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  1. Might not be feasible due to your location but I took my, then 4 year old to the training ground in the school holidays and caught them all coming out, only us there and every single player stopped for a pic and signed their autograph. The little one enjoyed it and after meeting the players was a lot keener.
  2. FTFY. Only joking, he was great for us.
  3. Hopefully means we will get a small fee for him in the summer, absolutely loved him in his first stint with us and was delighted when he re-signed for us. However, this season he has been poor, with the players round him he should thrive in the role picking those in front of him with his range of passes, it just seems he is in need of calibration. I was on the fence about him staying or going but the nail in the coffin for me was when he could not win a header against Barry Bannan. For his size he is far too lightweight. Thanks for the memories THudd and enjoy Serie A.
  4. Tuesdays attendance will be low.
  5. As a side that hasn’t created anything of not for a good few games now it shows where we are lacking. Bringing Bennett and FloJo into the team isn’t going to offer us anything. We are so so predictable.
  6. What’s Nicola Sturgeon got to do with this? Keep politics out of this.
  7. I'm not quite sure how to respond.
  8. As a striker I hope he can FIN-ish.
  9. Sending love and thoughts to you and your family. This forum is a special place due to its members. I’m sure he will be looking over PP tomorrow willing the team on.
  10. They have internet in Italy.
  11. Unless Chelski are going to heavily subsidise his wages. Although would be a good signing?
  12. If that were the case I would certainly want a defender of better quality than what has been mentioned.
  13. Sometimes the links to players who have played together at former clubs makes me laugh, just because they were at a club together doesn't mean they got on or were mates. They could of disliked each other for all we know.
  14. Massive thanks to you @David for giving us all a place to come and enjoy with fellow fans. Not always like minded but all share a genuine interest in the club. It must be one of the best fans forums out there. You should be proud of what it has grown in to. A perfect way to round of the 10th anniversary would be promotion Again thanks. UTR.
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