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  1. As it stands it is only 4 mate.
  2. Hi Lee, for what it is worth I do not believe you are as good as Bogle and his progress up to press far supersedes that of yourself. FWIW I do hope you stay with us and don't sign for Forest.
  3. The one Ben Foster did was a decent watch.
  4. The need for a couple of centre backs is massive, arguably the need for a progressive, forward thinking midfielder isn't far behind. Would take him over Morrison any day purely due to the fact we know he will play games.
  5. A family friend lives next door to Youri Tielemans and has had a few issues, parties, bottles and cans thrown in the garden etc. Let’s remember footballers are very wealthy young men and like most people of a similar age are entitled to enjoy themselves. I’m sure my neighbours would have a few gripes with me regarding weekend activities. Let’s be honest we loved Bywater but his neighbour didn’t.
  6. Maybe just maybe a number of other clubs are fed up with the way the EFL have acted towards us, fearing they could be next in the crosshairs. It is clear that the EFL are not fit for purpose and they have acted in a totally unprofessional manner towards us, resembling a little child stamping their feet as they haven’t got their way. The ‘Professional Standing’ rule is a mockery and may well lead to teams not giving young players a run out or taste of first team action in case it comes back to bite them in the backside. A lot of clubs will be struggling for the near future so could easily be under an embargo like us.
  7. No I'm at DOR now, Dorlec's sister company. Someone had a good memory, unfortunately it isn't as easy to identify you with your Username 😂
  8. Ah I thought as much reading on here after the game. He looked the best of the lot for me, wanting the ball and his first instinct was to drive forward. That will probably mean he won’t get in the team any time soon 😂😂
  9. Derby team- 1 - Trialist 2 - Trialist 3 - Trialist 4 - Trialist 5 - Trialist 6 - Trialist 7 - Trialist 8 - Trialist 9 - Trialist 10 - Trialist 11 - Trialist
  10. Or Harald Brattbakk, we were once linked with him.
  11. Debt recovery agents not turning up and taking all the equipment off us.
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