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  1. In fairness you know, I think the second leg against Hull away a couple of years ago(?) was a better overall performance than that - we were absolutely amazing that night - but obviously the situation with this one makes it all the more sweet!
  2. Away from the emotion of it all, you've got to think the timing of goals these days is really important. Scoring right before and right after HT was absolutely perfect for us. Just brilliant, brilliant stuff.
  3. You know, only Leeds could have ducked promotion up this badly. It makes some of our recent efforts look tame.
  4. Leeds just thought they had to turn up to win this didn't they?
  5. I think this is all a bit harsh on Lampard. The notion that the subtleties of football tactics - a subject which is studied in depth, which managers spend hours briefing their players on with white boards, projectors and Powerpoint - can be reduced to "we didn't get into 'em enough" is also stupidly simplistic. There were probably many intricate tactical details that Bielsa employed against us that we couldn't see or appreciate, and Lampard probably couldn't react to them. That's not meant as a slight against Lampard - it's a compliment to Bielsa. No shame in losing a tactical battle to him. All I wanted from this season was an improvement on Rowettball (admittedly setting the bar low with that one) whilst remaining competitive. And FL has delivered that. In fact, I'd be satisfied that he had even if we hadn't made the playoffs.
  6. I'm afraid that's back at you. If you are honestly saying you'd accept that as a penalty against us then you're being dishonest. But you're one of those fans for whom every decision given in our favour is 100% correct and every one against us is a scandalous injustice.
  7. Nope. But that's not what the question is and you know it.
  8. Of course you would mate, sure. It doesn't make you less of a fan to just take the bias off for a moment and see it for what it is. You're still a Derby fan if you think it's not a penalty, don't worry. He doesn't clearly take Bogle's leg at all. If what happened is enough to give as a penalty then there would be 10 per match.
  9. I honestly don't know how anyone can think that was a penalty. Are those that do really suggesting they would think so even if the teams were reversed and that was given for Leeds? Come off it - we'd have been howling with rage.
  10. Credit to Tomori for not going down. Nice to see a footballer with the integrity and honesty not to play act for once. It was still a red card, mind.
  11. So it was a penalty then? Nah, didn't think so.
  12. If you're honestly saying that you'd say that was a penalty if we'd have 'conceded' it, you're full of poo.
  13. That was a red card. Klich should be off for that. Headbutt.
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