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  1. The idea of promotion is still a distant fantasy I think, but I feel it's worthwhile noting that a large section of our fanbase on here would have sacked Cocu ages ago and now all is rosy again.
  2. In fairness we all do to some extent. My issue isn't with people questioning subs per se; it's more to do with the idea that it's as black and white as 'losing = throw strikers on, winning = throw defenders on'.
  3. From 2-1 down to 3-2 up despite, and I quote, "pathetic substitutions". Stupid Cocu not throwing on 3 strikers immediately with half an hour to go.
  4. Tactical substitutions aren't always just about throwing on more attackers when you're losing. Sometimes a subtle change in system can have an effect even when you aren't putting outright attacking players on.
  5. I've said the same on a different thread. He loves the media attention, revels in it. Think back to when we were splashing money out on Johnson, Butterfield etc. He's there in the contract signing photos, basking in it. That's what I think the Lampard/Rooney stuff is about: he can't resist the chance to get himself in the national media by signing them up. I'll reiterate that I don't begrudge it him in a way - it's his money and all - but you can't just hide when things get tough.
  6. Yep. I think that was the season we had Lars Bohinen? Remember thinking before the game that we would lose it because that is typical Derby. And so it proved.
  7. Shhh, you can't say that. Are you suggesting it was another cynical grab for the limelight by Mel? Surely not...
  8. Just back from Northampton. We weren't great at all but in fairness our midfield was 3 Academy players who have barely played any 1st Team football at any League level between them. And credit to Northampton Town, who I thought played well. I know their CB should have been sent off but he really was MotM by a mile. Nice evening out in the Cup at a new ground for me. No big deal, it's just a Cup game and sometimes it's just good to watch football.
  9. Those are mop-headed hydrangeas, and you're supposed to leave the heads on over winter to protect the new buds. You're welcome.
  10. Yes but nobody cared because they were too busy celebrating that we were writing big cheques.
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