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  1. Won't please everyone. As said before it suits some to finish it now based solely on the basis of the table. Voting to end it now and get promoted/staying up is a no-brainer, and we've seen teams like Peterborough who are digging their heels in about finishing league one because its in their best interests. Only thing that will decide it will be a majority vote. I don't think it will come to it but I'm not sure the weighted points system is ideal, it could weight points on recent form somehow (or add points based on past 9 games eg +1 for a win/-1 for a defeat), but historic results are likely a better indicator than just running the rest of the season like a simulation or overcomplicating things. I can see some shocks when things do get up and running, a bad atmosphere at a club because they aren't happy with safety and anyone could freefall. What odds some immoral owner giving the squad and opposition C19 in an attempt to get the season canned? Interested to see Derby's take, but I can see Mel and others putting business heads on, and deciding that any revenue from the sales of Rams TV subscriptions and whatever sponsorship can be exploited that way (banner advertising across the screen/website etc) is better than nothing. Whatever happens I'm sure there will be promotions and play offs. The Premier League is 4 teams fewer than the championship and if they do chicken out of relegations for fear of being sued, it can accommodate these through dropped cup competitions and international windows.
  2. Rample

    Jordon Ibe

    All I keep thinking when I look at the likes of Hart, Sturridge (who was a Derby fan whilst Dean was here) and even Lallana (although I think that's a very long shot) are free agents in summer is come on, let's get the England squad back together. Probably not worth chasing Baines though.
  3. Rample

    Jordon Ibe

    Out of contract in summer, I think this may be the nail in the coffin of signing him back.
  4. MLS strategy. All players owned and paid for by the league with a maximum budget of £3.2m per season to fund between 18-20 players. Maximum salary for any player is less than £8k per week. £20m is obviously a much greater pot to play with though and using rough figures boils down to a squad of 20 players on £20k a week! The maximum salary using the same percentages would be about £50k a week on a player. Of course there are designated players (the likes of Rooney & Zlatan etc) that can be added and funded outside of the standard MLS rules as long as they meet certain woolly criteria, and wages can be 'bought down' ie. If Rooney is on £100k a week and the cap is £50k, you would pay £2.5m (equivalent of £50k per week) to keep the players book wages within the cap. Would give Gibson a whole new collection of things to complain about.
  5. Will be sad to see him go if he moves on. Been treated pretty shabbily by a number of managers but never caused a fuss or spoken out of term. If people had seen what he could offer and used him properly maybe we would have got over the line before now. We're not looking super long term with Rooney so no reason why we can't utilise Martin in the same way, an experienced head who can help young players bed on around them for the next 18 months. With the attacking mids we have Martin could probably hit 15+, whilst also laying on an increased number of midfield goals.
  6. Knight not covering the right side well enough defensively, think we might be wise to change it up a bit.
  7. Wasn't it just. Arrogance is a fantastic trait if you can back it up.
  8. A like for using the word tautological - surely a board first.
  9. Rample

    Perry Ng

    When was the last Crewe lad who actually made it (even at this level)? They used to have a great production line but struggle to think of anyone for the best part of 10 years. Brayford and Bailey obviously, although they soon ended up back in league one. Nick Powell isn't exactly spectacular despite 4 or 5 years training with United.
  10. Fans of other teams will always covet opposition players, and see the hype rather than the reality. Bogle has made enough of an impact that I think fans of any team in our division would have him.
  11. That was such a strange goal, free header nodded in past the keeper, he didn't remotely look like he was trying to head it either wide or over. Should be looking at this as a nothing to lose game really, put pressure on to win or go in thinking we should win and we'll probably slip up, but play our own game and the form book says we're very likely to get something from it.
  12. Yep, that will always be my overriding memory of Paul Williams too. I thought it was Jossy after Jossy's giants?!
  13. I blame Gibson - no doubt telling him we'll be bankrupted, deducted points, finish bottom and he won't get paid.
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