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  1. I think what you're doing is totally worthwhile and especially given your explanation of context. Anything which contributes towards recording the collective history of our nation's famous sport is a good cause. Very easy to grumble and chunter about it but ultimately this information will be used by future generations to paint a picture of the past.
  2. They’re in the play offs by luck and the skin of their teeth. So many fine margins in their games I think reality might be catching them out.
  3. Knew it would happen. The price of the ticket (general sale) is ridiculous though and I won't be going -- £37 minimum is a lot to ask. As good a day it usually is (and I've been to many of these matches), I just can't warrant the money. I think we'll bring 26k to 28k tops but we could sell out if we charged a reasonable ticket price and didn't put so many ordinary working people off.
  4. I might screenshot mine and come back to it in May!
  5. As we all know it's just a guess as to how we'll do and how the table will end up, but a 'calculator' I do often look at is one hosted on the Grimsby Town website lol. You select your division at the start and if you deselect all teams and click next then next again, it shows you a predicted table based on current form with a random factor built in. https://thefishy.co.uk/football-calculator.php
  6. I actually decided to watch their game against Charlton (don't ask why) and I don't understand how Forest are where they are having seem them played like they did last night. Charlton were class and deserved a bigger win.
  7. I'm going with my Dad and Brother for this one -- bought tickets in the South Stand, block B lower thinking we'd snuck in and got ourselves good seats but I'm surprised to see so, so many seats available. I know it's only Northampton but I'm now thinking it'll be a bit subdued in there.
  8. Seriously if we could just get our act together on the road!!
  9. We’re normally East Stand we’ll be standing and singing with you.
  10. I'm in the South Stand for this for the first time in my life. I'm in B block lower, right next to the away fans -- what's it like there? 🤣 Also surprised not many tickets have sold!
  11. The Luton commentary is on fire, they are loving this getting all giddy. How we’ve gone to the bottom-rated team in the Championship and lost to them in this way is beyond me. Bought my Dad a ticket to see Northampton next Tuesday. Genuinely nervous about it.
  12. We are utter rubbish. Working in Aylesbury overnight listening to their radio only makes it worse.
  13. We're currently 2nd based on the below and other sites: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/besucherzahlen/wettbewerb/GB2/plus/?saison_id=2019 Derby are regularly leaders in this division in terms of attendances.
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