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  1. Any else starting to get nervous? I am!
  2. Completely deserved. After the Leeds game and the mix reviews from Hull fans, I thought we’d signed a dud. I should have trusted Morris & Lampard more than that. He’ll have a great career, and can go right to the top if he fine tunes a few aspects of his game.
  3. I remember Bristol City getting a very dubious penalty in the last minute against QPR also 🤣
  4. If it was down to me he’d of been off with 20 to go.. and what do I know
  5. I’d be vastly surprised if half the characters with significant air time weren’t dead by the end of episode 3. Can’t help but feel the reason they spent half the episode banging on about the safety of the crypt means that it’s going to go down there - ie, the Night King brings all the deceased, mummified Starks back to life...
  6. Well that’s made me more nervous for Swansea away!
  7. Rarely referred to as evens via online gambling, ie if you logged onto a betting website. If we were having a conversation I would have said evens. Definitely will change. We were 3/1 before today’s game. Don’t lose at Bristol and I think we’ll be in the driving seat. Boro have two very winnable games but lack the game in hand. Saturday really is a massive game
  8. Odds with SkyBet Derby 1/1 Bristol City 2/1 Boro 11/4 Swansea 22/1
  9. Scoring in stoppage time was even more sweater considering some of the worst time wasting I’ve seen from QPR. Shambolic, especially from their stopper, who tried to get in Wilson’s head before he sat him on his bottom with the penalty
  10. Nice lead on the GD front also. In our hands, can’t lose next week...
  11. Seeing it back, I don’t think it was a penalty. However, stonewall one on Mount was missed earlier in the second half and we should of had one on Friday
  12. These scenes at the end of the game were brilliant
  13. Let’s look at both!! Big game next week. Harry Wilson has massive bottle
  14. That Matt Smith free header, how different it could have been!!!
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