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  1. Adidas might have just gone even worse
  2. Puma have just released the worst set of shirts in history
  3. So far this season Peterborough have managed to lose 3-0 and 4-0 I'm sure we can all see where this is going...
  4. 13675 tickets left, should be just over 20k I expect
  5. If we're wage limited by the EFL, then we've signed the 3 players who are willing to play for that wage. We can want Jagielka all we want, but he wants more than we can pay
  6. Desiree trying to make Jozwiak fit Maniac by Flashdance Kamil Jozwiak, Jozwiak on the wing! I should go to bed
  7. Club statement reads that the contract was agreed but finances won't allow Wonder where he will end up
  8. I expect there will be some good news out of this, I can't see Mel wanting to go into it without something good to tell people to deflect/distract
  9. I make it 16.5k remaining, so looking at 50% capacity atm
  10. I really want that bothered, until it was on. Now I'm watching Womens boxing on a Saturday morning (We won)
  11. Shuff264

    The Hundred.

    The problem is it's broadcast on sky, yesterday's game was the most watched womens cricket game in history
  12. Shuff264

    The Hundred.

    Against every preconception I had, I'm actually quite enjoying it. Don't think there's room for this and T20 though. If this is a success it's down to it being on terrestrial TV.
  13. Spurs away kit is....bold
  14. It's a huge improvement on their usual badge
  15. The bar girl in the Furnace told me it's being announced tomorrow #itk
  16. Been quite a few releases recently
  17. One for each player at the club
  18. Decent player, think we'll probably miss him. Still think he's good for 10 goals a season in champ, even after a poor year with us
  19. Why does it feel like it still isn't over
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