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  1. Would love to see Flo Jo start this one, some pace and trickery
  2. We need to find some foreign gems, Dutch I think would be brilliant. Loved that samba sow, however much it pains me to say, 1.3 from Moscow wasn’t he? We are also crying out for pace in that team
  3. Methodical. The only word to sum up this game
  4. Such a strange day. I need a nervous poo, but I know that I won’t be in the ground for this one and no one else will either. Come on Derby 🐏🐏🐏🐏
  5. What a horrible world we live in. Get well soon Wizzy 😰❤️
  6. Such a weird game this. I was saying to a mate that going to millwall in the normal circumstances would be a tough game due to the ground and fans, basically making Millwall intimidating. But without fans, who knows 0-2 Derby Waghorn and Rooney
  7. Billy and Roger Davies... Roger Davies will thump him and we will drink into the night
  8. If we don’t go up with this team and the talent we have, I’ll be convinced we are cursed...
  9. Should just do a big tournament at DW spanning over a day to get it all done
  10. Regarding club merchandise, you see clubs like Bristol City have very appealing stuff to Fans that looks like it took a bit of thinking and design, but Derby’s looks generic and slightly boring. Is there anyway we can improve on our merchandise ? I understand the collaboration with Umbro but surely there can be more input on what we would actually wear to a game
  11. We did reject a bid from wolves - £2 million
  12. Has Chris Coles left now also?
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