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  1. Yes, I heard the news on Radio Luxembourg when I was skiing in Austria
  2. Was at that game John Craven in their team. Must have been before he did Newsround?
  3. Pretty sure they accept Google pay in excess of £30
  4. That explains why I am 4ft 8ins
  5. Exactly, he referred to Dave as The Laird
  6. A nice guy. He was the landlord of a pub in Breedon on the Hill, the name of which, I do not recall. Not lived in Derby for over 35 years and the mind dims. I knew him and I remember he used to call Dave Mackay "The Laid" RIP Des
  7. Who was the second person in the car by the way??
  8. I suppose they've been given their punishment and we need to move on, but I still believe they should have gone down for what they did
  9. If we're playing Charlton I reckon we need another Jack Stamps
  10. I get the impression Cocu is not really a fans fan. Not as interactive with the fans as Lampard was. I've not seen him enough to form a firm opinion though.
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