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  1. As good as selling out the Reading game will be, we need to sell as many season tickets as possible, starting with those who haven't renewed. If the administrators or club fail to pay players wages this month, another 3 points will be struck off. If we could get back to previous season ticket levels, that income should cover the clubs bills for a couple of months. New owners will not be able to take over for at least 2 months, so this injection of cash would be essential to the running of the club until new owners could inject capital. The administrators or club can't raise money through player sales until January, so there will be no quick fix that way.
  2. Rooney took sole charge of the team before the Wycombe match, which is when you need to judge him. Before that he was part of a 4 man committee and playing for the team at the time. Before the Wycombe game we were bottom and 6 points plus goal difference from safety, with points per game total of less than half, which mean't that we were on course for a grand total of 21 points, less than half of we got.
  3. Start the season when Rooney took over and we had a decent season also, unlike his predecessors, Rooney hasn't been able to spend 1 penny in transfer fees. I can't think of many people who would have been able to attract the likes of Davies, Stearman, Jagielka and Morrison to Derby on the wage restrictions that we are currently under.
  4. It's probably true, the covid losses of £20M are the straw that broke the camel's back. Put it like this, of you had given the club a sudden cash injection of £20M last, do you think that we'd still be going into administration at this time? You could also say, if we hadn't have bought Butterfield and Johnson and was given that money back, would we be going into administration? Non of these issues are solely to blame, but together, they all add up.
  5. That is a big worry and without being in the transfer window, the administrators will find it difficult to raise funds. However, the club have sold quite a few season tickets and hopefully that money has been kept back for the players wages, otherwise there'll be another 3 points deduction coming.
  6. Yes, it is correct what he said about player values dropping mainly in the last year of their contract and I don't see that it is illegal to do the amortisation in this way. Derby used this method in the belief that when the final year of these players' contracts were due, we would be in the premier league and then it wouldn't matter, one of a number of gambles which didn't pay off. He also tried to justify Lampard's team's wages by saying that Rowett's compensation nearly covered their first season costs, but they were on 3 year contracts, how would we have covered the other 2 years? Ultimately, he is responsible for what has happened to the club, he has taken gambles which haven't paid off. He and Derby have been unlucky on a number of occasions over the years with a number of events contributing to the current situation. Who knows, had Zamora not scored that goal, Hughes and Bryson got injured, Newcastle, Stoke and Chelsea not sacked their managers, EFL deciding our amortisation policy was wrong years later, EFL questioning the value of the ground, Lampard picking a different team against villa and finally the big one covid, we may have got away with it. He probably thought that as it was his money, he was entitled to take the gamble. But unfortunately it isn't that simple and the reputation and status of the club are now in question.
  7. MM still has a role to play in all this. I would imagine that he is one of the biggest creditors to the club. If this is the case, then if he's prepared to write off this debt, it could help smooth the way for new owners, but couldn't he have done this before?
  8. Why feel sorry for Wycombe, they were no where near the championship whilst this was going on?
  9. A difficult time for us all tonight. Unfortunately, I'm at a 'Villa' night at my local cricket club, where the guest speakers are Super Tommy Johnson and Ian Taylor, surrounded by much joviality, but don't feel in the mood. Ian Taylor has wished us all the best and that hopefully we'll come out the other side.
  10. Bobby Robson had a higher win % than our Dave Mackay in 1974/75, but I seem to remember seeing us get the 1st division trophy on that sunny afternoon before the Carlisle match.
  11. Looking at the results so far, how many more points are we have likely to have gained, if we had had a decent strength squad not affected by an embargo? Having another experienced striker on the bench would have likely changed the Peterborough result, probably resulting in an extra 3 points. The ability to have freshened things up may have helped in the other games where points were dropped. I would say that without the embargo we would likely be 3 to 5 points better off this season and the longer it goes on, the bigger this punishment will be.
  12. The trouble is that due to the system, we're not in a position of strength. The EFL can say accept our over the top penalty (9 points) or we'll keep you in an embargo, which will cost you more than 9 points anyway. I suspect that the club will have to give way, in order that they will be able to sign a couple of decent free agents straight away. Part of the negotiations will be us accepting the punishment providing a business plan is accepted including an accepted level of new signings, in terms of fees and wages.
  13. Surely, we don't have to play one way or another, can't we mix it up a bit? Last night, there were a few opportunities for Roos to play the ball short to a defender, who wasn't under pressure. By mixing it up during a game, you don't let the opposition settle into a pattern of play.
  14. Just wait until winter sets in, WBA will have hair dryers installed around the pitch, because you can throw a warm dry ball further. It's annoying when refs give you the hurry up, but allow teams to spend ages, drying the ball with a towel.
  15. How many teams in this league are relying on the tactic of lumping in long throws to giants in the centre of the box? That's 3 teams now, Boro, Blues and WBA, out of only 7 matches played. Amazingly, that tactic hasn't resulted in a goal in any of those games, thanks to our old guys in the centre of defence.
  16. Poor refereeing again, 3 times in the second half a blatant foul on a Derby, picked up by the commentator, wasn't given and led to a dangerous Albion attack. Also, he made us take the throwins from the correct place, but allowed their long thrower to do it pretty much from where he liked, again picked up by the commentator a couple of times. He even hurried us up on a couple of throws but let their player spend half an hour, polishing the ball. But a fine rearguard action by our defence, with Roos playing well and a special word for our fans who backed the team throughout, completely overwhelming the home support.
  17. ram59

    Tennis 2021

    I wonder if the player she beat in the qualifier 2, is claiming to be the second best player in the tournament? 😁
  18. ram59

    Tennis 2021

    Unlike Emma's, that was a deliberate attempt to break her opponents concentration. Well done Emma, you given me something to smile about, after last night. A highly entertaining match from 2 players who should have great futures.
  19. I don't mind us playing it out from the back, but we aren't playing it 'out'. We're playing it sideways and backwards far too many times and by the law of averages one or several of these passes will go astray. 2 of our 3 league and cup defeats can be directly attributed to this tactic.
  20. Well put, in addition to that, how many potential attacks of ours were broken up by niggly cynical fouls near the half way line? Also, how many times did I hear the commentator say after a challenge on one of our players, 'that would have been a foul last season'?
  21. Really, agreed they didn't have kamikaze defensive play, but I can't recall one good chance created by their team.
  22. The scoreline tonight was; Birmingham 0 Derby -2 Sky drooling over Birmingham, like they played like Man City. I can't remember 1 incident where they created a goal scoring opportunity, whereas we did actually create 2 or 3 good chances, but overall a poor performance with poor tactics.
  23. I got a screenshot the email ticket on my phone for the Boro game and it worked fine, I made sure that the orientation of the QR code was the correct way, though.
  24. Generally speaking people mistaking our Birmingham accent for that of the Black Country are just plain dumb or ignorant. So when fans sing yamyam to Blues fans, they probably aren't being wound up, they are probably thinking what a bunch of idiots. I see it so many times on tv shows where they give Black country accents to people supposedly from as far away as south Warwickshire. I wonder if people mistake the Mancs and the Scousers?
  25. What I can't understand with the EFL, is that why aren't clubs who get promoted to the Premier after breaking FFP rules, not subject to a points deduction on return to the championship? The likes of QPR and Bournemouth should have started their first season back in the championship on negative points.
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