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  1. I expect the same team as Saturday but with Jozwiak in if fit, probably for Holmes.
  2. Lowest scorers vs fewest conceded This can only go well
  3. Marshall - 5 Byrne - 6 Buchanan - 6 Wisdom - 7 Clarke - 7 Rooney - 6 Bird - 7 Knight - 6 Holmes - 5 Lawrence - 4 Waghorn - 4
  4. Don't think we deserved to lose that Defensive and midfield thirds both looked good and we were in control for much of the game. Final third needs a lot of work, both with decision making and execution. Jozwiak and Ibe could definitely make the difference Frustrating
  5. Its the right decision but I am sad about it, I really thought it could work. By mutual consent sounds like there was some agreement made, if it was to the clubs benefit then we should be grateful to Cocu for that. Lets see what comes next
  6. Theres plenty of good managers and good players that have gone to clubs and it simply hasn't worked out, that doesn't condemn them as terrible. We've had good spells under Cocu that has convinced me he is capable of getting a team to play good effective football and most importantly win games. You can't argue that everything ahs been against him here.
  7. Give me Mac 3. It'll probably be Wassall/Rosenoir though. (but give me Mac 3)
  8. Yea I think thats it for me. I'm not angry, far more disappointed and sad. I really wanted Cocu to be a success, I think he is a brilliant bloke and genuinely a good manager. It just simply hasn't worked out. He's had some of the worst luck of anyone I have ever known. At this point though, he is starting to make some strange and kind of desperate decisions and its at a detriment to the team. We played 4-2-3-1 in the week and it didnt work, today we went 3-4-3 and I think we were unlucky to be behind. But second half we've gone back to what we know didn't work. After
  9. Impressive how Buchanan has seemingly leap frogged all our other academy players, been excellent this season.
  10. Seems like a win to save his job, anything less and you have to assume thats it. If we do go 4 at the back, it cant include Davies and I don't think you can use Buchanan AND Byrne. Maybe a start for Bielik? Depends if he is ready. I'd rather see no Rooney, but its a big call. We've seen his set pieces be the difference in games even if he does slow down our general play.
  11. What is this obsession with Rooney as manager, he isnt qualified for the job and he probably still wants to keep playing for the rest of this season. Liam Rosenoir and Darren Wassall are both ahead of him if the next man does come from inside the club. (saying that I'd give my left baalock for mac3)
  12. Disappointing not to win after leading (again!) but, before the game I'd have taken a point all day Sounds like we played well but need to stop dropping so deep when leading
  13. Ah, it's not Lockdown 2. It's Tier 4, completely different 🙄
  14. Fortuitous for Rooney that Jozwiak is out, assume its same formation with Waghorn out wide Great to see Bielik back in the squad
  15. I'd also like to predict the new slogan STAY HOME. PROTECT THE NHS. SAVE CHRISTMAS.
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