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  1. I was confused by this so looked it up: If you read the offside rule carefuly, it states that the player recieving the ball must be behind the second last defender or the ball. As long as the player is behind the ball, it doesn’t matter if there are any defenders between him and the goal line. Whenever there’s a 2v1 situation between two attacking players and the goal keeper, you will often see the player in possession play a square ball to his team mate to score an easy goal. Often, this pass is played backwards which leads people to believe that is what’s making the play
  2. Wasn’t a 50:50 even. Sibley played the ball as the Leeds player dived in front of him.
  3. He seems to start slowly. At start of season I’m tearing my hair out, then by mid season I’m thinking he’s one of our best players. But when he goes out injured, he takes a while to get back up to speed again. Unfortunately, he does tend to have a few spells out injured, which means he spends a lot of time getting back up to speed.
  4. Different perspective here. For various reasons I missed: - The first 20 minutes - Most of the last 15 minutes So I saw close to 60 minutes where neither side did very much but we had the bulk of the possession and some half chances. On that basis, we can’t have been outplayed for the entire game as is being suggested on here. Granted I didn’t see our worse periods of the game, but I repeat, for close to 60 minutes I watched, we shaded it. Still lots to improve, but every game is a learning experience for this young squad.
  5. Nope. Not that. I even tried logging out too. I do like @Mucker1884’s suggestion of cleaning my tabs 😂
  6. I’ll give that a try later. Got my old aids in at the moment 👍
  7. It is in our hands. If we win all our games, we’re in the playoffs. We’re 1 point behind Cardiff with same number of games played. Win the game against them and we’re 2 above. I just don’t think we will 😉
  8. I’m the same. Our run in is pretty difficult. We’ve got ourselves to having a fighting chance, and all told it’s been a good season. I felt at the start of the season that top 10 would be acceptable, so to be in contention is better than I’d hoped. I do suspect we’ll drop back a little bit the positives outweigh the negatives for me.
  9. Yes I’m certain. And as soon as I switch to a different browser tab, it is OK. This in iPhone using Safari. It’s by no means a deal breaker for me, but thought you should be aware of it. If I have time, I’ll put the browser into inspector mode and have a look at what’s in there.
  10. I’m genuinely not sure if that’s a joke or not 😂
  11. I’m having an odd problem. I wear hearing aids that stream audio from my phone. For some reason they are switching into streaming mode whenever I browse this forum. No audio comes through, but the act of being in streaming mode reduces the hearing aid microphone volume. It doesn’t happen in other sites. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Bizarre bbc possession saying 52:48. Yet we we didn’t let them have the ball for nearly 10 minutes around the goal
  13. I’m loving all the 2 3 5 formations. Let’s see if we can build a team in that formation with our current squad. Clarke Wisdom Lowe Bird Bogle Knight Sibley Martin Rooney Holmes Lots of 7 - 6 wins in there I think! 😂
  14. Does the bib have to be new? 😂
  15. Yes. I had come on here to post this exact question. I entered the 20% off option a few days back and immediately went to renew my season ticket. The discount hadn't been applied so I thought I'd wait a few days. Just tried again now, and still the discount hasn't been applied. I suppose I can just go down to the ticket office.
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