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  1. Thought it was just me! I found the ones I met generally irritating and I was annoyed that they somehow lingered around in the Championship for so long. Possibly not helped by the amount of times they beat us 😂
  2. I agree it's a welcome distraction -- this topic has descended into a topic you would hear on Alan Partridges' Mid Morning Matters... "Do you keep your crisps in the fridge -- if so what is the best flavour?"
  3. We need to stop helping to pedal this rubbish!
  4. I really admire your quest to find this information, but you have to consider the technical, financial and space limitations. Whoever it was who filmed the campaign needs to have saved the film reel. If they don't have it (doubt they will) then the broadcaster may have saved it but who was this? You'll find that broadcasters routinely evaluate and review what they store in their archives as storage space is so, so precious. Who broadcast the campaign then? Might be worth asking BBC archives if they have footage? I have got copies of film from them before for a fee.
  5. I just want Frank to stay and I think he has a good measure of decency and honesty in him. Obviously that could be totally wrong, but from what I hear from him and from his actions after over a year with the club I just get a good vibe from him. We're not going to get anywhere if we just keep going through managers. I look to Norwich and others in the past even recently, who have had a season under the same manager and stayed in the Championship but by sticking with their staff have by a following season gone up.
  6. It was! And here's to another with Lampard at the helm...
  7. This time last year Villa were in our shoes... reading any of their forums from May last year and talking to any of their fans at the time would make you realise they were just as downhearted as we are now. After a torrent of abuse from Forrest fans at work (I work in Nottingham) I think I've just about recovered. In looking at the past year with Frank it's been bloody amazing and we've already transformed our team with lots more transformation to come. Hang in there mate... we're all Derby and we're all united together for the club, August will be here before we know it and we could do a Villa or better :D
  8. The way I see it... - Frank Lampard is still stating his continued commitment to Derby. - Frank, Jody, Shay, etc. have both done an incredible job in their first complete season at Derby County, (under 18s being best in the country, senior squad finishing 6th, getting to Wembley, uniting the fans, playing some incredible football) - I don't think we were fully ready for the Premiership and are still building, Frank is learning still! - Tomori has already said that he would consider another year on loan to us from Chelsea. Given all of the above was done in year 1, this gives me great hope and excitement for the future. If Frank and co. stay then there is a lot telling us that next season can be even better. As often said, we are a team in transition and all we should be doing is taking the fan unity we've all gained this year into next season. Miserable few days ahead but we'll move on and August will be here before we know it.
  9. Well shiver me timbers I didn't realise they'd been pinched off us! I searched the boundary commision and Mid Derbyshire was created in 2010. Today's fact of the day aaside, Erewash (the borough) is still a Derby County "territory" regardless.
  10. Nah they're all in Erewash. I know what you mean -- odd to think of Breadsall as Erewash but it is honestly! In fact if you drive up Acorn Way to Oakwood, you briefly go into Erewash which is why there is a random sign saying "Derbyshire" on the side of the road as you briefly leave the City of Derby. The DCFC training ground is actually in Erewash!
  11. I am very close to Rufford Road as it happens! Normally walk down there on the way to the White Lion or the Lock Keeper's Rest. Saturday mornings and early evenings can be fun on Wilmot St. as fans head to and from games.
  12. Sorry you're wrong there! Sawley are Long Eaton are a bit split because of the post code thing, Ilkeston too, but Borrowash, Draycott, Breaston, Ockbrook, Dale Abbey, Little Eaton, Morley, Breadsall, etc. etc. are thoroughly Derby fans! Bolsover and Amber Valley are on the border too.
  13. Oops good spot, tbh I doubt pinching it is what they'd do 😂 One day I'll put a pole up and it can fly high for them all to look at.
  14. Sawley and Long Eaton are in Derbyshire and there are lots of Rams fans here, but unfortunately there are also plenty of gumps too so my flag will be staying on the shed so it can't be pinched! Seen lots of Derby shirts and jackets out in Sawley over the past week though since the win.
  15. Which year was it where it was agreed that the loser gets all? Was having an discussion with my dad about it and he was saying one year it was agreed that way.
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