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  1. @rams_man a while ago my little one wanted to meet the players so I took him to Moor Farm and each and every player stopped to a photo and an autograph. I'm not sure whether it is possible at present with Covid but prior to taking him i went and spoke with security at Moor Farm and they were more than helpful. I did try going through the club but the official line was if you want to meet players turn up early before the game. Again I don't know how much Covid has affected this. I can't imagine at the minute they would be too keen on players doing it.
  2. The lack of urgency towards the end was alarming. As are the stupidity of stupid free kicks. We got exactly what we deserved in that game for conceding 2 schoolboy goals. Give 2 goals away to a team at the top of the table you are never going to get anything out the game.
  3. As for the ‘goal’ let’s face it in this day and age it is a free kick. Rightly or wrongly keepers are far too protected. While the tactic of putting the ball on the keeper can reap benefits it will also result in plenty of opportunities for the ref to give a free kick.
  4. What the hell was Waggy trying to do there? I swear he can control a ball further than I can kick one. He had enough time to bring it down, sit in it and have a cuppa. Instead he decides to do what ever the hell he just did. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  5. Horrendous start. Knight and Waggy at fault for the first, no desire to get back after losing the ball, Shinnie diving in when he was never going to get within a mile of the ball, Buchanan left for dead. Roberts absolutely 💩 it on the edge of the box for the second. Again no desire to get out to the ball.
  6. 5 changes from Tues. in come Edmundson, Byrne, Buchanan, Bird and Roberts.
  7. We need a foothold in the game. Like you say abit of composure.
  8. Erm I think when it comes to him, erm talking to the media he erm seems better now than he use to. Erm the reason for this could be a number of changes. Erm maybe he’s had some erm guidance, erm maybe he’s just erm a little more relaxed in front of the erm camera. We have erm started improving massively erm since Wayne erm took over and erm maybe he’s erm enjoying it more. In all seriousness though, he is doing a great job and long may it continue. I’m so happy he’s at our club.
  9. They’ve had their pants pulled down at that. 😂😂
  10. I suppose issues like this put football in perspective. Hopefully we will see him soon.
  11. I think you mean Beni from Everton. I’m hoping he’s been brought in to play not just to make the numbers up. From what I’ve seen he looks decent. Whether he can do the creative side of the game too is yet to be seen.
  12. Well makes it easy to start the new lads Saturday now doesn’t it.
  13. @David please look down the page a little before duplicating a thread. 👍
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