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  1. Puts them up to 6th as things stand 😒
  2. I really expected him to be around the first team this year - if he got an opportunity I think he would show his ability to play at this level. Strange that he has struggled for game time in all his loans. However I have to say, looking at the progression of players like Bird and Sibley toward the matchday squad, Elsnik seems so far down the pecking order now that hew won't be around much longer. Shame.
  3. Well that escalated pretty quickly. Just remembered Kick Off 3 on the Megadrive and twisted players names like Write, Plait, Shearor, Beardslee, Incke and of course Cloff playing for England,
  4. Carson must be injured. Would have gone Marriott up top and Waggy on the right, but not far off our best side. Hope we make a strong start but expecting to falter somewhat and scrape a draw. Fingers crossed by next game we have Mount back.
  5. Can't see anything other than a draw. 1-1 Tomori.
  6. Always though of him as a 10, hope he eventually gets a run there and starts to justify his price tag. With Mount and Wilson we could probably play a diamond with 2 up top IF we needed something different.
  7. Daft question but what are the connotations for Bryson on FFP? We know writing off Johnson for example will hamper us, but is Bryson someone that wouldn't really affect us? Would we be using the £500k fee we paid, or something based on the £1.75m supposedly agreed with Cardiff?
  8. Full quote from Lampard's RD interview last night: "The negativity that seeps in at this club, I was surprised how people, some people really close to the club, want to be like "oh we're doomed" because of 2 or 3 results. We're not doomed and this is the time you flush out characters - good people who stick together, or you flush out ones who want to blame someone or speak behind people's backs. And I think in that squad, in that dressing room, we've got some really good people."
  9. Expect a stronger team and a bit of a better performance, something like Carson Tomori Keogh Ambrose Cole Holmes Huddlestone Johnson Jozefzoon Waghorn Wilson If we weren't so low on confidence it would be a solid home banker, even with that line up. Need to change something so the striker(s) don't become isolated. In the absence of Lawrence maybe Wilson or even Johnson as a 10.
  10. Hate to quote myself but I've just remembered the muppet at the start of the phone in. "We only need 3 shots to score 3 goals"
  11. Hate to quote myself but I've just remembered the muppet at the start of the phone in. "We only need 3 shots to score 3 goals"
  12. 280 minutes without a goal, 3 shots on target in 3 matches.
  13. It's the kind of line up usually reserved for managers toward the end of their tenure. Throw a youngster in, make wholesale changes including sacrificing some of the better players... it's desperate. Lamps really struggling now, and not sure where he goes from here - will be throwing anyone half fit in from here. I actually had more faith in Rowett to get a fightback and win v Wigan than I do Lampard. Decisions off the bench are a wonder. Would have looked to get BJ in midfield, Waghorn up top and Wilson on, and gone for a bit of something for fans to cheer. Mitchell-Lawson could even have been thrown in, with no pressure. It's a slight turning point for me with Lamps, I've been firmly in the 2 more windows camp, but that does depend somewhat on progress and a plan being seen. I'm not too sure about either as we stand.
  14. Will they just award a 2-0 Wigan victory? If so I'll take it.
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