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  1. Billy and Roger Davies... Roger Davies will thump him and we will drink into the night
  2. If we don’t go up with this team and the talent we have, I’ll be convinced we are cursed...
  3. Should just do a big tournament at DW spanning over a day to get it all done
  4. Regarding club merchandise, you see clubs like Bristol City have very appealing stuff to Fans that looks like it took a bit of thinking and design, but Derby’s looks generic and slightly boring. Is there anyway we can improve on our merchandise ? I understand the collaboration with Umbro but surely there can be more input on what we would actually wear to a game
  5. We did reject a bid from wolves - £2 million
  6. Has Chris Coles left now also?
  7. Is there anything as a forum we can do to get in touch with the club !?
  8. It’s 2 mate, mrs has shouted up, but I’ve firmly shouted down I’m staying on here due to waggys header. Up the bowel movements
  9. Looks like I’m staying on the toilet then...
  10. Gone to use the toilet, if we improve I’ll stay up here
  11. Would be lovely to see if anyone on here has the power to get this lad into a box at Derby and have the day he deserves bully’s are scum of the world, this lad is so strong for doing that video. He should be proud of that.
  12. Since the last fight, fury levelled up and stepped up a gear, wilder just stayed in the same lane hoping to get away with his right hand. what a class performance fury pulled out tonight, not going to lie, worried when I seen how aggressive he was being and the lack of guard but in the end it was a masterclass. What a fighter. Knowing the dark place Fury came back from, he has to be one of the most inspirational sportsman in the world
  13. I work with his dad, still has very close ties to the club ! Burton Albion don’t count as a job 😉
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