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  1. Repeal and Replace

    Great post and I agree with all of it. What worries me is that less than 2 weeks ago Rowett was telling us that the squad was already good enough for top 6 and a couple more signings and we would be top 2. He had some time to assess things at the end of last season so are we saying his assessment was wrong?
  2. Would you be happy if...

    Quite simply no as I would feel that Rowett has failed to deliver on promises in terms of both ins and outs.
  3. Darren Bent

    I agree with it being Simon Webster. From memory the story about him hanging up his boots was more down to serious injury. I think he came to us on loan from West Ham as part of his recovery from serious injury but his poor form for us demonstrated that he never going to be fit enough to play again. Could be wrong but that is how I remember it.
  4. Selling......

    There are some similarities here. My concern would be that if Rowett starts next season likes Jim Smith in 95/96 then he won't be around come November - is there a lesson in there? By November '95 we were either in or very close to the relegation places, the football was inconsistent and it was only the signing of Stimac that galvanised the team. I think after Stimac's first game we then went 20+ games without defeat. I am sure you are aware but Gabbiadini wasn't moved on but played a key role in the promotion season. We had 4 top forwards that year - Gabbiadini, Sturridge, Willems and Simpson (who generally started on the bench). We certainly seem to have similar quality in the forward positions this year. Willems and Simpson were very 'clever' forwards, do we have that currently?
  5. Derbys media strategy

    I feel much the same way atm. I would pinpoint October 2015 as the zenith of 'feeling connected' to the club. There were various things that they were doing but a highlight from me was one of the billboard's they had at the side of the road. I drive up from Northants from home games and there was one of George Thorne between J19 and J20 of the M1 which sort of set the tone for the day, I think a month later it had gone and shortly after that so had Clement. At the time it was a small thing that had a major positive impact. Since then we seem to have regressed. Last summer I my (then) 14 year old daughter (season ticket holder) made the comment that she felt the club had done a great job in keeping the fans informed of what was happening in the close season and keeping people involved. I believe that it is important to praise the positive as well as moan about the negative so, seeing the younger fans as a key customer base, I e-mailed the club to thank them for the efforts. I received no response. I didn't expect one as such but my daughter knew I had passed on her comments and did ask me whether they had responded, to which I responded truthfully. I agree that the range of media is much better than it has ever been. If I was to try and put my finger on how I feel about the media strategy of the club it would be 'contrived'. I can understand that communication needs to be controlled but it just feels a bit like 'your only the customer, we will tell you what we want, when we want to'. As an example, the comments from Rowett last week re the Wisdom signing 'hopefully just a technicality'. Andre Wisdom is a signing that has been universally welcomed by fans on this forum but has dragged on for weeks and fans have been desparately trying to understand progress (or lack of). Rowett may have said the same thing but come across in a more empathetic manner, perhaps 'we understand that the fans want to know what is happening with Andre and we are just awaiting a small technical issue with paperwork to be sorted. We are confident it will be and we will be updating as we can'. I think the club, aware that speculation was building re Wisdom a couple of weeks back, attempted to manage things by confirming the 'agreement subject to medical' and this is too their credit. Since then the situation has meandered and the media side seemingly not managed in a professional manner, hence the 'oh no Andre isn't at the airport', 'is that him at the counter ordering a skinny latte', 'it's all okay he is on another flight in his training gear'. It feels like the club is trying to do the right thing, but isn't quite managing it. I don't think Colin Gibson helps things either, we need a more vibrant, energetic face of the club.
  6. We are where we are!

    I don't think too many will be complaining if we consistently see performances like we did in the Fulham home game, blew a good side out of the water. Hopefully the summer transfer activity will reduce the risk of performances like Brentford and Rotherham away being repeated.
  7. Butterfield's time to shine?

    Just watched the interview on official site. Is that the first time he has been interviewed since he has been here? Comes across as a bright down to earth lad. He didn't do enough for me last season but hopefully he can be a key player this season.
  8. Back Rowett or Back the players?

    I think what the poster might be referring to is a situation similar to that at the end of Jewell's tenure. We currently have players on the books in which there appears to be limited interest but at the same time are fortunate to have saleable assets. Unless the right signings are made with the funds generated we risk: No saleable assets; Lower crowds; Lower commercial revenue; A rich owner with less money than he previously had. What we need to avoid is a repeat of Pearson's tenure when we managed to sell off quality players and replace with some who, to date, have made little positive impact with the result the crowd numbers fell off. Far too early to make any assessment as to whether this is even remotely likely but that is one possible outcome if the wrong decisions are made.
  9. Back Rowett or Back the players?

    Saul, I like a lot of what you post on here but I can't agree on this one. 12 months ago you could have constructed exactly the same argument in support of Nigel Pearson 'he got Leicester City up', 'look at what Ranieri did with Pearson's team' and there were people on here making exactly the same sort of arguments around 'give him time' and probably even some defending the Martin loan. In your analysis of the Rowett at B'rum vs Derby over the same period you have not mentioned that during that period they had one manager and we had five, I am sure that impacted on performances (Burton away last season has even been quoted by Mel Morris. I don't doubt that we should support the club but I also feel that a supporter has the right to challenge appropriately if they feel a change is not for the better - rather than blindly trust that it will all work out well. I feel quite confident that Rowett will have a positive impact but I am not willing to simply offer blind support if I disagree with a decision he has taken. I don't buy this 'need a new challenge / lure of premier league too great' stuff that we have been fed over the Hughes transfer. That could easily be translated as Rowett being unable to create a compelling vision of the future at Derby with the result that he (and possibly others) didn't see a strong enough reason to stay and fight for the club.
  10. Jake Buxton - signed for Burton

    The rate we go through managers Jake could be in charge by the autumn! And sacked by February!!
  11. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    I thin kit was deduced as likely to be Marcus Maddison who plays same position as Ince.
  12. Jake Buxton - signed for Burton

    On 1. I agree with the unlikely to play many games scenario. I dis-agree with the character element I think Bucko would bring some steel for situations when the going gets tough. On 2. You can't deduce that. I could counter argue that he is considering coming back as he feels affinity with / commitment to the club but that is just speculation. Burton have got Macfadzean and Turner as 1st choice cbs (although Turner will be unavailable for a while due to his indiscretions last season). I can't see Clough guaranteeing him starting birth. Totally unnecessary to sign Jake with the CBs we currently have on the books but if the plan is to shift 2 or 3 of them on then I would be happy to see JB back. I certainly prefer him to Alex Pearce who seemed to lose the plot in the closing games of last season.
  13. Jake Buxton - signed for Burton

    Surely this is the only way it would work. A popular player for us but surely Jake would want to be playing regularly which he wouldn't in the normal scheme of things. Be great if Rowett had broader plans that drew Jake back but not as a regular starter.
  14. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    And we get Steven Caulker instead!
  15. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Blimey, we aren't bringing him back are we, must be 50 by now!

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