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  1. Exactly, it's a very cynical move by the club, just because Bennett and Lawrence are fit to play and therefore still a possible assett. There may be more to it but going on what we do know, I think the club have made a big error here
  2. I know it's humour but your remark shot the poster down in a way to invalidate his passionate viewpoint.
  3. I'm sure this is too soon for most of you but i'd like to appreciate the service of Keogh to the club. Messed up at the end but on the pitch, he gave everything to our club and deservedly twice player of the season. Many ups and downs and it's a sad shady end but thank you for all the good you did for the club over the years.
  4. I don't think they should but that's my point, the club is creating further divisions, at least short term ones.
  5. Don't see how this going to help the club, certainly not this season. Lawrence and Bennett may well receive even more vitriol from the fans now, which is not right nor good for anyone in the team, management and fans.
  6. Do not see how it is fair and consistent to retain two employees who broke the law and now have a criminal record but terminate the other (who was obviously morally wrong and let down the club in his role) who did not
  7. For me, you either sack them all or retain all. The reduced wage offer is such a shady excuse
  8. Why do such good relationships at DCFC have to come to such an ugly end
  9. The whole season is under such a black cloud. One stupid night has done this, very frustrating.
  10. Perhaps more happened than we know but from what we do know, I think this is pretty shameful treatment of Keogh
  11. We are working on a deal according to the journo at the Athletic
  12. Bright Enobakhare, gone to Wigan on loan from Wolves, would have been an interesting one for us
  13. Will you be able to share any transfer target info after the window closes?
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