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  1. You've got to be hammered from Friday night drinking surely? They were unlucky against Coventry last night , when are we ever unlucky? We could of lost 9-1 today if not for Marshall to a poor Blackburn side that before today couldn't score in Amsterdam
  2. I wish there was a sick face emoji to this comment 🤮
  3. Get rooney out he's so clueless its frightening, never in all my years of supporting Derby have I seen a manager lead us to lose nearly every single match against the bottom 10 that we've played against
  4. City paid 12 million , can't imagine they are willing to lose too much of that, in which case we would be silly to pay even half of that
  5. You can argue he hasn't really shown anything since that season, finding it hard to believe he's going to come back and be quality, hoping that isn't the case though of course
  6. 0 shots on target again absolute embarrassment, I bet 50% of our games this year have ended without us registering a shot on target , mind boggling not good enough
  7. I thought that was odd , how does this commentator even get paid
  8. Garbage takes? Haha! Rooney literally said in his interview before the game that sibley has been poor and knows he can do better both in training and on the field , the lad needs to grow up if he's going to become a good player, buchanan and Knight and Bird all have way more maturity in their game, but why listen to me I talk garbage LOL
  9. He's crap , doesn't have the footballing brain to be a good attacking midfielder , poor decision making every single time he gets the ball
  10. Still playable with rain on it though , no excuses in a multi million pound industry , Barnsley all have the wealthiest owners in the division , absolutely disgraceful
  11. How can all these lower teams from league 1 get promoted and not be forced to maintain a higher standard of drainage etc of the stadium? Derby should not he made to keep squeezing games in because teams don't want to put their hand in their ducking pocket and improve their club?
  12. Barnsley 4-1 Derby 3 goals in the last 20 mins for Barnsley after a 1-1 1st half
  13. How is the last 14 games not current form are you having a laugh? Take out the 2 Derby wins and they have 1 win in the last 13 being Middlesbrough, if you think that is good current form you must either be trying to wind me up or you are heavily drunk
  14. Good run of form? Pal they have won 3 games in their last 14 and 2 of them WERE US , get out of town and close the door 🚪
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