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  1. Good player. Unlucky with injuries. Wish him all the best. Glad we have freed up the space on the wage bill.
  2. Unused sub in the super liga on Saturday. Played 90 mins in the second leg of last weeks cup game and scored the first in a 2-0 home win. Was watched by a scouting team from Real Betis last night.
  3. How is proven in the prem that he knows where the net is? He's scored 1 goal in 14 appearances. By the same token Waghorn has 7 in his 32 premier league appearances making him also 'proven'. Doesnt hold any water really. It's the sort of signing that fans say they want and then when it doesnt work out criticise the club for bad contract, poor recruitment etc etc.
  4. Doesn't make sense. A valuation is a valuation. What that would essentially imply is that two rich mates could take over a club and flip fixed assets between themselves at whatever they wanted.to pay in order to make a club more profitable. No way that stands up.
  5. Derby 2-1 Hull Frgs Rooney free kick or pen
  6. HMRC are far more concerned with an under valuation than an over valuation. I.e transferring ownership of a fixed asses and avoiding the tax. If Mel had sold for 200m then he's also liable to pay all of the taxes etc that go with that enhanced price tag
  7. That's the whole point. You absolutely can use that arguement because it is the only argument. Asset value is a mixture of subjective and objective criteria. The rules absolutely allow for that.
  8. There was every interesting narrative from Mel at the time about investment in a retractable roof and pitch covering that was being developed to allow 100 events a year to be staged at PP which would increase turn over by 10/12 million per year. That was the basis for the increased valuation. It's a business proposal. It's no more far fetched than Scott Malone being worth £2m on the balance sheet as an asset.
  9. So much nonsense spouted here. You can pay as much as you wish for a fixed asset. It's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The amount was paid and also, of particular importance, the taxes were also all paid in line with the amount. Making the whole sale absolutely legal. The rules stated that fixed assets could be sold. That is exactly what is happened. EFL can have only two allegations...one around fraud. The other around the spirit in which the transaction took place. As we saw with Leeds and the spy gate issue. They broke no rules but they were still charged and fined due to not adhering to the spirit of the rules. The EFL then saw fit to fine alter the rules in accordance. This is what will happen here. The accounts were approved by the EFL. They cannot now retract that approval without there being a material difference in the info provided or indeed fraudulent activity in the provision of the accounts. Neither of which are alleged or part of the charge. Yes we have probably contravened the spirit of the rules but not the rules themselves. They are under pressure from the Gibson lawsuit so need to show some willing but cannot actually act. They will be ripped through he court by a man with far far deeper pockets. Spirit of the law contravention then we move on One slight aside. And it may be an interesting diversion. In breacing and being deducted points Birmingham actually had the rolling three year period completely reset. Therefore 2019/20 is year one of their 3 year FFP period. For everyone else it is a rolling three years. With that in mind...if I was anew investor...I would be inclined to want the FFP period to be reset to zero in order that my investment can be used to it's full potential. Just a thought.
  10. All this will blow over. The EFL cannot argue that it is a loophole. They will say that it is not in the spirit. They will give us a fine and then they will introduce new legislation that means that in future the valuation must be done by a stated independent body contracted to the EFL. Everyone else will kick off and say it's unfair. Done. Worry over. Mark my words.
  11. You can have up to 4 from any club. You can have a maximum of two players over the age of 23 though so as long it's kids they can have 4.
  12. He's started this and their previous cup game. Aside from that he seems have been limited to coming in from 55mins onwards in the league. Game last night was a cup game away at the side comfortably bottom of the table in the Super Liga. Finished 0-0 and he played 90 minutes. Its the first game back for Fenerbache after the Christmad break. League game on 18th is more likely to be an indicator or whether he is fully in the first team picture
  13. Hull have agreed a fee for a striker and expect to announce him (or her 😉) today or tomorrow after successful conclusion of a medical. You would expect that will put the Marriott rumours to bed...unless it is Marriott...🤷‍♂️
  14. It's more an observation to render the 'agent drumming up the price and interest' argument a bit moot as they share the same agency base.
  15. It's not going to be 10 million is it let's be honest. If we were to get him it would be on loan for the rest of this season with a guaranteed purchase in the summer. No way would that guaranteed purchase price of £10m. He cost €1.26m 18 months ago and has played 27 games in that time. They can obviously demand whatever they wish but I wouldn't expect a fee of more than 3 or 4m at most Interesting to note that he is represented by none other than....Wasserman group.
  16. Perhaps that's what's happened. We've gone back for players that we were looking at in the summer and been quoted more...thus the 'plan' has changed and a level of uncertainty has been created. Just a thought really.
  17. My feeling on this is that the investment will be revealed on 1st Feb. Why, going into a transfer window, would you reveal that you have a new wealthy investor. Clubs just add 20-40% onto the loan fees and transfer fees. Players increase their wage demands. So the investment soon actually costs the club more. It will come when the time is right and that time is certainly not him the start of the transfer window.
  18. The issue isn't having quality loan players at all. We should welcome quality loan players. The issue is not having a plan for when they go back.
  19. There will be other clubs looking at him. Whilst it hasn't worked at Derby he did well at Brentford and their recruitment dept have a reputation as being pretty useful. Is suspect a side will take a risk, at least on loan, with him for the remainder of the season. I fancy he may end up on loan at Charlton.
  20. If this does happen I could see it being an 18 month loan or an actual loan to perm that Cocu talks of. Joins for the rest of this season then has more season and a settled full season with us next year. I'd be up for that as a concept. He signed his first professional contract in June but that was also when Chelsea had the transfer ban so were securing key younger players as they didn't know if they could buy replacements over the next couple of years. Obviously that threat has been lifted. In the forward midfield positions they have a plethora of talent. They probably have 10/15 players in the club or out on loan at too flight clubs across Europe that could play in the 10 or wide forward roles so they have a embarrassment of riches plus Fernandes looks like he's coming in from Benfica. Obviously reserve judgement on the player as had never even heard his name until yesterday evening but big loan to perm were the way then I would see it as a positive step in the right direction in terms of recruitment.
  21. This is where Derby fans stun me with the desire to sign absolutely anyone just to have a signing. This is a guy who is 31 in March. He's played a little under 180 minutes of football this season and hasn't played for Celtic fully since last March. You would expect he will take 2/3 months to get up to speed so really it is a signing for next season. Fair play to Preston he fits in with the profile they need of bringing in an experienced midfielder to support a relatively young squad. We absolutely don't need that. It's what we have been rightly critical of signing in the past. Players who were in their prime 3/4 years ago. Not now.
  22. Boro 2-2 Derby Frgs Rooney (pen)
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