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  1. No doubt if it's an extra 500k a year for 4 years the compensation will have miraculously gone from 4m to 6m for the inevitable poaching by Chelsea in the next 3 years...
  2. Starting for Scotland tonight..
  3. I think you answered your first above point with your second. His performance against Leeds is up there with his best for the club. Right then, when the pressure was on, when he wanted it so badly, he got the job done.
  4. Agree that it's overrated..but only because I'd rather not go having finished 1st or 2nd!
  5. I'm honestly really confused about this transfer ban "issue".. isn't it for 2 windows? Oh no they can't sign players now or in January. It's almost as if the players they've got at the club will have to perform exactly as well as they have done this season in order to finish 3rd, get to the final of the league cup and win the Europa League 🤔. Okay maybe without Hazard, but the point is why is it seen as such a terrible time for Chelsea? Everyone saying they'll have to keep all their loanees and play the kids?? Why?
  6. Uncle 'Arry was in the Trafford Centre yesterday so more likely to be on my train! Said he'd be there today and is supporting us.
  7. 8.30 train from Manchester tomorrow morning, change at Crewe, get to Euston at 12. Probably too late for CG so straight on the tube to Wembley hopefully get there for 12.45 ish. Will sample a few of the Derby bars to settle the nerves....train back from Euston is 8.30pm so plenty of time to celebrate/commiserate afterwards.
  8. Exactly, just thought a poll would give a clear verdict and in a prominent place... Where the majority would have agreed on 🙂
  9. @David @RamsPolls any chance of a poll for meet up pub near Wembley at about 1.30?
  10. You based in Manchester mate? Will have to meet up for a game next year regardless of division..
  11. You obviously hadn't had enough to drink!
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