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  1. Derby County Retirement homes back open I see
  2. I see Watford have declared that Issac success can go out on loan.. can genuinely see that as a Derby Signing.. but Vydra is also being let out on loan, would love him back
  3. But you have just commented that they aren’t involved in negotiations? I didn’t mention the general outrage?
  4. In charge of convincing a player, so yes negotiations they can be part of, due to being recruitment
  5. Bob on. Hope this also includes an interest in photography
  6. Derby County Recruitment team ladies and Gentlemen
  7. That’s what scouts go do, well other clubs do anyways, should be on the radar now
  8. In all seriousness, should be looking at people like that Laurent that just played for Shrewsbury, fantastic performance from the lad.
  9. What’s Mo Camara up to nowadays? He’ll do 😂😂😂
  10. Doing a Derby is summarised in this statement here.
  11. The fact you think Derby is a better city than Bristol makes me think your on the spice 😏😂
  12. Ed Dawes is the issue with RD, such a cocky bloke
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