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  1. The pure lack of basic footballing knowledge by some DCFC fans is laughable and embarrassing.
  2. Am I right in thinking the young player was Buchanan?
  3. Points per game is currently 1.3 so if maintained over the 46 games we’d be looking at 59/60 points. Less 21 points would be 38/39 points which wouldn’t be enough. We need a decent run of results and some back to back wins. Let’s hope the administrators can get the next penalty down to -6 or less then it may just be possible. If we can maintain this form until Xmas and get the EFL issue resolved and a takeover done then we can strengthen in Jan and kick on. Far too many ifs, buts and maybes to come over the next few weeks/months. If nothing else we’re in for a rollercoaster ride this season.
  4. I liked the fact that in the interview on RD before the game with Carl Jackson from the administrators said ‘I hope we get the win’. For me it’s nice that they seem to genuinely want what’s best for the club. Clear that they are football people.
  5. Great character being shown by each of the players. All I ask from any Derby player is 100% commitment. The current crop are going above and beyond this. Last season we would have definitely lost the West Brom game and not beaten Stoke or won the game tonight. My only hope this season was a siege mentality and Rooney seems to have got this. We will lose games but I’m enjoying being a Rams fan again. UTR
  6. I get that, I assume the quantity and the fact firearms were also seized accounted for the long term. I mean for the street corner dealers, a couple of years is usually the term.
  7. The cost of coke/charlie or whatever you want to call it is cheap. Beer is ridiculously priced now. Buy a bag, have it throughout the day/night no hangover really. Ive never had an interest in it and never partaken but over the last 20 years it has gone from my mates just having it every so often for a big night out like a stag do to nowadays where they have it if we’re at the local for a quiz. It is rife everywhere you look. A lot of the footy lads I played with swore by it on a Saturday night so they’d be fresh for footy Sunday. Wherever you are in the country you could get a bag within 30mins. Almost like it’s cool nowadays to knock a bit of gear out. Look at the sentences handed down to dealers, hardly a deterrent. It is so sad that this is now so rife in society.
  8. After Rooney’s comments can we now close this thread?? #TeamWazza
  9. This was covered in the Administrator press conference. It is correct about the 28 days but the Administrators can still hold discussions with potential buyers and run talks with buyers and supporters trust concurrently. Effectively it won’t hold up and potential takeover.
  10. It’ll be on the radio Derby website. The Rooney interview started just after 13:30 and the program started at 13:00.
  11. I think it is 6 weeks not months. They did say months on the radio but Rooney has said it was August 9th.
  12. Plus hay fever and chopping onions 😂😂
  13. From doom and gloom to a bit more upbeat in just a couple of hours. I don’t think Mel will be on Wayne’s Xmas list 😂😂. Good on him it is clear how Mel kept everyone in the dark and shafted us all. Wazza is handling the questions very well. An annoyance of mine was how he was during interviews, even the handing Tom the captaincy. He must have watched the Kings Speech a few time. Like a seasoned pro now.
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