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  1. Youngsters at matches

    I’m a guilty one who takes their kid with them. Mines 5 and he is getting better, he will now sit for the full first half, ask questions and cheers when we score. 2nd half he tends to play with his toys. I am very wary about him being up and down to the loo or seat kicking. So try to eliminate those. To be fair to him he is better than I expected him to be. He never complains about wanting to leave and causes no bother. We all have to start somewhere.
  2. My Rams Hero

    To be fair, without harping on about it, on our visit to Moor Farm there were no egos at all. Just normal blokes, albeit driving rediculous cars, nothing was too much for any of them. Apart from Mitchell who wasn’t going to stop because he didn’t think we would want his autograph. Bless him.
  3. My Rams Hero

    Brilliant. I love how the club are with the fans. When I waited outside moor farm with the young one each and every player took time to sign autographs and pose for pics and even show an interest in my lad. Really good stuff.
  4. View from the outside

    I'd settle for 5 points off top and 5 points clear from third, nice gap to top to keep us pushing and a bit of a gap from the Play Offs, ideally I would like 13 point gap with 4 games to go so we can enjoy the run in but cant see it.
  5. View from the outside

    They were miles better than us when we played them but had we won the point difference would be 5, if we carry on as we have been we should be okay. It would be nice to pull away from third a little but what will be will be.
  6. View from the outside

    I liked what Gary said Sat after the game about Villa and Fulham, we cannot affect their results. We take care of our games and what will be will be.
  7. Baiano or Vydra?

    Definitely. The likes of Poom, Stimac, Laursen, Eranio, Asanovic, Wanchope, Baiano we’re differ level. Add to them Sturridge, C Powell, Van Der Laan we were really spoilt.
  8. Baiano or Vydra?

    Thanks for posting this. It is one of my favourite games, we were awesome that day, it could quite easily of been 7 or 8. We were really that good. I miss a lot of that team. Just imagine if we added a few of them to this team.
  9. View from the outside

    Too right. How nice is it to feel confident about the defence, the days where you could see a goal being conceded long before it happened and being nervy in the last minutes of a game. All good teams are built on a solid defence and that is exactly what we have now. Long may it continue.
  10. View from the outside

    I said to the chap next to me at the time, 10-15years ago it would have been a good challenge, one to get the fans out their seats. In the modern game you cant complain about it being a red.
  11. Baiano or Vydra?

    Did you remember that or have to look it up? Wiki by any chance? Baiano for me. Loved watching him play. As has been said Vidz need to do it in the Premier for it to be a valid argument.
  12. Keogh 2021

    After 3, 1-2-3 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Good job though as we are running out of scape goats. In all seriousness i'm pleased for him more than anything else. Coming back from the flack he got (totally unwarranted) after Wembley he has gone from strength to strength. True pro and a great servant to DCFC.
  13. Palmer played for two teams already this season?

    Elsnik played last week for the U23’s while on loan at Swindon. However I think players can play for the parent clubs U23’s even while they are on loan.
  14. Transfer Deadline Day

    Can’t see Man City loaning him to us. Or do you mean Jesus of Nazareth? He wasn’t very good when it came to a cross.
  15. Ben Marshall - signed for Millwall

    Maybe Wolves didn’t want to loan him to us.

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