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  1. Derby County V Notts Forest

    It is. I seem to remember him being appalling in the Villa away game last season.
  2. Ikechi Anya

    Perhaps after 15 starts?
  3. Cardiff V Derby County

    For goodness sake - the point I was making was until the article was posted (which the post was thanking the person for posting) I didn't know that. I am sorry if my apparent unwillingness to google the report first has offended you but I was actually just trying to see what I could remember correctly from 11 years ago. Was it really worth a post!
  4. Cardiff V Derby County

    Thankyou - I couldn't confirm that. We were 11 points behind on 18 after 13 games - the 11 point gap is just like tomorrow, hope the result is.
  5. Cardiff V Derby County

    It was a struggle to remember it and looking at the BBC report I see Ledley played for Cardiff that day. They also had Loovens who is still around. I would love to know where Cardiff sat in the league that day as I am sure they were going really well.
  6. Cardiff V Derby County

    Lets hope we can battle our way to at least a point tomorrow. I seem to remember playing Cardiff in the Davies promotion season at a similar time of year when they were flying and we (at that stage) were struggling. I am sure we drew 2-2 after being behind twice in the game, perhaps a Giles Barnes equaliser even?
  7. Dear Uncle Mel (v2.0)

    I actually agree with you on Lawrence re high quality replacement for Ince. It is the second part of Rowett's statement (not your 's rynny) that grinds my gears re 'other teams best players'. I do, however, disagree with you saying 'which Lawrence was at Ipswich' - that is, to my mind anyway, just stretching the point too far, he was a Leicester player. When he came in it was Rowett who made it clear that he would be in charge of transfers, he didn't need to say that but he did (and fair play for him being big enough to do so). After the event we get comments of 'it was a tough window' 'it was difficult to value players'. Derby is not some nursery for apprentice managers to learn their trade before moving on into the real world, we need to be operating on a professional basis 'it was tougher then I expected' just won't cut it. Last week he was quoted as saying 'January will be a big window for us' - given his way with words that probably means he is having Safestyle UK round at home.
  8. Dear Uncle Mel (v2.0)

    Or just choose to try and take Rowett at his word. At this rate we will need a Rowett translation book for those who value straightforward comment to try and understand what he actually on about. No wonder the team are confused about tactics! Anyway my initial (mis) understanding of statement about replacements for Ince reminds me of this.
  9. GR - stick or twist

    Sorry - misunderstanding on my part. Now edited. Your post is a good one and does approach the matter in a different way.
  10. GR - stick or twist

    Thankyou for posting
  11. GR - stick or twist

    Good post and one that got me thinking. In answer to the bit in bold - the sight of Nigel Pearson talking to Mel? My mindset is that I can't see anything so far that reassures me that Rowett can cut it so the shift has to be what would make me think he could? I would like Rowett to come out and reaffirm his objectives for the season. If he wants to stick with this top 2 top 6 stuff then fine, he can be judged on that towards the end of the season, if he wants to be more modest in his aspirations I won't like that but would be tolerant. More broadly Rowett should only say what he can actually deliver ('pace and power' is another quote that sticks out as being one that we have yet to see translated into reality). I also think that an improvement in performances would help. The only game in his tenure that sticks out as being the sort of football that I would like to see is the Fulham game but Rowett was in charge so he can deliver that type of performance. As context I see teh Hull game as a great win but the performance wasn't as good as the Fulham game. Winning isn't the key thing for me - I simply want the manager to deliver what he says he will (assuming that his mandate isn't to take us down and build from there).
  12. Mel seems confident.

    Saul - come on this sort of comment won't help. I understand the sentiment but the fanbase already seems divided atm. Do we really want to go down the path of whether someone is a supporter or a fan? You are better than that.
  13. Dear Uncle Mel (v2.0)

    Can you let me know when Gary starts using paint as the stuff is he using at the moment isn't sticking too well and smells a lot.
  14. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    Yes, I will give you that and it does give some perspective and hope. If he was sacked today, do you think another club would take him based on what he has achieved at Derby?
  15. What are the reasons to keep faith in Rowett?

    Well based on progress so far Rowett certainly needs more than six months.

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