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  1. Disappointment when team news was announced and Rooney wasn't playimg followed by amazement by how well we played. I also recall a late red for one of their players following a scandalous foul on Curtis.
  2. If he did it would be clearer than his normal method of communication.
  3. Which can be summarised as. Brazil says there is a story in the Sun and isn't sure that Rooney would make a good manager but Jamie O' Hara thinks he would be a great manager but not yet.
  4. If anyone is interested Alan Brazil has signed that Talksport are about to cover this 'story'.
  5. True to form, 4 in one afternoon against us and 2 in 38 appearances playing for us.
  6. Great recall. Burns started as a forward before his move to Forest didn't he? Not sure whether I am right but I have some niggling memory of him scoring all 5 goals for Birmingham in a 5-1 defeat which was in 1976.
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