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  1. As the quality of the Prem teams increases it pushes talent further down to the Championship and beyond, so the quality gap has probably not changed that much. It really should be much greater given the disparity in wealth. Despite what many people say, the quality of football in England has increased considerably since the establishment of the Premier League. If you don't believe me, then go and watch the highlights of any game from around 1992. Every game was like watching the current Cardiff team.
  2. The Key Club King

    CamRam Jerome

    Put most strikers in a team that is not playing well and they are unlikely to look good themselves. All of our strikers have suffered since February through that. I think the stick that Jerome got was completely unjustified. The bloke on here saying he has looked slow is clearly not watching the game.
  3. The Key Club King

    Boxing Thread

    Can't argue with the Mayweather/McGregor farce. With regards Khan, I think he has a better resume to date than Kell Brook, who has only fought three fighters of note and lost to two of them. Brook is certainly a more likeable person and also a very good boxer. I agree that Khan, who must be aware that he can be knocked out by anyone, looks to take on the highest calibre opponent he can as it looks better if he loses. He was though doing a good job against Canelo and Garcia before the KOs. His only loss on points was to a pumped up Lamont Peterson. If he could take a punch I think he would be an absolute superstar.
  4. The Key Club King

    PL & Championship Safe Standing Petition

    Does this mean I can bring my beer bottle crate out of retirement to stand on for a better view? Signed.
  5. The Key Club King

    Boxing Thread

    Don't understand all the vitriol toward Khan. He is largely in exciting fights, driven by the potential of a single knockout punch at any given point. He has probably fought more top level fighters than any other current British fighter and has done most of it in the US where it so difficult. He may have lost a few, but dusts himself down and goes again. Brook is probably the one person he should have fought but hasn't - probably by pushing too hard for a Pacquio or Mayweather bout. OK, hes a bit dim, but so would you be if you got knocked out 3 times in such spectacular fashion.
  6. The Key Club King

    Do we sack Rowett or does Chairman Mel walk

    Mel has employed a number of managers that many were happy with at the time of appointment and they have all failed to some degree. He has backed them all in their dealings despite concerns such as selling Hughes and loaning Martin. The obvious thing to do is to keep sacking them until he finds one that does a good job. Finding a good manager is not an exact science and I can't think of a football club that continually gets great managers to maintain a level of success. Maybe Liverpool's Boot Room succession in the 70s and 80s. The law of averages suggests he will employee the right man eventually. And to those who think we are a laughing stock - nobody really cares about us that much to notice (other than Forest fans), so it really is all in your head.
  7. The Key Club King

    The State of English Referees

    The reason we do not have a ref is because Mark Clattenburg was our ref on the shortlist and as he left for Saudi Arabia he was no longer eligible. The FA were not allowed to put a replacement forward, so we had no-one eligible. Italian refs are not noticeably better, and the FA pays EPL refs as much as anywhere else in Europe and has invested heavily in their training. Our refs are not significantly worse or better than anywhere else and the reason why many decisions are wrong is because all the players cheat. All of them. Without exception. If you have 22 players, subs, coaches and a crowd trying to pull the wool over the ref's eyes, then don't expect flawless decision making. The fact that watching things back through VAR still does not get decisions right shows how difficult it is.
  8. The Key Club King

    How would you get Palmer in your team?

    I wouldn't play him. Bags of skill, but holds on to the ball too long, tries to do too much and gives the ball away in bad positions. Don't think Rowett trusts him. Has had little impact when coming on when we've been chasing a game.
  9. The Key Club King

    17/18 - Player of the Season

    Can't really understand the Davies votes. Think him and Keogh were part of a good defence until February and I thought Keogh was the better of the two up until then. Obviously that has changed but I think Davies has been pretty average of late too. Body language seems to be more important than ability to some. Vydra by a country mile to win it.
  10. The Key Club King

    FFP going into next season

    This concerns me too. If we miss the play-offs after falling from second place then there will be a lot of discontent and I fear many people will turn against the owner like they did with Lionel Pickering.
  11. The Key Club King

    FFP going into next season

    When we talk about being within FFP limits we seem to be ignoring the fact that this limit is a £39 million loss over 3 years and this is being covered by somebody who is getting a lot of stick because the team isn't winning. The vast majority of clubs are either bankrolled by a group or individual, or accumulate debt - sometimes both. We need somebody to put their hand in their pocket to cover this and help us compete and these people don't grow on trees. Those who want him out should think about who would replace him. Anonymous Asian/Middle-Eastern/American "investors" is not specific enough either.
  12. The Key Club King

    Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    So, we have one striker injured from the three first team strikers we have. We play one up front. That means we still have two very good players available for one position. The one that is injured is probably the third choice striker. Not really a major problem is it?
  13. The Key Club King

    Rules you would change in football

    No offsides immediately after a corner or free kick is taken. If only to stop the multitude of idiots in the crowd shouting "OUT!" like they are watching a bunch of schoolkids in the playground. And allow use of the hand to stop shouts of "Handball! Handball! Handball!" by the crowd as a witty riposte to the opposition's initial shout of handball.
  14. The Key Club King

    Less than £2 mil!!

    That's good in transfer values, but a better measure would be wages of about 85k per week. There won't be many Championship teams paying that much out for a defence. However, they are doing a great job so are providing value.
  15. The Key Club King

    Celtic Record

    It's the potential fan base they have that marks them out. SPL is not competitive and the result of games is almost inevitable so there is little interest at the moment. I liken it to English cricket or rugby. When we are winning and it's interesting, everybody loves it and is a huge fan. We can turn that off in an instant when we are getting beat (e.g. now in the Ashes), and nobody is that bothered. I've seen Celtic take 15k to a friendly against English clubs. I think Ted McMinn's testimonial is still our biggest attendance at Pride Park and it looked about 50% Rangers to me. There are similar clubs throughout Europe in smaller leagues such as Holland, Portugal, Greece etc that are much bigger than 60% of the Premier League teams. Not that I would let Celtic/Rangers into English football. Their fans are likely to court trouble.

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