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  1. I know we always praise Brentford but they certainly deserve all that praise, their recruitment and scouting is fantastic and they have a business model that we can be envious of. They’ve got the best front 3 in the division in my opinion, if they were to sell them, I’d bet they’d get around 50 million for them and they wouldn’t waste that money either.
  2. Brighton have lots of centre backs at their disposal, wouldn’t be a surprise if we got him back again on loan next season , depending on what they do with Ben White
  3. Hull have lost Grosicki to West Brom and maybe will lose Bowen later today too, expect them to bring in another winger or forward player in addition to Maddison
  4. No there isn’t, stop exaggerating. People are frustrated due to lack of signings and rightly so with all the uncertainty behind the scenes. There was a lot of excitement before the window opened because of the rumoured new investment and Rooney able to play officially for us from January 1st, there was reason for optimism after a first half of the season filled with turmoil but now everything has gone flat again. Whilst I’m not particularly bothered myself because the season is over for us in my opinion, other people have every right to be disappointed because there was *some hope* that gettin
  5. That’s who I feel sorry for too. I don’t think he’s the right man to take us forward mind but there’s been too much turmoil at the club since he’s been here, most of which not his fault. The people saying to give him time to bring his own signings and build the squad in his identity, he most likely won’t be able to get that opportunity
  6. All I want is for recruitment team to have more regard to other countries and the lower leagues, there are some proper gems out there if they looked hard enough, then we wouldn’t have to overspend on championship players and find ourselves having to sell and buy back our own stadium to get around ffp. Look at Brentford with Mbumo and benrahma, two absolute quality players, Norwich last season with the likes of Pukki, Buendia, Hernandez, stipierman. Absolute quality players out there , of course not all of them will be successes but we shouldn’t neglect that market. Leeds signed Augustin on loa
  7. Yeah, Martin is another but didn’t really want to include him in case anyone pedantic said that “everyone knew he did well at Norwich” so anyone could have signed him. Nigel Clough may not have been perfect , but he knew a player when he saw one, the 2013/2014 team we all loved had a lot of his players in. I wouldn’t mind him back in the future in a footballing director capacity, helping to identify players.
  8. I’m not slamming the club, I’m simply saying they should have backed McClaren and really pushed out for him in that situation, like they did for the all of those over the hill championship players we signed for previous managers(and managers after) who were past their best. And that doesn’t address my point why the club only recruit in certain locations. An effective scouting system would have people assessing players all around the world, with each individual person focusing on a precise area and returning information back to the club , this is basic stuff, even FIFA career mode gets this rig
  9. Let’s phrase this differently, how many cheap, successful bargains have we signed in recent years? How many players have we signed in recent years who have come out of nowhere that makes you go wow we actually did a lot of scouting on that one We did with Clough with the likes of Bryson, Forsyth, Barker, Shackell, Keogh, Russell, so what’s changed since then? Where have our cheap bargains gone?
  10. 😂😂, well that’s good isn’t it, why didn’t we continue tracking his situation even after they rejected our bid then, then they wouldn’t have found themselves in that situation where they look silly after? I don’t even mean putting all eggs into one basket, but at least have a general idea of what’s happening with his situation instead of abandoning it completely and then having no clue. A club who was ran well at that time would have kept tabs on him if they really wanted him.
  11. This is exactly is my point, there was no long term plan at that stage(and I still don’t think there is), the club were desperate for promotion so only focused on over the hill championship players, instead of planning diligently for the future. I don’t know know many people we have on their scouting team, but a team with good recruitment will have people scouting all around the world, instead of focusing on certain places. Everyone and his dog who saw Watkins’ season at Exeter knew he was going to be a heck of a player, why didn’t we go back in for him (I don’t mean half heartedly) when
  12. Didn’t stop us going for NickBlackman though did it for that price? Sorry I don’t buy that, and even if that was true , that doesnt explain why didn’t we go back in for him once we found out that Brentford had a bid for 1.8 million accepted, we did the same with Nick Blackman the year before, Sheffield Wednesday were close to getting him before we went back in for him. If we really wanted Watkins and the club really backed McClaren, we would have got him one way or another, instead the club were more obsessed with achieving promotion as quickly as possible by focusing more so on championship
  13. I know Steve McClaren personally was interested in him, why didn’t we get him then like he wished or at least as a club go really hard to get him then like we did with Blackman the year before to get his signature ahead of Sheffield Wednesday? 1.8 million for who many saw at the time to be the “new dele alli” is a cup of tea, instead we kept buying old players from the championship-someone was advising the club to focus on these past their best championship players instead of young hungry players from lower leagues or leagues from abroad. One of the times a manager personally went out off his
  14. We can’t defend for toffee so change the formation and get Rooney in positions where he can impact the game more Roos Wisdom Davies Clarke Bogle Bird Shinnie Malone Rooney Marriott Martin
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