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  1. Nah, Bristol City's is way better. Much simpler and more punchy. It's possible to draw that robin whilst not taking your pen off the paper once.
  2. Just bumping this topic to mention that Bristol City's new club crest is great. Lovely bit of design.
  3. I think English footballers in particular make dull interviewees. But then I think a lot of them are short of a brain cell or two. Foreign footballers often seem more erudite and classy.
  4. I understand the reasoning, but I find the term 'luxury player' bizarre, and always have. The man was a genius - he could tie defenders legs in knots and you could literally feel the whole crowd move to the edge of their seats when he got the ball. He was worth the ticket price alone. Seeing players like him wearing your club's badge on his chest is what football is all about. I go to be entertained, not to watch 10 men track back to defend. Darryl Powell used to track back but he couldn't do what Kinkladze did. They had two different jobs. Describing someone as naturally gifted as him who could actually make you gasp at his skill and talent as a luxury is the definition of making a sow's ear out of a silk purse.
  5. Looking at some of the options for a starting 11 here, I'm surprised to have heard people say Lampard left us in a good position. The squad does not look good.
  6. Best 'keeper I've seen play for the Rams in my time, by some distance. Superb.
  7. Forgive me if this sounds a bit stupid, but I notice Anya isn't amongst the squad, which I get as he's been nowhere near the team for a long time. What I don't really get is why. Do we have to pay Watford another million if he plays another game or something? Or does he not want to play? He's not a bad player in the scheme of things (certainly not from what I have seen) and it's conceivable that he could do a job for us on the left wing. So what is it? I'm not suggesting he should be playing by rights - I just genuinely don't know what's happened.
  8. Personally I'm delighted with this. The list of other managers out there made me want to puke. I think he needs time but he could be an inspired appointment.
  9. I'm becoming a bigger convert to the Mel Morris Fan Club by the day. His first few months (or even year) were marked by clumsy forays into the media, transfer market and the limelight, but he's red hot at the moment.
  10. Have to say I was impressed with Lampard's Press Conference from what I've heard of it. Restrained, sober and matter of fact. He's a likeable man. Just a shame the club he's now at is so unlikeable.
  11. There was a Chelsea fan on TalkSport this morning from Durham who said he'd been a Chelsea fan for "50 years", and mentioned how a couple of years ago he'd been to Stamford Bridge for the first time. I'm not kidding.
  12. Start bouncing after we win games and declare your love for the club after being here for two weeks and you'll earn the lifelong adoration of our fans.
  13. As Bob Mills pointed out on TalkSport this morning, Mel Morris has come out of all this magnificently. Millions of pounds in compensation, maintained good links with Chelsea and got us a manager with a far greater pedigree than Lampard anyway. I'll freely admit I thought MM made a lot of mistakes in the early days of his ownership of this club, but he's really getting into his stride now.
  14. Burley below Lampard? Nah. Burley did a fantastic job despite having no money to spend, a shithouse Board of Directors and a wreck of a squad that he inherited. Against all odds and expectations he lead us to the playoffs playing some superb football. Ian Taylor, Tommy Smith, Idiakez, Reich, Rasiak, Bisgaard - all signed for absolutely nothing. Lampard by contrast had money to spend, a stable ownership and a decent squad already in place. Uncle George worked a miracle.
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