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  1. Championship squads cost to assemble

    Even the most inexperienced manager and chairman should be able to do this, especially with a few months to assess players beforehand. You take what you have and you build on/around them, especially if you have limited budget. Old head for defence to help handle pressure - check Younger right back - check Experienced string puller in midfield to replace Hughes and again manage pressure/create a spine - check (mostly) Someone to do the leg work to enable that to happen - fail Buy a winger to replace Ince - fail, instead we get a no.10 who can only really shine if we drop our key scorer Another winger that we've been crying out for for about 3 years - fail A younger striker to inject energy and work off Vydra - fail Repeat last 3 steps in January window - fail, old striker who makes no impact and another no.10 to warm the bench. Can't afford all of these, loan market. At the start of the season we had a promising young manager, and a squad that could have made the play offs so shouldn't have had much trouble attracting players - even more so in January. If we were looking to get us back on track/for new impetus did we not look at Wolves (and Fulham) and consider the money spent on Jerome (no resale value and likely stuck witn him til his contract expires) could bring in a talisman for the next few months instead? There have been basic errors at all levels. Recruitment, retention, management, selection, tactics, short, mid and long term plans, even hyperbole etc. Need to get a lot more of these basics right to move forward again.
  2. Promoting young players

    I know what you mean but are they getting the conditioning first team pros would? Staying somewhat cautious I think we would need to be careful of burn out if someone like Thomas was to cement a position as regular starter, but hey there's a reason to blame next years collapse on.
  3. Promoting young players

    As fit as Olsson, Johnson and Bryson I'd guess.
  4. Promoting young players

    So summarising this and other threads we come to the conclusion Lowe, Guy, Elsnik, Bennett and Thomas are good enough to be part of the squad now, or at least deserve more of a chance to prove it. Most of these have their paths blocked by numerous players and are 3rd choice at best. Clear out just Olsson, Anya, Johnson, Butterfield and Bryson even if it's on frees and we're saving well over £100k a week/£5m a season with no need to replace them externally. Mel is right to try and clear out these players that are effectively high earning blockages and make use of what we have instead.
  5. Will they be back?

    Bryson is the only player who should think about postponing his hollybobs.
  6. Jack Stamps POTY: Voting Open

    Carson will be first player to win 2 back to back since 1990 when Mark Wright did it.
  7. Rowett to Ipswich

    Reminds me of when we got Gregory - by all reports he was about to be dumped by Villa but him moving on to us meant no mess and suited all 3 parties at the time. If we could move Gazza on to Ipswich similarly it would be a decent move for all parties - Rowett could get a long run there and maybe build something slowly, but we need a bit more than that.
  8. "I've really not enjoyed this season"

    Lost all interest again now, it's becomes a series of those games where you start looking for heavy defeats to force change. I never fully came back (to my Cox/Smith/Burley eras peak) after feeling disenchanted with the Billy Davies season and subsequent appointments, I did get a bit more interested during Mac's more successful spell, but now it's back to drudgery and I don't think I will ever enjoy it as much as those earlier periods because of negative changes throughout the game. What is the dream really? Battling to get up to manage at best 7 or 8 years in the bottom half of the Prem before our luck runs out, and maybe a trip to Wembley in the Carabao Cup. Whoopdeflippingdoo.
  9. Honestly...

    Yep or even midtable but on the proviso we were moving forward, developing a team and style, and displaying some form of consistency. Nothing about now tells me we are doing this so 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th is irrelevant.
  10. Why is he too afraid to play attacking football?

    And Lawrence - 3 x No. 10s
  11. Nigel Pearson......

    In retrospect I think he could, but at the time it was woeful and he had to go. He would have had to have stuck with 20 odd very unhappy players for 3 months if not most for the rest of the season and no way we would have done much in a pretty untenable situation apart from slide. Had he been installed sooner rather than dithering he could have assessed the problems at the end of the previous season and sorted it out properly in summer, but instead he came in with tied hands and had to work with what he had rather than shipping them out and rebuilding his own team.
  12. Viv Solomon-Otabor

    Would have thought Viv Anderson more likely.
  13. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Our only chance of getting something, but I think they'd probably need to drop to 9 men at least.
  14. Now is the time for Rowett to be brave

    Always a fine line between bravery and foolishness.

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