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  1. Shuff264

    The Hundred.

    The problem is it's broadcast on sky, yesterday's game was the most watched womens cricket game in history
  2. Shuff264

    The Hundred.

    Against every preconception I had, I'm actually quite enjoying it. Don't think there's room for this and T20 though. If this is a success it's down to it being on terrestrial TV.
  3. It's a huge improvement on their usual badge
  4. The bar girl in the Furnace told me it's being announced tomorrow #itk
  5. Been quite a few releases recently
  6. One for each player at the club
  7. Decent player, think we'll probably miss him. Still think he's good for 10 goals a season in champ, even after a poor year with us
  8. Why does it feel like it still isn't over
  9. I do kind of miss Joma, Norwich have just announced them as kit maker as well
  10. If England go through, I am not complaining!
  11. Not brilliant, not terrible Think we're edging it on chances but games still there for both Kane starting to get into the game there, only taken 3 1/2 games!
  12. I'd have stayed with a back 4, but the threat from Germany's wing backs is real and we need to plan for it It's absolutely the front 3 I'd have picked, Sterling and Saka are the wingers who offer the most defensively which will be needed when dealing with the wing backs After yesterdays games, England being boring and going through 1-0 would be fantastic
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