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Managers you wish (at the time) we hadn't sacked (or resigned)

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It seems that the majority of people aren't shedding any tears, but who the managers you were disappointed we sacked at that exact time - no revisionist history!

I'd love to kick off by saying Clough, but I wasn't. I heard too many stories through my old man and I thought it was the best thing at that time. In hindsight I was a jackass and if you gave me a time machine now I'd be heading back to 1973 with a serious mission in mind and it wouldn't be to see Slade live. 

So for me:

Dave Mackay - I was truly stunned by this one. I think the bar was so high at that time that missing out on the double the year before was seen as failing.

Roy McFarland - Partly because he was, and still is a total icon, but equally he'd done pretty well in terms of wins to losses ratio. I'd have given him another 12-months.

Colin Todd. Yes he kind of stunk up the joint in terms of results, but he had 3 months ffs. Plus he's possibly my favorite player of all time, so I'm somewhat biased.

Steve McClaren (1st stint) - we played some great football under McClaren and he's the only manager we have had for more than a dozen or so games to have a higher winning percentage than Cloughie.

Nigel Clough - I'm still bummed about this and I'm convinced we'd be a solid Premier League team if he hadn't let go. Love his outlook on playing football and I'd welcome him back now with open arms.


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Both Mac 1 and 2. I was also gutted when Clough was sacked. I was definitely pro-Pearson and Clement being sacked despite the controversy around them. I’m sure I agreed with the rest, although I had faith in Jewell a lot longer than most based on his past. 

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Jewell, he’s was one game from turning it around. If he had stayed, we’d be on a plane to the Ukraine tonight 

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In my time...

Gutted to see Jim Smith go. Probably the right call but we've been mostly gash ever since.

Nigel Clough. To this day I stand by the view that it was a bad decision and I would argue we'd be an established PL side with a proper foundation from which to build if he hadn't been booted!

Aside from them. Not that bothered either way really.

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George Burley - was genuinely gutted when he resigned. Had transformed us from a team destined for League One to playoffs the following season with virtually no money to spend. The football was fantastic too. To replace him with Phil Brown just seemed cruel.

Nigel Clough - the timing of his sacking angered me more than anything. Agree he would eventually have got us up & the squad was mostly in place. Problem was many fans had lost patience.

Paul Clement - first managerial job, doing pretty well & then cast aside after 8 months. The football wasn't very exciting but understandably he was still finding his way. That could have evolved had he been given the chance.

I was also saddened when Arthur Cox & Jim Smith left but unlike the 3 managers above, thought their time with us had come to a natural end.

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17 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

Arthur Cox

George Burley

I think George left of his own volition. Couldn't take any more from the 3 amigo's.

I was a big fan of his and very sorry when he called it a day. He's the type of manager who would be perfect for Derby today and would be able to handle Mel Morris. Unfortunately there is no one around like him. Or no one I can think of....  


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Nigel Clough ???

A solid premier league club. You're living in a dream world!

The penny dropped the day for me the day he dropped Shefki Kuqi for Luke Moore and couldn't work out why results had changed so dramatically. To quote Nigel when things weren't going his way 'we'll just keep doing the same things'.

The guy did okay but he's lauded on here for seasons of mediocrity. The football was frustrating and boring, I've never gone to Derby games and felt so annoyed. 

He could identify a good footballer but had no idea how to work with them and fit them into a system. 

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