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  1. And we get Steven Caulker instead!
  2. Blimey, we aren't bringing him back are we, must be 50 by now!
  3. Easily done. I wish I didn't have the memories!
  4. Paul Emson Vas Borbokis
  5. Yes, I had forgotten that but Bryson went at the same time and didn't bother with any shirt based shenanigans. I don't think either were booed off in the Bristol City game but Johnson was booed once he did the shirt strop.
  6. I think they were two different games. The early game when Bradley Johnson got booed off was the first game of the season vs Brighton. Johnson was clearly trying hard but kept giving the ball away. I think part of the tension was caused by Hughes being on the bench (and then bought on to replace him). Regardless the booing was pretty shameful. Shirtgate was much later, under Mac 2. Not so certain but I think it was the home game vs Bristol City and Johnson was subbed after 30 minutes. At the time is appeared harsh as Mac could have taken off anyone bar Carson.
  7. Newcastle won 2 championship games that Hanley started last season - for each of the following games he was dropped.
  8. Shefki Kuqi is only 40, surely he would be a cheaper alternative.
  9. At the risk of being excommunicated I did wonder what on earth Clough was thinking signing Jake Buxton (and still did up to the point that Mac 1 came in). Oh dear!
  10. Junior was great when partnered with Matt Svensson. When we couldn't afford to make his loan deal permanent it all went wrong.
  11. I always thought he was but I am not certain.
  12. To clarify. In your previous post you assert that had Shackell have been eligible to play for RoI then Keogh wouldn't have been anywhere near the Irish squad. Shackell is eligible for Derby but has been selected 8 times this season by 3 different managers, Keogh 50 times. There is a further consideration that Keogh has a preference for the right sided CB position and Shackell the left side.
  13. Shackell isn't even the first name on our team sheet and Keogh is generally in it when fit.
  14. Use a drone?
  15. Part of the 7th best defence in the league this year and always scored a few from set pieces. Given a choice between Buxton (presumably for a nominal fee) and Flint at £5 million I know I who I would sign.