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  1. Frank is that you?
  2. Ah that's right. Couldn't quite remember the details, just know they'd bent the rules.
  3. Didn't PSG do this with Mbappe, they were under a ban and signed him on loan with a deal agreed to buy him at the end of it?
  4. The same group that own Citeh so cant see that happening.
  5. It’s quite a job to undertake.
  6. It was following on from the Undertaker puns.
  7. This rumour is dead and buried.
  8. If he does it won’t be for 2 years due to transfer ban.
  9. Or some rocket. No one would catch him. Runner bean as the engine in midfield.
  10. If you had the same amount of money as you do passion you would be a very wealthy man.
  11. Come on B4 put your hand in your pocket and throw a few million at the club you love.
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