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  1. Oh what could have been if he was on earlier. Get him starting next game please.
  2. Jo looked useless at wing back Saturday, even if he's on the right now. For all Malone'a faults he'd be a better wing back. Cocu hasn't really played 3 at the back at previous clubs so seems quite desperate to start doing it now. Malone won't play for us again unless we're desperately short of bodies. Hauled off at half time in 2 matches. Lowe is officially out first choice left back now.
  3. That was worse than the first. Was on about Roos passing it out under pressure on the Stoke thread. Accident waiting to happen.
  4. What the hell was that shambles - I can't even process what I've just seen.
  5. Huddlestone - Pass to me 2 seconds later Huddlestone - Sorry I gave the ball away under absolutely no pressure. Hopefully some Italian side comes in for him before the window shuts
  6. Max Lowe pulling a few strings going forward but caught out of position and left the defence in trouble. Jozefzoon almost fell over his own feet, either his pass was short or Waggy was a bit too far ahead. Knight for Evans.
  7. Ref evening up a soft pen with a soft Stoke free kick? Not conned into a pen by a Stoke fall though. Lawrence off, Marriott on. Shockingly we could win this.
  8. Waggy.... On a hattrick, Marriott coming on.
  9. Pen. I though Evans had stuffed it to be honest.
  10. Lawrence and someone of camera, presumably Zoon booked.
  11. Brawl. Lawrence could be in trouble.
  12. That counts as a shot for him. Not sure he's any better than what we have.
  13. Derby defence a shambles after long punt up field, that's how I describe it
  14. Shocking defending. No one on the runner and he had all the time in the world and an open goal. Need to make changes. Zoon off as he's useless there. Let's get Hudds off too and let Knight give us some more legs before this totally runs away from us.
  15. Jozefoon at LWB not working at all.
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