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  1. Altered... WBA 2-1 Derby Frgs Jozefzoon
  2. Could they be this years Leeds? Best us comfortably in the league games then choke in the playoffs?
  3. Derby 0-1 Forest Cash to score. Thought we looked quite leggy in the second half the other day. Desperately hope I'm wrong
  4. Believe it will be used yes to avoid delays caused by retrieving the ball from empty stands
  5. He's been serving a one year notice period and this was agreed last summer. The notice period goes to show how highly he is thought of but also decent planning in terms of getting in a replacement. There are two other guys that work as local scouts so it would seem sensible that they have identified a new guy to bring in over that year period and the current situation allows them to let him join Everton a few weeks early.
  6. Hector-Ingram hattrick incoming against his old club. Left foot, right foot, pen.
  7. Third and final update... Derby 1 - 1 Blackburn Martin FRGS
  8. Updated Derby 1-1 Blackburn Frgs - Rooney
  9. Derby 2-0 Blackburn Frgs - Rooney (pen)
  10. Just a note on this. Not sure it has been said before. Under the EFL's own rules any point deduction must be incurred by 26th March to apply to the current season. Post that it applies to the following season. The points deduction they game to Birmingham last season occured on the 22nd March and they were then given 14 days to appeal. We really need something to happen on this in the next 3 weeks otherwise it drags in and impacts next season.
  11. I'd argue it would be a huge relief. The absolute worst thing that could happen is for us to sneak into the playoffs. Going up with this squad would be a disaster. Going into a play off battle would delay next season prep and plans by a month and then you have the negativity that the the three unsuccessful clubs deal with. The remaining few games will be great to highlight exactly what we need to change to be successful next year. 2 new keepers, pace on several positions, creativity similar to DH. And we need as much time as possible to prepare that.
  12. Derby 5-1 Huddersfield FRGS Lawrence Martin with 1 Marriott 1 1 og And a Rooney free kick
  13. Updated: Bristol City 2-2 Derby FRGS - Benkovic og
  14. Bristol City 2 - 1 Derby Frgs - Clarke
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