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  1. Tiptoe through the Trent End with razor and a saw off shotgun (Tiny Tim tune)......was often sung in the 1970s
  2. The more I hear about this man it gets worse. Hang your head in shame you despicable man Morris. You are a disgrace and I agree with the above comment ... You are a coward
  3. Ask Morris to chip in and buy one
  4. I reckon he would. He has a heart of stone. Obnoxious man in my opinion
  5. The man has been a complete and utter idiot and has destroyed the club. The sooner he has gone the better
  6. Does it really matter? We are going down anyway with the mandatory 12 point deduction? Another 9 or so points won't make any difference.
  7. Why would Ronny leave? He hasn't played for us since the 1970s, when he retired from football.
  8. Just accept the penalty, get rid of Morris and start again from scratch in League 1
  9. I could see what sort of man and owner he was years ago and I was often slated on here for airing my views about him. Seems like most others have now joined my way of thinking about the disgusting way he has conducted himself since he took over. I hope I never hear of him again. The man should never be allowed anywhere near the club again. Shame on you Morris
  10. Zero The man should hang his head in shame
  11. Ronald Binge - Composer
  12. It was a good game as I recall. Had a few pints in the pub before the match. 2d a pint
  13. Mel should have known what was going on, so no excuses for him
  14. What a bloody mess this whole situation is. Points deduction and most likely relegation to come Thanks a bunch Mel, you bloody fool for letting things get this bad.
  15. I've got to admit, I've lost interest and I've been watching the Rams since the early 1960s. Morris' antics have destroyed the club I loved
  16. That's about right really. Rooney can't be blamed for having such a poor and inexperienced team to deal with, whereas, this whole fiasco is down to Morris' abysmal tenure
  17. Alan Hinton (I'll excuse you for the Juventus miss) and Charlie George
  18. Born in Derby, but I've lived in Cheshire since 1986
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