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  1. Don't even get your hopes up. There won't be money and we'll have a hard time selling the club even if there was.
  2. Well he's got what he wanted all along, from the day he set foot in the club.
  3. Who would've thought that spending obscene money on average Championship players like Butterfield and Shackell for season after season would lead to this?
  4. This saga has been going on since the start of November. If anyone couldn't see this was dodgy then God help them.
  5. All that financial ducking and diving by Mel Morris, cheered on by the supporters because it happened to piss of Steve Gibson. Well worth it, wasn't it? "Thank god we've got Mel" "If it wasn't for Mel who knows where we'd be" etc etc.
  6. You can post all the red flags you want but some people will just choose to waive them away mate. Many of our fans still regard Mel as some sort of genius because he pisses off Steve Gibson and the EFL, even though he's kept us away from points deductions etc by employing the kind of fiscal chicanery that we would all think of as dodgy as hell if it was being done by another club. The signs for this lot don't look good.
  7. Hey, I've got an idea - let's compare 24 year olds with 24 year olds, rather than players who already made it to the top and were just knocking on a bit. Jesus christ. I'm not writing him off, OK? Calm your sensitive little soul about it. I'm just venturing an opinion on how I see it. It's not a solid prediction, or a desired outcome.
  8. Sigh. I'm just making the point that the signs for his career aren't good. He turned up here unfit and overweight, and having hardly set Bournemouth alight despite costing £15m. Whilst there it seems his attitude and consistency were questioned too, which is never good. The reference to Greece and Cyprus was just because they are the type of places where careers go to die.
  9. Fair enough, wasn't aware of that. I suppose he wanted to go as he wasn't being picked.
  10. I have a sneaking suspicion Ibe's career trajectory is already on the downward, and we're a stop along the way. He's gone a year without playing a competitive game despite not being injured. Bournemouth's record signing, still only 24 and they released him on a free. There's got to be a good reason for that. If they had thought he would be of any use to them in the Championship then surely they would have kept him on. I have a feeling he'll be playing in Greece or Cyprus within the next 2/3 years.
  11. They haven't filmed a 3rd series unfortunately. A shame, because it's been brilliant.
  12. Just get this pair in for feck's sake.
  13. To paraphrase George Best when asked about Beckham, "He can't head it, can't tackle and he's got no left foot. Apart from that he's great." As for getting the best out of him, I'm not sure what the best is. Have we ever seen it? Because if we have then his best isn't great. I can only assume people rate him because he looks the part, with his haircut and his body language. He has that 'I'm going to skin this defender' kind of poise on the ball without ever actually skinning a defender. To answer the question though I'd go for the number 10 role, simply because I'm fed up of the same
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