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  1. nogbad van 50

    Max Bird

    Simple answer,no!
  2. “ Fresh reports in T24!” - a Turkish newspaper claiming we’re going to spend £13 on a player!! 😂
  3. No,they didn’t! Quite the opposite actually.
  4. Two penalties,sadly.One v Swansea and one v West Brom 😔
  5. Or get a dinghy and the Navy will give him a lift in !
  6. Always good to see positivity and thats the beauty of football and opinions.I thought Bird,Sibley and Knight coped well, despite their relative inexperience but, as for our full backs, we’ll agree to disagree! I thought their defensive naivety and lack of positional awareness was well and truly exposed.
  7. 40 people develop a virus ! 5 people a day die on Britain’s roads but I doubt they’ll be shutting down roads and motorways though!
  8. I’d add greater physical power and a lot more pace to that attribute!
  9. Could also be our fans watching Sky Sports News transfer centre tonight!
  10. Anya contract expires 30th June this year, not long to go now! Martin and Huddlestone’s also finish on that date.Just hoping that we’re still in this Division ( think we’ll be ok) and those hefty salaries saved will be put to good use recruitment wise 🙏
  11. Or “golden boy” Lampard who’s saddled us with Jozefzoon,Malone,Evans,Waghorn and Marriott !
  12. Outstanding summary of the game and sums up the current situation perfectly 👍
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