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  1. I hate going over this rubbish again. Yes he was captain but he was treated considerably different to MB and TL. As for the compensation, we can moan about footballers wages all we like but it is potentially a very short career and the guy has a kid and another on the way. Most people would do exactly the same.
  2. No sympathy for the club on this one
  3. Are we currently under any transfer embargo?
  4. Do you think we'll escape without a deduction?
  5. I actually think Rooney quitting in this scenario would be a good thing, as an experienced manager (dare I say someone like Big Sam) would be far more suited.
  6. Obviously every case is different but it took about 3 months from the original 12 point deduction to the appealed 6 point deduction in the SW case
  7. I think we might be looking at double figures then
  8. Have Mel and Sam made up?!
  9. Yep, I'm just concerned it will be in the double figures. Hopefully Nicholson is right.
  10. I wish. All things considered, whilst I wouldn't like it, I'd maybe take a 6 point deduction at this juncture so we can finally move on.
  11. Okay, we cannot appeal the decision but can we appeal the punishment?
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