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  1. Is this Alonso guy a millionaire or a billionaire?
  2. He played for Liverpool didn't he?
  3. He played for Liverpool didn't he?
  4. I was at that game. I think we thumped them 4-0 in the home game.
  5. Can't say I've been impressed with Mengi. In fact, I think he's been a bit Mingi up to now
  6. There was actually a lot more fans in the ground that day. They opened the gates so i think the actual attendance was probably more like 45,000 +
  7. I was in C Stand that day
  8. It's certainly not showing us in a very good light
  9. From reading that article it seems as if our owner has dropped us well and truly in the brown stuff. I think we all knew that anyway. The sooner he's gone the better
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