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  1. It normally does! Thing is I just join the motorway safely and sit in the inside lane a good distance behind any lorry doing around 55-60mph. The morons behind me shoot into the outside lane doing 80mph+ and I usually pass them 15 minutes further up the road. I don't swap lanes at all unless behind a very slow-moving lorry going up hill for example.
  2. I regularly drive up the A1 to Normanton (the West Yorkshire one). I leave at around 0630 to get there for 0815 and I always sit at 60mph behind a lorry on cruise control. It uses less fuel and I don't need to hurry. As the traffic builds up as I go past Doncaster there is often a long queue of cars bumper to bumper in the outside lane crawling at 30mph while I and the lorries cruise past at 40-50mph. I cannot understand the logic of the other drivers. I'm often beeped at for "undertaking them" and occasionally encounter somebody darting into my lane dangerously to then brake test me because I flashed my lights. If they all used the right lane when joining the road instead of darting automatically into the outside lane the road would move a lot more smoothly.
  3. If you're dedicated to supporting your team you'll go to the ground and make some noise, whether its on TV or not. I share your views on Sky as I think they ruined real cricket by taking it off the BBC but..... I think the real reason is cost. I might start something here, but a lot of my age group of friends (28-32) simply cannot afford to attend games regularly and I think prices put large numbers of people off. I'm not just talking about at PP but across the league. I read somewhere once that compared to the mid-90s average ticket prices have gone up several hundred percent, in the premier league they went up 312% between '89 and '99. My dad has a ticket stub from Leeds Vs. Derby from 1976 and it's marked at 72p which is about £6.50ish today (accounting for inflation). It's not just the price affecting things (people glued to phones doesn't help!) but it's a big factor. Most of my friends are starting out in their own place, have young'uns and don't generally have a lot of spare cash. When they do they will go to a game and all of us make it very worthwhile, but a lot of the time they can't afford it. This is an age group who generally make a lot of noise. Sky only worsen the problem when it can just be seen on TV from the comfort of the sofa and a bottle of Bass. I'm okay with ticket prices but the change in atmosphere I think is down to a combination of ever-rising ticket prices, Sky, everyone having a mobile, etc.
  4. As always the South Stand (with a bit of support from the East Stand) were a credit to the fans last night.
  5. I was really annoyed last night at the performance Derby put out, but after a night's kip and some fresh thoughts I'm feeling positive. Read this morning on the DT Frank saying "I'm Derby manager, and we're working hard every game here... My focus was absolutely on Millwall and will remain the same for Nottingham Forest" making it clear his job is here at Derby. Form means absolutely nothing in these games. Hopefully have Mount back then I hope for a scrappy 0-1 win to us and a long-awaited change in performances thereafter.
  6. Apart from some good defending from Tomori and a nice bit of footwork from Cole, this game has been dire... Can't keep being charitable and giving points away to struggling sides. Next week has to go differently.
  7. Really impressed with Cole tonight.
  8. Well if it were too big for us, it would certainly be too big for Forest seeing as the last time they had more in their ground than Derby in a season was in 2004.
  9. Rams 1 - 0 Milwalll. Please don't do that God-awful annoying "Milwall roar"...
  10. Can’t see us turning this around one bit. Let’s look on to next Wednesday.
  11. Really poor should be doing better than this against a lowly Premiership team.
  12. Good to see this post. The result last night is not what I wanted (I predicted 1-4 😅) but the style of play this February is much better than last. Ipswich are fighting for their lives at the moment they weren't going to be easy no matter what we thought. There was lots of frustration in the crown last night ( especially due to the repeated losing of possession) but there was a also lots of quality (albeit inconsistent) play and King clearly made a noticeable difference. Hitting the woodwork not once but twice was just luck. We've only lost one game since Boxing Day. There are moments in our games which to me beat all of the performances we were putting out last year and we just need more of them! Lampard clearly knows what he wants to achieve on the pitch but hasn't quite got the right formula yet. We're still just about in contention and if performances improve I think top 6 is totally realistic this year. Now in a dream world, I'd want Norwich to get more results like last night and in turn we start picking up some major wins (thinking Milwall, Wigan, Stoke). Why can't we get 2nd?
  13. Ipswich Town 1 - 4 Derby County FRGS Wilson
  14. Thanks for this. I normally ask my train-loving father-in-law and on this occasion he has clearly failed me with his inferior knowledge!
  15. Just recently I think our support has been electric. The atmosphere and noise vs. Hull on Saturday was absolutely brilliant and selling tickets in these numbers for places which are hours away in car or a fraught journey by train just goes to show what top fans and support the Rams have.
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