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  1. The Cocu comment wasn’t directed specifically towards you but towards the “fans” whose comments I see regularly on other social media.I don’t think you’re the only person who’s aware of the overall lack of ability in the squad and you don’t need to be an Einstein to realise that losing Tomori,Mount and Wilson would have a massive detrimental effect on us.My main concern is with what I consider to be Lampard’s mediocre recruitment with the likes of Jozefzoon,Malone,Evans and Shinnie and that it’ll take Cocu and his staff some time,probably at least two transfer windows,to bring in the additional quality we require.We could do with some managerial stability ,for a change, and some patience from our long-suffering supporters.
  2. Waghorn missing two penalties and an easy chance against Cardiff didn’t help our cause but it’s Cocu who gets the grief from some fans!
  3. That’s the big question and you’d hope Cocu would have a good look at him first! Call me old fashioned but I do prefer a manager to watch a player before he signs!
  4. At this stage last year the table looked like this and lots of Norwich “fans” were demanding that Farke should be sacked.That was his second season at the club-perhaps we should see where we are this time next year before making knee jerk reactions on Cocu’s start at Derby.Two missed penalties by Waghorn have cost us an extra 4 points and 9th place.It also means that Swansea and West Brom ,two of the better teams in the division,have unbeaten records but I don’t see people demanding the removal of Waghorn!
  5. Let’s hope that Rosenior can make a significant contribution in that area.With the amount of games he saw last year he must have some names for the frame!🙏
  6. Agree with a lot of that and I think we should come to terms with the facts that 1) we’ve got a new manager who’s only been here just over 6 weeks 2) we had a disjointed pre season in Florida that seemed to be a jolly but was the first time Cocu had met the players 3)we were disadvantaged in the transfer market due to the date of the play off final and the fact that Cocu wasn’t totally au fait with the squad’s strengths/weaknesses. Watching last night’s game showed that for this season we can make do with Roos,Keogh,Clarke,Bielik,Marriott,Waghorn and Lawrence( Just!) but Malone and Jozefzoon need to be moved on as soon as is possible. Lampard’s loans were successful last season but as for his signings of Evans,Malone and Jozefzoon,oh dear! and I remain to be convinced by Holmes,despite his industry. In view of what he’s inherited I think Cocu will do well to get us in the top ten this season but,with Rooney arriving in January and some productive business in the next transfer window,i’d expect us to finish the second half of the season strongly once the manager’s ideas and potential new signings have bedded in. As for the present,get Bogle back,Lowe,Shinnie and Marriott in and I think we’ll be ok.
  7. Being nursed back gradually on the medical team’s advice perhaps? 🤔
  8. Mel’s managerial master plan!! £2m for Rowett-£6/7m for Lampard and Morris and £10m for Cocu and staff? Genius!!👍😅
  9. Scunthorpe away is the ideal game for Martin to show us if he still has any kind of future here.
  10. My favourite post of this transfer window!👍
  11. Oh bloody hell! Well spotted that man!👍Spent too long looking at this iPad all day and refreshing too many pages.I’m off for a much needed beer or two !😂
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