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  1. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    So, we have one striker injured from the three first team strikers we have. We play one up front. That means we still have two very good players available for one position. The one that is injured is probably the third choice striker. Not really a major problem is it?
  2. Rules you would change in football

    No offsides immediately after a corner or free kick is taken. If only to stop the multitude of idiots in the crowd shouting "OUT!" like they are watching a bunch of schoolkids in the playground. And allow use of the hand to stop shouts of "Handball! Handball! Handball!" by the crowd as a witty riposte to the opposition's initial shout of handball.
  3. Less than £2 mil!!

    That's good in transfer values, but a better measure would be wages of about 85k per week. There won't be many Championship teams paying that much out for a defence. However, they are doing a great job so are providing value.
  4. Celtic Record

    It's the potential fan base they have that marks them out. SPL is not competitive and the result of games is almost inevitable so there is little interest at the moment. I liken it to English cricket or rugby. When we are winning and it's interesting, everybody loves it and is a huge fan. We can turn that off in an instant when we are getting beat (e.g. now in the Ashes), and nobody is that bothered. I've seen Celtic take 15k to a friendly against English clubs. I think Ted McMinn's testimonial is still our biggest attendance at Pride Park and it looked about 50% Rangers to me. There are similar clubs throughout Europe in smaller leagues such as Holland, Portugal, Greece etc that are much bigger than 60% of the Premier League teams. Not that I would let Celtic/Rangers into English football. Their fans are likely to court trouble.
  5. Celtic Record

    Celtic and Rangers are behind only Man Utd in terms of UK fanbase. Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City et al would not be even close. Even worldwide, with the Irish and Scottish descendants dotted around the globe, they would compete with all but Man Utd and probably Liverpool. The potential is huge but they are held back by lack of competition and bigoted fans on both sides. Take the bigots out of the equation, and the Premier League would be a much more competitive league if they were allowed in, once they were established. If you judge them by their current squads, Celtic are low-end Premier League at best and Rangers are low-end Championship.
  6. Goalkeeper’s distribution

    Spot on, sir. Also for: Inability to defend set pieces and score from our own. Blaming one player for the entire team's failings. Corners not beating the first man. Taking short corners occasionally. Passing sideways rather than forward. Not enough pace. Keogh's fault. And (especially from managers) - "lacking quality" - which is shorthand for not being good enough which is the manager's responsibility to do something about. This somehow manages to externalise a problem that is the manager's fault ultimately.
  7. Paul Clement

    It's only seems barmy because it's turned out he's not that good. The kid was one of the hottest prospects in the world 18 months ago and has won the European Championship. Rather £7m for a year than sign Davy Klaasen for 4 times that and be stuck with him for three years afterwards. We would have been better off paying a quarter of the value in loan fees for Shackell, Johnson, Butterfield, Blackman etc...
  8. 442 Derby County 2007/2008 Season

    Despite the awfulness of that season, Billy Davies (for one year only) is still the best manager we have had since Jim Smith. Absolute miracle of management in getting that team promoted.
  9. What would you have done differently?

    I would have asked Reading to sack Jaap Stam. He did his homework on Derby and noted our lack of mobility and how uncomfortable most of our defenders are on the ball (Keogh excepted) and decided to use what in basketball terms is called a full-court press, swarming us high up the pitch and forcing us to go long. Most teams have been content to let our centre-halves have the ball, but Reading did not and we panicked and hit it long and aimless. Rowett does not want long balls up to the striker as we do not have the type of player up front who will win it in the air. Hence why Carson's distribution looks so poor as he is told to kick it out wide to an advanced full back rather than toward our striker. Their passing around at the back also forced us to come out of our compact shape to close them down. This further exposed our lack of mobility outside of the forwards. Stam realised this and I applaud this tactical masterclass. If other managers are smart and watch this game back and attempt to copy these tactics then we may be in some trouble.
  10. GR good manager or lucky manager

    Lucky up to now. We went about 10 games unbeaten last season when Powell and then Mac took over and we were conceding even fewer goals than now. That was a blip and we turned out to be bang average. We were average then and, based on performances not current results, I think we still are now. Think we have only really been convincing and comfortable against Bolton, who were terrible. Hull was a very flattering scoreline. Other games we may either edged or ridden our luck. Hope I'm wrong though and sincerely hope Rowett has enough time to fully prove his worth. Billy Davies' team managed a similar lucky blip for a whole season in 2006/07.
  11. Dear Uncle Mel (v2.0)

    1981/82, 1982/83, 1983/84, 1984/85, 1990/91, 1992/93, 1994/95, 1999/2000, 2000/01, 2001/02, 2002/03, 2003/04, 2005/06, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2016/17. Since I was young I'd say that most of these seasons were either, and often both, uncompetitive or not particularly entertaining. Several seasons of disappointment leave me with hope rather than expectation.
  12. Dear Uncle Mel (v2.0)

    This. Mel's problem is he has appointed the wrong CEO and managers. He gave them a healthy budget and relative autonomy and they got it wrong. The hardest job for an owner is to appoint the right manager as the few that are proven successes are unaffordable and the rest don't have that much experience. The average length of managerial tenure in the country bears this out. As Ramblur points out somebody somewhere has to pay to run this football club as even GSE were running significant yearly losses even after they got the wage bill below £10m. Bearing in mind how dull it was under Clough/GSE (and that was whilst running at a deficit) we need a sugar daddy to make us competitive. We have one, he's local, loves the club, has been successful elsewhere, and is prepared to put in the money to give us the budget to compete with most clubs in the division. The OP and his ilk may lead us down the previous paths of the disgraceful hounding of Lionel Pickering and Nigel Doughty down the road. Good men who end up getting dog's abuse for doing their best in a very difficult and competitive environment, where - and this is crucial - NOT ALL TEAMS CAN WIN THE LEAGUE OR GET PROMOTED EVERY YEAR. Put your dummy back in and show some patience.
  13. A Tale of Two Teams (Derby & Brighton)

    "I think we need to follow the stable model provided by insert name of medium sized team currently doing well. This team has shown a considered and sustainable approach to improvement by sticking with insert name of manager who replaced the previous manager who was in charge for 37 days before losing three consecutive games and getting fired through thick and thin." Or alternatively, hire a manager, give them a healthy budget and the ability to do as they please within that. If they are rubbish, replace them with someone else until it works. And it will work. Eventually. If a manager is any good they will likely make a success of it. At some point Hull, Cardiff, Fulham, Villa, Ipswich, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Reading, Sunderland etc. were all considered to be well ran clubs during their more successful periods. Their success is much more likely to be attributed to either a good manager or the stars all aligning in their favour. Contrary to popular belief, most clubs are aware of this and this explains the high turnover of managers. Swansea, Leicester, West Brom, Stoke, Bournemouth, Southampton, and Burnley are all thought to be considered good models for clubs at the minute. They will all fail at some point and then probably be thought to have strayed from the principles that got them success in the first place. It's much more likely their manager messed it up.

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