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Play off place or FA Cup final day out?

Jimbo Ram

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If you had the choice what would you go for? I am so disappointed that the FA Cup has been devalued over the last 5 years. Remember getting so excited as a kid, it was almost as big as winning the league. I am wondering if it will ever happen in my life time. If I had to pick it would have to be the Cup final. Thoughts?

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At this point in our history we are a well made club hoping to hit the big time. Those hopes are realistic but Rome wasn't built in a day. It also didn't fall down in a day. If we don't get to the play offs we could realistically achieve it next year. 

The FA cup final  is something you don't get that many goes at in any generation. 

Somehwere in the stats for anoraks will be the note that the 2016/2017 got to the play offs and maybe even got promoted for a season or two ....... Versus ... written on a world renown trophy and adding to the legends of the club .... 2017 FA cup winners : Derby County FC. 

CUP .. Yes please football gods  ..even at the expense of a seasons PL, I'll wait for that. I want to be a Derby Fan out in the world knowing that we are known and sharing a beer with a foreigner on holiday saying I saw Will Hughes chip the goalie at at Wembley and I watch him every week at my home town club.


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