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  1. Totally agree. 6 weeks ago, I thought we were done for. Then we appointed a novice manager who I thought wasn’t up to the job. I LUUUUURVE being wrong. This isn’t new manager bounce, Rooney genuinely looks like he’s got what it takes. I now think we’ll be relatively comfortable. There will be glitches for sure. Games where we think “What???!!???”, as we did against Rotherham. But the more games we play, the more we’ll see these as the abberations they are. Right now, I’m hopeful that we’ll finish somewhere near mid table.
  2. Worth every penny. I’ll try it again next time and if it works, well I’ll take the hit for the season and we’ll go up as champions.
  3. Just paid for this and they took three payments!!!
  4. Changing from definite to indefinite 🙂
  5. That looks like a joint .... we’re joint holders???? 😉
  6. To be fair Tyler, I’m not talking about legalities, I’m talking about basic business sense. When the success of your venture is largely dependent on the paying customer, and your business is going through a period of massive upheaval, it’s surely prudent to keep that customer informed, and engaged. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 35 years (I’m not suggesting that gives me any rights) but over the last few months, I’ve had to find other things to do. I’ve enjoyed those other things, and it’s questionable whether I’ll return as a season ticket holder. Would I feel differently if I’d b
  7. I understand what you’re saying, and of course you’re right. But there’s a degree of loyalty in football that moves beyond normal brand loyalty and closer to stakeholder territory. If [bigbrandsupermarket] takes my money, doesn’t provide a service, and continuously refuses to make public statements about the investment in the local store, and the type of goods I can expect to see moving forward, I would take my custom elsewhere. Your typical football supporter won’t exercise that right as a customer, but that doesn’t mean it’s reasonable to not provide similar updates on the future expec
  8. I thought you did. I wasn’t disagreeing, i was using your post for context really. 👍
  9. That made me laugh out loud. It’s exactly right. We look great against the top sides and truly dreadful against the lower.
  10. Not sure we’re quite top 6 - definitely top 10 - but we’re certainly well better than bottom 3.
  11. I know we had a bit of squeaky bum time, but did they really threaten? One good save from Roos (though we’d all have been furious if he didn’t save that) vs our multiple chances.
  12. We don’t look out of place against the top teams. It’s against the bottom teams we struggle
  13. I’ve never understood that expression. A cat would lie asleep on the line. Casually open one eye. Then lick its arse and go back to sleep.
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