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  1. Maybe I'm misremembering this, but didn't Savage win us over towards the end of his time with us?
  2. No guarantees of bouncing back like those other teams. Would need to transfer saleable assets to make up for shortfall in TV revenue and advertising/sponsorships. Yeah I think it would be pretty bad. Not the end of the world of course (it's only football after all!) but would certainly set the clubs plans for being an established Prem team for a few years (at least!)
  3. If we beat Wycombe on the weekend I bet he’ll put himself first in the queue to speak to the media.
  4. If the new owners pull the plug on the takeover, Mel will need to take a long look at himself and big daft bald head.
  5. Bet Cocu is looking at his £2m compo feeling kinda relieved right now
  6. Get Big Sam. Scrape a few 0-0s. Get a couple 1-0s. Climb out of the relegation zone. Performances improve. Put together a good series of results. Finish firmly mid-table. Sell Academy product in the summer. Sign experienced Championship players on a budget. Start the new season well. Top six in December. Performances tail off. Fans get restless. More 0-0s. Can't score again. Tugid football. Languishing mid-table. Sack Big Sam for not playing The Derby Way. Hire manager with completely different style. Repeat until The Rapture takes us all.
  7. Listening back to BBC Derby. Eric Steele saying that if we keep playing like that we will beat a team by three or four goals. Same old same old for me. What use is it saying we are gonna beat a team eventually when the team are incapable of clinical football. Feel like we will be saying that “a big win is coming” the whole season without actually registering one. Embarrassing.
  8. Whoever it is. As long as they finish 21st or higher they have done alright.
  9. For sure, the whole team is under performing. Wayne wasn’t awful today and he isn’t at fault for many of the stupid goals we concede. However, a player of his achievements and experience should be able to galvanise this team better. Offer his experience to improve this team. But I’m not seeing that at the moment. Rooney strikes me as a very expensive luxury right now.
  10. It’s definitely a tough old time mate. Try to remember, as they say, football is “the most important unimportant thing”. You health, your loved ones, your happiness outside of this crazy sport is worth so much more. Try to immerse yourself with other activities and distractions (fitness, mindfulness, watching films!!) and remember it’s just a game. Failing that, speak to your family and friends about it, or people on here. Very happy to discuss issues in direct messages if preferred. Look after yourself first and foremost. 👊
  11. Maybe. I still think he’s bought an extra layer of circus to Derby. I don’t like him as a person. I don’t think he’ll be a good manager. And I don’t think he’s justified his massive wages on the pitch in a Derby shirt. Give me two or three solid Championship players in his place any day.
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