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  1. Looking back i think a big club fine would of been the way forward these players contracts these days are water tight and full payment for the entirety of his deal was inevitable However with Keogh not accepting a reduced wage for time he was likely to out is taking the Michael some what, i would love to go to my boss and say i was pissed up in a car driven by someone over the limit and had a crash,please can i have my full wages but i cant come in to work sorry,i wonder how that would go down,P45 i reckon
  2. Should be next season to be fair which would give us ample time to win the points back over a season although it did not help Weds,not sure what you mean transition next season we have been in in one for the last 5 years
  3. Both possible a true point,however trying to sell Beilik we would get a fraction of what we payed for him given his injuries he needs to get fit and show some form first and if Brighton decide to sell Clarke they would look to recoup around 3.5M for him which will probably be way out of our remit
  4. Love to get Adam Armstrong from Blackburn buts thats not going to happen Mentioned a few times to go and get Barry Bannan always looks to play a forward pass its immaterial whether he as signed a new contract thats just so Weds can ask more money for him,a 2 year deal still playing in the Championship should do it and always liked Joss Windass also
  5. Im not saying get rid of them,they will be good squad players for sureand agree they are still young in a difficult season Lets hope the take over does happen as need hardened championship players,we certainly need two central defenders as i doubt Matt Clarke will be released for a third season and dont get me started about Wisdom,Edmonson will go back to Rangers but could come back on the cheap,we also need better cover for Beilik as i can see him being the next George Thorne
  6. Thats all well and good if there good enough,Bird,Sibley and Knight have all flattered to deceive this season and both Buchanan and Forsyth have been outshone by Malone at Millwall with goals and assists. When you look at potential in a player then look at Hughes and Hendrick now we are talking about youthful potential We need at least 7 decent signings this summer if not more to give us a squad that is big enough to come with a full season,
  7. Just managed to calm myself down and in the end we did enough to survive and next seasons fixtures will show we are a Championship side and we can know put this debacle to bed Going forward i wouldnt mind have Barry Bannan in our team always looking to play a forward pass and would work well once beilik is fit and perhaps even Josh Windass
  8. Possibly biggest game in our recent history,if we do go down you can bet the takeover will not happen and if it does it will be at a greatly reduced price,would that be enough then for Mel to walk away We have the worst recent form than any team in all 4 divisions and once again i can see Barry Bannan having a field day,this is without doubt last chance saloon for us as i could quite easily see us not only being relegated but no takeover and club in administration
  9. Me and you both,you can just see a draw coming and Rotherham pinching a 90th minute winner at Cardiff to condemn us both
  10. Makes a change from the garbage refs we have had to put up with this season
  11. Means nothing this weekend is a Cup Final in essence its a 1 off game winner takes all although it may turn out a draw would do
  12. Sadly my friend i think you are going to proven correct,next weekend is a Cup Final make no mistake and i just cant see us winning the game,it may end up we only need to draw but even that looks unlikely,today was a massive chance to put this to bed,we get our nose in front again and have a crazy 10 minutes again,it was a nothing game against a side that was as poor as us. I am now resigned to thinking were going down
  13. Love the Brentford boss tells it as it is, really smart guy and came so close last season,if its Bournemouth then the three teams that came down go straight up which in my opinion shows what a poor division this as been this time For me lets go with Barnsley complete outsiders and one of the teams tipped to go down this season they have had a magnificent season
  14. Sheff Weds dont need to win both games if we lose at Swansea a draw for them against Forest and any win against us see them on the same points but they will by then have a better goal difference than us by virtue of us losing our last two games
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