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  1. Roos Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Evans Bielek Bennett Marriott Lawrence Waghorn
  2. Sky can already show this game twice a season, others they can't
  3. Doubt anyone will know, but when will TV games/dates be decided?
  4. Bielik is a monster. Young lads looked good, especially Knight and Buchanan. Davies looks much improved on pre season, much better with his feet. All three attackers guilty of trying to hard and potentially overthinking it, clear that Marriott is desperate for a goal. No qualms about Lowe at RB.
  5. Sibley, Bird, Knight, Buchanon, Bateman. Anyone else?
  6. Just rotation for the cup, back to first team for Saturday
  7. Coventry and Birmingham both drawn at 'home', so could be that?
  8. In Rome atm, got an Irish bar lined up that I think is showing football. Bonus: 3 euro for beer
  9. Delete below as appropriate at full time: - Poor selection - Great selection
  10. Shuff264

    Ex Rams

    Thomas just scored for Barnsley...
  11. I've not got Sky atm, but I'm desperate for football so watching Leicester v Atlanta friendly. God I'm sad
  12. Yea that weren't great, feel like we need another 2 pre season games. We are really going to struggle with the wingers we have and trying to find balance in midfield. Long season though, plus footballs a strange game. Probably go to Huddersfield and win 3-0 now.
  13. Jozefzoon has been given enough chances now
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