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  1. Live games 2017/18

    They went to shut Liverpool out and get the point, but they didn't do it particularly well. Can tell they are lacking options in midfield as they were getting dominated there and didn't change it. De Gea saved them, if Liverpool had scored first half then it could have been a very different game.
  2. Playing non-aggressive

    Only really started to see it since the Bristol match, Gary got a bit sick of seeing us embarrassed away methinks
  3. Playing non-aggressive

    Think its do to with cards, fouls and tackles. When we've played away recently we've definitely settled in to let the opposition pass it around but not let them through the channels. Full backs tuck in and wingers come deep and wide to almost make a back 6, three midfielders screen in front. Difficult for teams to get through so they pass side to side, pretty much the story of the Brentford game.
  4. International Rams

  5. Lithuania v England

    Actually quite like the line up tonight, we've got good players who can play wing back and an abundance of good number 10s. Makes sense to play to our strength. Bit of a worry at centre back, not been our strongest in recent years but Stones, Keane and Maguire are three good young centre backs who could make it work. Cant wait for the inevitable disappointment.
  6. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Would like to see this, think he might go Nugent. Forest are trying to pass out from the back this season, and they arent great at it. So get Nuge pressing them straight away and force the errors.
  7. Steve Bloomer Trophy

    I imagine Shackell, Anya and maybe Thorne?
  8. Another Chris Martin Thread

    People complain about his diving, but its so important when playing away and under a bit of pressure. Hoof the ball long to him, he gets "fouled", get the free kick and give the defence a break for a minute or two
  9. Johnny Russell

    I'm not saying he had a bad game, he was fine but nothing more. He defensive effort was good as it always is, but he did very little in attack (No one really did though)
  10. Johnny Russell

    Did nothing to make me think "Yea he should be in the team", but did nothing to make me think "no he should definitley not be in the team". Really, we played our best football in the last 15 after he went off. Whether thats anything to do with him, I'm not sure but something to note. I'd keep him in for Forest, at the very least because we have not better options.
  11. Cardiff V Derby County

    Thought we were good today, excellent in defence and alright in attack overall. First half looked solid but never like threatening, second half with Martin coming on we looked more dangerous. Not Johnsons brightest moment talking himself into a yellow card, now misses Forest. But think we can go with an extra attacker when at home to put pressure on opposition.
  12. Cardiff V Derby County

    Give the lad a chance to tweet, was one of the players that came over the clap fans at the end as well.
  13. 'From the start I thought we were magnificent'

    Defensively we were excellent again today, first half we had the same problems as Brentford when we tried to break out and keep the ball up field. Second half with Martin on we looked much better in attack and could have nicked it near the end, good to see we are improving and working on our weaknesses.
  14. Brentford V Derby County

    I'd be more worried being the team with 80% possession that only managed 2 shots on target, been us so many times in the past. Players were clearly afraid of repeat of Bristol City so played extremely defensively, our defensive shape was good and we restricted chances. Why are fans so uppity when opposition pass it side to side for 10 minutes but never get near our penalty area? Thats good defending, they can pass it there all they want just cut out the dangerous balls and hit them on the counter. The last bit we failed to do as we were dreadful on the ball, really poor from all in midfield and attack. Do think it was a different game if Bennett had stayed on has he looked well up for it
  15. Johnny Russell

    I think it is the same application of the rule, if it is deflected enough to make a serious difference to its flight path (off target to on target) its not given as a goal. Same theory for assists.

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