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  1. Best not to mention the kerria then 😂
  2. Just by jewsons also 😉 I've lived in tamworth from birth
  3. Where is Duncan? Doesn't seem to get a look into either team? How is he to improve without actually playing games 😳
  4. Agreed , feel like aluko might just offer slightly more than Baldock
  5. What do you get for £25 a month in the UK mate? Will they be broadcasting all the games on ramstv live other than the sky sports games?
  6. Davies , wisdom , jagielka, aluko, morrison Sacrificing mengi and baldock
  7. You're comparing a box to box centre mid with a predominantly right winger? Would you compare beilik with jozwiak considering they play the same positions as the 1st two? Yes Hutchinson played well but you can't compare him directly to aluko when they are worlds apart in terms of playing position
  8. Bird is having a stinker this game , directly at fault for both goals , our u23's beat most of these not long ago and our first time are doing worse 😂😂
  9. I thought usually the pre match isn't available either unless you pay?
  10. Is ramstv supposed to work before you pay for it? Mine is on 🤷‍♂️
  11. Is the game free? My ramstv has come on and I haven't paid for it?
  12. " I want it that way " and " as long as you love me " are among 2 of their greatest hits
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