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  1. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Thanks be to god for delivering Taribo to us, also thanks to Taribo for keeping us up. I love Taribo West.
  2. Alfredo Morelos

    I always remember the headline for Derby being 'BOB SET TO SIGN FOR RAMS!!!!! My excitement was at his peak believing we had sign Baggio, in the coming hours we announced Bjorn Otto Bragstad. Meanwhile Baggio signed for Brescia and went on to score 1 in 2 over the next few season. Ahhhhh memories.
  3. Free Agents

    I bet he has a hot chick.
  4. Free Agents

    I'm sure we will be crowing about his performances.
  5. Free Agents

    If he's any good it wont be long before he flies the nest.
  6. Free Agents

    Does he tweet?
  7. Free Agents

    So what about Blackman??
  8. Free Agents

    Is Bird the player B4 dislikes or Baird? I'm confused.
  9. Barnsley v Derby County

    Great win tonight. My only concern was when GR said Thorne will start but probably sooner than they'd like. I really don't want us rushing him back. Having said that I'd love him to come through 70-80mins.
  10. Free Agents

    I'd take Kirchhoff and obviously Ledley. Whether they'd come is another matter. If Leicester don't sort out their dispute I could see them going for Ledley as cover.
  11. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

  12. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

  13. George Thorne

    Does anyone know if he played in the behind closed doors friendly last week?
  14. Grant Leadbitter

    There's the problem. Ideally we need improvements on these two.
  15. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Come on @RamsPolls, I just gave you a like on another post and then you post this. For me Sako, a player nearing 30 who has played very little football over the last 2 years and out of contract will be demanding high wages and no doubt a hefty signing on fee. He strikes me as a player more interested in picking up a wage than playing matches. Better options out there for me.

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