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  1. Looks like friendlies only. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/teams/player/harrison-solomon
  2. It would be good to try and get a definitive list. Duncan played in the EFL trophy for Liverpool u23s, as it under 23 is he excluded? Clarke made a start in the Isthmian league for Whyteleaf - is he excluded? Agree on Hutchinson.
  3. Jordan Brown, possibly Bobby Duncan and Courtney Clarke?
  4. It could be PAYE income tax and National Insurance on players' wages?
  5. Jagielka has managed 16 games over the last two seasons so if you are concerned about Curtis only managing half the season then Jagielka isn't the answer.
  6. Club should start a 'duck the efl' appeal (with a more politically correct name). Give fans the option of paying £10 each towards the fine with the response hopefully giving an indication of our annoyance at the way the EFL have handled things.
  7. Disappointment when team news was announced and Rooney wasn't playimg followed by amazement by how well we played. I also recall a late red for one of their players following a scandalous foul on Curtis.
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