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  1. Three corners three goals, what is this game
  2. Marcus Olsson is alive! Interesting to see Bird in the first team squad and Evans with u23s
  3. Dont see why Burnley would want him, seems the antithesis to everything a Burnley defender should be?
  4. What a player Sterling is
  5. Dier and Henderson in midfield is a little defensive for a home game against poor opposition. Front three is very impressive though, should cause a lot of damage. We really need some better centre backs, Tomori will be in for a call up after a couple injuries.
  6. This from Holmes springs to mind, but could just be my love for him clouding my memory
  7. Mansfield v Lincoln is on Sky if anyones interested. Been a decent game so far, Mansfield 1-0 up
  8. Start the team that won it against Wigan. Bennett and Holmes in for Marriott and Zoon, get Waghorn in centre and Wilson wide right.
  9. Roos Wisdom Keogh Tomori Bogle Huddlestone Bird Malone Holmes Waghorn Marriott
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