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    Dimmu reacted to Carl Sagan in Bielik: Defender or Midfielder?   
    Love the fluidity of it all meaning that he can switch from defensive midfielder to a third centre half and back again throughout a game. Total football is the Dutch way - his position doesn't need to be rigidly defined.
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    Dimmu reacted to angieram in Penalty Duties   
    Where's Blackman when you need him? 
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    Dimmu got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in If Kieran Dowell is the answer, what is the question?   
    I like his style. He might look bit lethargic but has a good awareness and timing of his passes is pretty perfect. Hopefully we can see him with Holmes soon, I can see forming the partnership which makes us 'click'.
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    Dimmu got a reaction from TimRam in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    Still wondering how Allen managed to miss his chance.  We got lucky with that.
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    Dimmu got a reaction from TuffLuff in Gary Rowett on Quest   
    I don't mind him as a commentator. There are quite a few much worse than him.
    And it keeps him out of the game, which is positive to the football generally.
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    Dimmu reacted to TexasRam in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    What is the shortest pass allowed in a Gary Rowett team ? 
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    Dimmu reacted to Paul71 in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    3 months too late
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    Dimmu reacted to G STAR RAM in Gary Rowett on Quest   
    Silly post.
    Under what circumstances is your striker scoring goals classed as rescuing your team?
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    Dimmu reacted to Andicis in What a Manager we have!   
    I like what Cocu is doing. He isn't rushing and making brash changes like fans would have done ( I would have done) he's sticking with his team, and learning how he wants to utilise the players. Been a very solid start, haven't set the world alight yet, but we're unbeaten after 2 tricky away ties. 
    Cocu is trying to do it in the right way. I feel absolutely positive that we'll get it together, seeing players like Max Lowe play out of position and yet perform absolutely brilliant feels amazing. Not to mention Jason Knight, who looked very good when he came on too. 
    What's paramount is, that we as fans stay patient. It's all been good so far, but we're early days. If it starts getting more tricky, that's when we have to stick by him. I'm convinced he's the man to take us forward, whether it'll be this year, or in two years time. 
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    Dimmu reacted to Half fan in What a Manager we have!   
    Sir Cocu's calm and precise analysis of the Stoke match surely shows a master at work.
    He's unhappy at four points lost, despite a far from ideal and rather short pre-season. This shows the high winning standard he has set for the squad. No talk of the last 12 games being the key to promotion - every game is the key to promotion from August onwards.
    He explains how he saw the first half today and why he made what some saw as baffling changes. He then describes succintly the resulting improvement whilst calmly listing the failings which need to be eliminated.
    He doesn't talk about Plans A or B, he analyses what's happening in the match and changes formations, tactics and players as soon as the need is evident.
    Our captain who's had more than his fair share of club and international managers, says training is an eye-opener. Gradually, we can see why.
    Sir Cocu is taking our club to a higher level than I can recall in many decades. No banal generalities, no superficial banter with the interviewer. The players ere expected to work hard mentally as well as physically.
    It seems to me that Frank relied on a team formula of hard work, energy, and pressing whilst he motivated the players with his personality, humour and winning determination. Frustratingy it didn't always work, especially away to inferior teams. In contrast, our new management is more cerebral and concentrates on developing each player's technical and positioning and adaptability skills, as well as the team performance. So those players of any age who want to improve themselves and be stretched will relish the fabulous opportunity. Those that don't or can't will fall by the wayside, if the steely glint in the manager's eye is anything to go by.
    Of course there will be setbacks and disappointments. But there's some real building work going on here and it's a privilege to see it unfold.
    Thanks DCFC for the astute and synergistic investment in facilities and management.
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    Dimmu got a reaction from Rambam in Bielik: Defender or Midfielder?   
    Have you seen Bielik closer? Guy is 22. 
    Does he have Nigerian passport or something?
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    Dimmu got a reaction from jimbo jones in George Evans   
    Not sure what your expectations are for CB/DM, but I don't think goals or assists are the correct measurement we should use in his (or other in same role) case.
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    Dimmu reacted to Taffram in Turn off that Engine!   
    Well Dave let me update you and everyone what I have been up to with regards this topic. I have written to the EFL, Premier League and Derby County about the issue of team buses leaving their engines running when parked up outside grounds. The EFL got back to me within the day saying they are currently developing a Green Strategy and have passed my message and concerns on to the strategy working group. Derby County got back to me within minutes saying they will make sure the Bristol City team bus turns the engine off next Tuesday night - if anyone is going to the game perhaps you could keep an eye on this to see if it happens; and future away team buses. I also asked that the Rams team  bus turn the engine off whilst parked up at Stoke this Saturday and at all future away games. The club have not yet responded to  this request. I am waiting for a reply from the Premier League. 
    This is a very real health and  environmental issue and I urge fellow Rams fans to join the TOTE campaign - Turn Off That Engine.
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    Dimmu reacted to Pastinaak in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    I'll never forget that season when Rooney came in January. He was immense, way too good for the Championship. That front 3 of Waghorn, Marriott & Rooney just tore everyone to shreds! Can you remember what they did to Forest? I actually felt sorry for them. And Leeds. Whatever happened to Leeds? I think it rained that summer - imagine that? Much warmer these days.
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    Dimmu reacted to Anag Ram in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    I always rated Branko Strupar. 
    Shame he struggled with injuries. 
    Paired with a nippy forward we would have been unstoppable. 
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    Dimmu reacted to SaintRam in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    In fairness, he dropped him for Conor Sammon. 
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    Dimmu reacted to Raich Van Carter in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    Really liked Howard - he was a proper centre forward played correctly.
    Wanchope was hilarious.
    Willems was class.
    Johnson & Kitson were let-downs. Marco was Marco.
    You know, other than some of the true greats, we've never really had a 'proper' partnership have we like Shearer and Sutton et al.
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    Dimmu got a reaction from Raich Van Carter in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    I like my strikers to be bullies.
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    Dimmu reacted to reverendo de duivel in ticket prices   
    It would make more sense to charge £32 reddies surely, and up the booking fees to cover the difference.
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    Dimmu reacted to Grimbeard in Red Dogs Away   
    Play the kids and fringe players. If we win, great. If we lose, what of it? Bigger fish to fry.
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    Dimmu reacted to Steve How Hard? in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
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    Dimmu reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Red Dogs Away   
    Nearly passed out reading that. 🤣
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    Dimmu got a reaction from cosmic in Frank Lampard’s Chelsea FC   
    I was thinking about it during the game and it definitely was the case, especially if you compare it to league games. Unfortunately, it would need to be compared to another meaningless game though and I cannot do such a comparison as I rarely watch these show friendlies....
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    Dimmu reacted to TibshelfRam in The Matchday Announcer   
    Maybe Vincent Van Gogh heard it*
    *One for the culture vultures amongst us. 
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    Dimmu got a reaction from TibshelfRam in Really hope Bogle is ok   
    I'm expecting Josefzoon as well. Problem is that our three forwards have been relatively fluid so far and having him hugging the line makes quite a big chance. Interesting to see what approach Cocu chooses, but certainly it won't be Lowe offering the width.
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