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  1. I think it was losing to Bristol that finally killed the playoffs for me. If we’d beaten them and got some better results on the back of that, we could be in and around the top 6. Just want to see an improvement in play, further development of the youngsters, and for Forest to mess it up in the playoffs.
  2. just watched it back. I'm taking bullocks
  3. It was a really good save. I do wonder if he'd slipped it in the other side, the keeper would have been wrong footed? Can't blame the lad for not having that coolness in front of goal just yet. He's certainly getting closer! That's a couple of good chances in the last couple of games.
  4. It seems that Cocu is the kind of manager who likes to regularly rotate his starting XI. Sometimes this has been forced by injury or form, other times it seems to have been a tactical decision. Does any one have the stats on how many games in a row he's played the same XI? Has the rotating affected our consistency this season? Or is it just a case of the players not performing to the required standards on the pitch? I know a lot of fans want to see a settled side. I also think there has been too much tinkering at times, but I read something recently that surprised me. In Ferguson's title winning season with United in 1998/99 (also treble-winning season), he was the only manager in the league not to name an unchanged side all season! The difference being that he could rely on a squad of players who would professionally carry out certain tasks for certain games (squad players like David May, Nicky Butt, Ronny Johnson). Maybe regular rotation, whether it's tactical or to freshen up tired legs, could work in order to prosper during an often arduous Championship campaign? If Cocu is going to rotate on the regular, then we need to back him and allow him to put together a squad that he trusts.
  5. Let’s not jump to conclusions. And definitely let’s not lay any blame at the door of Max Lowe for any of this.
  6. Only joking pal. Don't mess your knickers.
  7. To anyone still keen to fight Ramage's corner. Are you sure? Are you really sure now? 🤮
  8. I thought you both put forward your points in a very thoughtful, sensitive, and eloquent fashion. Thank you.
  9. Have you read SO YOU’VE BEEN PUBLICLY SHAMED by Jon Ronson? A look at some examples of people making very public mistakes (of varying degrees of seriousness) and how they were subsequently treated by an online and offline public. Shame is a very powerful emotion.
  10. What’s going on in this thread then? Oh...
  11. Me and probably quite a few more in this forum
  12. Yep. Who the hell is Andrew Watson, and what poison is he injecting into his veins each morning?
  13. I'm enjoying some of the mental gymnastics being performed (mainly on Twitter) by some of the fans defending him. "If it was the other way round, it wouldn't be an issue" 🤦‍♂️
  14. 😆 it's like the total opposite of that thread about us having the best fullbacks in the league.
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