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  1. Shambolic performance today I’m afraid. No pattern of play, feel sorry for Martin, absolutely zero surface. Having these two together at Centre Half is a worry, especially away from home, no legs
  2. Time to drop Roos now, he can’t keep getting away with these mistakes from corners
  3. Hope Mel is retaining a controlling stake in the club
  4. Dowell looks poor even at that level. Needs 4 touches before he lifts his head up to find a pass
  5. Rooney’s DC United just failed to score in 45 minutes against 9 men (vs bottom of the league), and draw 0-0. Consequently, they are now away from home in the playoffs.... Rooney could be back in England sooner rather than later
  6. It’s becoming embarrassing near where I stand. Every slight mistake and they’re screaming and shouting, and it’s getting a lot of people wound up. We are watching championship football with championship footballers. The quality isn’t always going to be perfect. The sooner people realise that, the better.
  7. Bielik has been outstanding in the last two games. It almost becomes too easy for him and he gets complacent, which is when the errors sneak in. When he’s fully fit he will boss our midfield, his quality will have him head and shoulders over most in this league. Great signing & investment.
  8. He was absolutely terrific in the first half. My only worry is that we will struggle to create with him and Bielik in the side at home.
  9. The fact we have Wayne Rooney coming in still blows my mind. If we’re in the top half then and he hits the ground running, then who knows?
  10. So annoying because if we hold on everyone raves about some fantastic second half performances from Bielik, Paterson and Clarke. Switching off at set pieces will be the death of me!
  11. How many chances did we have in that one?
  12. We are so lucky that Barnsley are this poor
  13. Were our fans really chanting “Roos caught the ball” when he’s about 10 yards away? Morons the lot of them
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