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  1. oldtimeram

    Andreas Weimann

  2. oldtimeram

    Andreas Weimann

    I would prefer Hinton
  3. oldtimeram

    Peter Marples and Mel Morris

    Only worth 10mil..........lol. Give me a 10th of that and I would be happy
  4. oldtimeram

    Best ever atmosphere at an away game you attended

    Stadium of Light Benfica......... Great fun in the bars of Lisbon before the game
  5. oldtimeram

    Peter Marples and Mel Morris

    Not too bad mate..... Meet up next season for a beer and a curry?
  6. oldtimeram

    Peter Marples and Mel Morris

    Using posh words like diatribe, now that's made me Angry 😉
  7. oldtimeram

    Scottish Winger we bought

    Got out of the wrong side of the bed today eh Bob? All I am saying is we should be encouraging some of the younger players to get some first team action. I am not saying throw all the youngsters in all at once but give them some game time whenever possible and when the circumstances are right e.g. 3 nil up with 20 mins to go, why not give the lad 20 mins on the pitch to see what he can do? Same goes for some of the other lads like Elsnik, Thomas and Gordon. If we do not try and blood some of these lads we might as well not have an Academy.
  8. oldtimeram

    Scottish Winger we bought

    No harm in giving him a try surely.
  9. oldtimeram

    Scottish Winger we bought

    I'd give him a chance if he an stay fit.
  10. oldtimeram

    Scottish Winger we bought

    Can't remember the lads name (Callum or Kyle?) I heard he was injured for much of last season but I was led to believe he is good prospect. Surely if he is fit now we should be looking to give him some time in the team this season. Thoughts ladies and gents?
  11. oldtimeram

    Maybe we can get Hendrick back on the cheap?

    Maybe a swap for Bryson?
  12. oldtimeram

    Maybe we can get Hendrick back on the cheap?

    I think he could be a good player if Lampard can coax a bit more out of him..... He's the guy to do it I reckon. If we can get him cheap and he helps us get promoted it will be money well spent....... Dyche may then want him back for £15m then?
  13. http://boards.footymad.net/showthread.php?t=38221913 Seems he is perhaps not quite up to Premier League after all? May be worth a cheeky £5m offer?
  14. oldtimeram

    Lamps Out! (not seriously)

    Been on the pop again?
  15. oldtimeram

    Which players took the longest to bed in

    I reckon Shackell was probably the shortest to, in bed....... Mentored by Paul Jewell of course. 😉

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