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  1. Ashamed to say we do this every game, on 87 minutes. Would love to stay to the end but we have to get back to Kettering area which is around 1 hour and 10 minutes (I am sure many travel much further). If we stay to the end we spend just as long trying to travel the first 1 mile and that makes the difference between watching the second half of the 5-30pm game on Sky or not. I do aim to be in the ground for 2pm to compensate!
  2. Well if Chelsea are keen lets hope they get on with it so we can get Rowett back whilst he is still available!
  3. Thanks for this - I had never heard of this band but this is excellent.
  4. Arsenal game - I was about 5 feet tall, stood in middle of a packed popside - even if there was a goal I doubt I saw it!
  5. I am going for Bruce Rioch in the 3-1 win over Norwich on 12th March 1976.
  6. We need some 'blue sky thinking'
  7. The stuff of nightmares. I would also add Dave Watson. Also surprised that Kenny Burns hasn't been mentioned.
  8. Moore was pretty terrible. As I remember it we had Kuqi on loan who was pretty successful, we may even have got into top 6, but for whatever reason we couldn't sign him so went with Luke Moore and progress stalled. Does that sound right?
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