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  1. ollycutts1982

    Lampard nominated for manager of the month

    I think a month where we have played - Norwich, Sheff Utd, West Brom, Boro and Birmingham and the only defeat coming in against Chelsea isn’t too shabby.
  2. ollycutts1982

    I bloody love Frank.

    Maybe a bit over the top but I just think it’s great to have him here. I love listening to him in interviews, the way he speaks about the club, the fans, performances and his players. There’s no doubting his intelligence but by the way he has handled certain players, Marriott for example you would be mistaken to think he is a far more experienced manager, though I do suppose working under the managers he has it’s bound to rub off. The last run of games we have had and the slight change in style is also impressive. Playing Wilson more centrally has made us a lot more attacking minded. Sure we will concede goals but we will also score plenty. It’s great to watch. Huddlestone must love having all these energetic players making runs for him so he can just play like a quarterback pinging precision passes at will. As I say might be slightly over the top but what a time to be a Ram.
  3. ollycutts1982

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    Actually he didn't finish his career in Scotland, once he left Scotland he played for a few lesser known clubs, Man Utd and Barcelona. Just confirming the fact he didn't make it.
  4. ollycutts1982

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    Aha, luckily Chris Weale is not registered as a player currently. Or we could go all Phil Brown and play Shay Given.
  5. ollycutts1982

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    I agree with point 2 but think point 1 is slightly harsh I think the deflection took it away from him. I cannot think of a realistic keeper we could target. I'm sure the majority of PL clubs would love an Alisson or a Ederson, unfortunately they are few and far between. When Worm was at Swansea he was pretty decent with his feet but cant see him leaving Spurs and at 35 he'd be no long term solution. For me on the whole I cant see the need to replace Scott, a keepers job should be to keep the ball out the goal, any other attributes are a bonus. plus we have the 6th best defensive record in the division so cant all be bad. The way I see it if you have a keeper whose distribution isn't amazing it is up to the outfield players to make themselves available quickly and show for easy balls.
  6. ollycutts1982

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Do tell more. Not heard about this.
  7. ollycutts1982

    DCFC Ultimate Multinational XI

    The name Bob Malcolm does sound like an indy car driver.
  8. ollycutts1982

    DCFC Ultimate Multinational XI

    Malcolm is Scottish.
  9. ollycutts1982

    Ones That Got Away

    Although his wages I imagine would of been astronomical, would of loved him though. Just to see him in the Derby shirt.
  10. ollycutts1982

    Ones That Got Away

    Thats very harsh. We were rumoured to be interested in him but opted for Baiano instead. Baggio signed for Bologna and played for another 7 years and played in the 98 World Cup scoring goals along the way.
  11. ollycutts1982

    Was Wilson's goal the best free kick by a Derby player?

    Didn't Branko Strupar score the first goal of this century with a free kick?
  12. ollycutts1982

    Who would we take from Man U starting X1 ?

    Maybe the question should be Jose or Frank then, the old guard or the new upstart?
  13. ollycutts1982

    John Terry - Appointed assistant manager at Villa

    You are Craig Ramage and I claim my £5.
  14. ollycutts1982

    Mason Mount

    Mount will only get better and he gets use to the league and his team mates. Like has been said enjoy him while he is here.
  15. ollycutts1982

    Lewis Walker - Contract mutually terminated

    Hoping OJ’s is still practicing.

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