headlines are typical of Sky trying to stir things up even after the case has been thrown out. Has anyone mentioned there should be massive credit to the referee (not sure who it was) but he made the correct decision in a split second on one viewing at full speed when half the commentators and pundits on tv couldn't make their minds up after 300 views with a microscope. I am quick to criticise referees but credit where it's due on this occasion.
  12. For anyone interested it finished 1-1. Derby dominated possession but required a 90th minute equaliser (screamer to the top corner), then hit bar with last kick of the game. I was very impressed with the football played to be fair and a crowd of 1250 made for a good afternoon's entertainment. Nice to be able to sup a pint whilst watching a game too.
  13. Derby County Ladies are away on Sunday to Forest Ladies. Venue is Coronation Park, home of Eastwood CFC. Would be good to get a good Rams contingent there as it's only just o'er t'brook! Kick off 2pm, bar open from noon. £5 adults, £2 kids
  14. The cut off time is 14.45 so would have to miss second half of extra time as well 🙁
  15. Always enjoyed it in there even when it was a hole.
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