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  1. I avoid Cromer - ex missus is from there. Lot of Leicester round that way. if you guys meet up for a drink and a game you’ll have to let me know which pub and ill come and say hello. I used to go to the coach and horses a fair bit and work near there now
  2. I’m in Wymondham matey - where are you boys?
  3. When I looked at these 6 fixtures, during the last international break, I hoped we’d get 4 points (and this was before we were put into administration) looking back now, we won 8 points - 2W 2L 2D what a brilliant achievement by the Wayne, Liam and the boys. Battling displays, total commitment, amazing support from the fans and as a certain book was called .. there was some football too. we know how to defend - haven’t missed Matt Clarke for a second. Shinzano Bianco and Maximus Bird are solid, dogged and occasionally some lovely forward from passes (from both!) ravel some lovely touches and talent .. a break will do him good. tom - looking better than previous still A touch frustrating but definite improvement and works his socks off knighty - he’s getting back to his best joz/Sibley - we could really do with these boys getting involved in games more and scaring teams rather than working hard and tracking back (still an important job but would love to see them on the front foot more) Baldrick - works hard and creates space - would be a good sub or would like to see him in a front two Jack - this season will be so valuable for his development - om confident we will reap the rewards for this in later seasons trouble is we need someone now!!! if we can maintain this type of form and CKR and Then bielik are introduced … we could be looking at a good team. Importantly we would have decent options on the bench for in game management and squad rotation to manage fitness. - shout out to stearman who has pleasantly surprised me and to allsop - after a few cup wobbles he’s looked .. good!
  4. This is getting a little obvious… I mean at no point did I watch the players after the decision and think they acted any differently to anything we see week in and week out. the penalty last night was as obvious as Curtis’ last weekend. Shameless is not the word instead of paying a valid creditor we have to pay these crooks - British sense of fair play? Corrupt, arrogant and greedy.
  5. Oh crikey - no way will he not get a booking in the next 8 games. Balls. He has had some very unfair decisions against him. played so well last night - must be great to play with and obviously agree with all the comments re negative passing and he is capable of better. He does shoot well too as some have said. who would/will replace him when he gets another booking - Knight and bird in the middle?
  6. It wasn’t that long ago people on here were speculating that we’d have Rafa as our manager!
  7. Hopefully Ghost of Clough’s premonition will be realised and Roos will be available, pending Gibsons approval. agree with starting with Tom centrally up top with the three behind interlinking joz looks better this season and deserves a start bladock does decent work for the team there’s no doubting that but if Tom has to start I’d rather he was up top as he did ok against forest there.
  8. I think Brady 1993 makes a fair point. IF we can maintain current form then we have a real chance of staying up, even with a further points deduction. key factors are - I think there are some teams who will really struggle. - ie Peterborough, Hull and Blackpool come to mind - Reading may get a points deduction - it could be argued Bielik will increase our points total by 9 points in the games he plays in after his return - jags and Davies - we are way more solid than last year we are drawing where we would have lost last year - we have festy and CKR to also return to boost attacking options One question though- if we get new owners can we add to the squad in Jan? of Pep Guardiola decided to be humble for once in his life and look outside of his own concerns then he could Loan us Delap - for free!! I’m not saying we will stay up I’m saying I find it difficult to understand how some people are certain we will go down. Last years squad would have gone down with a points deduction - this is not last years squad proud of the team, our manager and our fans DTID
  9. Best secret Santa present I’ve ever had!
  10. I disagree there were some games where we played teams off the park - thinking specifically about Swansea, Preston, Birmingham away, Bristol City, Huddersfield, Bournemouth and the second half against Brentford as well as the recent match against Norwich. I don’t think the issue has been quality at all. Quite simply after Bielik got injured Rooney started to get clever and then he got defensive...and he stayed defensive until it was too late.
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