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  1. Will probably be around the Forest game for home fans, just with 2.5k less away. So maybe 20k overall
  2. Could be a huge game for us, so important to get out of the negative as soon as possible especially with another deduction looming.
  3. Adidas might have just gone even worse
  4. Puma have just released the worst set of shirts in history
  5. So far this season Peterborough have managed to lose 3-0 and 4-0 I'm sure we can all see where this is going...
  6. 13675 tickets left, should be just over 20k I expect
  7. If we're wage limited by the EFL, then we've signed the 3 players who are willing to play for that wage. We can want Jagielka all we want, but he wants more than we can pay
  8. Desiree trying to make Jozwiak fit Maniac by Flashdance Kamil Jozwiak, Jozwiak on the wing! I should go to bed
  9. Club statement reads that the contract was agreed but finances won't allow Wonder where he will end up
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