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  1. Im with you for sure it is nice to see Plan B and perhaps even Plan C but your missing the point the alterations were made at 2 nil down and game virtually gone .After 20 minutes you could see there was a issue and we even made Palmer and Weimann look like world beaters when they could get no were near our starting eleven. The other thing that confused me was the first sub at half time,yes Malone was having a stinker and Cocu decided to go three at the back again agree with that,but who did he bring on the most out of form liability with have in the squad
  2. Agreed i do think we will have an ok season whether that equates to a top 6 position not to sure. However when a manager as to change formations three times in one game makes my alarm bells go off as you then have a choice of two answers, one is the manager got the tactics completely wrong or as i suspect the squad of players we now have are mediocre at best.Time they say will tell which one is ultimately correct
  3. Very true as well,if they are they will realize we need around 9 decent players so i hope they have deep pockets
  4. Two home games no goals one point and we look totally avoid of any ideas how to break defenders down ,not a decent attempt on goal second half
  5. Thats why he was no better than a squad player for Forest and Sheff Utd
  6. Embarrassing,we have created one decent chance,things need to change and uick We dont need two holding midfielders playing at home so take Hudds off and get Marriott on as Waghorn as no chance on his own especially given the way we are playing
  7. First 20mins of a home game and were woeful Bristol completely running the game and Casey Palmer must be having a right laugh now he is playing in his best position. Same as always with Bennett we give him a start and he goes missing
  8. Spot on,Get Waggy back on the roght to get marriott in the team,if we do need to chase a game we can then adobt a 4-4-2 without to much of a issue Jozefzoon is poor and needs to be taken out the side and Lawrence needs to get involved more or he could be next
  9. Safe team selection although not quite sure how Josefzoon keeps getting picked he as offered nothing since he as been with us,lets hope he does not become a instant pick like Bennett was for FL whose team selections were baffling at times
  10. Wisdom is injured also and Anya! Really
  11. Poor very poor today to many nicey nicey passes in midfield and nothing created Thar sais i would of snapped your hands off for four points from two games,our biggest concern is how injured is Bogle because if he is our for a while we have no cover at right back
  12. He as but sadly still not good enough squad player at best,to get promoted we are trying to fill Harry Wilsons boots without breaking the bank,Scott Sinclar is a good shout as is Jordan Ibe
  13. ramboy63

    Jordon Ibe

    Fljo was the worst Derby player on the night and no more than a squad player you could also say that about Bennett he as been at Derby for a long time now and still cant get in the team We looked better as a team with Waghorn on the right and Marriott down the middle
  14. Yes does seem very strange that FL would not play him saying he is injured yet Cocu does the same but puts him on the bench,rumours have it he is a poor trainer with a attitude,lets see what happens but would not surprise me if the price was right
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