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  1. You say hes prone to a mistake but when your on the back line and in constant need of stopping players from scoring and starting attacks from the back every defender is going to make a mistake and same with the goalkeepers, mason Bennett missed an absolute sitter a few weeks back which cost us a goal? No different to a bad pass costing us a goal in the other end
  2. With everything rooney has achieved in his career I really can't see him wanted to join us now? And with his reason being coaching he can't be filled with confidence with cocu either , it really wouldn't make sense for him to lower himself to us at this point of his career?
  3. Remember when people said I was being way too negative on transfer deadline day? Now we are winless in 7 games and look absolutely awful , bottom half table finish this year coming up, if I was Rooney watching us at the moment I'm not sure I'd be coming in january
  4. Is there a way that bury can still be a team in some way??
  5. Dowell didn't come off because we don't have any other attacking players to come on other than bennett , 1 win out of 5 and several weak performances, I'm really worried for this season going forward
  6. Who is playing where and what formation?? Mind boggling 😂
  7. Agreed, but its criminal he keeps not getting started what does he have to do to start? Last season he done it so many times and basically won us the semi final in the play offs and then somehow didn't start over Nugent in the final? All I can think is maybe something in training is affecting the managers opinions of him?
  8. What a surprise Marriott scores he deserves better than us
  9. Get your heads out of the clouds and face up to the reality of the situation, we've won 1 out of 4 , for a team that supposedly pushing for promotion its shocking
  10. Literally bored of supporting the rams now year after year same poo different season
  11. No , try and use the fm instead of the alexa if possible
  12. Yeah been trying to get it on my phone so I can listen to it in the garden or listen to it with a headphone in whilst the misses is watching telly lol
  13. I have an app on my phone that has all the radio stations but I get the restrictions speech??
  14. Based in tamworth so the only times I'm on the area is when I'm in the ground watching it in person , I'll buy an fm radio 🤷‍♂️😂
  15. Such a con, soon we'll have to pay to breathe
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