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  1. Not really sure of his ability but winning a player's player of the year award is a pretty big deal as it disregards any fan bias. Aberdeen's squad is probably equivalent to a decent League One team and I would suggest that signing a 22 year old from League One that had just won player's player of the year would be a worthy addition to our squad.
  2. As it seems that Blackman and Butterfield will definitely leave, could it be that we have offered them a relatively small fee of say 50k for a year’s contract that gives them the option to leave for free whenever they want and still collect this money? This gives the player a relatively small amount of cash for doing nothing whilst allowing us to shift the FFP losses to the following year on the cheap.
  3. GK- Carson (unless sold, if so replace) RB-Bogle, LB - Malone CBs- Keogh, Davies CM - Shinnie, Holmes, New Forwards - Mariott, Waghorn, Lawrence. Subs - Forsyth, Evans, Bennett, Josefzoon, Thomas, Sell - Huddlestone, Wisdom, Thorne, Martin, Anya, Lowe. Hudds and Lowe are saleable but the others have little chance of being sold as they will be lucky to get half their current wage elsewhere. I would say we need a centre half, at least one centre-mid, and a wide man. This is exactly what we had on loan this season. Don’t buy anyone unless they’re a lower league bargain like Holmes. Youth to fill in the gaps.
  4. Regardless of yesterday’s mistake, I have been oddly unconvinced by Roos despite him not doing much wrong. Think he is an excellent backup at Championship level.
  5. Largely because he has been ineffective when starting. He’s had a handful of decent cameos when brought on as a sub when we’ve been chasing the game.
  6. I didn't make it today as I'm 8000 miles away but the atmosphere was probably identical to the 2006 play off final before we scored, and that was awful. 2013 was better as we played well almost to the end. Recency bias and the passage of time can make us forget this.
  7. Well he is eligible to play so he might have turned up expecting a game!
  8. An even easier work around would be to get Mel to buy them for another company and then loan them from him for a fiver a week.
  9. Taribo West Leon Osman Tom Ince Bobby Davison (second time around) Fikayo Tomori Harry Wilson Mason Mount George Throne Alberto Bueno Shefki Kuqi
  10. True, but it would take about 3 years in the Prem before we become one of those clubs. Fans always demand better than they currently have.
  11. Chances of promotion from the Championship based on historical data are (rounded-up): 3rd - 37% 4th - 20% 5th - 27% 6th - 17% So it does seem that the best team gets promoted the most. If memory serves, 6th was doing disproportionately well when the play-offs started but this was just a blip. Its now over 50% success rate for 3rd placed teams in the past decade.
  12. As so few people actually pay for their local news, I'm afraid this is going to be the way it is now. It's not that time consuming when you think about it, but its the feeling that you have been conned into it that makes you feel cheated.
  13. Regardless of how or why the injuries have made him less effective it is clear now that a number of managers do not think he is good enough anymore. It is unfortunate that he went on loan to a team that is flying and he cannot break into a winning squad. Hopefully next year he goes on loan to a League Two team that will give him an opportunity to show where his level lies now. I hope he is still at a level that allows him to remain a professional footballer.
  14. This is true but what is interesting is how often this spending fails. Despite the enormous gap between PL and EFL, the teams that are promoted and relegated are just as varied as before the TV money went up so high in the PL. Obviously this is a big driver of EFL clubs overspending in the first place to compete. Until the TV money gap between PL and EFL is addressed, overspending and debt will continue despite attempts such as FFP to stop it.
  15. Maybe we should have sold Vydra to Mel for £12m and rented him back for a fiver a week. It may not be illegal but it's a bit dodgy to say the least. I'd also argue that the stadium is worth nothing without Derby County or another local sport team playing in it, and there aren't any big enough to other than DCFC. And £1m a year rent will only take 80 years to recoup the outlay.
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