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  1. I’d add greater physical power and a lot more pace to that attribute!
  2. Could also be our fans watching Sky Sports News transfer centre tonight!
  3. Anya contract expires 30th June this year, not long to go now! Martin and Huddlestone’s also finish on that date.Just hoping that we’re still in this Division ( think we’ll be ok) and those hefty salaries saved will be put to good use recruitment wise 🙏
  4. Or “golden boy” Lampard who’s saddled us with Jozefzoon,Malone,Evans,Waghorn and Marriott !
  5. Outstanding summary of the game and sums up the current situation perfectly 👍
  6. “ Football Insider understands!”-well, that’s it then!😂😂
  7. I suspect Gibson at Boro reads this forum and is determined to go for all our “alleged” targets! If Benkovic is that good and we are interested can’t we ask Igor to put in a Croatian word or two on our behalf 😅
  8. If you mean the MOM Charlie Goode,I’d agree! 6 feet 5 inches with a prodigious throw and always seemed to be in the right place to stifle the few attacks we made. Reminded me of a younger Aden Flint.Not sure about his composure in passing etc but looks as if he could cope easily with the Championshio.
  9. When you actually go back to the link that opened this thread it’s from “ Team Talk” who are about as reliable as Craig Forsyth on a bad day! It also states we’ve just “checked on him” which you’d expect but to get agitated about the mere possibility of signing him based on pure speculation shows how desperate some fans are for any semblance of transfer business,whether good or not 😅
  10. Thanks for pointing that out but I did read the whole story when it happened.Total sympathy for the lad and his family and agree with the minute’s applause suggestion.My point was and is directed towards the introduction of American politics and their leadership which shouldn’t be relevant on a football forum but that’s just my opinion fella!
  11. Can’t be doing with politics and football in the same mix but that’s just my opinion.
  12. “Lawrence's car smashed into the back of Bennett's, before continuing across a roundabout and hitting "street furniture",
  13. The thought of any of those three in the centre of our defence scares me! 👎
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