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  1. tom huddlestone a great weapion

    From what I heard Johnny has had a poor pre-season. Time will tell.
  2. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    Huge miss for us.. Time will tell one of the few players in god knows how many Seasons who gets me off my seat!
  3. RamsTV

    The Service is spot on no Buffering no Freezes etc. Brilliant. The Commentary leaves a LOT to be desired. They are new to it though (Maybe) and they can't say anything bad so it leads to a snore fest. Should get some of this Forums Podcast team on board!
  4. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Wooops yes too early!
  5. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Tuned in Second half. PV impressed me well more then we did. Martin's Penalty made me giggle. Only brightside was Weimann and that's it.
  6. i cant wait for the season to start

    We need a flair Winger then i'll be happy. Someone who puts a shift in, Scores goals and is handy at setting them upto. Needs to be a threat. As we really REALLY need to replace Ince or those games where as moment of quality wins it we'll be struggling or those games where 11 men sit well organized behind the ball.
  7. Migraines

    It's usually after a rough night sleep, lack of sleep over a large amount days, looking at the screen to long, mostly when I'm dehydrated though.
  8. Game of Thrones - Season 7

    I find it brilliant, Glad it's back. Stayed up last night to watch it, Kind of a Episode bringing some pieces together so a little boring but will pick up fast. Daughter kept me up all night after learnt my lesson waking up at 2am!
  9. Snip, snip!

    My Missus keeps mentioning it. I keep telling her what if we split up and I meet a Model who only will stay with me if we have Kids, As shes got none.. I'd be f****d!
  10. Health,Diet and Fitness.

    Doing healthy(Ish) eating with the partner at the moment. Lost quite a bit we have one (or two) cheat days. It's amazing what healy(ish) eating actually does regarding losing weight. Of course the 1st few weeks are always the easiest at losing it though. Keep having urges for Takeaways :'(!
  11. Grant Leadbitter

    Looking at the link and taking one of the comments says it all seemed other fans had the same opinion:- Deanbderby | December 15 2014, 7:56PM He showed and did what our players didnt. All I can remember is a lot of whinging from keogh, shotton and martin
  12. Grant Leadbitter

    Haha yes was waiting for a comment regarding a dig of somewhat. Wasn't a dig really like I said people have there own way of leading a team. I just prefer G.L's way of leading a team then Keogh's. His might work somewhat for all I know but as a employee or a team mate, being me myself I'd prefer G.L's way of motivating me then Keogh's.
  13. Grant Leadbitter

    I remember watching him for Boro at PP. A proper Leader I was watching Keogh he was mostly blaming others and not really motivating others. Where as G.L was motivating through gestures and constant talking. Would love him at DCFC. Of course most people have there own way of Leading.
  14. John Eustace

    His 1st spell I was calling him John Useless. But his second spell he was much better and effective. Shown how to play the DM role. Good luck to them for next Season.
  15. v Kidderminster Harriers Match Thread

    I love the new look Martin.

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