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  1. Dean Smith, got Brentford playing well with young players on a shoestring budget. Exactly what we need. Doubt they'd be willing to part mind
  2. Shuff264

    Gary Rowett could be a wanted man again?

    On your way then Gary
  3. Shuff264

    Gary Rowett could be a wanted man again?

    Disappointing, we need stability and a plan. Thought that Rowett was going to play his part in that. Leaves us a bit in no man's land
  4. Shuff264

    17/18 Loan Watch

    I suppose those who are close to the squad will stick around to help motivate any way they can, those on the periphery probably wouldnt bother.
  5. Dont think its much to do with the Championship getting better, outside of the top 7 the prem has been largely dross this year
  6. Shuff264

    Glenn Kamara

    Distant cousin of Abdoul?
  7. Shuff264

    Online Ticketing

    I work in software development, first response when someone reports a bug "well it works on my machine!"
  8. Shuff264

    Online Ticketing

    Spoken by someone not in web development!
  9. Shuff264

    Aston Villa F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    My only concern is whether Jerome is fit enough to start Saturday, looked dead on his feet last night!
  10. Shuff264

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Morrison looked like a pub defender while Keogh was playing centre back, right back and right wing! What a guy!
  11. Shuff264

    17/18 Loan Watch

    He might have been left back actually, line up I saw had him at right back but just looked at the goal and hes on the left. Not much of an assist, 5 yard pass to a man who goes on to beat a man and score from 20 yards!
  12. Shuff264

    17/18 Loan Watch

    Max Lowe played the full 90 at right back in Shrewsbury's 1-1 draw
  13. Shuff264

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    I dont think there was much between the two teams, they were just that little bit more clinical. Tom Lawrence our best player by far, only one that ever looked like creating much and had the willingness to run at players that we havent seen enough of. Improvement on what we have been seeing, hopefully we can at least pick up one more win this season.
  14. Shuff264

    17/18 Loan Watch

    Now that, I do not disagree with!
  15. Shuff264

    17/18 Loan Watch

    Well, he has struggled to get into a League 2 team for the last four months. So I doubt he is the answer to our striking problems.

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