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  1. Didn't see the Lawrence missed chance. Was it a bad'un? Just seen that it clocked 52% XG.
  2. There are 126 points left to fight for
  3. One team is clinical. The other aren't. One team making stupid errors at the back. The other aren't. Really, really poor.
  4. God I hope so. Although you just know that after 10mins on Tuesday there’ll be a collective groan from the home fans when the ball is played back from midfield to defence.
  5. Over-lapping centre-backs, anyone? "Keogh Keogh Keogh!"
  6. Stoke 0 - 1 Derby FRGS Waghorn
  7. Is this our full strength XI until January then?
  8. Clarke looks like a great acquisition! Tomori who?
  9. Two relegated Prem teams lost today. Let’s make it a third on Monday!
  10. It does seem that if you're called Daniel and you're a Forest fan, you've got a guaranteed gig in football journalism.
  11. That Playoff Final will forever be our Sliding Doors moment.
  12. I’d be sad to see him go. Would rather give him a shot this season than trust Malone and Forsyth to do the business. There must still be a need to sell this summer and balance the books, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he does leave.
  13. Even though we're getting Bielik, I'd definitely still push hard for this transfer. Get Bielik as first-choice DM / cover for CB, and have Clarke playing alongside Keogh. SOLID!
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