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  1. We found a bar on the seafront called “Prime”... easy to spot right along the front. They have 4 TVs and can play most games if they’re televised. He added Derby County to the schedule board after we requested it 👍🏼 Beer is good and he kept giving us free Jäger (which helped during the first half!)
  2. I’m on holiday in Greece on an island called Naxos. Girlfriend doesn’t know but I’m subtly trying to find bars advertising Sky Sports Football! Not much luck at the moment.
  3. Have they had the open top bus parade around the 'citeh centa' yet? 😂
  4. Must attract a different bunch in the side of Beeston I work in then! Wasn't at the game but from what a friend who was there has said, the youth (Buchanan, Mitchell-Lawson particularly) did look promising and showed individual talents. All we can do is treat the game as a bit of experience for them in a fairly tough game.
  5. Got into work this morning and already the gloating has started -- going to be a great day. Hearing the cries of "Que Sera Sera" on the radio last night is the only thing keeping me from biting. The rivalry is a big thing for me as I live in Derbyshire but among gumps and have done all my life. The game did matter to me because of that, but ultimately the outcome doesn't really matter for Derby County.... As said already on here, Cocu did make it clear the focus is elsewhere based on the team selection. If it were our first team we'd put out I'd be concerned this morning, but it wasn't so I'm not. The gloating will wear off soon anyway when they get knocked out by Burton Albion again 😂
  6. If you don't like the prices get some real beer down you in one of the many fine drinking establishments in Derby. Or, do as a nursing friend of mine does as take you liquid refreshment in with you in a catheter bag!
  7. When I was between 17 and 22 I simply didn't earn enough to be able to afford the prices and that was true of lots of friends. I actually applaud Forest for what they did last season for younger fans, offering 4-11 year olds a season ticket for £10, 12-17 year olds for £50 and 18-23 year olds £100 for the season. For those that can make games we make the commitment and part with our hard-earned cash age regardless, but I feel we could boost our support by offering a similar structure for the young.
  8. I was on the train coming back from Portsmouth last year and couldn't figure out how to listen to the game that was on at the time. I rang the other half, asked her to put the radio on and then put her phone next to the radio so I could listen on the way home. Apart from losing signal a couple of times it worked pretty well. Just looked like I was on a conference call.
  9. They tend to be fairly new buses don't they? They can't be as bad as all of those mid-90s to early 2000s buses that park on the bridge over the Derwent.
  10. All you will see on their forums are references to "The Famous Team" winning a game at "The World Famous City Ground", where the "Tricky Trees" backed by 50,000 "mighty reds" triumphed over us, with talk of how they now want to "cup the b*lls" of the player who scored their single goal and how he'll take them to the top. All genuine quotes from their forum. They are a different breed aren't they... can't wait to smash them at their shed at the end of the month.
  11. You could take the my15 to Sawley, get off at the Railway Station and then the train to Derby takes 9 minutes. From there it's an easy walk to the ground with a few pubs on the way. Plus you get to walk in with fellow Rams.
  12. Don't blame them if I'm honest! I can't stand our national anthem -- it's an embarrassing drone where we have to sing solely about one un-elected woman and how great and glorious it is to have an appointed ruler. Would be far better to adopt something where we sing about our nation and people and there are plenty of songs for that. I worked in Liverpool for a few days in 2017 and the people I spoke to on site agreed with my republican views. One chap also told me about when he and the street refused to pay poll tax and the local Councillors were supporting them.
  13. The best (true) story I heard was from my Dad growing up in the early '60s. He was messing around with his mates and threw a conker or a stone or something at an ice cream van window. The owner got out, grabbed him by his shirt collar and took him round to his house where my Grandmother was at home! Rather than shout at him for touching precious Tommy and do a post on Facebook as many would do now, she took him inside out of sheer embarrassment, apologised profusely and he had to stay in for 2 weeks. Grandad paid for the damage. I'm only 28 myself but having been brought up by fairly strict (but never violent) parents born in the early 1950s, I suppose I had a different upbringing. Agree totally on the phone issue too. See it all time -- Mum pushing the pram with one hand on the handle, the other on the phone ignoring the inquisitive questions of their children. So glad I grew up (just) before phones were everywhere like they are now.
  14. I haven't been on here much since the season ended, so my post while waiting for Monday's game can be a rant. I was out watering the hanging baskets yesterday during the brief spell of sunshine we enjoyed. We sometimes get kids on bikes passing by or parents taking children to and from nursery, but other than the peak times like that it's pretty quiet. @ramsbottom might know some of the delights who walk down Wilmot Street and area. I was walking back towards the back gate when I saw two kids no older than 10 on bikes. One had a can of coke and after finishing it, just lobbed it onto the road which I hate. I walked over and asked him to pick it up and he looked at me at told me to "duck off" before biking away. I would have been slapped for saying that as a youngster! Even if my dad wasn't around I'd still be terrified of coming home to him just knowing I'd said it. He just didn't care at all. I was stewing about it for the next hour...
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