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  1. Its the best team imo. Shinnie needs to impose himself on the game, not necessarily to "protect" Knight and Bird but to help two young players in a big game CKR to score
  2. Struggling in a poor side People are right to criticise his end product and decision making, but these can be improved. I think theres a good player in there, we are definitely better with him in the team
  3. Don't see it being 4-4-2, Waghorn can't fit that. 4-2-3-2 maybe more likely with Gregory as a sort of 10? Or 4-2-2-2 which you don't see too often, could be fun
  4. It's obviously not good news, but it is a very small trial. It states no reduction in infections but nothing about hospitalisations or deaths? If it has a significant impact on that then it's still good enough Shows how important it is to prevent importing new strains
  5. March 9th looks to be the next free midweek Would give us 10 games in 5 weeks
  6. He might be the one I'm most interested/excited to see, even though I don't know alot about him Hopefully he can offer something we've lost with Bielik out
  7. He's horizonal before the defender even gets there!
  8. Absolute embarrassment Never a penalty and I get the rule with having to attempt to play the ball but use some common sense like
  9. We just need to hope its a 6 month and not a 10 month, at least he might be roughly ready for the start of next season
  10. Surprised by this, not done alot this season and never seemed to recover from that subbing off
  11. I like Evans, everyone has a price and it seems Millwall have met it. It really is up to Evans whether he wants to go and play more football
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