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  1. It amazes me that over 30 years with complete overhauls at the club at every level we are still the team that everybody ends their bad run against and often concedes goals from ex players. Huddlestone stands out. Couldn't buy a goal with us but comes back for Wolves(?) and buries one.
  2. My Rams era is mid 80s to present. 1. The fat Czech selling off Goddard, Saunders, Wright and anyone else worth 50p. 2. Hysel costing us playing in Europe that season 3. Mick Harford scoring for Luton whilst playing for us 4. Every season changing injury from McMinn through to Marriott 5. Smith's sign young Brits policy that ended our initial Premiership run, and watching Leicester have reasonable success from a comparable position in the same era. Wonder how we would have gone if Mac stepped up then. 6. Some of the drivel we've brought in when cost cutting was necessary and that miserable couple of seasons at the bottom of the championship. 7. Every over inflated contract that has hampered us - Ravanelli, Davis etc. 8. Selling off players for a pittance - Huddlestone stands out, likewise losing players like Barnes for free because injury effectively ended their career. 9. Selling off our player of the season countless times 10. More bad managerial appointments than good. 11. Too much chopping and changing as well Sure there's more.
  3. Clarke playing isn't helpful at the moment. Need someone alongside Keogh to just do the simple things. Davies is the obvious. Seen nothing to suggest Bielik is worth £10m. There's a decent player in there but Huddlestone is hampering him settling in and performing. Had he done that double pirouette that led to Leeds goal up the other end then he would start getting some plaudits, but on the edge of our own box tells me he's going to be better further forward.
  4. Maybe they'll give him a game against Watford later in the season.
  5. I fricking love you Chrissy Martin. Welcome back son.
  6. Made me laugh at least Crowd 'Sky TV is ducking kite' Commentator 'Nice warm welcome for us'
  7. Cocu was a very successful international defender. How is it our defending is so appalling?
  8. I'd love one of the red and black ones that were pulled and replaced with the grey and black. AC Derby.
  9. Given Morrissey's recent covers album I think a reunion with Marr is getting more likely by the day.
  10. Bennett isn't the finished article, but he needs more game time to progress any further. There is something there (work rate and the odd moment of magic) but its probably hard to show it consistently if he only plays sporadically. If we had the luxury of doing so a season on loan to league one or the SPL would do him wonders (like it has Lowe) - sadly he is needed as part of the match day squad so we don't have that luxury at the moment. At the very least Bennett is a 7 figure fee sale at some point if we're smart.
  11. Good luck to him, no future here so best all round. I imagine Lowe, Malone, Buchanen, Forsyth and Shinnie (plus maybe a few players like Clarke and Sibley who could be utilised there) would have to be injured for him to get a game, and with Lowe and Buchanen being of good age there's no real point of keeping him with a view to maybe being useful eventually. I'm sure Chelsea's kids are happy to stay contracted to them and pick up £20k a week whilst out on loan, waiting for either a chance there or a decent move after time in the shop window, but our lads are in a very different position, they are youngsters trying to make a career rather than squad level players restricted from playing by a massively bloated squad.
  12. Smartish decision by Cocu. If we put our first xi out tonight and lost, then alarm bells would start ringing and the pressure would be ramped up on everyone. But if we put a b team out and lose, then whatever the fall out, the match gets discounted in the broader picture and we move on to Saturday with our last result being a draw against WBA. What I'm sure we we would expect is a brave performance by a young side, which might end in defeat, but in essence would be an acceptable result all things considered. I do get the issue of playing a weakened side in a local Derby and not trying to get a decent cup run, but I'll go with Cocu on this. Let's focus on getting into the top 6 rather than one off games that don't carry much weight.
  13. Oh what could have been if he was on earlier. Get him starting next game please.
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