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  1. IF you don't mind that'd be great, thank you! I'm presuming there isn't but you never know. Still have the programme from it somewhere at home. Thanks for that I didn't actually know that was around. I found the match on the 1999/00 Wiki page but last time I looked it was a dead link. I can see some of them now in their oversized shirts!
  2. Possibly the wrong category, but does anybody know where I can find footage of this game? It's one of the first games I ever went to -- one of the people I went with is no longer here and for a bit of the old nostalgia I'd love to see the highlights just to visualise my few memories of the day. Searched on Youtube and can't see anything and I've not had look elsewhere, or even on the tapes my dad has from that period.
  3. I don't watch it but it's the same with Strictly... first note of the intro tune starts and the audience go into an absent-minded state of rhythmic clapping. Why? It's not needed... what does the clapping do??
  4. Sung loudly and properly, Steve Bloomer's Watching is a great song that has many elements of a good intro song. It's let down by our fans. I always sing it but rarely hear anybody around me even have a go.
  5. What a great story -- not many of that generation left anymore. Wish I'd spoken to more when I were younger. My grandparents wed on 27th April 1946 in Long Eaton, the day Derby won the FA Cup. I like to think they celebrated!
  6. I've had several, the last being in Leicester in October 2014. They sent me letters and warnings up until Feb. 2015 then it stopped and I've not heard anything since. It was for parking in a hotel I had paid £100 to stay the night in! No way was I being charged another £50 for parking there.
  7. Not feeling great about this one... The famous team (if you still live in 1990) 2 - 0 Derby County. One goal for the Gumps in each half.
  8. Keogh is/was the captain of the team and he publicly stated he was "personally responsible" for what happened. With that in mind the sacking makes sense. I don't know any other real facts (as many of us don't) so can't comment.
  9. I spent most of my childhood holidays down there and always thought they were South Cornwall. The old tin mines on the coasts are picturesque but as you say, some of the towns can be a bit ropey now there's no mines to go down!
  10. As much as I love my club and have defended it through thick and thin everywhere I go, I think the judge needs to hand a custodial sentence to ?Bennett here. Many are watching this case and the outcome will send a message out across the country -- that message needs to be strong and clear. Really hate to say it but that's how I feel.
  11. I've always got on with Barnsley fans whenever we've played them -- good bunch, good banter and a laugh. Last time we played them when they were relegated they were gracious in defeat and took it well. Good to see them back up.
  12. Thanks yes that’s the one we found.
  13. We found a bar on the seafront called “Prime”... easy to spot right along the front. They have 4 TVs and can play most games if they’re televised. He added Derby County to the schedule board after we requested it 👍🏼 Beer is good and he kept giving us free Jäger (which helped during the first half!)
  14. I’m on holiday in Greece on an island called Naxos. Girlfriend doesn’t know but I’m subtly trying to find bars advertising Sky Sports Football! Not much luck at the moment.
  15. Have they had the open top bus parade around the 'citeh centa' yet? 😂
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