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Jonson Clarke-Harris - Joined Rotherham


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I don’t believe we are interested either, however, I will say that it is one that would be bittersweet to me. 

On one hand, I would be happy that we have signed probably the most proven striker available on the market to us at our level. On the other, I did hope that our new ownership model would show a little more creativity in the transfer market than signing the top goalscorer from the previous season.

All said and done, it’s a lazy recruitment strategy in my opinion. 

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1 minute ago, Ambitious said:

Darren Witcoop is well connected, but also throws a lot of s*** at the wall to hope some of it sticks. He was highly placed at the Mirror. 

So far he has linked us to Yiadom, Georgie Kelly, Ryan Woods and Wes Harding this summer. Not a great hit rate there. 

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