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  1. Yes definitely. I wasn’t criticising Cocu (even though it could read that way). Just an observation on his impact today. I dunno, drastically changing the formation at half time suggests to me anyway that he’s still experimenting - which is fine -, but he needs to find his best system and side quickly or we’ll end up with a Clement situation
  2. Fair result in the end (if anything, they edged it). The system change was totally out the blue and bizarre. Bielik looks the real deal but tried to do too much today and did get caught out. Their second was bizarre considering we had 3 central defenders. Cocu needs to learn his best team (and fast). Marriott HAS to be in that team. He was absolutely excellent when he came on. Jozefzoon is still leaving a lot to be desired, can’t understand him staying on. Lots if positives, i’d of certainly taken 5 points with 2 away games and tough fixtures.
  3. “Out for some time” but “weeks not months” which I guess is a positive outcome
  4. Jason Knight can play. Think Bielek is going to be huge for us.
  5. Some of these kids need to calm down and play smart. Trying to meet the ball at every opportunity. Hold off and stand your ground, giving away too many stupid fouls
  6. Looking forward to getting Bielek and Holmes in this team.
  7. Matt Clarke is like Pearce but can play Decent enough, draw fair
  8. The comments on Patterson to Derby by Bristol City fans are extremely similar to the comments we made when Weimann went to the other way...
  9. Roos number one. I don’t know what any else was expecting but a back up keeper esq signing. Carson wasn’t starting
  10. Good... not what the DET have been saying all day
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