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  1. The Yanks weren't perfect by any means, but I think the club was probably on a more stable footing, on and off the pitch.
  2. It is my opinion of course and you are entitled to your views too. Before he took over we had the basis of a decent team that could achieve promotion with just a few sound additions to the team. He went gung ho and threw millions at trying to get promotion. He interferes too much and made some very poor decisions when appointing and firing managers at will. Some of the signings were very rash decisions and have been very poor and as a result we have found ourselves worse off as a team and worse off financially, from what I understand. Has he been a good owner? In my opinion, no, even if he had good intentions as a supporter and owner.
  3. Yes. We are worse off than when he took full control. The bloke may be an astute business man, but a crap football club owner.
  4. Didn't know I had a night mode
  5. As we are, if we think we will get in the play offs
  6. I have a feeling the club is going to spiral into freefall soon and God help us then. 😟
  7. Not the best time to announce a decision like this if true, but we are talking about Morris, so anything goes
  8. Maybe the Yanks want to come back? That Brett Sinclair chap or whatever his name is?
  9. Angry Ram is praying we don't go up and will be hosting a celebration party at the end of the season 😉
  10. Can we sign Ferrie Bodde?
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