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  1. Not sure if this one's been covered before... where is the most unlikely place you've encountered a Rams fan? I climbed the Old Man of Conniston in the Lakes in March. When we got to the summit and took a break in extremely bleak, windy conditions, a bloke appeared out of the fog with (presumably) his daughter. I noticed the Derby Ram on his jacket and obviously got talking. Turns out he moved from Spondon to the Lakes and lived in the street that joins my grandparents road. He stopped a few mins and then headed off. I was in Montpellier in southern France once on a city break and the tour guide asked where we were from. I never, ever say Nottingham and say near Derby. His eyes lit up and said "Yes, Derby County!". Not a fan, but a nice recognition moment.
  2. My other half has the white Puma one at the bottom but hasn't worn it since she was 8, so probably just a white/black combo. I am wearing a replica 1971/72 shirt just because I like it. Unfortunately not going to Wembley as I can't make 😞 so will just be wearing it around Sawley and Long Eaton for the weekend and then down the pub on Monday.
  3. I looked at doing this before we beat L**ds and they were £20-odd quid! Wish I'd bought it now!
  4. Personally I'm not a fan of VAR. It slows the flow of the game down, it's totally unclear to all what's going on while a review is taking place, it leads to more added time and is still a human decision ultimately (and open to error), Difficult to argue against it when it went England's way in the world cup mind! If they are going to use it though and shout about how good it is, be consistent. A game like this surely warrants it.
  5. Left a present on the desk of a Leeds fan at work this morning, not happy 😂 I've never been to a Wembley final and I'm just wondering the best way to get there. Will there be coaches on? I can get to London via Birmingham from Long Eaton for about £20 return but want to go with other Rams, anybody got recommendations?
  6. I know what you mean, so many chances which built the tension plus it being an important game. Think the difference with West Brom was that there were more people there with it being the last day and it really really mattering that we won.
  7. Which is why I'm always annoyed when people say we have rubbish support. Nearly every home game in 2007-08 was sold out no matter what the previous result. Even when we dropped back to the Championship the next year we were getting larger attendances than at least 9 other Premiership clubs. The game on Sunday against West Brom reminded me about how truly amazing our fans and club is.
  8. Wow had no idea about Kathy at all I just thought this was something that had been passed down, but it's very public knowledge. I remember going abroad for the first time to Berlin on a school trip and they had an "American Candy" shop. I distinctly remember seeing packets of Swizzel Mathlows love hearts with "New Mills, Derbyshire" on the back which we all got excited about seeing there. Don't think the shop staff were bothered.
  9. For a "down the pub" conversation I'm impressed with the level of intellect going on here. @Gee SCREAMER !! - fantastic post. Any reference on the Jimi Hendrix inspiration? A slightly less famous artist (The Maisonettes) had a backing singer from Derby....
  10. Inventing the cuff you see on your jumpers. It was first knitted in Derby, made famous there and then called the "Derby Cuff". Nuclear engineering technology (Royce's, International Combustion). The first large-scale, modern water pumping system (created by George Sorocold and spread to places like London, using tree trunks as pipes!) Swarfega! (cleaning paste used by the gallon on building sites) The first open, publicly-owned, recreational space (Derby Arboretum).
  11. For me Steve Bloomer's Watching always wins it just based on lyrics, melody, loudness, etc. The bounce is great and on Sunday it felt like everyone was coming together best all season, but I always feel a bit uncomfortable with the swearing in it... I go along with it but automatically flinch if my dad is there as I'd have my mouth washed out for saying it as a kid! Then again when we score all that goes out the window as we sit so close to the away end 🤣
  12. Was hoping for a straightforward game this Sunday, with both teams knowing they're secure in the playoffs. Instead going to be a restless night's kip on Saturday night and more than a few ales on the way to the ground. Forest fan at work has his West Brom mate coming over and he also reckons they'll be resting players and not bothered about going 4th to 3rd.
  13. West Brom 1 - 3 Derby County. Same atmosphere as it was against Barnsley last season. FRGS Lawrence
  14. I'm buzzing for the next three games... anything can happen. Everything still within reach and of course DCFC leave it right until the very, very end before we'll know. It'll be a tense and wild few weeks coming up and all we can do is stop whinging and get behind the club and the lads on the pitch. I've got my Derbyshire Ram flag hoisted up on the shed COYR!
  15. Unfortunately we have a lot of tree supporters in Sawley and Long Eaton. So as the other half and I boarded a train to Derby at Long Eaton yesterday evening, I couldn’t resist asking a group of gumps what the score was... looks on their faces = priceless 🐏🐏🐏
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