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  1. Probably won't play them ever again 😂
  2. All the teams in the bottom 4 have won, so if we get a points deduction that's bad for us 🥺
  3. Would like to see Colin back, unless stretton starts finding his feet I'd rather keep Baldock on sadly
  4. Here comes the Derby second half aka absolute kak , dont think we've had a good 2nd half all season
  5. Twice in half hour? Maybe try almond milk instead of semi skimmed?🐏
  6. Stuck with the bare squad we've got for the season then 🤢🤢
  7. Grow up , created most of our chances are you high?
  8. Jozwiak having a great game here love him
  9. How many tickets have sold? What's the rough attendance?
  10. Typical Derby premier league first half conference team 2nd half, atleast we can concentrate on the league we don't have the depth for cups on top of the league anyway lol 🐏
  11. Good first half , and ruin it in the second half yet again , reminds me of the same thing I said last week and the week before and so on , why are we incapable of playing well in the 2nd half 😂
  12. I'd stick him left wing and tell him to run at the defenders
  13. Any reason why we are good in the 1st half and poor in the second half EVERY single game we ever play in existence?
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