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  1. Admittedly I have only seen him once, against Gerona but I thought he looked out his depth.
  2. I think that has been our story the last few transfer windows, 1 or 2 players short of being where we need to be.
  3. I think someone overheard part of a Mel conversation, maybe he was out with his Mrs and she was pestering him for an icecream so he ordered one and when it came to paying all his money had gone, the wife then asked 'Mel darling where are you Candy Crush millions' to which he replied 'I gave it all to a damn busker at the station'. Upon hearing this Bielsa's spy (now working as an undercover journalist) reports back that we are interested in Adam Buska. 2+2=285297539
  4. He can supplement his wage with a guitar at the train station. Another way Mel can get round FFP. Mel can just throw couple of grand in his guitar case every week when he's passing.
  5. Baiano is better 😉
  6. Signed him from Spurs, was highly thought of at the time, albeit not as highly rated as Ibe or Wilson. Brooks isn't doing too bad, neither is Ake. People could say the same about us, Lawrence for example.
  7. I think that is a bit harsh, there are plenty of success stories there. Look at Adam Smith, looked terrible for us yet made plenty of PL appearances for them.
  8. Record goal scorer. If only he’d performed.
  9. Good to see from the gumps. Rivalry aside nice to see them do it so quickly. Hope the individual is named and shamed.
  10. Spent the night in Bournemouth apparently. Looks likely to happen. Good luck to him.
  11. I never realised she was married to Jonathan Douglas. I’d film it just to get back at him for what he did to Thorne.
  12. I feel for the kids. Welfare issues there surely.
  13. I don’t know if this has been mentioned anywhere, I couldn’t see anything. Absolutely disgusting behaviour and hope the perpetrator gets what’s coming to him. No place for it. Also this past weekend two former Rams Theo Robinson and Cyrus Christie receiving abuse too. No place for it in this day and age. https://mobile.twitter.com/DuaneHolmes/status/1158480042873229317/photo/1
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