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  1. Shuff264

    U23s v Man City

    If City could finish they'd be well in front, wasted a few chances already
  2. Shuff264

    U23s v Man City

    Thats a stacked midflied for U23s
  3. Shuff264

    FM 2019

    Nothing too special on PC but Mel sold my best center mid and Will was transfer listed!
  4. Shuff264

    FM 2019

  5. Shuff264

    U23 v Arsenal

    Thats fantastic composure from Sibley, great run from Wilson
  6. Shuff264

    U23 v Arsenal

    4-0 that was all Mitchell-Lawson
  7. Shuff264

    U23 v Arsenal

    Decent hit that
  8. Shuff264

    U23 v Arsenal

    What an odd match
  9. Shuff264

    U23 v Arsenal

    Oh George, that was silly
  10. Shuff264

    Derby Road Works

    I work on Alfretron Road, we had a letter through about it opening one way. Cant remember the exact details, but apparently theres an 18 week wait to get permission from Network Rail to work on railway lines. Its a bit crap getting about there at the minute but hopefully opening it one way will help. Just wait until this kicks off in a few years, good luck getting anywhere! https://highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/a38-Derby-junctions/
  11. Shuff264

    Sarri bans Chelsea players from using weights

    I'd say the exact opposite for a lot of them, balance especially. Weights are fantastic for core strength and balance, will increase sprint speed and acceleration, stamina and recovery from short bursts is improved and stronger muscles get injured less. This is mostly anecdotal from what I've observed and found myself, but I definitely think a blanket ban is ridiculous. I'm sure if done in excess it could have a detriment to the playing football, but its up to the clubs to manage properly and enjoy the benefits of!
  12. Shuff264

    FM 2019

    Finished first season, won league with 98pts. Had to loan in Marvin Zeegelaar after Malone and Forsyth both got crocked, signed a second keeper as well after Roos got in a huff. Somehow think Holmes was my best player, only scored a few less than Marriott
  13. Shuff264

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    Fatigue definitley got to us there, second half nothing like the first. A point is always good at Boro and would have bit your hand off for 7 from last 3 games. Hopefully that own goal doesnt get to Bogle as he has been excellent for the most part
  14. Shuff264

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Huddlestone MOTM? Wow Tomori, Malone, Wilson, Lawrence and Marriott must feel really hard done by
  15. Shuff264

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Craig Forsyth comes on and Derby concede a couple minutes later, coincidence????? Yes.

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