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1 minute ago, Ambitious said:

Now I'm absolutely positive that we are taking the piss. I wonder where Waghorn waghorn and kazim richards as our only forwards ? rooney can't play there anymore as has been shown in the 5 games or so he has played there , if we don't get a striker in it will be very bleak in the goals department,  I dont understand why they would we have lost Martin and Marriott and now Ingram without any replacements? Before anyone says there is still time I dont buy it that we will sign anyone now because its the Derby way , the logic behind this is frightening,  looks like we need bobby to step up and instantly become marcus Rashford this season , God help us if one of our strikers get injured again ?


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10 minutes ago, Ghost of Clough said:

Last season we had Martin, Waghorn, Marriott. Trialist as the U23 option.
This season we'll have Waghorn, Rooney, Kazim-Richards. Stretton/Duncan as U23 options.

Window's not shut yet and hints there may be one more incoming, with Dursan also looking likely to join in January


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