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  1. I literally loved watching Liverpool win. Might have to check some Arsenal TV out see what their reactions are.. No doubt priceless.
  2. I don't really know who you are so no reason to like you or unlike you. Anything I do know about you is that you're popular on Twitter at a guess might be wrong. There both just click bait. I wouldn't believe either one.
  3. It's as bad as someone mentioning any fabrication HITC or whatever their called spout out.
  4. We'd be mad to get rid of him. People saying he's not worth 5 million (Other teams saying that). The Ince a season or so back then fair enough but it's been great to see him progress so much. Scores,Assists and puts a shift in now it's great seeing him track back. Also I haven't seen him moan or strop like he used to he's literally improved everything I personally criticized him for. I's be very disappointing if we got rid of him especially if it was to another Championship Club..
  5. I'm surprised about Adam Reach speaking to Wednesday fans at work he doesn't even cross half way line and always looks to pass it back. Seems to have watched us for the past few seasons or used to being in the Boro System.
  6. Was that the goal he scored just past the Half Way line? I remember being at awe of that goal!
  7. I'm not too sure about any negative reaction. I think it'll put a lot of posters off saying how they feel. Don't like C.M get ready for a 100 **** emotions. That'll stop the user posting anything about C.M again. A lot more cons then pros imo.
  8. Watching that video makes me miss Jamie Ward.. Same as watching him the other day. He had so many injuries for us but when he did play seemed a bit like our Ince. Always wanting to create something or scoring important goals.
  9. Please put wind blockers up and don't let anyone tackle him or breathe on him. I think we need to do what they did for Beckhams foot all those years ago. We'll do the same for Thorne.
  10. It's good that these things are coming out and are brilliantly acted. Just finished Little Boy Blue and watched the one about the Mum when her Daughter went missing and she was behind it. It's going to put flames in the fire behind the people who have done these crimes for more hate but they deserve it anyway.
  11. Glad to hear this. Can't help feel he's going to get injured after a few games or near the business end of the season. Hopefully he comes back the same player! xxxxxx
  12. I'd try CC Inks just off London Road if you live in Derby. Their brilliant and don't charge stupid amounts.
  13. I love food Challenges. Enjoying The Merlins Quadzilla Burgers at the moment. Used to love The Lodges Burger challenge.. It's no longer on the Menu due to having a horrific new menu. The new challenge Burger I could polish off in a few minutes and still feel really hungry -.-.