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  1. In the Falcon in High Wycombe. Full of Villa fans
  2. Just met a Derby fan in Warwick who was gutted he could not get a ticket. I wished I had a spare to give him poor guy
  3. I'm heading for the Torch (not the one in the kitchen drawer)
  4. Very true but it did surprise me he even went there
  5. I think that is a wise decision but the club have asked that you wait until Saturday before calling them just in case it arrives in the Sat Post.
  6. Got mine today..... Don't trust Warrington postal sorting office. I have had theatre tickets and jewellery go missing from there in the past
  7. Until today, I never knew Charlie George played for the Trees. Learn something new every day
  8. OK guys there is a revised timetable Wembley Stadium to High Wycombe I have several I can catch. For Banbury there is the 18.04 and 18.24
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