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  1. The Key Club King

    Nick Blackman - Joined Sporting de Gijon on loan

    I can agree that he was a very poor signing but to suggest that he wasn't arsed is blatantly untrue. On the few times he got on the pitch it looked to me as if he was trying too hard and could not play his natural game. He is also willing to get off his behind and move to Israel and Spain to get a game. Good luck to him.
  2. The Key Club King

    Tom Huddlestone

    At the top level I'd agree, but in the Championship I've seen several successful teams running rings around our midfield by having mobile players with an all-round game giving a fluid, less rigid feel than our DM/am combination.
  3. The Key Club King

    Tom Huddlestone

    Derby have been reliant on a defensive midfielder for years now. I think Lampard is changing this to a team where we have old fashioned midfielders who do a bit of everything. I blame FIFA and football manager for convincing everyone that midfielders are either attacking or defensive rather than a bit of both.
  4. The Key Club King

    Real put £670m price tag on Modric, 32

    The reason it is so high is because Spanish clubs have to legally put on a release clause in every players' contract and they make it so high that nobody would ever pay it. Ronaldo had a release clause of £1bn but was sold recently for the paltry sum of £100m. Think of it like the DFS sale, where sofas that cost £1000 are almost always available at 50% off.
  5. The Key Club King

    Is it just me?

    Quite right. Anybody in the south stand will have noticed the difference in speed between the vendors in the ground and the privately ran burger van outside. The queue at the burger van moved at twice the speed as the staff were practically shouting at the customers to get a move on during half-time. Nobody minded as they want to get served as quickly as possible and get back for the second half. The difference in speed was staggering. I don't think they are there anymore though. It always surprised me that people at DCFC or the in-ground contractors hadn't spotted this. Not only do fewer people get served but fewer people even attempt to queue in the first place as it takes so long.
  6. The Key Club King

    Cheers Mel

    Not at all. Just thought I'd try to tap into this fountain of knowledge before events unravel. I think their natural shyness means they don't often get their opinion across until it's too late. I was quite happy with all of Mel's hirings and firings at the time. Clement's sacking was the exception and he is now managing Reading, so it looks like that was a good decision after all.
  7. The Key Club King

    Cheers Mel

    I'm loving the pre season optimism. Have no idea whether we will get promoted, relegated or anywhere in between. Anybody on here brave enough to criticise Mel's dealings this summer without the benefit of 20/20 hindsight? I forsee a barrage of criticism that will be the mirror opposite of last season. Too dangerous playing out from the back - just get rid. Too many youngsters in the team - where are the influential old heads whose experience will guarantee us promotion. Inexperienced manager when we need someone with Championship experience. These players only suit a 442/352/433* formation (*- delete where appropriate). Despite all this, the one multi-generational moan that will continue forever - Keogh's always got a mistake in him. Anything else that may go wrong, whatever it is, was obvious to me all along and Mel is incompetent for not recognising it, whatever it is.
  8. The Key Club King

    Flo Josefzoon Songs, Chants & Moons

    To the tune of "Zoom" by Fat Larry's Band: Josefzoon, Just one goal and then my heart goes boom, Suddenly, and we are over the moon, Looking down on the City Ground, ohhhhh Zooooon!- He'll chase the dogs awayayayay, Iiii knew - the boy from Holland he can play.
  9. The Key Club King


    I think Carson's distribution is actually pretty good. It appeared to me that his last few managers at Derby have asked him to hit one particular target - usually one of the full-backs (Forsyth, Christie, Wisdom) - as our forwards are unlikely to win it in the air against most opposing centre-halves. Aiming at one target rather than an area is always going to be difficult. I think most fans have a blind spot when it comes to their goalkeeper. Most teams think they have one of the best in the division as they consistently "save" their team. I remember thinking Bywater was brilliant the year we got promoted under Billy Davies. Watching the review of the season, I realised that he was actually pretty average. Jordan Pickford annoyed the hell out of me at the world cup by making routine saves look spectacular. Even the actual quality saves he made looked better than they were because he is quite small for a modern goalkeeper. Though I'll forgive him for anything for that penalty save.
  10. As the quality of the Prem teams increases it pushes talent further down to the Championship and beyond, so the quality gap has probably not changed that much. It really should be much greater given the disparity in wealth. Despite what many people say, the quality of football in England has increased considerably since the establishment of the Premier League. If you don't believe me, then go and watch the highlights of any game from around 1992. Every game was like watching the current Cardiff team.
  11. The Key Club King

    CamRam Jerome

    Put most strikers in a team that is not playing well and they are unlikely to look good themselves. All of our strikers have suffered since February through that. I think the stick that Jerome got was completely unjustified. The bloke on here saying he has looked slow is clearly not watching the game.
  12. The Key Club King

    Boxing Thread

    Can't argue with the Mayweather/McGregor farce. With regards Khan, I think he has a better resume to date than Kell Brook, who has only fought three fighters of note and lost to two of them. Brook is certainly a more likeable person and also a very good boxer. I agree that Khan, who must be aware that he can be knocked out by anyone, looks to take on the highest calibre opponent he can as it looks better if he loses. He was though doing a good job against Canelo and Garcia before the KOs. His only loss on points was to a pumped up Lamont Peterson. If he could take a punch I think he would be an absolute superstar.
  13. The Key Club King

    PL & Championship Safe Standing Petition

    Does this mean I can bring my beer bottle crate out of retirement to stand on for a better view? Signed.
  14. The Key Club King

    Boxing Thread

    Don't understand all the vitriol toward Khan. He is largely in exciting fights, driven by the potential of a single knockout punch at any given point. He has probably fought more top level fighters than any other current British fighter and has done most of it in the US where it so difficult. He may have lost a few, but dusts himself down and goes again. Brook is probably the one person he should have fought but hasn't - probably by pushing too hard for a Pacquio or Mayweather bout. OK, hes a bit dim, but so would you be if you got knocked out 3 times in such spectacular fashion.
  15. The Key Club King

    Do we sack Rowett or does Chairman Mel walk

    Mel has employed a number of managers that many were happy with at the time of appointment and they have all failed to some degree. He has backed them all in their dealings despite concerns such as selling Hughes and loaning Martin. The obvious thing to do is to keep sacking them until he finds one that does a good job. Finding a good manager is not an exact science and I can't think of a football club that continually gets great managers to maintain a level of success. Maybe Liverpool's Boot Room succession in the 70s and 80s. The law of averages suggests he will employee the right man eventually. And to those who think we are a laughing stock - nobody really cares about us that much to notice (other than Forest fans), so it really is all in your head.

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