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Bosun Lawal


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10 minutes ago, Kernow said:


The links have started already, Bosun Lawal who has been on loan at Fleetwood this season. With a name like that, he might be more suited to Portsmouth.

Missed a pen against Posh recently. Shot barely got to the keeper. Don’t know much else about him though 

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Would be a blinding signing, but I can't help feeling the most likely outcome is him staying at Celtic next season. That said, if Warne could genetically engineer a player, this lad wouldn't be too far off.

He looks huge, for a start. Google says 6' 2", but I think he must still be growing! He looks a specimen too and seriously strong. Watching him brush players off the ball, it looked like a dad had sneaked onto the pitch at a kid's game.

He looks absolutely rapid too, if not instant pace, it's not far off and he's a huge stride on him and positively eats up the ground once in full flight. It seems he can tackle, pass and shoot, knows how to link play and seems to read the game well too. His video actually reminds me a little of George Thorne, which I mean as a big compliment.

Some definite interest from me then, but based on what I concede is flimsy evidence. Irrespective, I'd like to think we'd want to have a good look at him, at very least, if transpires that he is going to be available.

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1 hour ago, O'hare is the goat said:

Looking on the Fleetwood forum, their fans keep comparing him to Yaya Toure. Also seems like Charlie Adam thinks very highly of him and was the one who aided him in his development into this beastly unit of a CM

Loved that “beastly unit” 😊 we need one of those … Mind you Adams does a pretty good impression of one. 

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If Celtic ... ship him out it looks like it would be on loan again. If he is strong and has legs in the middle of the park, that could be really useful. If it's a loan, with loan fees and all that, we really need to make sure that the deal's right, that's what makes me cautious. Ironically he's the type of player who 4 years ago I'd be advising we sign: young, fills a known weakness of ours, ideal.

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