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  1. Just watched the highlights on Sky website. That ball from Bird for Jozwiak when he hit the post was 😘👌
  2. I just laughed when that winner went in. Typical Derby.
  3. Nail on the head. Mel and Benham both love their respective clubs as much as each other. Only the latter had a long-term sustainable plan that didn’t equate to “let Clement spend whatever the hell he wants, we can’t fail!”
  4. Hutchinson also looks an interesting player. Big tall lad, good with his feet, probably the kind of player that Brentford would turn into a proper asset and sell for £5-6m, but he leave us on a free in a season or two. 😅😭
  5. Stretton makes some great runs off the ball. Wonder if he’s got that ice in his veins required to become a regular goalscorer.
  6. Thought Watson looked decent. Can see a pass and isn’t afraid to play it.
  7. If we can sell him at a profit and get Grosicki in for one season, then it really needs to be considered. Finances are a total mess at the moment, so I don't think we could argue too much if he goes.
  8. Thought the interview was very revealing. Showed both what a great guy Curtis is and what a shambles of a club Derby is right now. Sounds like chaos behind the scenes and that was clear in Curtis’ interview, lucky for us he’s a great guy willing to stick at the club despite the mess caused by Mel.
  9. Can’t include results from last season when talking about runs and sequences imo
  10. So, this is probably how we line up for Saturday I guess... Roos Bryne Davies Stearman Forsyth Bird Shinnie Jozwiak Lawrence Sibley CKR Not looking great for the season ahead is it? Maybe we'll name fewer players on the bench in the hope that we fill up those registered slots with other free transfers before deadline day. Another CB and a CF has to be priority if we want to make a decent fist of staying up.
  11. If a fan forum takes place and no one is allowed to report on it, does it make a sound?
  12. Brilliant! Always look forward to David Squires’ work in the Guardian. Shame that we feature for all the wrong reasons. That final panel is too real. Pain! 😖
  13. Hope we get a injury-free season from him where he bosses the league so we can demand a decent fee for him in the summer. He deserves to be a better club at this point in his career. Can't be scrapping around the lower-half of the table in the Championship.
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