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  1. Just have to hope Mel Morris is still here for the first games of next season so we can show our appreciation for what he’s done
  2. We’ll never know of course. Those who claim Rooney has delivered a management master class will use his excellence next season as proof. Those who claim Rooney has mismanaged him will use his excellence next season as proof. Those of us who haven’t a clue what we’re talking about will just enjoy him having an excellent season 😃
  3. Well it’s on the same basis that read rhymes with lead and read rhymes with lead, but read doesn't rhyme with lead and read doesn't rhyme with lead.
  4. ck-

    EFL appeal

    I’ll tell you what - Ayibe fairly certain they’ll be Rushan to take us over once this is sorted. Atleet we’ll know soon - I Urda rumour it’s imminent.
  5. Has this part happened? I’ve watched some home games for free but every away I’ve had to pay for. I renewed early - so long ago that I can’t remember which option!!!
  6. I’ve read page after page of arguments and bad temper on the forum this morning, and then this. Absolutely brilliant, and restored my faith in the good humour of the forum in one sentence. 👏
  7. Interesting. I honestly thought before he got the goal he was showing why he’s not been in the team. And then after he scored, you could see exactly why he needs to be in the team. Very much a confidence player by the looks of it.
  8. Told you he shouldn’t be in the pitch. Useless Sibleyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
  9. Deep Purple “Time for Bedlam”
  10. This is absolutely right I’m afraid. No matter how much he’s tried to do the right thing, he’s been poor. I won’t criticise him for his commitment, or his desire. But he’s made a complete mess of pretty much everything he’s tried. We can argue that the academy is a success but I’m not even sure that really stands much scrutiny looking at what’s on the pitch today. And what’s most worrying of all given his dreadful track record of appointments is that he’s the one choosing the new owners. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. What’s even more worrying is “What if we have”?!?!!!
  12. This may be my memory playing tricks but I’m sure I remember one of his early games for us, he came in as a sub, sprinted 50 yards across the pitch, clattered the opposition player, and went straight into the book. Summed him up really - enthusiasm, endeavour and just a bit out of control
  13. Funny isn’t it how “supporters” demand positivity from the team while delivering a stream of negative drivel themselves! We’ve not been great, and the goal shook us a bit, but why do so many want to leap on any negative points that they can, rather than look to the positives?
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