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  1. I think that last paragraph sums up how accurate the rest of the report is: “Quantuma are also in discussions with the Football League over the additional nine-point deduction for historical financial breaches and are hopeful of negotiating a lesser punishment, though it is thought unlikely the EFL will accept it.” Can’t really be both can it?
  2. I thought the same. I did think we were a little unlucky with yellow cards, when similar offences by Swansea went unpunished, but generally it felt even handed.
  3. You know how dreadful the ref has been when he gets booed off even when we won. I normally am quite fair and believe that things even out but that was beyond inept.
  4. What a great header by Forsyth, and even better cross by Knight
  5. There must have been records available for the auditors. You’d have thought so wouldn’t you? But I’m fairly sure I remember the disciplinary committee saying that we could not provide any evidence - no minutes, or formulas, or research.
  6. Except that if I recall correctly, we were criticised, even by the broadly supportive original hearing, for having no records for how we calculated values. No process, no formula, and - crucially - no evidence whatsoever. Did I misremember?
  7. Thanks. I’m a little hard of hearing, and thought I must have misheard that. Well there’s an obvious boost then - get rid of a few more players so we can be even more competitive!
  8. And let’s be honest could and should have been 4. Open goal for Morrisson, a clear chance for Baldock and several crosses fizzing across the face of the goal by Byrne that unfortunately no-one anticipated.
  9. Fair point. I still think from my perspective on the half way line that we’ve had more of the ball than 33% but that’s perhaps the difference between “possession” and “purposeful possession”.
  10. Well they clearly have. Forearm smash, clip his heels, push in the back. They’ve been quite inventive … but totally ineffective
  11. How on Earth has BBC got that as 67% possession to Stoke?
  12. Which that was …. 😂
  13. Exactly. Slipped. Grabbed hold of their player and dragged him over. If the referee really was biased, he’d have been off. As it was we got the free kick.
  14. It wouldn’t have been very hard to email people with a message appropriate to their circumstances. There aren’t that many variations. Forget politeness, or reasonableness, it’s just basic good business sense to keep people informed. For me that message would have been: Thanks for your support. Your season ticket is now in a lower price category. While there will always be winners and losers in any pricing change, we believe the “free” Rams TV that you received last year more than compensates.
  15. Had exactly the same response. Their argument was that I had Rams TV for free. Well it’s not free if I’ve paid for it is it!!!!!
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