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  1. London Prices

    Went on a London doo with Work. Was at the Hilton Hotel. Asked for 2 Vodka and Cokes. Gave the waiter a £20 note expecting change, he looked at me very concerned. Then asked for another £8.. I nearly died. Found out it was Grey Goose they gave me.. Obviously the more expensive kind! Ended up drinking the Vodka neat and the littlest bottle of coke after... Learnt my lesson!
  2. Summer Transfers 2017

    Dicko always impressed me and there fans love him. Guess they have a lot of quality in there front line now and can let him go. I agree with others, Players who I never thought are decent players like Evans going for silly money is very surprising.. Literally have no words.
  3. Just when Forest do something absolute stupid with regards to fighting over a Pie... One of our fans think try and beat their moronic lot. I have a lot of respect for Sharp I remember when the incident happened he came out and scored and dedicated it to his Son. I was disgusted when I read the tweet and so glad DCFC did something about it!
  4. International Break Haribo Poll

    Heart 4 sure
  5. Game of Thrones - Season 7

    Hats off to the CGI's. The best I've ever seen the Dragons can be passed off as close to real as you can get on screen. They must be on some £££££££
  6. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Hendrick turned up in 1 game out of 5.. That's being very generous. I remember making a comment on here a while back that a lot of games You'd be like "What has Hendrick done this game.. Was he playing" which was more often then not. Most will remember him for a few Performances where he played really well e.g. Forest and Hull.
  7. 17/18 Third Kit Revealed

    Didn't like the Away kit but growing on me now. I like anything in Black not sure of the pattern though.
  8. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Was worried the way they was making Bridcutt sound like the best CDM in the Championship. Spoke to a few Leeds fans at work and they say he's good at winning the ball but has no vision or passing ability other then backwards (Imagine him and Butterfield!!!!). Average was the key word being mentioned. Guess there signing a lot of steady players. I'd say top 10 for them this Season. No chance of play offs though they seem to be conceding a lot of goals.. Soon they won't out score there opponents especially if they get a injury.
  9. The FOBT debate, to ban or not to ban.

    Seen my Friend use one once. Put £140.00 in and came out with £200.00. I made him stop though as he was around £100 up then started chasing the Money.. I loved Bet365 but realized no matter how much I made I ended up putting it all back in and more. I was smart enough to realize there was only one winner. I get jealous of FB groups winning the £10-£1000 challenge etc but it must take them a lot and lot of tries to get it right!
  10. Super Nuge - a fan thread

    I don't mind if he gives 100% and gets replaced due to being tired
  11. Vauxhall Zafira

    Not one of my favorite songs if I'm honest. Sounds like people just YOLO the lyrics half the time.
  12. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Thanks guys, I'll keep plogging on. Nice just to get it out there. See that we're all just Human after all! I believe things happen for a reason and really I wasn't going anywhere in my current job.. Because it was unique. Hopefully someone upstairs is telling me that theres jobs with progression out there. I hope so anyway!
  13. Forum Issues

    Same here. Got it whilst posting using the back error produced the same message. I can't remember if I closed down Chrome and re-opened or Refreshing fixed the issue.
  14. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Thanks for the advice GBoro. That was written as part of the Redundancy to keep me in my job. Thankfully my CV goes into more detail (Not too much) and talks about me a lot more. Don't really want to spam the thread if I can haha. I'll drop you a CV through PM for your thoughts if that's ok. Would really appreciate it. Been told that my Redundancy is end of August and I don't need to work my 4 weeks notice which is nice of them. So got a Month and a half to find a job! (Could survive on benefits and go into education though to get qualifications etc). My Family do but mostly live in Chad too. I have my Father which I enjoy being around who's quite close but he's not really a Child person so I try and not visit him as much lol. I try and eliminate stress and deal with it when I can. Me and my Partner talk a lot more now and try make each other happy which works. That's the key is what makes me happy. I've also got a list of what does.. Even in these dark times at least I kind of know how to cure it. It's simple just needs to happen. It's nice talking on here though as sometimes I'd love to put it on FB but then you get judged by people you know. Can imagine a lot taking the piss. Why this thread is so great!
  15. Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    Devices (PDAs / Android phones / Samsung tablets) Set up new devices Allocate members to gangs and assign device’s to gangs Set up hands free Bluetooth connection in fleet vehicles Maintain Message Manager system Provide training to new device users during their induction Provide any refresher training on site Provide training for new device developments First line of support for any device queries Control the stock levels of licences, devices and accessories Log issues with IT mobile phone department Produce user guides for the devices in the form of video tutorials, booklets, visio, powerpoint presentations. Corona Produce and distribute reports: 1) Quarterly PDA User Compliance Score Report 2) Weekly compliance reports for new users and low scoring users 3) Update and distribute Mobile Contact List monthly 4) Monthly Events Report 5) Gang Tracking Reports when requested 6) Send out Leicester Leads Audit reports when requested · Maintain the gazateer tables Schedule and dispatch tasks to gangs as required Manage and update gang lists Create new members and gangs Configure and maintain audits Create private jobs when required Set up new stock locations when required Other Project Requirements Attend safety meetings representing the business systems team Provide absence cover for office manager, distribute the relevant timekeeper extracts Shared Responsibilities · First line of support for any queries and training for all relevant business systems · Logging issues with the software providers if the problem cannot be solved. Provide data for other users to analyse and report with · Discover development ideas Maintain the shared mailbox Support new developments by testing, trialling, implementing and training --------------- This was created on my part by my Manager with my skills etc. Kind of makes me feel proud. Unfortunately still doesn't get me the job I want. I guess I've only had 2 interviews but.. I don't know.

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