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  1. Boro and West Brom had long interview processes for their new managers. We haven’t really got that time..
  2. Hughton would be my number one choice, but Gerrard would be exciting for the exact same reason Lampard was. I honestly can’t call which direction we’re heading
  3. Very similar but he sounded uneasy in my opinion. The headline don’t suggest that
  4. Ok, those comments are less committed than Lampard’s were post Wembley. He could have put it to bed once and for all and he didn’t.
  5. Gerrard is an interesting one. Especially after the club fed the local press that we haven’t started any searches for a replacement, as we haven’t had an approach for Frank. Someone’s telling fibs. Unless Gerrard has just done the same as all of us and read it online?
  6. 2.5m a year. Blimey. Hopefully that means we have decent £ to find a replacement should we need too
  7. Having an absolute beast for the u21’s
  8. That is top trolling from his Mrs and friends 😂
  9. Ah gutting. Can we have some good news to offset this...
  10. The evening standard are going to post the same article every day until they get it right. Tedious
  11. Monk gets sacked or has fallout where ever he goes. Is that just a coincidence? I don’t think so
  12. These last few days have made me so grateful I don’t support a big club. Constant rehashed drivel from newspapers looking for clicks, not actually adding anything to the discourse. I get why they do it but it doesn’t make it anymore appealing to me. The sooner this is done the better
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