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  1. Past the physio room, turn left and second on the right Phil
  2. Back pass from the halfway line that the keeper misjudges and goes under his foot....QED
  3. Didn't he push his wife off a yacht?
  4. Whatever team we put out I think it will be a 3-1 loss
  5. Grabbing the headline?? This was supposed to be a bit if a light hearted thread in order to alleviate the pain of today
  6. Can't argue with much of that I'm afraid The injures to key players may give him a stay of execution
  7. I'm starting to wonder if Mel went to Billy Smart to find him? Cocu the clown today
  8. Same with the one I've just cheesed off. He's supposedly gone too
  9. Jesus..... really, after one tiny spat?
  10. Get off your high horse ......I took the pic down
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