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  1. Don't think he suits what people "want" from a premier League striker, he's the "wrong type of player" Disappointing that he was so intent on staying in London, could have been a big player for a team like Everton
  2. Giroud might be the most underrated player in the prem, admittedly I didn't rate him until recently but he has great ability
  3. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/july/efl-statement-sheffield-wednesday-verdict/ An independent Disciplinary Commission, appointed under EFL Regulations, has ruled that Sheffield Wednesday will receive a 12 point deduction for breaching the League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules for the three season reporting period ending with Season 2017/18. The sporting sanction will take effect in season 2020/21. The Club was charged in November 2019 and referred to an independent Disciplinary Commission, which conducted a full hearing at the end of June 2020, before finding the Club g
  4. This is going to be a fun few weeks Derby interested in LITERALLY ANY SEMI COMPETENT OR ABOVE GOALKEEPER I'm sure this will be the first of many goalkeepers we are linked with
  5. Heard a sort of "wealth tax" was discussed. Soft cap of £10m a year for example, if a club wants to spend more they can but every pound extra they spend they match in money to smaller clubs to level the playing field. Lets rich owners chuck money in if they want and helps support the clubs in greater need.
  6. Wikipedia agrees! Winners by position: Goalkeeper: 5 Defender: 22 Midfielder: 11 Striker: 11
  7. I'm not sure about full back, but had thought of us using him as a right wing back?
  8. I like Knight but I do worry hes going to become victim of being good at a few positions but not great at any. His best position is probably as a shuttler in a midfield 3, would probably make a decent wide midfielder in a classic 4-4-2 but hes definitely not an out and out winger. Next season he might have a problem finding himself a regular place in midfield, Rooney and Bird seem to be first names on team sheet and Sibley seems to be preferred in the attacking role.
  9. During lockdown I played a save of Football Manager as PSV. (The following below if absolutely meaningless but y'know, its fun) I sold Lammers to Derby this transfer window, dont think he did very well but I'm pretty sure Derby rehired Rowett. Mauro Junior was excellent for me though, in either attacking mid or right wing.
  10. Tomori and Clarke paired together 😍
  11. Lowe at right back or is it a back 3/5? Knight Davies Clarke Forsyth Lowe ? I would be surprised given how loyal we were to 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 Can only think its Bogles fitness
  12. Christy Pym at Peterborough, most clean sheets in league 1
  13. Clarke We won 1 of the 8 games following his injury Not that it really matters but: Whoscored Top Players - Matt Clarke (7.04), Tom Lawrence (6.99), Wayne Rooney (6.95) SofaScore Top Players - Chris Martin (7.07), Matt Clarke (7.02), Tom Lawrence (6.94)
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