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  1. It appears they were referred to the independent disciplinary committee (where we go next) in September 2018 and the penalty was applied in March 2019. Based on that it will be next season that any points penalty would apply to us.
  2. With one game at Wembley and the other at the Millenium Stadium.
  3. Cheers, I still think they want Ampadu to cover him. Johnson stated he would be replaced.
  4. I think B City want Ampadu to replace Brownhill (if he is sold)?
  5. Has he signed a contract/ is he under contract beyond this season? Signed as a first year scholar at start of 18/19.
  6. Got to love google translate, perhaps he has heard we have the wardrobe and therefore storage space won't be an issue: Quote Like most major Ekstraklasa clubs, Lech Poznań during the fight for the Polish championship also tries to earn several million Euro on winter sales of one of its best players. The closest departure is Kamil Jóźwiak. The activists would like to transfer the player to MLS because they got the most advantageous transfer offer from one of the American clubs. However, the player does not want to go overseas. That's why he chooses between Derby County and Blackburn, who play in the English Premier League. Americans put money on the table, English bargain. According to our information, if Jóźwiak goes to England for no more than 3 million euros. As we have heard, this is an absolutely acceptable amount for Lech. In Poznań, they remember that in the recent past the club had an offer for another of their ace Robert Gumny for EUR 5 million, but he wanted more, the transfer did not take place, and today due to the health problems of the side defender, it is difficult to talk about any of his transfers. Jóźwiak and his managers approach the topic of club selection very carefully, because the next few months will decide whether the player will go to Euro 2020. The 22-year-old, who plays in the youth team, has already made his debut at Jerzy Brzęczek in the qualifying match against Slovenia and hopes to continue. Staying in Lech, where he plays systematically (4 goals, 2 assists), would have an easier task. From England, where the requirements are higher, a possible loss of storage space could be equal to closing the road for Euro. The more so that the Championship games are considered one of the most intense in Europe. Football probably Jóźwiak could do it easily, but the necessary motor skills there is not a great advantage of this player. He is not the type of player who does not stop. He will need time to acclimatize. On the other hand, the club's determination in which the ticket office is empty will probably be of key importance here. If the winger went to Derby (currently the 15th club in the table is the most likely direction), he would join his junior friend Krystian Bielik (he will not return after the injury next season) and ... Wayne Rooney. A 120-time representative of England has just returned to his homeland from the USA and has already played three matches in Derby colors.
  7. The season ticket renewals is an interesting one. Last year the renewal letter was issued end of January but fans usually have a number of weeks before making a decision so before anyone needs to decide we will have seen the club's response to the EFL statement, several more games played (with recent progress possibly continuing) and the end of the window (possibly with a couple of signings). Each of the factors will surely impact on decisions to renew. What is unfortunate is that season ticket sales were high this season due to the clamour to buy season tickets as a route to Wembley last May and there was an opportunity to retain much of that customer base. The EFL statement brings uncertainty but other threads have evidenced a strengthening of feeling amongst fans to stick by the club through the tough times that possibly lie ahead so there is an opportunity for the club to leverage that. The club will have some good data on their season ticket holders and it is not difficult to imagine than around 15,000 would renew come what may and so the club could simply plan on that basis and not worry about others who choose not ti renew. In the past it has also been suggested on this forum that season tickets are not great for the club from a financial perspective as the price paid per game is substantially less than pay on the day. If this is the case, the club may see a reduction in season ticket sales as not necessarily a bad thing if there is confidence that performances and results will pick up next season and entice back those who don't renew their season tickets. The uncertainty is unhelpful as the outcome could be possible relegation this season (seems unlikely given the timescales to agree any punishment), a points penalty next season, a fine or nothing at all. Trying to manage this through season ticket renewals is difficult but, if the club do want to attract more than the 15,000 hardcore support, there must be something clever they can do....perhaps a reduction through a cashback depending on any penalty the EFL ultimately impose (if applying next season) or a discounted two-year ticket on basis that next season would see the most severe impact. Regardless, the club need our support now probably more than at any time since the mid-1980s.
  8. I vaguely remember a pre-season friendly at Buxton in 1977 or 1978 when Docherty was undertaking some strange disciplinary action by playing each of the first team (bar goalie) out of position. I recall he had Buckley at centre forward!
  9. Puts our current defensive problems in context, apart from Buckley I couldn't actually tell who was playing in defence, strong forward line though.
  10. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/atletico-madrid/story/3105683/atletico-madrids-saul-niguez-i-risked-my-health-playing-with-kidney-problem
  11. Perhaps the contract is partly due to the performance measure mentioned by Mel Morris whereby, next season, Cocu is targeted on having 50% of starting 11 as players who have come through the academy. 7 months off (so others could step up) but currently we have Lowe, Knight, Bird, Bogle with Sibley also looking like he deserves a first team place. Bogle could leave, and a midfield of Knight, Lowe and Bird is a stretch. Perhaps giving Bennett a new contract ticks another box on list of academy players starting next season? As an aside I remain uncertain how that 50% target works in a team of 11, is it 5 players? 6? or is someone counting as half a player?
  12. If there is the club should enforce it and ask Tom when he plans to actually start.
  13. Always a risk with George Saville playing - feel we need Hudds to start to enforce some correct behavioural standards.
  14. I don't think it is simply about this season though. Signing a player now, even on loan with option to buy makes things easier in the summer. If we wait until the summer we defer the issue and risk a 10 / 15 game transition when new players get up to speed, fine tune their fitness and get used to playing with new team mates. We have seen that this season with Bielik who has seemingly suffered from lack of a proper pre-season. At worst we end up like we did this season with 3rd / 4th choices being signed late on in the window.
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