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Goalkeepers and track suit bottoms

Poynton ram

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It was commonplace back then, from memory. I’d imagine most if not all of them did it at some stage. 
There was a lot of mud around, and some very… very… frozen solid pitches too!  Different to today’s immaculate carpets, whatever the weather. 
Even now, you occasionally see the odd one wearing tights/leggings under their shorts during the winter months. 

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On 02/09/2023 at 11:05, Poynton ram said:

just watching the Big Match revisited before heading off to Bolton. Chelsea v Man Utd and both keepers are wearing track suit bottoms. Was that common place in the 70s? Did any of our keepers wear trackie bottoms back then? 

Did you see the game afterwards? They should have been playing in snowshoes. I was the same as a lad though...just needed to clear the lines and we were good to go.

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3 hours ago, Brammie Steve said:

I was on holiday once and agreed to play in goal.

I did a classic dive to make a save and discovered that the “pitch” was as hard as concrete and as rough as broken glass!

I was in agony for the rest of the fortnight.

I don’t blame goalies covering up you betcha!

Southern namby 😉

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