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  1. Players' names

    Please give him is full name - Claude Jesus H Christ what the f'in hell are you doing how the f*^% did you become a professional footballer my dead nan could have cleared that what the f*^% are you doing get off the f'in pitch you overpriced good for nothing pile of steaming horse sh#€ Davis
  2. Players' names

    Cândido Alves Moreira da Costa.
  3. Players' names

    Paulo Cesár Wanchope Watson.
  4. George Thorne

    Why would you think i'm over 35?
  5. George Thorne

    Well my favoured position was left back so with me and Bairdinho in there and a combined age of 70 promotion would be a certainty.
  6. George Thorne

    Jordan Henderson sets the bar remarkably low. He gives me hope that at the age of 35 and overweight I can still get in the World Cup squad.
  7. Scott Carson

    It will say a lot if both Forster and Hart go to the World Cup if they as benched until the end of the season, I hope with Southgate we have moved on from selecting players on past form.
  8. Strongest Midfield Pairing

    I'd go for Thorne and either. I just love how he always wants the ball and is always an option. He adds too much not to play him in my opinion.
  9. George Thorne

    I thought he did well last night. His and Thudds composure on the ball was just what we needed in a game where ball retention was important. Couple of sloppy passes but think that's always likely to happen when you're under pressure for long periods. Where's that contract Gary??
  10. Random questions that you'd ask the Derby players

    That's not very PC is it. I'm sure the dwarf split arse disabled swimmer would have something to say about that.
  11. I said maybeeeeee

    Good afternoon Mrs Keogh. All the best for the new year. Please ensure Richard is tucked up in bed nice and early tonight ready for the big game tomorrow.
  12. Such a perfect day

    I'd imagine on appeal the wolves sending off will be overturned.
  13. I certainly wouldn't class Che Adams as a big signing. I don't think we need to do too much incoming wise, think Jan will be more about outgoings. Even if they are loans until the end of the season.
  14. George Thorne

    We currently have Ledley and Thudd who can arguably hold their own in the Premiership yet Colbeck is Championship at best but better than what we have? Stay away from the barmaids apron over the festive period.
  15. View from the outside

    Did anyone notice John Terry at the Chelsea game yesterday? Good example set by Villas captain.

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