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  1. That goes to show the variations and differences in tolerances. To my shame I have been done and I’d had 4 bottles of magners following a heavy night out and blew 51. Nothing to be proud of but just showing how it differs.
  2. A punishment that fits the crime. Nothing more nothing less. They were never going to be sent to prison. Just used as a threat more than anything. Community Service I imagine will be going round schools and youth projects. Can’t see them decorating OAP’s homes or weeding allotments. I had to do some community service, 15 years ago, and a Chesterfield player was there on the first day, he got let off likely, running football coaching sessions at local schools and visiting youth clubs. To my knowledge he carried on doing it once his time had been served and continued giving back to the community.
  3. On fire tonight @Paul71 👍👍👍
  4. 🤔 you do know he’s signed for us don’t you?
  5. In my opinion there is no way we will see them playing before the court date. They will be training yes, especially in Lawrence’s case with reports of his struggles, just to get them back into some kind of routine and normality. If someone is struggling with depression, mental health issues the last thing to do is make them feel more isolated. Get them training and keep an eye on them. With regards to what happens after the case is anyone’s guess. Bennett is an easy one, if someone will take him let him go, no massive impact on FFP and to no real detriment to the team. Lawrence is a little tougher as anyone who would take a chance on him won’t want to pay anywhere near his value if anything at all, there is no doubt there is a player in there somewhere. Reintroduce him get him playing to his potential, this could be the making of him. Finally Keogh is different, out for 15-16 months, will probably be released at the end of his contract and sign for a lower league club.
  6. It’s a tough one. They have both been ridiculously stupid. There’s the side of me that says we all make big mistakes in life, anyone who says they haven’t aren’t being truthful. They are in a very privileged position but are still human. As for Keogh, what has happened is shocking, despite his critics he has been an excellent servant to us. There will be those who will say as a senior player, our captain, he should not have got in the car, he should not have let them get in their cars. We all know what effect alcohol has on people. No one will need to tell him what he should have done. He will have plenty of time to reflect on ‘should haves’. As for the players returning to training. It has been mentioned about Lawrence’s mental state. Surely despite all what has happened the best thing for him and his well being is to get him training and doing what he knows, a bit of ‘the normal’ if you like. Cutting him off, suspending him, sacking him is not the right think for the club to do. He will have to deal with the consequences of his actions come the court date and beyond. As for selection I would not consider them until the court date when all the facts will be there for all to see. Modern footballers are put on a pedestal and given wealth most can only dream of. Some of these guys would probably make nothing of themselves if it weren’t for football. We live in a society where a crime is given a punishment and once that punishment have been served the individual should be able to try and carry on with their life, agree or disagree that is the society in which we live. Once again the spotlight is on the club and up to know I believe Mel and Cocu have handled it very well. Again we are lucky to have good people at the helm.
  7. Huddlestone’s is only higher as every ball is backwards or sideways.
  8. Can’t believe he’s taking Marriott off. Why not play with him and Martin together.
  9. 😂😂😂😂 amazingly the worst thing to happen on the pitch today is that.
  10. I didn’t even realise he was on the pitch.
  11. Forgot what to do with the ball when in the box.
  12. That’s harsh.........On Sunday league football.
  13. From what I’ve seen football isn’t a game for Dowell.
  14. It’s a tough one because the gulf in quality between us and Leeds is massive. We are so predictable, Roos to Keogh to Huddlestone to Keogh to Roos to a Leeds player. Huddlestone should be to one to get us up the pitch but time after time goes backwards. Waste of a shirt for me. Roos scares me half to death. It’s a work in progress and let’s be honest out of that starting 11 we probably would want to replace 5 maybe 6 of them. There’s more pain to come before the good times I’m afraid.
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