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Will any of the new signings be made captain?


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Nice to have options - Nelson would be a likely choice as things stand IF he's going to be a regular starter.

Bradley would supercede him. Despite neither being here long enough to earn respect in the way an existing player would.

Fozzie might be club captain but less likely on the actual pitch, Bird hasn't really shown he can rally the troops for me, but I can see him keeping vice captain.

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I'd really like us to sign a nasty defensive midfielder to just dictate our play. Somebody to do the job that Kevin macdonald used to do for Fulham, somebody to realise when we're up against and calm the game down make sure that everybody is doing the job that's required of them at any moment during the game.

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Sonny Bradley for me, he certainly has the right approach to becoming our new captain and he looks like a unit too, something we’ve long missed in a defensive capacity.

Like the signings PW has made so far, let’s have a good positive start to the season and hopefully we can all enjoy the ride this season.

COYR 🐏👍🏻🐏👍🏻

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5 minutes ago, Gee SCREAMER !! said:

I'd have Hourihane.  A midfielder always seems the best option and he likes shouting at refs

Going off last season, he didn’t start with the armband once. Bird 19 times, Davies 14 times,  Forsyth 10 times & McGoldrick 3 times. 

I can’t imagine that would change going forward. 

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