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  1. 5 subs and 20 man matchday squad Good opportunity to fill bench with young players
  2. Its an opportunity for youth to play without pressure, also who wants to sit at home and watch Derby win the play offs in front of no crowd?
  3. Hope Wolfsburg teach hipster burton albion a lesson
  4. Yes, this feels like every Derby away game this season
  5. A goalkeeping mistake, now it's like watching Derby
  6. Yes, this is the misery I've been missing Love football
  7. I enjoyed this, definitley moved some history around to make it fit but didn't do anything to majorly change the overall story. It was a bit Downton abbey though and everything seemed to tie up too nicely at the end.
  8. Can't believe you lot arent supporting Derby County legend and now captain of Schalke - Omar Mascarell!
  9. Up the Schalke boys! Cant believe what I'm seeing, bunch of glory supporters jumping on second in the league!
  10. We really dont have any details here, if he wont take a contract at a fair wage in the eyes of the club then he has to be released.
  11. Just streaming as far as I know, might be on red button though?
  12. Its live football https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/52581366 Always rated the K-League
  13. Schalke for me, dont know why. Quite like the kit I suppose. Was going to be a poohouse and pick RB Leipzig but thought better of it
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