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  1. Correct. Wouldn’t be eligible until the start of next season.
  2. I don’t think there is any evidence that he almost ‘killed’ anyone. Stop overreacting. 🤦‍♂️
  3. I see your point but I still don’t think we can play Lowe and Bogle together. Totally upsets the balance of the defence. I think all round Fozzy is much better, he may not be the future but definitely the best of what we have. It is all about opinions though and that’s what I love about this forum the fact there are so many differences of opinion. As long as we progress in the right manner I’m happy with whoever pulls on the shirt.
  4. I've just emailed the club regarding 2 season tickets registered to the same email and how to go about redeeming 2 codes on the same email. I will update once I hear back unless anyone already knows. Thanks.
  5. Swap Lowe for Fozzy and you may be onto something. Only opinion of course.
  6. Success, fingers crossed for Saturday now.
  7. Do we think the code will work through firefox on a firestick? Or a lightning cable?
  8. So can we just clarify you don’t have to renew your season ticket by Thursday in order to get the free RamsTV code?
  9. I can see the club setting themselves up for a bit of a fall here. They are sending the voucher codes out on Thursday when the game kicks off at lunchtime on the Saturday. The phone lines are off so this only leaves email to try and resolve any issues. If people have any problems it doesn’t leave them much time to remedy the situation. If people don’t receive codes in time then they will have to look at reimbursement for the game they miss. Hopefully it will be full proof but the who process isn’t very clear and doesn’t fill me with much confidence. I hope I am proven wrong.
  10. Exactly, he would look pretty foolish openly saying he wants 50% academy players in the first team only to go and sell the ones who have broken through. If we can produce enough to sell one every year or so for a good figure then reinvest it we will be in a good place. It did Southampton okay.
  11. Not on the same level as most mentioned but Idiakez was a good signing.
  12. We sold Asanovic to Napoli, we signed him from Hajduk Split. I still can't believe he didn't play more games for us. Such a talent.
  13. Nigel Worthington - The worst manager never to manage Derby.
  14. It's a shame seeing how Bird has progressed since Rooney has been playing, I am sure Bielik will be the same. With some guidance he will be a fantastic payer.
  15. And missed at least 4 1v1's and also a penalty to my knowledge.
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