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  1. Sorry RoyMac5 i was thinking of genuine new signings albeit out of contract no own else wants signings
  2. No one until 1 August gives us a extra month without paying wages,how sad are we
  3. Hard to say as we have had our moments at times were i thought we would never recover as previous posts have already mentioned. That said once your financial clout goes these days its an whole different ball game,we are relying on players that no one else wants and possible loans later down the line,ask me again in January as this is going to be one hell of a long season again
  4. Any four as long as one isnt Wisdom had palpitations every time he went near the ball last season
  5. Yes i think you are correct,the concern is its unlikely to get resolved right up to the deadline of the EFL wanted us to resubmit our accounts before this is all sorted the season would of started and we are not aloud to do any business under embargo
  6. Think this just shows were the EFL are determined to make a case against us come what may,think its league 1 for us guys,the longer this drags on the worse this will become,what a absolute joke this season ends up if we play a couple of games in the Champioship then still get found guilty and end up swapping with Wycombe This is a crazy mess and if its relegation i do know fear administration
  7. I think we all need to use the panic button to be fair lets not kid ourselves here we are in a mess,even if we produce accounts for the three years we are being asked to submit again the time scale will mean the season is upon us with no new signings with a bang average squad at best,we cant even resign Waghorn so no doubt he will look for a new club now I would rather just take the relegation on the chin and crack on,the EFL making two lots of fixtures is a absolute joke no player will want to even join us with all this going on at present
  8. Mansfield Town away its walking distance from were i live
  9. I think it may be bacause we have not got a pot to P*** in
  10. Looking back i think a big club fine would of been the way forward these players contracts these days are water tight and full payment for the entirety of his deal was inevitable However with Keogh not accepting a reduced wage for time he was likely to out is taking the Michael some what, i would love to go to my boss and say i was pissed up in a car driven by someone over the limit and had a crash,please can i have my full wages but i cant come in to work sorry,i wonder how that would go down,P45 i reckon
  11. Should be next season to be fair which would give us ample time to win the points back over a season although it did not help Weds,not sure what you mean transition next season we have been in in one for the last 5 years
  12. Both possible a true point,however trying to sell Beilik we would get a fraction of what we payed for him given his injuries he needs to get fit and show some form first and if Brighton decide to sell Clarke they would look to recoup around 3.5M for him which will probably be way out of our remit
  13. Love to get Adam Armstrong from Blackburn buts thats not going to happen Mentioned a few times to go and get Barry Bannan always looks to play a forward pass its immaterial whether he as signed a new contract thats just so Weds can ask more money for him,a 2 year deal still playing in the Championship should do it and always liked Joss Windass also
  14. Im not saying get rid of them,they will be good squad players for sureand agree they are still young in a difficult season Lets hope the take over does happen as need hardened championship players,we certainly need two central defenders as i doubt Matt Clarke will be released for a third season and dont get me started about Wisdom,Edmonson will go back to Rangers but could come back on the cheap,we also need better cover for Beilik as i can see him being the next George Thorne
  15. Thats all well and good if there good enough,Bird,Sibley and Knight have all flattered to deceive this season and both Buchanan and Forsyth have been outshone by Malone at Millwall with goals and assists. When you look at potential in a player then look at Hughes and Hendrick now we are talking about youthful potential We need at least 7 decent signings this summer if not more to give us a squad that is big enough to come with a full season,
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