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Remember the days when we had the finest pitch in the country and would win groundsman of the year awards. So it can't be something to do with the Pride Park site itself. Has been terrible all season and I think it hampers our play to an extent. However, if it's miles worse than everyone else's and our players get used to it and learn to adapt, I suppose it will be some kind of home advantage.

But I would rather see a carpet again.

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I think it might be quite a simple answer - the semi-synthetic pitch costs (apparently) £1m per year. I reckon that we've had to cust costs and go back to normal grass. We've had horrible weather for a while and I wouldn't be surprised if we cut some costs from by reducing the numbers of ground staff. 

Not to worry - we were the best team in the country when we played on mud and sand. I say we plough it and get a few dozen bulk bags of building sand from Jewsons. 

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It's not unique to Derby. Most clubs are struggling with their pitches at the moment. 

Anyone who watched Leeds vs Brighton at the weekend would have seen a pitch on a parwith,  if not worse than, ours.

Excessive rainfall, lack of long summer for re-establishment of growth plays a huge part.

I get the cynicism in relation to costs and the circus surrounding the club but I don't anticipate this is linked. 

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