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  1. Said on a thread before if Waghorn is 100% fit i would bring him in on the right with Marriott down the middle That leaves Mount,Johnson and Wilson as the middle three,which is the same side that did all the damage at Man Utd
  2. My first thoughts as soon as Malone was sent off massive last game of his career ,is it written in the stars though,time will tell
  3. To be fair i think the home defeat did us a favour to be honest as Lampard changed the formation and we went for it,had we won or even drawn at home we would of probably been set up differently and not were we are now
  4. For me if fit Waghorn comes back in on the Right with marriott down the middle,Holmes on bench and Wilson in the three with Mount and Johnson,side that put WBA and Man Utd to the sword
  5. Wow just wow what a night to be a rams fan,lets see if we turn up like this at Wembley Spare a thought for Malone as i thought he did ok tonight only now to miss the final and is Ashley Cole up to 90 mins But tonight is all about enjoyment and seeing the scum dogs i work with in the morning
  6. Leeds crowd up again,this is going to be a long 20 mins
  7. Why take Bennett off Leeds are all over the place,dont tell me were going to sit back after all the effort
  8. The last week in football says there is always a chance however there needs to be such an improvement from yesterday. 7 attempts on goal and not a single attempt on target playing at home in a play off semi final is an absolute disgrace,just thank ourselves lucky that Leeds did not finish there chances as this game could of been dead and buried by now
  9. You can read all the posts on this thread and the same conclusion will be made,poor tactics which made the players on edge,the only time we saw Bogle over the half way line is when we may of got the penalty late second half and that is not his game at all Never happened before when the home leg as been lost that a team as gone on to Wembley this Derby side suggests it wont change
  10. Totally should of never of started with Nugent and looked like the he told team to sit back and hit them on the break (Didnt work Frank) Home leg of a wembley semi and not a single shot on target,embarrassing
  11. To be honest 1-0 makes us look good,totally outplayed but were not totally out of it.We could do with Waghorn having a miraculous recovery to give us slight hope but like to many times this season we are chalk and cheese in performances
  12. There is a massive gap between us and Leeds,this could get embarrassing again FL as got the tactics completely wrong and get Nugent off,ffs
  13. If we get beat by attacking them and show them what we can do then fine,however if we do get beat and playing the way we did first half trust me we will its another massive opportunity we have let slip. First 10mins second half is key if we could just get our nose in front that would create a massive buzz around the ground
  14. That was painfull if we are going to play deep then what was the point in picking Nugent the obvious choice would of been Marriott to hit them on the break,think FL as got this wrong lets not be concerened what they can do lets get back to the way we played last week
  15. We need to step this up,this is worrying,Leeds have total control
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