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  1. Rample

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    God I hate Delia, and that bleeding advert with her and Kevin Bacon is cringe worthy. Another reason to hope we thump them. I think we'll nick it by the odd goal. Maybe 2-1.
  2. Rample

    v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Agree with everyone who says we'll pick up where we left off. 4-0. FRGS Wilson.
  3. Rample

    Fikayo Tomori

    Monetarily it makes very little difference to Chelsea. They can afford to pay people just to train and play behind closed doors friendlies. You won't stop them stockpiling young players if they want, you'll just further restrict the opportunities young players get to break through. Its more likely to make them get rid of the over 24/dead end fringe players such as Miazga, Hector, Kane etc. After that the likes of Tomori, Aina, Kalas, Omuero and other youngsters who are nowhere near proven to be the quality required by a title chasing team, which I think is their biggest type of loaned out player, who will be sold off with buy back clauses just in case. Add to them the players that can't cement a place like Batshitcrazy, Rahman, Kenedy, Zouma and the nearly men. People like Baker and Hudson-Odoi who are tipped for big things will be at the front of the queue to be loaned out and continue their development. The ones that suffer therefore are players like Abraham, Palmer and Brown who are left in limbo, cut off or back step to become U23 players. Also suffering are the younger loanees who would be prime candidates for loans - Sterling, Chalobah, James, Dasilva etc, and of course add a batch of youngster a year of who emulate them but who can only play for the u18s because there's nowhere to progress to. Maybe the loans of foreign players should be restricted but loans of home nations players are essential to their development. Look at the number of the England squad this summer who had lower league experience during their formative years. Personally I'd be quite happy to become a bit of a feeder club. They can give us players at low fees and have a buy back clause. Ultimately I very much doubt they'd ever use it so can't see us losing out.
  4. It's an interesting one. Maybe having a team of Brits or at least familiar players helps with mentality. Obviously they'll know about gloomy Tuesdays, the demands of a long season, freak results, form and press/fan pressure, plus speaking the language has to help. Worth noting the amount of international experience at whatever level our players have, and the fact that Waghorn and Mount have significant experience in another country, added to Jozefzoon etc of course. Imports used to bring a level of skill we didn't have domestically, often as a result of being from better nations/being more affordable. I think both of those things have changed somewhat. Technically I still think there are leagues more gifted than ours but the way the game is now it's harder to pick players up before they're on other clubs radars. That means players often have more inflated prices/wages and are more of a risk than previously. Our domestic prices have had a bigger hike, but the players are arguably safer gambles. Someone like Jim Smith (and was it Burley?) could spot a diamond in another league and most of the time they were great additions.
  5. Rample

    v Man U (A) - Cup Predictions

    1-1 Wilson. Lose in extra time.
  6. Rample

    v Blackburn (H) - Predictions

    Hard fought draw. 2-2 FRGS: Mount
  7. Rample

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    You know what, I've been doing this ever since we were linked with him. I don't think I've ever known or heard of a Harry Campbell so don't know why I keep calling Wilson that.
  8. The same Leicester that a few years before went into administration at a time totally suited to them, shafted a lot of local businesses, and we're then taken over and went on a spending spree.
  9. Rample

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    High end New lines: Jozefzoon, Marriott, Waghorn, Malone, Evans, Holmes (6) Retired stock: Baird, Bent, Shackell, Weimann, Vydra, Hanson, Jerome, Blackman (8) Still on clearance: Butterfield, Anya, Pearce, Thorne (4) Budget: New lines: Eyoma, Ebosele (2) Retired stock: Cover, Jibodu, Jakobson, Stabana, Taylor, Vernham, Zanzala. Guy, Walker (9) Display models only In store: Tomori, Mount, Campbell (3) External: Mitchell, Thomas, Lowe, Babos, Martin, Elsnik, Gordon (7) In real terms 11 new lines and 24 that have ceased. Looking at that we've done pretty well refreshing the shop front with new modern looking items, and moving on previous years stock whilst keeping most of our core itinerary. It could also be argued of the 7 out on external display, all will be more desireable on their return.
  10. Rample

    Jody Morris

    Depends how it happens. Can't see Jody stepping up if Frank has been sacked. Jody probably more likely to be headhunted from under Frank by a team wanting him as manager, or to step up if Frank moves on by his own volition. Depends on where Frank moves to. There would be certain jobs where their no. 2 trumps our no. 1.
  11. The answer to the gulf is simple. Part of the tv deal money needs to filter downward. You don't need parachute payments when you get £100m for finishing bottom.
  12. Trying to call what would have been just punishment for QPR. Docked points, or an immediate fine were things they could technically have bought their way out of, kept in there and claimed enough in the following years to nullify. A transfer embargo seems more apt, playing them at their own game and treating them like a teenager - if you can't manage your money we're confiscating your bank card. However that alone only punishes them, and doesn't make appropriate amends to the other championship sides. Blocked promotion or even demotion (Can't knock the Italian league for the way they impose such things) gives more deserving sides some small justice. To look at it on its own merit, would staying within FFP have stopped promotion. Yes. Would staying within FFP have seen them relegated? Doubtful. Therefore for me they stay in the championship. The rest sets precedents and do need to be considered against future offenders. Although it could be argued QPRs team was pretty average, another side could well have spent crazy money and had a side would walk the division, therefore what would an embargo alone achieve in that case, so a healthy points deduction, something like the difference between 1st and 7th place, and possibly also a fine that gives every side in the division £1m or £1.5m headstart.
  13. Rample

    Snake City watch

    Got quite engrossed in that thread. Sounds like a lot of people have clocked on to him already. A few rumours there and elsewhere he won't be around long already.
  14. Rample

    Lewis Walker - Contract mutually terminated

    Bogle is a once in a while talent, who also appeared at the right time, after an old right back retired. Tomori may well have been lined up for full back duties prior to Davies getting injured. Bennett and Lowe have been around the first team for 7 and 5 years respectively, and I think it's fair to say they should have developed much faster. I think they have failed the likes Elsnik too, he should be at a more advanced level than a mediocre league 2 side.
  15. Rample

    Lewis Walker - Contract mutually terminated

    I've always put the lack of development of players to date down to our previous staff failing somewhat. A little more optimistic now that players like Sibley will get a first class education.

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