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  1. Picked itself. Okay, they have a wealth of midfielders but Wilson, Grealish and Mount are a class above. Wouldn't want anybody other than Marriott leading the line Monday - I think he's fired up for this.
  2. Initially comparing stats the fee seems well off: Lawrence (age 23) with Ipswich played 34+2, 13 goals, 11 assists - finished 16th, cost £5m Wilson (age 21) for us played 45+3, 18 goals, 8 assists (so far!) - finished 6th, cost £25m In fairness though we're 2 seasons on and Wilson is a bit more than a one season wonder after a good spell at Hull, not to mention his nerves of steel. Probably better to compare to James Maddison whose final season at Norwich (age 21) was played 49, 15 goals, 11 assists, cost £20m.
  3. Wasn't aware there was a limit of 2 loanees either (I don't really watch the Prem when we're not in it) - Premier League clubs may not register more than two players on loan at any one time. - The maximum number of loans registrable in the same season is four, and, under no circumstances, shall more than one be from the same club at any one time. - Premier League clubs cannot loan to another Premier League club a player they have acquired in the same transfer window. - A Premier League club may loan not more than one of its goalkeepers to another Premier League club Devils advocate, would you take straight swap for Bogle?
  4. What do we know about Whittaker? Where does he play, what sort of player is he?
  5. No.1 (and 13) not a keeper. Infuriating. Or do I have football shirt OCD?
  6. Worth shelling out relatively big bucks to keep him. What's he worth? £5m, £6m, 8m? He's still gaining experience, but he's got a future ahead of him, and you sense you could double whatever you pay eventually. Obviously no chance of Mount or Wilson (except on loan) but Tomori might just be available on a permanent basis with new loan restrictions. Would love to see the talented young side we'd put together for a Prem assault.
  7. Just wow. Probably the most crazy amazing game I've seen in the 32 years I've been following this lot, Mount and Wilson were immense when we needed them - they will go a long way. Marriott showed he wanted it and must be going to Wembley as no.9 and high on confidence. Keogh up there with the key pass so typical of this game. Post match scenes show we are finally a unit again. These guys (even those out of the team) are all about DCFC right now. Also, thank god we have Cole around for Wembley.
  8. 1-1 draw, not quite enough. FRGS Bennett
  9. Wow. I'll be honest at 1-1 and without Waghorn I thought we'd thrown it away, but well done to the lads. We wanted it much more than WBA in the end and that showed. Great result heading into the play offs, showing we can handle a bit of pressure. Hopefully good for the team long term as well, gets rid of the memory of last day screw ups a bit more. Post match you get the feeling the players think they're on a bit of a roll, and although Leeds will be tougher I wouldn't write us off.
  10. Can't see it. Rams 1 WBA 1. Lawrence. Boro to win and snatch 6th.
  11. Boro will win. Not only that, I can see them turning up and notching a few to put up a real fight for 6th. Forest game aside, they have won 4 from their last 5. Rotherham are without a clean sheet in 16 games, have conceded 2+ in 12 of them (including 7 of the last 8 ) and average 3 goals against per game in the past few matches. Not including us hitting 6. They are not the plucky side they were last October when they held Boro, who were in a run of only 2 wins from 8 at the time. Not that goal difference will matter, we need to win Saturday or we won't finish 6th. Other than that Bristol V Hull could go any way, both are in terrible form - I'd sit on the fence and say draw.
  12. Fair but for £2.75m we could have got something more useful. We're paying for Evans and Thorne, I doubt Luton are even picking up enough of his wages to offset Evans. Again, doubt Millwall are covering Pearce's full wages, plus we're paying for Ambrose on top.
  13. Pretty much spot on, but to be fair, at the end of last season a lot were calling for Bogle to be promoted. Holmes and Waghorn should be graded according to their cost as a bargain and adequate respectively. Flojo and Evans have so far been pricey squad/utility players, and Ambrose is off the chart. May as well have kept Pearce. Thorne and Thomas here. Evans could yet turn out to be a gem in the coming game(s).
  14. Shows again how much luck plays a part in football. After his performance against Carlisle, given our poor results around then, he could easily have started making first team appearances but it didn't happen and we changed managers within a month. He had a great spell at Swindon, scored 5 in 5 and held a first team spot before they changed manager (to Phil Brown) and he as we know is an idiot. Mansfield he did well and was a fan favourite but from what I gather they basically switched him out for Grant on loan from Forest who hasn't lived up to the hype and is unpopular. He's rated by Northampton fans who think Curle is an idiot as he keeps switching things and has no idea of his best xi.
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