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  1. oldtimeram

    Jim Smith

    Really hope he improves
  2. oldtimeram

    If you could pick 2 ex-Rams

    Hector and Hinton
  3. oldtimeram

    Timi Elsnik - joined Mansfield season-long loan (Terminated)

    He'd have done well under Mac when he was in charge
  4. oldtimeram

    Rob Elliott

    Not Hart..... He's a clown. Pope or Heaton yes.
  5. oldtimeram

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Rowett heard there was a Teaboy job going and wanted to be first in
  6. oldtimeram

    Who will be the new central defender?

    I'm David Nixon....... Magic
  7. oldtimeram

    Little Duane

    Gee gee, that was a bit of a bad error....... Willie Carson, he was always a bit of a cart horse. That's one of the mane reasons I am glad we didn't get saddled with him and so pleased he is not withers. Willie Carlin was far better..... Hands down. Carson would have been another one of those hoof ball players and I canter think of a worse signing and we wouldn't have been riding high with him playing. Even Lampard could not harness any skill out of him and only a blinkered manager would try. Play him and I am sure he would have a right mare, even when playing in the rein. I am guessing this post will stirrup trouble a bit. I think these comments are on the right tack but I reckon I should trot off now. A whip round now please ;)
  8. oldtimeram

    3rd Round FA Cup Draw, Monday 3rd December

    What time is the draw?
  9. oldtimeram

    One footed footballers

    Colin Todd was one footed but it was a very good one foot though
  10. oldtimeram

    Harry Wilson

    B. Hinton and Rioch
  11. oldtimeram

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    It was alway busy around the BBG even then
  12. oldtimeram

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    Blimey that's going back a bit you old bugger lol
  13. oldtimeram

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    Remember that game well. We were 3-1 down with 5 mins to go. Was with my uncle that day and we decided to leave early to miss the traffic (his decision not mine) and I missed two late goals to make it 3-3
  14. oldtimeram

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    Frank Upton v Blackburn 1966
  15. oldtimeram

    1968/1969 Division 2 Champions – 50 years on

    Not you I think, but it was just a chance.

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