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  1. LittleEatonRam

    2018 to 2020:How can England make the next step?

    International teams can't go out and spend money on players, but they can develop them. Just because they can't buy in players doesn't mean they will stand still. Germany have a lot of young players who were part of the Confederations Cup winning team who Löw shunned in this WC in favour of some of the old guard who didn't produce. Spain won't have the upheaval of having lost their manager one day beforethe WC starts next time. Argentina might actually have a midfield like they're supposed to. Yes, all those nations disappointed this year, but they're not going to just shrug it off and chalk it up to a bad year. There will be inquests, changes, new ideas etc. It won't open up for England like that again for a long time.
  2. LittleEatonRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    What is your big gripe about people posting the team? Maybe they're just posting it so that it's easily visible for people wanting to discuss it. Sometimes it's also the first look some people get at the team sheets. Either way it's mean spirited and small to complain about it.
  3. LittleEatonRam

    2018 to 2020:How can England make the next step?

    What did you think when Leicester won the PL? Did you assume Chelsea, Man Utd etc would be as bad again the following season and Leicester would win it again? I mean, obviously they were all deliberately bad as well.
  4. LittleEatonRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    But we didn't win it just through set pieces, did we? That's sort of my point. Nobody is suggesting goals from corners are worth less. Of course they aren't. I'm just saying it makes us very one dimensional. The corners didn't cut it against Croatia, and we didn't have anything else to offer. I agree completely about Italia 90 though. That's anothet example of a team/tournament that has been romanticised despite the fact that we won only one game in normal time, and that was against Egypt.
  5. LittleEatonRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Great point-by-point rebuttal there. We scored a lot of goals from set pieces, which masked deficiencies elsewhere. If we hadn't been so good at corners you wouldn't be saying the performances were so much better.
  6. LittleEatonRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    For all the talk of how this England team is a huge improvement, it's amazing how the same old failings are there. We came up against a team who were technically better, and fell short again. Croatia came into the match off the back of a gruelling tie with Russia and still looked like they had more energy than us. I remember Chris Waddle saying after one of our other recent eliminations that International football is different to Premier League football because you have to play with patience, and he was right. We approach every game in the same way: out of the traps quickly, run around frantically as if we're playing Sunderland and they'll just be overwhelmed. Then, as the game wears on, the opposition get stronger because they have paced themselves and are able to keep hold of the ball. Against Premier League opposition the ball changes hands so often that if you give it away you'll get it back within 2 mins. When you're playing a well drilled International team like Croatia you have to spend long periods without it, and that takes concentration. That's why we were knackered, just like when we lost to Italy at the 2012 Euros and Pirlo ran the show. Vrsaljko put it best in a post match interview: 'The all-round perception was that this is a new-look England who have changed their ways of punting long balls up field but when we pressed them it turned out that they haven't.' We had 6 shots on target from open play in 10 hours of football at this WC. The same number as Saudi Arabia. You can't expect to win a competition through set pieces. Southgate was also proven to be tactically naive when faced with a manager who knew what he was doing. Both Colombia and Croatia changed their systems mid game and he had no answer. Apart from a slick PR charm offensive off the field I don't really see any reason to buy into the idea of this being a new dawn. I'm not being so churlish as to suggest that we shouldn't regard a semi final as an improvement - of course it should be - but let's not get carried away.
  7. LittleEatonRam

    World Cup VAR

    Exactly. The trouble with VAR is that, as in the above case, you can keep digging deeper with it. How far back do you go? If you award a penalty based on it, what if the team that conceded it should have been awarded a throw in immediately before the incident? And on and on it goes.
  8. LittleEatonRam

    World Cup VAR

    VAR is ruining this for me. It's not the same going into a match wondering when the penalty will be given. Also, it will mark a slippery slope whereby every decision - no matter how trivial - ends up being decided by it.
  9. LittleEatonRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    The best thing for Argentina and Messi would be if he just retired from International football. It doesn't work for either of them. I'm not sure if it's because a) he's not as good as we all think. b) his teammates aren't good enough. c) International standard managers know how to set their teams up to stop him d) there is too much pressure on him and, as a result, the whole team Or maybe it's some combination of all the above. Whatever it is I suspect Argentina will look better once both parties have moved on.
  10. LittleEatonRam

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    Sponsor aside, I still get angry that new shirts are released every year now rather than every two. Treating fans like cash cows. Don't get me wrong, I know it's not just us (and we didn't start it), but I just think it's another example of football moving away from its roots.
  11. LittleEatonRam

    Lampard and Bryson

    Most players have one standout season. Bryson's is behind him, but he's still a useful player at this level. I hope he gets another crack at it.
  12. LittleEatonRam

    It must be time for another Chris Martin post?

    I honestly do not understand why some fans are so keen to see the back of CM. I remember, in the wilderness years for centre forwards, people saying "we need a 20 goal-a-season striker". Nobody had done that for us since Dean Sturridge nearly 20 years before. Martin did it for 3 seasons in a row, and people want to get shot of him? Mad.
  13. LittleEatonRam

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    That bit about Queen being overrated is bang on. Every single song has multitracked vocals. Really annoying. Bohemian Rhapsody is utter nonesense as well. There's little depth to any of their music. On the subject of Derby opinions which are unpopular: all our expectation of George Thorne is based on one 2 month period in 2014. There's no guarantee he will ever be that good again. Especially now his injuries have ducked him.
  14. LittleEatonRam

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Like @LeedsCityRam, I've voiced my reservations elsewhere, but welcome Frank and best of luck. I'm behind him. Some of the star struck swooning on here is a bit too much for me, mind!
  15. LittleEatonRam

    If your reading this Mel.........

    The OP is wasting their breath. The fans have decided it's Lampard they want. Of course, if it all goes wrong they will all be complaining of another dreadful appointment by MM and completely forget that they clamoured for him to be given the job. I'll be behind him 100% when he's in charge, no question. It would be unfair not to be. But this just cements my suspicion that MM has no real plan as to where the club is going, and has been flying by the seat of his pants since he took charge. I don't dislike Mel, and I genuinely believe he wants what is best for Derby County, but this vanity appointment is making me lose any confidence in him.

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