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  1. I was hoping someone might have a look at Waggy - would love to get some money for him and get someone who can contribute to the team more effectively- ie That WR trusts to either start, in order to give current starters a break, or to come on even if we are only 1-0 up. furthermore would Gregory be able to do a job on the wing? People have alluded to him running the channels?
  2. As I know none of the facts other than he faces an internal disciplinary and was dropped from the squad I am only in a position to speculate ie suggest possible scenarios as to what happened and why. I don’t really see the point in that. Essentially when not armed with any specific facts (though hats off to footy mum for ITK post) it’s guess work. Gossip. As another poster has recently reminded us there is big difference between fact and opinion... and speculation. Did we think that after his troubles that he would turn up to training, put his Derby top on, lose weight and terrorise defence
  3. Kamil really has been everything we’d hoped he would be. Has settled in really well abs really quickly - in my opinion as a forward he will be enjoying his football playing under Rooney perhaps more than he seemed to be a couple of months ago. if Sibley can cement his place in the side now as well it will mean the opposition have two to worry about ...as well as CKR. Exciting prospect
  4. Read the thread and was a little wary of the current management set up. Watched the interview and am now excited to see what these two (plus JW and SG) can do over the rest of the month. Both of them spoke well and came across as authentic. That’s what I want from any leader. I don’t have to agree with what they say all of the time but for my support to be given fully I want them to be smart, honest, inspiring and genuine. In my opinion they were. Doesn’t guarantee a win on Saturday but I have a feeling that we’ll show more of our attacking potential and hopefully the substitutions will c
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