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  1. Forgot that he terminated his contract in January
  2. I think Frank will take the pressure off this one. In reality its a free hit. We have everything to gain from a win. The goal difference to Boro will increase with a win, leaving their task harder. A loss or draw and it’s still up to us on Sunday so we have nothing to lose by going for it in Wales. I think we’ll do it Swansea’s draw v Hull means they are already on the beach. We have 3 Welsh internationals in the squad if you include Ledley so maybe The Swans will be helpful. That’ll be another one for the Brizzle conspiracy theorists.
  3. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/efl-issue-statement-aston-villa-16180889.amp So Gibson got nowhere with his quest. His proposal for an independent review into us, Villa and the Wendies got voted down.
  4. They are black swan's riding dark horses into a really long dark cave on a planet that is about to disappear into a black hole. But that's what I gave our play-off chances two games ago.
  5. This story is the Mardy Mr Gibson getting upset because his own tilt at blowing the budget to gain promotion seems to be foundering. We are sound, the EFL has said nowt and Gibson will get nowhere with this. He has no more knowledge of the finances of the clubs mentioned than you or I.
  6. I remember when BJ was public enemy number 1 a few seasons ago. He was widely derided and I have to say I was embarrassed to be a Derby fan when he was subbed and received a barrage of abuse and ironic cheers as he walked off. He still gets stick now and again but he can stay next year for me. As for his goofy pulling his ears out goal celebration that he does I can’t make up my mind if he started doing it after the subbing or if he’s always done it. But one thing about BJ is that he doesn’t show it if the abuse gets to him.
  7. Not getting giddy just stating a mathematical fact.
  8. I’d written us off but now it still in our own hands. We win our next 5 and we are in the playoffs. It doesn’t matter what any one else does.
  9. The play offs was a thing 2 games ago, now it isn’t. On the bright side Florest are done and dusted too.
  10. Was this Dubai trip ever billed as a training camp? From what had been reported prior to this article the squad was given some time off and some of them went to Dubai with their families. Does anyone know for a fact that there was an official trip that was subsequently cancelled by Mel?
  11. I moved to a vacant seat and got my multi season discount so no issues. My current has automatically become vacant. So can be purchased.
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