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  1. If you’re insinuating that I’m blaming Cocu for this palaver, you’re mistaken.
  2. Bravo Derby. Cocu said in December he wanted his business done early. 4 departures, 1 significant injury to our record signing and 10,000 media links later, we bring no one in. Farcical
  3. To say we want to conclude business early, only to go on and sign absolutely nobody is an embarrassment. I feel for Cocu, because he’s been woefully let down by everyone involved, totally inept.
  4. I can’t understand signing this lad but loaning Mason out, to be honest.
  5. I just don’t understand the Athletic hiring someone who isn’t local and hasn’t worked with the club before. He can’t just ring up the club and ask for transfer news.
  6. With the players not being paid, Morris going quiet on the takeover and us not getting business done early, something was clearly wrong. All our misdemeanours were always going to catch up with us at some point
  7. This will really show up the DET and the Athletic after completely ruling it out
  8. I really hope you’re right! I remember George Thorne playing on with his ACL. But Fozzy stretchered straight off
  9. No, but knee injuries and stretchers aren’t a good mix. He looked in agony
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