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  1. I'd like someone like brit assomabolonga big strong and pacey
  2. Don't think wolves will let him go now Costa has gone personally
  3. Out of the two Probably Gary teale?
  4. Off topic but has anyone noticed that Marriott isn't in any of the videos or photos of florida??? Seen quite a few people on the videos commenting about it?
  5. We've signed a defensive midfielder and although Johnston did play there it's not his role , to replace him in his stronger position aka more of an attacking midfielder we would struggle to replace him with 1mill
  6. Personally think we would need to spend 5+ plus to get someone of the same quality in this over inflated modern day transfer market
  7. Surely we didn't let him go for free??
  8. Top 6 manager?? He gave fenebarće there worst record in 111 years and was sacked after 4 months in his last managerial job? Hardly qualifies for an appointment with a top 6 PL team lets be realistic , but if he can show magic like he did with psv then by all means I would love him here
  9. Hi guys so my dad let me down with Wembley tickets feel like kicking him out the family lol , but most places in tamworth are flooded with villa fans and just isn't a nice atmosphere 😂 anyone else in tamworth watching the game today?? COYR
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