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  1. Missing Person

    Of course we can scapegoat Keogh, if he hadn't got injured we wouldn't of lost.
  2. Craig Ramage - There's Something happening here !!

    Although the teams we have played, Cardiff, Forest, Weds, Norwich, Leeds it's not like we are beating bottom teams playing badly and scraping a win.
  3. Craig Ramage - There's Something happening here !!

    That's a good sign to some extent though if you're not playing well and getting results. Or look at it the other way are the good results papering over the performances?
  4. Leeds United V Derby County

    Haha brilliant. In honestly though it's not me it's my mate Denzil.
  5. Leeds United V Derby County

    She is!!
  6. Leeds United V Derby County

    So nearly drove up tonight but the little one desperately wanted me to go trick or treating with him. Mid we looked back to the Wolves game at home, if we had known that at this stage we would be 7pts behind them with a game in hand we would of probably taken it.
  7. Leeds United V Derby County

    Fantastic result. Compare them to these two games last year. From these two games I think we all would have taken two draws ready to go again sat. Well done everyone. Got to win sat now. Funny how things change after a few decent results.
  8. Leeds United V Derby County

    Or a run at the opposition defence to win a penalty.
  9. Where is Ikechi Anya?

    Like Weimann?
  10. Boo!

    3 observations - 1. I notice he didn't do it to Wisdom 2. There was a similarity between the mask and a clean shaven Keogh 3. Why didn't they get some of the fans to do it they are well practiced in shouting BOO!
  11. Moor Farm visit.

    Definitely, in my opinion any player should take time for their fans but you just got the impression that the were more than happy to do it and showed a genuine interest in the boys.
  12. Moor Farm visit.

    The nearest to that was Johnny Russell's mustang, though it was a 67 plate.
  13. Moor Farm visit.

    To a man I can't praise the players enough. They really did make a fuss of my lads.
  14. Moor Farm visit.

    The cars were ridiculous. To be a modern day footballer.
  15. Moor Farm visit.

    It hasn't the desired effect. He now knows a lot more of the players than he did. Really good time.

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