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  1. When McClaren came back the season Pearson got sacked, I said we needed 3 or 4 players to get to back where we were in 13/14 and 14/15 and everyone knew what those players were( winger, defensive midfielder, link up striker). And that was the season we absolutely dross at the start after Pearson’s disaster. Now I think we need minimum 10 players AND a new manager. It’s sad to see. Cocu is taking us backwards and is not the man to take us to where we want to go.
  2. You’re getting a bit of criticism but you’re right, I really hope people aren’t expecting free flowing attacking football like a McClaren team eventually just because Cocu’s Dutch and more importantly I hope Mel wasn’t fooled into thinking this! If he has then maybe it is best if we get rid because we’d be wasting even more unnecessary time on a manager whose philosophy doesn’t match that of many fans- Rowett, Pearson and Clement got criticism for the poor quality of football. Cocu’s been like this his whole career, he’s not an Erik Ten Haag who’s first thought is to attack no matter what, Cocu’s first thought is to be defensively solid by using the ball, he won’t change at this point as a manager. Even at psv when they were winning against the worst teams in the league, he had a reputation for bringing on defenders for the attackers instead of going for the jugular. He’s a pragmatist first and foremost. The answer to the poll depends on what you wanna see, wanna see attacking football? Cocu isn’t the man and won’t ever be that man, no matter how much time he’s given. Wanna see a solid, structured team in time? Cocu may be that man in a few years. I don’t agree with the Rowett comparisons, Rowett was a long ball merchant whereas Cocu tries to restrict opposition by using the ball to sustain possession
  3. I actually prefer it with no commentary, at least without the commentary from the sky team because they’re all always incredibly biased, Johnny nelson, Adam Smith, Tony Bellew, Carl Froch, the lot of them. It wasn’t so much a problem in this fight because we all knew AJ deserved to win but they always let their bias get in the way of their commentary. Bellew said a few weeks ago that Canelo will be terrified of Callum Smith after his masterclass against Ryder, when anyone who saw that fight, would say that Ryder battered Callum Smith. They should introduce Pauli malignaggi more, he’s always the only one who is unbiased. I can’t remember which fight it was, it might have been Usyk v Bellew but Pauli actually called the rest of the commentary team about their BS because they were over scoring the scorecards and said we shouldn’t be looking to give him rounds just because he’s British and you want him to him.
  4. Bang on the money Paul. It’s a very sensitive issue to deal with. We all want racism to be kicked out, but similarly, a person’s life or more importantly their family shouldn’t be completely ruined to the point of no return for a moment of madness, an act, I completely condemn. Maybe I’m going soft but rather than his name and his family being plasted over social media and humiliated , the individual who found his details should have handed it immediately to the police and Man City as a club and let them deal with it instead of his family being humiliated(and will inevitably get death threats). I’m gutted for his family, it makes me uncomfortable people going after them as you put it in a frenzied way.
  5. Sexydadbod

    Bob Willis

    I was so shocked to hear about this. He looked so fit and healthy when he was on the debate shows earlier this summer. He will be a massive miss to sky. Used to enjoy his dry humour
  6. That was quick you got back from Saudi Arabia mate! Did Eddie Hearn let you try out his new super speedy private jet?
  7. Yes that makes sense and what I was thinking would happen, and usyk has the chisora fight too doesn’t he and potentially whyte after that(although I think even that would be a fight or two too soon)? On the other hand, it could be better for Aj to get usyk out the way and beat him whilst he’s getting used to the jump up to heavyweight boxing. Would be surprised to see Usyk take it so soon though no matter what he’s said in the past
  8. I’d beat and not just beat, I’d knock all of these wusses out with one hand behind my back. One after the other. You can even make Eddie Hearn the referee to make it fair for them because I’m generous.
  9. Good tactical plan by Rob McCracken, who I think deserves the most credit here. Also gotta give credit to Aj for sticking to the plan instead of being tempted to get involved in a scrap and trying to win the titles back in absolute fashion . Must admit, I didn’t think he had it in him again after the previous defeat. Thought it was a bit arrogant by Ruiz’s camp, he went in thinking AJ would approach it the same way as the first fight and tried too hard to try and get Aj into a brawl instead of focusing on his own game.
  10. I don’t think it’s controversial to say that Bogle, Marriott, Waghorn, Holmes and Malone are playing worse than last season, 5 of whom were starters last season.
  11. I’m one of those who likes a “plan b”, but we need to get our own imprint down first by trying to get a plan a down first, which none of us really know is. Our players look confused because we are trying lots of different things. We need to make teams adapt to us instead of us having to adapt to them, that should be our aim in my opinion, whether we achieve that is another matter
  12. This how I feel. This has similarities to Emery at Arsenal, a manager who is swapping players and formations every game because he has no idea what his best team is and is ending up confusing himself. We talk about players losing confidence but it looks like Cocu has lost his confidence in himself too. I don’t expect Cocu to be sacked this season but if this continues into next season he’s going to be on be very thin ice then there would be a feel that we’ve wasted yet another season. I don’t envy Mel in this situation
  13. Hate to be the one to break it to you but Cocu isn’t known for his good football, at psv he was known for his defensive pragmatism, often taking off his strikers for defensive minded players when winning, even when against the worst teams in the dutch league. There is nothing wrong with that but he’s not going to make us play beautiful Football and I hope people aren’t expecting that because they’re going to be left disappointed. He’s more akin to a Rowett and clement than a McClaren.
  14. I like Cocu as a man but this is going the same way as Emery for Arsenal. He’s not the man to take us to whatever we are transitioning into, he was known at PSV for his defensive organisation rather than being an attacking manager and we simply don’t have the players for that. I hope Mel wasn’t duped into thinking Cocu is going to eventually make us play beautiful football because Cocu is dutch ,that’s not what is going to happen. We are almost half way through the season and most of us don’t even know our formation or which players are going to play. I don’t buy that you need to give manager’s time to see whatever they are trying to do. Nowadays you know within the first few months whether a manager is going to be a success or failure. Look at the effect Bielsa made on Leeds for example or Rodgers on Leicester
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