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  1. The Key Club King

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    Ooh - has someone started a book on it yet? My money is on Scott Malone.
  2. The Key Club King

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    Got a very, very good shot on him but can't take players on when playing on the wing and his passing is pretty average. Hits a mean free-kick. Basically, we sold Tom Ince and bought another, slightly younger version.
  3. The Key Club King

    Sam Allardyce "Busquets no better than Dier"

    Busquets is one of those players that other players rave about but the public don't have the knowledge to appreciate - a bit like Paul Scholes. Other than from Big Sam, I've yet to here similar praise for Eric Dier.
  4. The Key Club King

    Non-League Day 2018

    Nil-nil. Little of note happened and I think the Heanor/Ilkeston game was a bigger draw to neutrals. My dog enjoyed it though.
  5. The Key Club King

    Premier League 2?

    Is this the PL collective strength in cutting off the other 72 clubs in 1992 and keeping the money themselves? Sporting meritocracy does not include a difference of £93m in TV money for finishing one place lower on the footballing pyramid. This is clearly unsustainable - take a look at the finances of Championship clubs compared to the more sustainable League One clubs. Radrizaani is not saying either that PL2 should be cut off from the rest of the Football League either, Samuel is imagining that. Mind you, he works for the Daily Mail, so misrepresenting foreigners is part of his remit I would imagine.
  6. The Key Club King

    Premier League 2?

    The top six, or whatever it is now, are responsible for the vast majority of the TV money generated both domestically and worldwide. I can't imagine the delights of Burnley v Huddersfield being that big a draw in Ulan Bator. I personally think that PL2 would be a great idea as this could redress the imbalance created by the formation of the PL. As was rightly pointed out, over half the clubs in the PL will get relegated in the next 2 decades and will most likely be an economic shambles when it does happen. Current TV money in the PL is £150m to the winners and £95m to the bottom team. Championship TV money is about £7m each with over half of that a "solidarity" payment from the PL to acknowledge the gulf in income. I would restructure this so that the winners still get £150m but the increments are much higher with the bottom team getting around £40m. PL2 teams could then get around £35 million each. This would have the benefit of keeping the top clubs competitive in Europe by attracting the best players, make all games in the PL more competitive if each place was worth £6m each, but avoid the cliff-edge financial capitulation of PL relegation. The need to get promoted would no longer be a financial imperative but for the glory of winning. No need for parachute payments either. And with the impact of relegation alleviated somewhat there may even be opportunity to blood some youngsters. Obviously there would then be a financial chasm between the PL2 and the next league. Therefore I propose a radical solution to have 4 divisions under the same authority with financial proceeds distributed incrementally from 1-92. I think we tried this between 1921 and 1992 and it was called The Football League or something like that.
  7. The Key Club King

    Non-League Day 2018

    I'll be at Belper to see them play Stamford in the Vase.
  8. The Key Club King

    Ones That Got Away

    Ferrie Bodde was a great near miss from our perspective. Sadly got injured soon after our interest ended and retired early.
  9. The Key Club King

    Same old story

    I think the issue is retrospectively moaning about stuff as if it was always obvious. I think the way around this is for all forum members to give ten unchangeable opinions at the start of the season that we can be held accountable for and judged on. Mine would have been; Bradley Johnson is rubbish as a defensive midfielder. Craig Bryson runs around a lot but doesn't achieve much (with a one season exception). Tom Lawrence cannot take players on at all (like Tom Ince) and should only be played centrally to harness his one great ability which is shooting (like Tom Ince). Scot Carson is the second best passer of the ball at the club behind Tom Huddlestone. Stop shouting abuse at Craig Forsyth. He is a decent player when confident but his head drops when the crowd get at him. So don't get at him. Andre Wisdom was a waste of money. Not enough foreign players in the team. We will have a great run of form then go a bit rubbish and think it's just a blip. Then later we will realise it was the good form that was just a blip. We will finish eighth. Which is alright, I suppose. I'm not convinced any of our youngsters will be good enough to play Championship level football in the long run. At least 3 of these are already wrong.
  10. The Key Club King

    Fair play table

    The high pressing and getting caught on the counter has led to these cards. Mostly they seem to occur when the opposition get behind the midfield and ours bring them down before they can get at our defence. We are also high up the list for number of fouls. It all seems a bit desperate to be blaming the refs. Most yellow cards have been justified. Hopefully this will change as we gain a bit more control of games.
  11. The Key Club King

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Only through entrapment. The link was on here and I had no idea of the horrors that awaited me, though the still from the link probably should have been sufficient warning. It even makes me appreciate Craig Ramage's broadcasting skills and I never thought I would say that.
  12. The Key Club King

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    I am absolutely gobsmacked that this is an actual thing. He clearly doesn't understand football and his manufactured OTT reactions are abysmal. Calling a centre-half a prat for missing a penalty when he is 8th in line to take one? Who on earth tunes in to watch this guff? I fear greatly for future society.
  13. The Key Club King

    No foreign players please, we're British.

    I think the lack of foreign players is a very relevant point to make and I assume the thread title was tongue in cheek. I've thought for a good while (since Clough) that our poor engagement in the foreign transfer market has held us back. The fact that we were so good yesterday suggests otherwise, mind.
  14. The Key Club King

    First use of VAR in a Rams match

    You are Tommy Brown from Billy The Fish and I claim my five pounds.
  15. The Key Club King

    Declining attendances

    Season ticket holders are an absolute priority as they make up over 80% of home ticket sales and turn up every week and tend to renew every year. If tickets were between £15 and £20 a game then this would punish the season ticket holders who pay more than this. The TV money thing is for Premier League clubs as they get around £100-150m per year from TV revenue, whereas I think it is around £8m in the Championship. This leaves the unfortunate situation whereby top tier clubs can charge less for a higher quality game. When a team gets relegated they would likely put prices up to cover their TV revenue losses. You obviously make a huge effort to get to games, and I agree that making them cheaper would attract a few more fans but not as many as you would think.

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