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  1. SuperDerbySuperRams

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Season won’t be defined by tonight but it could really kick us on into a difficult spell coming up. Come on the Rams!
  2. SuperDerbySuperRams

    January excuses early

    Do we really need that much? A centre half is a must and perhaps a midfielder and a Lowe recall/cover for Malone.
  3. SuperDerbySuperRams

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Big one this.... Be brilliant to consolidate ourselves in the play offs and get 6 points between us and them lot. I think there's going to be goals.
  4. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Ashley Cole

    With the amount of times Malone was given the ball on Wednesday, I think that much running might kill Cole! Not sure he’d suit that style at his age
  5. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    Can’t believe I’m reading some people want him replaced... come on now guys... We all have bad days at the office
  6. SuperDerbySuperRams

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Carson has been brilliant for us but that’s 3 iffy moments for him in 3 goals. Particularly their winner, very shoddy. Once we scored we thought we’d walk it, complete complacency and they had a 10 minute spell after that, in which they deserve their winner. Not a disaster by any accounts, but two really poor performances in two games. The lack of clean sheets is worrying and Davies’s injury didn’t look good at all....
  7. SuperDerbySuperRams

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Horrific first 20 minutes but we eventually settled and played some good stuff in the second half. They had chances but nothing massively clear cut minus that Forestieri chance. Davies was absolutely immense when he came on. Don’t know about anyone else, but i’d love us to pick up Barry Bannan in January.
  8. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Boxing Thread

    Big night of boxing tonight. Looking forward to seeing Josh Kelly back out in the right. Crolla looks like he’s got a really tough test also. Can’t see anything but a Uysk late KO, I just hope the fight is competitive. From what I’ve seen, he’s the big Loma
  9. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Beware the Ides of January

    I’ve just noticed we’ve played everyone in the top 8 (barring them lot).. I know the table changes regularly, but everyone in and around us will be playing each other before the fixtures turn around in 6/7 weeks time. We really have a chance to kick on before now and then.
  10. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Who would swap Marriott for Abraham?

    I actually went to Villa Bolton on Friday night and Abraham was really impressive. He’s clearly a very good forward at this level, however, he doesn’t have the work rate and desire off the ball that Marriott has. I think that’s so important for this formation. After he scored, as soon and B’ham kicked off, he was off against and forced their defender into a rushed long ball, which was so impressive Furthermore, Marriott is ours and tied down to a long term deal, he’ll be an important asset to this club if he can keep up this kind of form. It really does beg the question why more teams didn’t bid. I’m sure if we opted against signing Marriott during the whole saga and went down a different road, and Marriott was firing on all cylinders for a promotion rival, we’d all be gutted right now.
  11. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Boxing Thread

    Taylor looked at a world level, really impressive
  12. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Snake City watch

    This whole McClean situation, his own fans booing him and him lashing out on instagram could have so easily been us, not that I agree with any of that... Regardless of whether it’s his fault he causes trouble, and he’s not good enough to warrant it... dodged a massive bullet there
  13. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    Highlights just shown on the championship show on quest. Thing of beauty that first goal, up the rams!
  14. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Jack Marriott

    All I said is that his age makes him marketable. Just a thought. It’s good that we’re signing players with sell on potential
  15. SuperDerbySuperRams

    Boxing Thread

    DCFC Fan Zach Parker is the British Super Middleweight champion! Honestly, not quite sure how. He injured his left hand/shoulder early and had to switch southpaw, and I had Williams winning 8 of the rounds. He worked the jab well but no way did he win that. Parker and his promoter in absolute shock as it was announced he won via split decision

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