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  1. The cut off time is 14.45 so would have to miss second half of extra time as well 🙁
  2. Always enjoyed it in there even when it was a hole.
  3. Absolutely. The rule is ludicrous even by FA standards (and they have come up with some belters recently)
  4. They have taken strong tackling out of the game sadly but stamping on the face appears to be okay outside of the Premier league. I believe he could have avoided standing on his head if he wished to. i.m not sure he meant to do the amount of damage but he knew full well what he was doing.
  5. Ludicrous. They bring in VAR because the officials are sometimes mistaken, but they cannot review an apparent assault because the ref saw it and deemed it accidental. The hypocrisy of it all stinks.
  6. No action will be taken as the referee saw the incident according to BBC. What a joke the FA are becoming. Johnson got a 5 match ban when both he and the 'victim' testified that there was no bite.
  7. okay understood. I guess they only send one or the other. Thanks
  8. Has everyone had their renewal pack yet? Mine hasn't come but my lad's has.
  9. Lovely bloke. Was lucky enough to meet him at a supporters club do and got him to sign my copy of his autobiography. Have always treasured it.
  10. £10 for STH's, great pricing to be fair
  11. Gutted for Fozzy. Not the greatest defender but nowhere near as bad as some make out. At least the bloke two seats back from me at PP will be happy.
  12. I see sheff utd v sheff wed is this coming Friday 7.45pm. it seems the coppers no longer have a say in it!
  13. You'll get used to some of the miserable bar stewards on here Sowter!
  14. NottsRam

    Villa away

    My boy on his first away game
  15. Attendance of 808 apparently. Probably more from Ilson than Heanor?
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