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  1. I thought Jozwiak played well last night against Spain, which is never easy. You have to be very tactically disciplined without the ball and be ready to use it well after long spells without a touch, and he managed it very well. Won the ball back high up the pitch on serveral occasions, rarely gave it away and produced an excellent cross for Lewandowski which none of the pundits or reports seemed to mention. I like what I've seen from him so far and with a fresh season to come I think he'll only improve.
  2. Laughable that Keogh was considered some kind of inspirational captain. I could maybe - maybe - see past all this if he had even once apologised or accepted responsibility. But he seems to be of the believe that he did nothing wrong at all. Some 'captain'.
  3. So many people don't want to know though. It's all a huge conspiracy against us. We've spent tomorrow yesterday, had to perform financial acrobatics to get around it and now we're being held accountable and we just don't like it. Back in 2014 we were a team almost everyone liked and respected, now we are reviled and neutrals wanted us to crash and burn. But that's all Steve Gibson's fault or something.
  4. I see large numbers of supporters are still up to their eyes in denial then. More "nothing to see here" nonsense. Just like there was nothing to see when we had to sell the ground to balance the books, and take out loans, and missed paying the players. But yeah, it's all a conspiracy and we're white as snow.
  5. If that is the case then the his ego knows no bounds. "Looking for assurances". As if we are graced with his presence. It's not as if we didn't take a gamble on him, give him his first role in coaching despite having no qualifications, pay him a large wage, play him no matter what and generally hang on his every word. Heaven forfend we should jeopardise his management career.
  6. It was inevitable. I get the feeling there are many who want Rooney's vanity project to continue who wouldn't if he was someone else with the same qualifications/record. They're dazzled by the celebrity, and Rooney succeeding is more important than the club succeeding.
  7. He's clearly going to stay because we can't afford to bin him. But it's delaying the inevitable because we'll probably have to sack him mid way through next season.
  8. Knew this kind of thread would happen if we stayed up. Knew it.
  9. A total credit to this club. A superb professional and someone I would never have taken the armband from.
  10. At the moment, pure relief. But make no mistake, that was a very, very, very close escape.
  11. Forget football now. Just boot it, clear it, waste time, do whatever but SEE IT OUT
  12. Forsyth has never been good enough. Baffles me what some see in him.
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