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  1. I'm in, and don't mind doing some commissioning if needs be. I'd suggest if we're doing a longer draft maybe bringing it forward a little - the long drafts can take a week! Was it last year we had unlimited clock and someone was away camping for a full weekend? 🤣
  2. Or an additional defender...
  3. I truly think Dak got in there because he got injured. Was at a bit of an impasse about his contract up until he got injured with loads of people on his side. Got a big injury and all the bad publicity about not sorting it earlier forced Jerry Jones' hand. That's not to say he didn't deserve a big contract, but I think he got exactly the deal he wanted in the end.
  4. I feel rather special now 🍻 Either way, more important things in life than some misunderstanding, especially now the real football's back. Hopefully we'll see your face around this place like usual - it'll all be forgotten about soon enough!
  5. Doesn't matter mate, just snidy little digs that aren't worth your time. I did get this incredible response though:
  6. What I couldn't get my head around was the nameless "club fan account" Twitter pages giving you stick.. how is it fair that someone who gets to remain anonymous and is supposedly a page that talks Derby, yet can have an opinion on and question your intentions. Here I know we are anonymous but we're moderated, so fine.. it's just cowardice. Anyway don't beat yourself up too much, you'll have enough time to wallow when Lamar takes your Steelers to the cleaners twice this year. - oh, and I'm glad you're not on Twitter any more - couldn't be having you taking the piss out of my draft selections every time I post 🤣
  7. Born in Derby, moved to Liverpool for uni and then moved to Manchester afterwards for work. One day soon I might be writing this from Australia...
  8. I'd imagine it was a case of "this contract isn't the final execution version yet, it's our standard template. Take a look through the terms, run it by your agent, and we'll add the figure we've already discussed when we're able to all sign it together"
  9. Changing my mind! 2-1 Derby, still Lawrence.. COYR!
  10. I've even stopped checking this thread, just constantly refreshing David's profile now like a mad stalker 🤣
  11. DCFC 1-3 HTFC Rams scorer: Lawrence
  12. I think the guy on RD this morning said it was decided at the end of the meeting what could and couldn't be shared.. I'd imagine that leaves David in a bit of a predicament to be honest if he hasn't got the full debrief of that..
  13. No one's asking the big question: Will @David post his summary in here to try and get near to the Chris Martin/George Thorne levels of thread length, or steal the limelight and post "The latest from the club via David"?
  14. Curious the wording of the Punjabi Rams thread, "investment" as opposed to "takeover". Pretty concerned at that tbh but I'm sure we'll get more info tomorrow...
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