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  1. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I saw S71 1AN suggested on a Barnsley fan site. I can't vouch for it as our parking decision last year was about as good as yours.
  2. Gary Rowett says Tweaks in January

    Wednesday fans don't seem to think too much of Butterfield so he probably won't be there next season: https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/263476-butterfield/?page=1
  3. Gary Rowett says Tweaks in January

    Well we secured Ledley on a longer term deal inbetween times but he was signed on 20th September, pre-dating the 'big window' comments.
  4. Gary Rowett says Tweaks in January

    Still time for him to change his mind, again. 23rd Sept – ‘Big window’ http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/derby-county-boss-gary-rowett-517996 "I don't think we did as much as we would like to have done in the summer," said the Rams manager. "That was quite frustrating and so I think January will be a big window." 7th December – ‘not a massive window for us’ https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2017/12/rams-expecting-tweaks-to-be-made-during-january-transfer-window “I don’t imagine it to be a massive window for us. I think we will just tweak one or two areas if we can in the right way.
  5. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    I would agree. I noticed that at Swansea they have black astroturf between pitch and stand and that looks nice. Black and white would be great but the white would look horrible after a couple of games.
  6. Josh Vela

    Agree that Bannan would be perfect but Wendies likely to ask a fortune (with added penalty payment for loaning them Butterfield). Bannan is 5ft 6" whilst Vela is 5ft 11" - of the two Vela seems to fit the Rowett ethos for big physical players.
  7. Just read a book by ex-footballer Nick Tanner who used to play for Bristol Rovers and Liverpool. He tells a story that when we signed Geraint Willams we signed the wrong player, not that we made a mistake and should have signed another player who was better but that there was a communications ****-up. Bristol Rovers had two midfielders named Williams at that time and he maintains that Derby's intention was to sign David Williams (who he describes as an attacking midfielder and set piece specialist) but we signed Geraint (not really an attacking midfielder) due to aforesaid communication breakdown. Obviously George Williams did just fine for us but has anyone heard this story before, anyone think there is any truth in it?
  8. Rowett not in frame for Baggies

    I am certain I am right with the 39 points. It was followed up with 39 in the other 28 games. As a point of comparison it was 35 points in the first full season on Mac 1. Like you I was utterly bored at most games under Clement as he appeared to take the possession based build from the back ethos to its finite conclusion whereby the ball was just endlessly played around the back four and the holding mf. Not been a massive fan of the football under Rowett but he does seem to have found a way round a visiting packed defence at home.
  9. Rowett not in frame for Baggies

    Clement is an interesting one. After 18 games here Derby had 39 points, so 20% more than GR. He seemingly had an easier time than GR with squad he inherited (i.e when he came in he had yet to sign the dross that he did actually sign and had more £ to spend). Football was pretty dreadful as I recall. Failed to instill much in the way of 'mental steel' which GR seems to have done. Clement did well to save Swansea last season but they have regressed under his stewardship this year. Not sure any p-league chairmen would look at Clement's transition from Derby to premier league and think that GR would be a worthy appointment on basis of what Clement has achieved. Oh and Rowett's interviews are much better. I got utterly fed up of Clement's post match statement of 'we have got to find a way of playing through packed defences at home'.
  10. Fair weather fans

    Can you point me to the 'how many happy clappers do we have' thread?
  11. Fair weather fans

    This. I can't see how any thread that aims to draw a division in the fan base as being helpful in any way. Fans will have different levels of commitment and have varying capability / capacity to attend games. I get hugely uncomfortable reading threads on here about 'glory hunters' or 'fair weather fans' as the natural outcome is a divided fan base and an air of elitism that puts people off. If you want to see how this plays out have a look at Coventry City's skyblues talk - the very definition of a divided fan base as they argue among themselves about whether supporting the team is the same as supporting the owners.
  12. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Ossie, I agree but then it makes Gary's comments post match all the more unusual. Surely better to focus on the positive 'most of the fans were really trying to get behind the team and support their efforts and that is much more helpful than showing their frustration if things aren't going quite right'. As I recall Gary limited his comments to the negative and long term I don't think that helps, no matter how accurate his assessment is.
  13. Derby County v QPR match day thread.

    Well Gary commented on the fans venting their frustration during last nights game as part of his post match interview, it is as well the 'glory hunters' stayed away as Gary would have been in a right state if that is how the true supporters carry on.
  14. Derby County V Notts Forest

    It is. I seem to remember him being appalling in the Villa away game last season.
  15. Ikechi Anya

    Perhaps after 15 starts?

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