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  1. Big sams the kind of bloke I can see spitting a chewing gum and volleying it I like it
  2. Can’t wait to see Stevie Mac walk out on the COVID conference shortly as new Derby Manager
  3. Good thing he’s not at Liverpool then ei
  4. So your telling me. That scoring more than you concede does not win you games.. go have a bath mate
  5. This football lark is easy. Score more than you concede. We can’t do that though so we are bottom. There’s your answer, sorted mate take care xo
  6. Don’t you remember when we was after this bloke and everyone was begging Mel to get him in ? Just another point to prove our club is cursed *puts away tin foil hat*
  7. I’m going to go for a left field recommendation here (So get your google search engines ready, this is how I found the bloke, let’s not lie) Zeljko Buvac. Ex assistant at Liverpool and Bourissa Dortmund always called the brain of the management team and supposedly got Klopp playing the entertaining football that they was famous for. And let’s admit it, Serbian chaps aren’t doing to shabby in the championship
  8. It’s just so annoying. It’s an obvious decision to make, Waghorn isn’t a striker, he’s a right attacking midfielder if he’s going to start. If we can see it, why can’t they
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