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  1. I think they need to be creative. I’ve been a season ticket holder since the late 70s but for some reason this season I’ve lost my passion. I think it’s a combination of - constant moving of kick off times - disconnect between the players and the fans (faults both sides) - the whole Joiners arms incident - the EFL investigation Quite simply I’ve not missed it like I thought I would, and the £1000 I pay for me and my son could be better spent elsewhere. What would pique my interest? A big charity donation might do it.
  2. Been my man of the match - which is saying something considering the youngsters. He’s just been that bit more consistent.
  3. Fair point. I guess I was just looking for a positive in that they came back from being overrun. I think your point - and one I agree with - is that having taken the lead, we shouldn’t have turned all defensive and put ourselves on the back foot. We can’t defend a lead so why try?
  4. So coming back and being the strongest team for the last ten minutes presumably says something else about our mentality?
  5. Not seen much about Bird so I thought I’d chip in. He played the odd loose pass but he covered miles. Real box to box and some lovely deft touches.
  6. Listened to the Radio Derby drivel on the way in. I can’t wait to hear Ramage apologise and admit he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about.
  7. I was initially frustrated by Whittaker, but I think he was following instructions. A couple of times he started to run for the loose ball, but then checked himself very deliberately and got defensive side. I expect he’d been told to do that to protect the midfield who had run themselves ragged over two games in a short time.
  8. Let’s see if Marriott has a go at him. Bad miss 😂
  9. Can fault him for three efforts!!!! 😂
  10. That was my concern too. I try not to rush to judgement on our young players simply because there have been too many false dawns, and because we do tend to over inflate their ability because we make allowances for their inexperienced, but I really didn’t see the hype. He didn’t do anything wrong in the first few games I saw him, but he didn’t really do anything of note either. So that performance was an eye opener for me. Keep that up, and we have a player.
  11. I think a lot of the criticism is borne out of frustration at what we know he can do. Yesterday was the first game I can remember this season where he was running at players and keeping the ball. In previous games he’s looked slow and his final ball has been poor. Yesterday he was excellent. I hope he’s not another player whose versatility is to his detriment, with the manager playing him wherever there is a missing player - right back, CDM, right wing etc. He’ll put a shift in wherever he’s played but when given the freedom he was given yesterday, that’s when he’s at his best.
  12. I think the rule on penalties is that the taker can pause DURING the run up, but can’t run all the way to the back, stop and then take the kick. Looking at the replay , he slowed right down one step before kicking it, so I suppose that’s legal.
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