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  1. Cocu is in for a real fight for his job hear,agreed we have average players but we are not learning at all and begs the question what are we doing on the training ground,Charlton proved today you do not need super stars to win games and the same went for Norwich last season As for his management skills in Holland he was at a club who you would expect to be in the top two or three no questions,its like taking the Celtic job a muppet would get you trophy's as the opposition is so weak.There is no easy games in the Championship you have to be bang at it all 90 mins and we are far from that
  2. You are very correct,look at the starting line ups today how many Charlton players would you take and put them straight in to our team,one perhaps two at best yet we are being totally outplayed in every department
  3. This is the worse playing staff we have had for a decade,if this continues we could be in trouble real trouble
  4. 15 points from next fives games,not a cat in hells chance
  5. Sloppy very Sloppy to give two points away there,we had so many great opportunities in the second half but the final pass was awful. Mid table if were lucky on these types of performances two wins in ten games not great
  6. Correct it does we deserved nothing at Leeds but got a late goal ,yet against WBA we should of won that game then lost 2 points from a debatable penalty
  7. Looking at the latest news on Keogh it will be 15 months at best before he recovers from the injury add another 2 to 3 months on top of that to get match ready pretty much means he is finished as a Derby player,however if Derby do try to sack him for misconduct to save money it would also mean the end for Bennett and Lawrence so we will have to see how this plays out
  8. Worrying times i have to say and this is going to be a testing season for sure We should have enough to keep clear of relegation although the likes of Ipswich,Sunderland and the Red Dogs said the same
  9. Think you may be right, this season is turning in to a shambles,lets hope come May there are 3 worse teams than us
  10. Yes i have to agree with you although we all know in this game patience is hard to swallow given we have been in and around the play offs for a few years and keep hearing the word transition drives me mad weve been in transition since we got relegated from the Prem. For me next 6 games are key as you will then be able to see what we have in terms of quality in the side
  11. Agree no respect for the club,manger or fans.Sadly Lawrence as a sell value and we should look to move him on in January as for Bennett he is worth sweet FA and wouldnt get in a second division team regular i think hes one of our own,Really
  12. Never mentioned Cocu and if we cant score penalties once there given even when they clearly wasnt (West Brom) confirms my previous message players not good enough
  13. Yes its worrying and the players on Saturday looked like they had no idea what was going on,Next six games are key and a absolute minimum for me is 10 points from those games if we are still at the one point a game ratio 14 points from 14 games it could well be tin hat time
  14. You can come up with every permutation physically possible with the squad of players we have at present and you still get the same answer they are not good enough and the three loanees from last season have not been replaced properly Lets just hope come May there are three worse teams than us,having watched the Brentford and Leeds games i do despair and the fact we have not won at home yet is worrying
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