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  1. Another FA charge incoming? Baldock was a temporary deal whilst CKR was injured, if CKR is back by October then were we rule bending again by bringing him in? Could effectively have them playing together for 2 months now.
  2. Didn't do much of anything. Thought he would at least be lively, run, chase or something. Not an orthodox striker so not going to overly criticize.
  3. Allsop 8 Byrne 6.5 Forsyth 7 Stearman 6 Davies 7.5 Shinnie 7 Bird 6 Morrison 6 Knight 7 Lawrence 8 Stretton 6 Buchanan 6 Williams 7 Ebosele 5
  4. Probably setting myself up for a fall but actually confident for once. Knight and several others from midweek give me hope we can put a couple past Hamer. Step up Jack Stretton, with ammo from Knight, Byrne etc I think he can put himself firmly in the shop window, oops, I mean first team picture.
  5. Hamer in goal, only 1 outcome. 3-1 Derby. Stretton FRGS
  6. Never thought after crooks like Maxwell and the amigos screwed us over it would be a 'fan' that actually landed us in this mess. After starting the season off I can't believe Mel has pulled the plug so soon. Negotiations aside, which surely he knew would fail, why start it if you have no intention to see it through? His commitment should have been seeing a season through. I imagine things would have been a lot easier, shifting players, staffing back up and potentially finding buyers during the summer. To not try and move players out during the summer and buy ourselves some leeway is nothing short of head in the sand (or clouds). For me at the end of the day, there is a responsibility that comes with owning a club, you are the caretaker/guardian and nothing more. Obviously things were going out of control after the Lampard season, so why not reverse the trend then and there? Why throw crazy contracts at Cocu and co, why not re-sell Marriott, Waghorn et al with a year lor 2 left on their deals (especially as they had actually performed) - even if it's for a loss we would have got something and think of the wages we could have saved. Also it flies in the face of Mel's amortisation BS. Apparently players don't lose value quickly in the first year or so, but it drops sharply at the end of that, so he must have known they'd soon be worth millions less. Could have gone into the season utilising Bird, Knight, Bogle and brought in players on vastly less than Lawrence etc, turning the finances round, catching up with some debts, and avoiding administration and a points deductions in tandem. Aren't there signs all around the stadium - gamble responsibly, set limits, don't chance losses. Mel is either an egomaniac or a clueless businessman and the blame for all this falls nowhere but at his feet. Right now he should apologise, throw £50m in to clear debts and leave the city/county/country/planet. If he can't do that he's not a fan.
  7. A couple of years ago Bolton dropped to 3 professional players and carried on. They eventually brought in 5 frees and 3 loans to save playing kids in each game. I think the fact we played the FA Cup match with so many youth team players sets a precedent that we would be able to fulfill our fixtures the same way.
  8. Decent result, not much to choose between the teams until we scored. 2 well taken goals by Stretton, terrible goal conceded by Allsop, soft and right through the legs.
  9. Notice the 2 letters of the Loughborough sign still haven't been fixed since last match, can we not even afford lightbulbs? Wonder if the microphone was repossessed?
  10. Are substitutions of officials still sponsored by Ron Brookes Toyota?
  11. Can't see there being a shortage of takers Keepers Roos keeps this up and either someone in the championship will cough up £500k bearing in mind he's out of contract in June, or a continental side will take him. At least if it's a Bosman we keep him for a few months longer. Marshall will be moved on - free transfer to anyone who makes eye contact. Allsop I imagine will be first choice. Defenders Byrne with 6 months left will net a few hundred thousand and save wages. There will be interest in Ebosele, he's done enough to get on clubs radars and anywhere near 7 figures he'll be off. Jagielka will go at the end of his contract if we can't offer anything else. West Ham and Arsenal have been credited with an interest in Buchanan, he's the one I can see Prem and SPL teams taking a punt on as a potential future international. Only 6 months on his contract in January though so he might be a Bundesliga Bosman. If not £1.5-£2m if we're lucky. Williams will have attracted attention, decent enough offer and he will be off, but hopefully low wages means he will stay a bit longer. Back 4 of McDonald Stearman Davies Forsyth. Midfielders Leeds will be in for SIbley, and depending on who wanted him at Wolves either them or Spurs. If we're talking £1-1.5m I can see half the championship trying their luck, and he might be tempted by a promotion challenger and first team football. Newcastle and West Ham (again) for for Knight, maybe 4 or 5 lower Prem sides - £2.5-3m. Can't see why Ipswich wouldn't be back in for Shinnie, maybe scrape £750k for him. Bird I'm not sure about, I can't see big offers flooding in unless he has an eyecatching few months so he either goes on the cheap or stays. Lawrence will be bombed out due to salary, 6 months left on his deal so £500k to WBA Bielik is a tough call, salary will be reasonable so can see them wanting him out the door but injury may work in our favour. £2.5-3m if anyone does want him. Jozwiak again will be on a few quids and would net 7 figures from somewhere given his international status. Morrison, Hutchinson, Watson we can probably retain. Midfield of Bird/Bielik/Thompson Morrison, Hutrchinson Watson Strikers Baldock off at the end of his deal CKR back and staying Stretton not done enough really to attract much attention 2 up top due to lack of winger - CKR and Stretton Management Will they deem Rooney too expensive? At best we'll bring in £15m, barely enough to pay a couple of debts off, but an obvious wage reduction. Squad from Jan-May Allsop (Foulkes) McDonald (Brown) Stearman (Solomon) Davies (Cashin) Forsyth (Williams) Bird/Bielik (Thompson) Hutchinson (Wiilson) Morrison (Aghatise/Dixon/Rooney?) Watson (Borkovic) CKR (Cybulski) Stretton (Duncan - LOL/Plange)
  12. If we got £5m for him it was probably immediately spnkd away on minimum credit card payments, and so we still had to pay wages from the general pot, not to mention inevitably severence, most of which is still outstanding.
  13. Roos 8 Byrne 8 Buchanan 7 Jagielka 7 Davies 9 Bird 8 Shinnie 7 Morrison 8 Sibley 7 Lawrence 6 Baldock 5
  14. Yay 21 pages, we're back on zero!
  15. Well done lads - totally deserved, and a huge boost after a really pants day yesterday. Davies immense again. Roos solid, I'm even developing faith in his handling. Bird scored a peach and you could see his confidence after.
  16. Back to the team that was lacklustre V Birmingham then.
  17. As I get older the foundations of my youth are slowly stripped away. It's the football equivalent of this.
  18. Isn't it Luton at present with -30. I've worked out we can get an additional... -3 for failing to fulfill a fixture (Bolton 2018) -3 for fielding an illegible player (Rotherham 2015)/or suspended player (Leyton Orient 1998) -2 for pitch invasion (Brighton 1996) -2 for a mass brawl/bringing the game into disrepute (Arsenal 1991) Add the 27 from above and we hit -37.
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