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Bob The Badger

Who do you think will finish 6th

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I'll come back to you after tonight's games. 

Play well and win then it's ours to lose. Draw or lose then I don't think we'll be favourites. Also, Forest play Villa so, another big game.

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Villa for me as well, Grealish and Mings have made them much much better. It will be tight, I expect 4 to 5 points between 6th and 8th.

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My worst fear was us missing out and forest taking our place


Us finishing 7th/8th wouldnt be the worst season tbh, IF we play like we have played the last 2 games REGARDLESS of the results

Most people on here were negative before the sheffield wednesday game, not because of results, but because of performances

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Villa will finish well inside the playoffs if they can keep Grealish fit. Despite their wealth of talent they only play if he does. They could win every game from now to the end of the season. Boro go there next and will probably lose.

We will be out of the playoffs when we play next but will have a game in hand.

sixth is possible but we’ll have to beat Boro to it as Villa will be 5th or higher


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