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  1. This will be interesting - might even get a few players from overseas? Can't find a comprehensive list of his clients but I imagine that will be where we start. He's obviously not a bad agent, was looking at Payet (one of his) and thinking at 34 he might be an option, but he's Marseille's highest earner (reported 100k per week) and is contracted until he's 37. In spite of which he refused to take a pay cut during lockdown. I'd imagine we will also be looking at youngish players elsewhere that are tipped to step up. So maybe Dembele, Lewis-Potter, Curtis, Jephcott, Clarke-Harris. Buy
  2. Midfielders contributing defensively. Good to see.
  3. We really ought to be training our midfielders to have a go from that range.
  4. Exactly. All we can ask is they try. Can see Lawrence having a good game today, but something like a 4-2 defeat.
  5. Very much doubt Foster, Dixon, Hutchinson, Wilson and Shonibare are anywhere near Rooney's thoughts in terms of genuine options, even as back up. 3 first team centre halves doesn't allow him to infuriatingly switch to a back 3 every few games if the wind is blowing in a certain direction - I know we have kids and Buchanan and Forsyth can be utilised there, but I can see him wanting 4 orthodox senior centre halves. If he's looking at 3 up top then I'd say another winger/forward is also a must. with Jozwiak's form, Tom's injury record of late and Ibe's issues, I think he'd want 4 ther
  6. Next season Loans expired: Mengi, Edmondson, Clarke, Baningime, Gregory, Roberts Loans returning: Marriott, JHI, Jozefzoon, Carson Potential outs due to contracts/money/general naffness: Wisdom, Waghorn, Davies, Jozefzoon First thought - Marriott and JHI might have been pretty useful these past few months Where are folk getting that Stretton is suddenly ready to be our third choice striker? Nothing against the lad but would like to see him get a loan a bit higher up the pyramid and get a few goals before we have to rely on him one day. Also CKR is a very specific type
  7. Could be Knight central and Watson left wing? Would expect Roo to match up with Brentford and go 4-3-3. Square pegs whatever he chooses. Too many changes game after game now, how are people supposed to get any consistenecy? Switching partners, different roles and responsibilities each game. I know a few have dipped in form but just put your strongest team out. Selections resemble an under pressure manager at times throwing everyhing at it to see if anything sticks. Tonight almost looks like he's decided not to utilise the players he brought in on loan, and go with ours instead.
  8. Not impressed by the line-up - prove me wrong...
  9. I hope so, part of the ruthless streak I think we're instilling. Target Holmes, target Keogh. Game is all set for Keogh to score though.
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