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  1. Rample

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

    Oh I saw that (the wife loves it) he had a major kick off at Gary Busey because he thought he'd stolen a paintbrush or something, only to find he'd put it down and forgotten it. Busey was mad as a bag of spanners aswell.
  2. Rample

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

    This means nothing to me.
  3. Rample

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

    Saw him at the NEC about ten years ago and he was terrible. Out of breath for most of the show, vocally so weak and everything slowed right down. He was pretty much carried by the vocals of the woman with him who managed to blend her voiceless with his to give his songs a bit of umph. Great to see Bat out of Hell performed live though.
  4. Rample

    Marcus Maddison

    As I understand it he was a left winger who filled in at left back a few times. Also played on the right wing a bit presumably to accommodate someone else on the left, but as he's come to prominence he's been moved centrally where he can impact the game more.
  5. Rample

    Marcus Maddison

    Right, got my head round this now (I think) Maddison, 24 year old CAM/LW can also play RW and LB Marriott, 23 year old striker who can also play RW And it's Maddison with the £2.5m release clause that us, Forest and Reading are after. Stupidly similar named players.
  6. Rample

    Marcus Maddison

    If we're talking £2.5m release clause and fee that's not too bad a gamble given we could get him on lower wages than most of ours and save there.
  7. Rample

    Who is optimistic about the new season.

    Will be an interesting season and hope we can flirt with the top of the table. but, I am only optimistic about positive changes in the squad rather than success. Decent signings could still swing me but so far nothing to suggest we will I,m prove greatly.
  8. Rample

    Jordan Jones

    Who? Where? Why? I hope he is real real real and ready to play right here right now, but there is no such thing as the right decision so I'm inclined to stick with the devil you know. Why do I always seem to love 90s bands who used their own names in their songs? Of course we could also do great and terrible things to the tune of Aqua's Dr Jones...
  9. Rample

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

    Coldplay probably the most overrated - modern consumers seem to confuse not disliking something with actually liking it when its a very different thing. In the end mediocrity like Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith etc. shift mass volumes almost out of apathy. Boy bands are always hype over talent - Westlife the worst of the bunch. Hate ABBA - they are nothing more than a symbol of nostalgia for an era. Similarly I love the 80s music I grew up on but innocuous trash like Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, neon and leg warmers are highlighted as the image of a decade for whatever reason. Like ABBA all a tailored image to the hen night crowd.
  10. Rample

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Only straight pop star they could find?
  11. Rample

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Winner: Germany (Runner up Brazil) Top goalscorer: Neymar Surprise packages: Uruguay Flops: France England: Quarter finals and out to Germany or Brazil Russia: Last 16
  12. Rample

    World Cup 2018 thread

    5 minutes into ITV's commentary the token female reporter turns to Ryan Giggs and says "How will the teams feel waiting to go out there and kick off the world cup finals" How would he know? The prat's never even played in the Euros. The analysts are decent though - I like Ian Wright's enthusiasm, Neville knows his stuff and Dixon is bland but okay, Bilic is the icing on the cake though - adds a bit of life to proceedings and always likely to drop the f bomb again.
  13. Rample

    Justin Phillips dead

    Yep, we were already relegated, he left for Liverpool in the close season.
  14. Rample

    Justin Phillips dead

    Great finish - must have been a moment for him. Forgot Jossy got a hat-trick.
  15. Rample

    Cameron Jerome

    He can go with good wishes. His burst of form at the end of the season, far more than anyone expected of him, provided some excitement, kept our season alive, and in a way unified fans behind the team after a rather apathetic spell. The facts though are that he is about to turn 32, and struggles to finish 90 minutes. I'd happily keep him as an impact sub but I'm not sure we're in a position to have idle money sitting on the bench and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want that either. A serious bid and we'd be foolish not to reduce the wage bill and recoup £1m, even though there is a realistic possibility of us and PNE being around the same place in the table and I'm sure like most players he will return to bite us in the ass. Wouldn't bet against Rogery making a move for him just because he can. Although that in itself would require him moving an arm whilst sunbathing on a beach somewhere, so maybe not.

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