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  1. ITK.... Who is that?....... Nobody now I reckon
  2. Sadly, not a lot expected this season. The team is not good enough as it stands. Hate to say it but I think Florest may have a good chance of going up this season
  3. Kevin may play centre back if Mel asks him?
  4. Carson is retiring to become a Butler in a big mansion
  5. These rumours of his departure. They are all a bit of a Roos if you ask me
  6. Gordon Brown? I bet he labours a bit in the second half
  7. Carson is head and shoulders above Hart
  8. David James was another nightmare goalkeeper. Don't think we've had a decent England keeper since Shilton really
  9. Yes but he was the choice of England managers in an era of very little choice. In another era he would never have got anywhere near the England goalkeeping position. Every time I seemed to watch him he made an almighty clanger
  10. In my opinion, I do not think Hart is a very good goalkeeper
  11. Do not mention Hart. That guy is worse than awful
  12. What are the chances of getting Wilson back as he's got zero chance of getting in the Liverpool side?
  13. What decent keepers are available? I know of one at Chester Zoo but that's no good
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