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  1. Just spoke to my father that said Morris was on radio Derby at midday? Did anyone catch this
  2. Just wanted to give Roberts a shout out. Thought he was exciting today, putting players on toast and getting into the box. Brilliant first 90 in my opinion and is the sort of player that would have me on my feet at PP
  3. fusión de un reactor Stadium Meltdown Stadium
  4. Anyone just catch the talksport interview ?
  5. Has he got backers or...
  6. Alex Mowatt - go all ends out for him
  7. Rather surprised the club hasn’t commented on the loan that has been handed to all championship clubs due to losing income revenue regarding ticket sales. Only mentioning as most teams on Twitter have released/shared the statement provided by the EFL..
  8. Wish I was you. Lost my Virginity behind the tip.
  9. Max Bird needs some league one experience, maybe with us
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