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  1. Lets hope so,second division at best
  2. Crikey i do hope they can manage on £5000 a week
  3. To late for us forget it, 74 points as you say will be the bench mark,that means we need 23 points from a possible 27 it aint going to happen
  4. It depends if this gets a grip on the UK like it as in Italy lets all hope not. Some matches in Italy this weekend are already being played behind closed doors
  5. I didnt say we would win the FA cup if you read my post again,it says we had a great chance of getting to Wembley for a Semi Final,lets be fare Norwich are no great shakes
  6. Total agreement,i thought Sibley did well and the back four choice was strange Given the fact we have zero chance of the play offs this was a great chance to get to the quarters then up against a glorified Championship team in Norwich for a place at Wembley in the semis It turned in to a boys v mens game in the end and i thought we had a better chance of winning this than we did last season in the EFL trophy We move on but a massive opportunity missed
  7. Just another kick in the teeth for us Rams fans,this season cant finish quick enough to be honest,its been a complete shambles
  8. I said a few weeks ago when we had the audacity to challenge the EFL about out finances we will get all the worst and dodgy refs from here on in and since that day nothing as changed my mind.
  9. Spot on post and totally agree However lets hope the EFL dont stuff us with a points deduction at the trial and that then knocks the stuffing out the team, we could still be in real danger if that was the outcome Loving how we have turned this around since a certain Mr Rooney as bought calm to the team
  10. Toss a coin even Cocu doesnt know
  11. Keep going over old ground and round a round a garden excuse the pun We are going massively backwards as a team and financially ,We may have some bright young players coming through but they are out there depth at present, Even if they do make the grade we will be looking to sell them off not to form a foundation for the next generation. If all the players whos contract ends this summer do not get renewed we need around 6-7 decent players,were is that money coming from. We will in the end bounce back im sure but could be some dark days ahead
  12. i am like most peoples opinion on here this season is over or lets be honest never really got started Poor summer transfer window for one reason or another as left us with this shambles of a team,i am all for playing the young players but if we continue as we are its going to hurt there confidence.It looks like the investment is being held back just in case we do get a points deduction which would put us on the relegation line and even more presuure heaped on young shoulders I am on the fence when it comes to Cocu my worry is he is not learning from previous mistakes and if i was in a job for say 6 months and kept making the same mistakes and no plan of action i would be out of a job Still lets see were we are come May
  13. He as nothing against subs par-say the problem is he as no clue when and how to use them thats concerning
  14. For how bad the ref was i agree,however you cant touch or approach a ref like Lowe did,he will learn the hard way,we have much more concerns in our team than the sending off trust me
  15. Absolute woeful i know its a different team than the cup game but still the same coaching going on and it makes you wonder what we are trying to achieve in training because it aint happening on the field. We have a deflected goal to show for tonight's excuse of a performance,if we do happen to get a points deduction we are in real trouble
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