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  1. I wouldn't go as far as celebrating his absence in the next game, but I do think him sitting one out may benefit the team and the individual. The bloke drives me mad. He's so wasteful with possession it's criminal. So many promising attacks break down with him. And the extraordinary amount of bookings he collects for an inside forward is a direct result of his shortcomings: he gets booked because he tackles late out of frustration at having given the ball away. There is undoubted talent there, but it's shown in so few glimpses that his place in the side is under serious scrutiny.
  2. Oh thank you for me not being the only one! I had a slight tear in my eye when he came on too. Derby's number 9 ❤
  3. Haha, I've been watching for 25 years, I just got carried away!
  4. Well no, but I admit it was probably a bit hasty. I think he's a huge waste of money in terms of overall fee (£7m I think) but I agree it's probably not the case when you factor in contribution. Claude Davis would comfortably be worse, for example.
  5. I would have liked this post but I potentially have a weird obsession with Chris Martin so it would probably make me a hypocrite. I love Chris Martin!
  6. I'll give you Earnshaw and Davies, but Sammon only cost £1.2m. (Can't believe I'm here justifying that signing..)
  7. Nervous first half but a much more composed second. Well done to Clarke and Waghorn for a huge improvement after the break. Midfield balance much better overall tonight, and Bielik was an animal and just what we need. Malone and Lowe very good. Lawrence crap again, but we're coming up to the 9/10 game mark so he's due another good one since the opening day. I know it may sound like a cop out but I do think fine margins are against us at the moment. The goal tonight was arguably the first time deflections/confusion etc went in our favour. Compare that to Billy Davies' season when I regularly left the ground laughing out loud (literally) at how we somehow contrived to win. I hope this is a sign it's coming together.
  8. The biggest waste of money I've seen in my time watching the Club.
  9. He's been a beast. What's more, he's allowed Huddlestone to play his natural game.
  10. I disagree. Cardiff have so few ideas that they send their 6ft5 centre half forward for throw ins. They're the same old Cardiff: play for set pieces and put the opposition under pressure through sheer physicality.
  11. Agree with all of this. I think Roos' days must be numbered. I don't blame him for Wembley at all, but he's been shaky in a lot of games this season.
  12. I don't think Cardiff have even done that much. It's all been of our own doing.
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