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3 minutes ago, uttoxram75 said:

Nigel Clough was on the cusp of unleashing the best team we've seen since his old man's side.

Not sure that will be as unpopular as you may think

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Ramstrust understood the dangers of the 3 Amigos long before everyone else. And they got loads of stick for it because Burley was doing a great job.

The club is currently been run very well but attracts unfair criticism as on field performance hasn't matched the playoff final season since.

If Rowett took us up, him and the players would be worshipped as heroes. Then hounded out the following season when we would inevitabley struggle.

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25 minutes ago, McLovin said:

Bryson actually wasn't THAT good in 13/14, the forest hattrick covered over a lot of his poor performances before and after that game and that Hendrick was our best player in that season.

Hendrick only started 22 games in all comps…

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