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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Oh drat, that's a real bugger
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Get off at Edale. Have a bit of a ramble and then into one if the lovely pubs there and then head off home. Sounds perfect to me.
  3. What it’s like being a Rams fan in one sentence

    Frustrating and sad
  4. Derby set pieces

    The Alan Hinton feeling of anticipation I think we called it
  5. Must win or must not lose?

    Must win. We have drawn too many games
  6. Favourite seasons

    Agree 1968 to 1976......the rest is just twaddle
  7. Nigel Clough's first five signings at Derby

    Jewellery :)...... That's a gem
  8. RIP Arthur Stewart

  9. RIP Arthur Stewart

    I am sure Jack Parry was a bit before Arthur Stewart but then again we are going back over 50 years as the memory is somewhat fuzzy now lol
  10. George Thorne

    Surprise surprise
  11. RIP Arthur Stewart

    I liked Arthur. Not greatly gifted but a grafter that always gave 100%. I think we signed him from Glentoran for about £10k as I recall Rip Arthur
  12. George Thorne

    You can never compare Thorne with Dave Mackay. Mackay would still have been a fantastic footballer even if he played with two broken legs. It's a bit like comparing a fish finger with a piece of Halibut. Both fish, but one is way better than the other
  13. George Thorne

    I actually agree with Doodle. The guy will never be the player he was.
  14. George Thorne

    Agree that he is the least of our problems. A whole new team is required, with people who want to wear the shirt with pride, rather than the pound notes attached to it. Football in general is now rotten to the core in my opinion.
  15. Are we good enough is it just a blip

    Very simple answer. We are not good enough by a country mile.

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