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  1. Not too hopeful for this, we've only picked up 1pt versus the rest of the top 6. Draw would be good.
  2. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    That is the most frustrating set of highlights I've seen in a long time, how did we not score?! I'd call that Thorne penalty stonewall and Lawrence one should have probably been given as well.
  3. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    The way they've cut the highlight of the third goal is fantastic, showing Randolph trying to be clever with his cut back just before fluffing his kick. Beautiful stuff.
  4. Loan watch

  5. Derby County V Reading

    We were s***, Reading were good. Exposed our biggest weakness, pace. Once Keogh went off, that is a slow back four. Coupled with Johnson and Huddlestone in midfield its a slow back six. Reading just just that against us, hit us on the counter at pace in the second half scored two but could have had more.
  6. Top 6

    6th place is much better than where I thought we'd be at this point, even more so after the start we had. We were crap today, but hopefully will be a wake up call same as Bristol City loss.
  7. Derby County V Reading

    Dont think you can drop Winnall after scoring two, go with Vydra to hit them early can always change to Nugent/Martin if we need more of a presence up front. Swap out Johnson for a more attack minded winger, not fussed between Weimann and Russell. Defense picks itself. Carson Wisdom Keogh Davies Forsyth Huddlestone Ledley Lawrence Vyra Russell/Weimann Winnall
  8. October Manager of the Month

    Updated form table, only team to win 4
  9. Leeds United V Derby County

    f****** hell 7 unbeaten 4 wins in a row Back to back away wins Coming back from behind to win Rowett might know I think or two about this footballing lark...
  10. Boo!

    Longer version on youtube
  11. October Manager of the Month

    Form table for this month
  12. Norwich City V Derby County

    Fantastic result
  13. Norwich City V Derby County

    Smart team, adds a little strength defensively with Johnson but still keep Vydra and Nugent together
  14. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Looks like no defensive midfielder for Wednesday? Could leave a lot of space for Vydra
  15. Live games 2017/18

    They went to shut Liverpool out and get the point, but they didn't do it particularly well. Can tell they are lacking options in midfield as they were getting dominated there and didn't change it. De Gea saved them, if Liverpool had scored first half then it could have been a very different game.

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