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  1. Our run in is very difficult, but Cardiff’s is far from easy. Bristol City Away Blackburn Home Fulham Away Derby Home Boro Away Hull Home 4 play off rivals and two teams fighting for their lives. No nothing games.
  2. Immense today. The emergence of Ben White might do us a favour. I can see him coming back on loan again next season.
  3. FYI Davies made two crucial interventions to win us that game. Regardless of his footballing ability, he’s such a crucial player to have
  4. We played some brilliant football in that first half. Might regret not taking more from it.
  5. The goalkeeper dares Rooney to do that with some rather bizarre positioning...
  6. Could that be our lowest average age 11 of the season?
  7. Their fans are bemused by their team selection. Nugent starts
  8. What formation? Holmes and Knight wide I’m guessing?
  9. Have Sky/EFL made any comments on why some games are starting at 5? I get that they want lots of football on the air, but some won’t be home from work for the game. I’m lucky I’m working from home, but even I don’t finish till 6. Seems unfair.
  10. Without both our starting wingers from Saturday would be a big blow...
  11. Results really going our way. Toi toi toi...
  12. Good on the young lads who set this up. Get well soon Wiz.
  13. He’s right but it’s beside the point. He shouldn’t react
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