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  1. Cardiff have a lot of quality now with Wilson and keiffer etc , im hoping we see the likes of ibe and Duncan featuring in the next month or too
  2. Hi all, I have a hobby of trying lagers from all over the world , im trying to try a lager from every country , any one got any websites good for getting rare or international lagers etc?
  3. It sounds exciting especially given the comparison to Antonio and the way he flourished up front , although I don't feel like ibe has really grabbed goals anywhere he has been consistently to play up front , although I'd love to be wrong
  4. I've also been wondering this , especially when we aren't flooded with striking options currently, would of thought he would of atleast had 20 mins for the u23 team
  5. How he managed to get through that forest bunch ill never know, great skill
  6. Does anyone know why Bobby duncan hasn't featured in the u23 today or the first team? He featured for England? Would like to see what he's like
  7. Despicable, we are playing 5 defenders at the back yet we have just been unlocked like we had no defenders on against a team that have looked worst than us , this has been the worst 5 opening games I've ever seen as a rams supporter , if we were playing well but losing I wouldn't mind in the slightest but we look way below the level of most teams we are playing weve had a combined 4 shots on goal in the last 3 games that is alarming on every level , really trying to find a positive but regardless of injuries it really isn't good enough
  8. I pay for all the other games on rams TV but I have a newborn baby so paying for 7 games a month or more Is expensive so I would rather get a few free a month on sky and pay for the rest on rams tv
  9. If you have the app on your TV, scroll down the home screen of now tv but not the sports section and it will be under a section called " bonus streams "
  10. Theyve added the ability to watch it on the now TV app on the TV if you have access to that I've just checked and the game is there
  11. I pay for nowtv sky sports and as far as I know you can't use the red button on TV or phone/tablet , don't understand why though
  12. Its time to go now, not in 2 months time when we are deep in the bottom 3 and having a right battle for survival , need a manager with passion he stands on the side of the field like a docile lizard, if mick Mccarthy or Ian Holloway were watching this they would be throwing boots on the field at the players , absolutely shocking football we are playing and we look as dangerous as a pillow in the sea , pure dog mess
  13. Absolutely disgusted that we've lost 2 strikers recently and replaced them with kazim only, great window to start with collosally ruined by a piss poor end
  14. I have no clue why thats gone scewif 😂
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