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  1. Nothing wrong with what he said. Every player at DCFC would want to play in the premier league
  2. Hughes gone. Possibly Ince. And possibly Keogh. Oh my Gary has some hard work ahead. Surely not Ince or Keogh
  3. Any insight into this SDSR
  4. Exactly this, this fee is an absolute joke. But players move on, this is football, Will was always going to move and we are lucky to have kept him for so long. IMO he is not as good as some people make out. Of course he's got talent, on the odd occasion he can't even look as close to being a world beater. But IMO I actually think Hendrick was the better player
  5. Andre will
  6. If we sell go and buy Swift or Ben Pearson
  7. 8 million !
  8. That's it. Boo him
  9. No way will this happen. Sure their chairman turned down something stupid like a 25 million bid for him. Not even that good. Saw him Vs Burton at Villa. He was atrocious. Nearly as bad as Hutton
  10. Useful addition not sure about the fee
  11. http://m.derbytelegraph.co.uk/derby-county-set-their-asking-price-for-tom-ince/story-30396410-detail/story.html Not sure what to make of 10mill. Too low if Cairney is valued at double that
  12. Tell us MACKWORTHRAM pleeeeeease
  13. And he fails the medical ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  14. I'm on edge. Tell his brother to tell him to sign