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  1. Was this Dubai trip ever billed as a training camp? From what had been reported prior to this article the squad was given some time off and some of them went to Dubai with their families. Does anyone know for a fact that there was an official trip that was subsequently cancelled by Mel?
  2. I moved to a vacant seat and got my multi season discount so no issues. My current has automatically become vacant. So can be purchased.
  3. I renewed today but have moved to the SW Upper. I can’t get to weekday games to i’ve moved to a cheaper area so I won’t feel as ripped off when they move Forest to a Monday again. That really annoyed me.
  4. Villa will finish well inside the playoffs if they can keep Grealish fit. Despite their wealth of talent they only play if he does. They could win every game from now to the end of the season. Boro go there next and will probably lose. We will be out of the playoffs when we play next but will have a game in hand. sixth is possible but we’ll have to beat Boro to it as Villa will be 5th or higher
  5. Good game today. Bannon was the best player on the pitch but the rest of the Wendies didn’t offer much. We lost our way a bit then finished strongly. Carson’s distribution was awful and maybe Roos is better for Frank’s play it out from the back approach. We didn’t give this one up and neither did Wednesday as they went 442 as well. Malone and Bogle were impressive Jonno did well. I thought Wilson could have closed down quicker but overall I came away content. Lawrence to come in for Bennett against Stoke but i’ll Keep it as it is otherwise. Heart melting moment was the tiny little bald girl taking penalties against Rammie.
  6. Motivation works. The bugle sounding the charge. "Once more into the breach dear friends" Men have gone to their certain deaths in a headlong charge ever since, well forever. Motivated by nothing more that the encouragement of their leaders and peers. They would have gone nowhere if there wasn't a battle cry. 100% motivation works. You might not win every time but you'll go down fighting with the adulation of the multitude ringing in your ears. The fans can be the extra 10% to push us into the play-offs this season. I have no doubt that's what won it for us against Wigan. We can make a difference.
  7. Ramage is a fan. And he reacts to what he sees developing in front of him just like the rest of us. He lives in the moment and his passion shows through. Was anyone confident of turning Villa over with a midfield that had never played together before, including a kid who’d been hauled off at halftime in his last game against Southampton? I certainly wasn’t and we got what we deserved. That was Franks fault pure and simple and Ramage called him out on it as many of us did. RD aren’t negative they are fans of Derby County and for the most part call it as it is. Frank getting spiky about it is good because it shows his passion. He needed to vent a bit and as he’s shown he won’t call his players out. ED was saying that Ramage was squirming in his seat as they took their last free kick. I was too, Lampard was looking away and all three of us where thinking “don’t ducking go in”
  8. Surely this lineup should have enough to beat Wigan. Surely?
  9. G Star I don't have Facebook or Twitter or any of those things but it might be nice to be able to cash out on a bet once in a while. It's a bit frustrating.
  10. Why can't i get internet at Pride Park. I have a full 4G signal on my handy iPhone SE as well as 4 bars on the Vodafone network. Jesus I'm boring myself writing this post.
  11. It's the "easy" games that bother me the most. We look bang average against teams that park the bus and that has been the same for several seasons. Frank looked at 352 last night which could be an option going forward. It didn't work last night but I don't think anything would have worked last night because to win a game first you have to compete and last night like Brighton and Ipswich we did not compete. Forest won't park the bus like they did in September which should help us find some space in behind and perhaps some joy and a positive result. We've been here before, dropping points against utter dross at this time of year and to be honest it's getting a bit old. Come on Frank sort it out.
  12. It would not surprise me if Frank's people were putting the feelers out to Abramovich's people now. Frank will be worried that after three abject performances on the bounce his team are making him look like he doesn't know what he's doing. Chelsea could take him now but not after a couple more defeats and with Forest and Villa away next that could well be what he's looking at. He'll be hoping for Chelsea to lose tonight against Malmö.
  13. Sarri needs sacking sharpish just to stop the speculation. If Franks goes he goes. Probably the worst case scenario for us is that Sarri gets the boot and they appoint Zola as caretaker while Chelsea carry out a Europe wide search for the new man with Frank refusing to rule himself out.
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