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  1. Some may disagree with my views on Roos but he cannot grasp the fundamentals of goalkeeping and is nowhere near the standard required by this club Mind you, if the alternative is Joe Hart, God help us!😟
  2. He may be very good at some things, but goalkeeping isn't one of them
  3. It's didn't happen really, you've been Conned
  4. Derby 3 v 3 Millwall 1967 1-3 with about 2 mins to go and got two very late goals to draw.
  5. Hinton was both left wing and right wing
  6. Despite him knowing me from his days at Derby (and he was a hero of mine) I have emailed and messaged him several times over the years, but he's never had the decency to reply to me. As someone said it's best not to meet your heroes. They can be a big disappointment in real life when you do. Sad thing is he seemed to change after he went to the USA
  7. That's where my milk went the next morning!!!
  8. Derby 3 v 1 Chelsea - League Cup 1968
  9. Very good player. Would have done well in the great team of the decade before
  10. I believe John Charles saw the ref take bung in Turin
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