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  1. metalsheep02

    Your all time classic tracks

    Thanks for this - I had never heard of this band but this is excellent.
  2. metalsheep02

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    Arsenal game - I was about 5 feet tall, stood in middle of a packed popside - even if there was a goal I doubt I saw it!
  3. metalsheep02

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    I am going for Bruce Rioch in the 3-1 win over Norwich on 12th March 1976.
  4. metalsheep02

    Corporate buzzwords

    We need some 'blue sky thinking'
  5. metalsheep02

    Biggest waste of money

    The stuff of nightmares. I would also add Dave Watson. Also surprised that Kenny Burns hasn't been mentioned.
  6. metalsheep02

    Biggest waste of money

    Moore was pretty terrible. As I remember it we had Kuqi on loan who was pretty successful, we may even have got into top 6, but for whatever reason we couldn't sign him so went with Luke Moore and progress stalled. Does that sound right?
  7. metalsheep02

    Is Rotherham an unlucky away day for Derby

    Blimey I had better google that online alzheimer's check. I was certain it was an away game but you are right.
  8. metalsheep02

    Is Rotherham an unlucky away day for Derby

    Didn't we get promoted there in 86 under Arthur Cox? Can't be that unlucky.
  9. metalsheep02

    Savings & Investment

    Nothing wrong with a bit of risk as long as it is understood and can be tolerated.
  10. metalsheep02

    Savings & Investment

    Just to add to above the Plum website references some protection under electronic money regulations but I think this only applies when your funds are in your 'e-wallet'. It seems that the 3% is only paid when your funds are transferred to ratesetter who make the following clear on their website: Capital at risk. No FSCS protection. Instant access not guaranteed. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.
  11. metalsheep02

    Savings & Investment

    Can't argue with the 3% but that could vary as there are no guarantees with peer to peer lending as I am sure you understand. If I was to express concerns it would be that their FAQs make it clear there is no protection from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (if they go out of business). The language they use about whether they are FCA registered is also a little vague. The company they represent (Resolution Compiance) has, according to last accounts assets of only £130,000.

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