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  1. Been told by my reliable source that Mel is on talk sport tomorrow #ITK
  2. Ah Fox Sports Asia, the premier source of championship football gossip. Where would we be without it?
  3. I would guess this weekend? Would leave him a week before players return.
  4. Maybe, he was interim coach before but incredibly unpopular with fans despite winning Europa league
  5. So we're planning on having no manager in place the day players come back for pre-season? For the sake of a few mil? Doesnt really make sense
  6. Next you'll be asking red or brown! The answers red, always red.
  7. Seems like beIN and ESPN have rights to show it everywhere except England
  8. Dont know where Lampard is, but according to Instagram Jody is sunning himself by the pool. Judging by the weather, he isnt in Derby or London!
  9. It's the U21 euros this summer, England's actual u21 team is getting ready for that. Probably the same for a few counties with more important tournaments
  10. Be interesting to see what CAS think of it, if they see it as an appeal just to delay it they can extend the ban to three transfer windows
  11. https://www.si.com/soccer/2019/06/05/usmnt-jamaica-loss-gold-cup-friendly-berhalter-holmes-sargent The man of the match for the USA arguably was substitute Duane Holmes, who made his national team debut as a 66th-minute replacement for Roldan. Holmes was born in Georgia but moved to England with his mother as a child. The 24-year-old spent the past season at Derby County, and pulled off some of the best attacking moves of the evening for the sluggish U.S. In the 70th, some nice, tight control from Holmes put him in position to feed Arriola for a dangerous cross. A minute later, Holmes hit a nice cross of his own after adroitly settling a corner kick, service with which Sargent could only redirect a chance wide. Berhalter complimented Sargent's later on-the-turn and on-target shot (the USA’s only one of the night), and of Holmes, the manager said, “Duane performed well. What you see from him is exactly what you saw at Derby County. He has this mobility. He has an aggressiveness. But he also has good technical ability in tight spaces. I thought he performed well tonight.” Those were the U.S. highlights. On an evening with so few, Berhalter obviously took notice.
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