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  1. Don’t worry, I work on the railway, been called in so got to watch the game on my phone with a gump 😞
  2. Brentford. That’s who I am jealous of anyway. Always make a massive profit on the players they find from abroad. The Sporting director has a say over the team with the First team manager. The style of football is attractive and they actually try things with the ball.
  3. It’s early in the Season, if you are coming on the forum to brag about how fantastic Charlton are, at least do this at the start of next year
  4. This aged very well. Should not be working on the railway and become a football manager.
  5. I will be going to games still, but I would not renew next year just because I feel ashamed that these sort of people play for my football club.
  6. Hold on. I kind of get the celebration of the Leeds game being followed by a drink and a party as it was such a momentous occasion winning in that fashion at Elland Road and making Wembley. But Tuesday was a fiasco. Team building exercises are fantastic but to end in that way is a joke. Never want to see those included have the divine luck of wearing a ram on there chest ever again.
  7. Don’t want these players ever having the chance of wearing that Ram on the chest ever again. As everyone is saying, if this was in the common workplace, they may be facing the sack, I know I personally would.
  8. Sorry if this has been started as a topic already, but is he involved at the moment in any of the Derby setups. When Bryson left, I really thought Shinnie would be Bryson Mark 2. Still hope he will have a run in this team partnering Bielik
  9. Best Loans - Bueno, Osman, Mount Tomori, Wilson, Andrew Davies, Ayala Worst - Stern John, Leon Best, Danny Graham, Danny Mills
  10. The thing I loved about Marriott last year was his attempt at chasing just any ball. He don’t really look too bothered this year. Might be a unpopular opinion but hey ho
  11. Remember all the excitement of Cocu? It’s fading rather fast
  12. This is horrendous. The play is awful. Long ball with Marriott upfront? Fantastic tactics.
  13. Just boredom looked at free agents.. Lewis Holtby?
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