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  1. Liverpool Forest Leeds Juventus Boro
  2. Me too. I don't remember teaching him as a kid at Reginald St baths
  3. Not heard that. If that's true I wish him a speedy recovery. I have nothing against the man himself but critical of the way he has conducted himself by running this club
  4. Mel, let's be hearing from you! You are usually very keen to spout off on Talk Sport. NDA withstanding, you need to give some assurances/news to the fans. You at least owe us that, if nothing else. Surely you cannot be totally gagged?
  5. 7 down is halfway to getting pissed
  6. Dave Mackay should have been given a mention for sure and possibly Stuart McMillan too
  7. I used to watch Torquay a lot in the 1960s and early 70s when I used to holiday down there. The guest house was directly opposite the ground. Soft spot for them even if they are crap
  8. Torquay from afar, but maybe Northwich or Chester more locally
  9. Quite possibly if that's how little he cares about the club? Sorry I am angry right now
  10. Morris needs to respond with a public statement now.... NDC withstanding
  11. Under the current circumstances I think Morris is probably number one as the worst.
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