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  1. Think formation was: 1 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
  2. Really? I was exchanging messages with a Leeds fan and we both agreed that up to 20 minutes we were taking game to them. Agree that Leeds then had a good spell, but we broadly matched them. Second half a different story - we destroyed them with our desire to win.
  3. It's not unlucky that's very poor from Roos. I've been a supporter of his but that's poor.
  4. I'm no tactician but I suspect the instruction is for Nugent to run himself ragged for 50-60 minutes creating the spaces for Mount, Wilson, and Lawrence to exploit. One thing you can say about Nugent is that he knows how to follow instructions and is unselfish.
  5. 6 out of 24. Better go back to school, that's top quarter. Even if everything goes against us on Sunday, we're top third.
  6. Did you? Never mind. The important thing is that the players didn't. They've done the complete opposite of "bottle it" over the last few games by clawing themselves back into contention going into the final game when many had written them off a few games back. No question Sunday is going to be huge, and we may just fall short, but it's been a fantastic effort over the last few weeks culminating in a good away draw at a side with a very good home record
  7. It balances out doesn't it? Most neutrals said we shouldn't have lost 1-0 to Forest. We've won a couple we didn't deserve, we've lost a few we didn't. But over the course of the season we've are where we deserve to be. I do still think we've got a challenge to make the playoffs because we've got two very tough games, but even if we don't make it I've enjoyed the season and I think we can be pleased with the late season rally.
  8. The reason this is different from last season's backs to the wall performances is that we probably had the better chances: - Mount header from beautiful Lawrence cross - Waghorn intercepting and cross goal shot - Johnson clean through - Moumt clean through - 2 very close offsides Compared to those, BC had two or three good chances from goal mouth scrambles but otherwise were taking potshots from distance.
  9. Lovely by both Bennett and Bogle.
  10. At the moment Middlesborough are on 67 points from 43 games. That's just over 1.5 points a game, which takes them to just under 72 points. Our points average takes us to just over 70 points. So if they drop a point from their average and we gain a point, we're both on 71. That's how close it is. Having said all that, I think we'll just miss out.
  11. It's OK actually. No-one joins in the chanting, but it's reasonable atmosphere and mostly positive. Where are you moving to?
  12. Proper whiney territory - West Stand upper. But I'm probably the most happy clapper in there. Spent most of the second half persuading people we'll beat Bristol away.
  13. Haha. You might have been in front of me. "Why do we keep taking these short corners, they're just not working ..... oh fantastic goal, I love these short corners!"
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