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  1. On Hughton's record in the loan market what are you seeing? Given his time at Brighton I can only see Glen Murray as an outright success on loan. Whilst there, Hughton seemed to concentrate on loaning in journeymen and when he did bring in younger players on loan they didn't seem to get much game time - I was surprised to see Tomori was there 2 seasons back, only played 10 games. Are you looking further back than his time at Brighton?
  2. Eustace blew it for me with that horrible display in the 2-0 win towards the end of the season - made Rowettball look progressive.
  3. Burton 3 Derby 1 stands out as a particular highlight when Rowett saw fit to leave Keogh out.
  4. I see us playing Man City or Liverpool and it is a clear no (a nightmare scenario but we don't play them every week). See us against Southampton or Brighton and it is a possibly. Regardless of whether we go up or not the squad will be very different next season so if we accept that we aren't good enough as we stand it is pretty much a moot point as the team will change anyway. That could be a Fulhamesque change or a Wolvesesque change. Lets get there and worry about the rest of it when we do.
  5. metalsheep02


    If, and it seems a big if at the moment, Bolton's results were removed from the record as part of the sanctions the EFL may apply then I think we would lose 3 points but Villa and Boro would lose 6 points each. So a draw tomorrow secures play-offs and a win puts us level with Villa going into the final day.
  6. Ashamed to say we do this every game, on 87 minutes. Would love to stay to the end but we have to get back to Kettering area which is around 1 hour and 10 minutes (I am sure many travel much further). If we stay to the end we spend just as long trying to travel the first 1 mile and that makes the difference between watching the second half of the 5-30pm game on Sky or not. I do aim to be in the ground for 2pm to compensate!
  7. Well if Chelsea are keen lets hope they get on with it so we can get Rowett back whilst he is still available!
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