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  1. I don't really know what entails a good pre-season and when we have had a "good" one, we haven't necessarily had a good season. PC turning down a behind closed doors friendly gives an indication that he is not really panicking about it. This pre-season has not conformed to fans' expectations, but just because it is different does not make it worse. Nor will it necessarily be the fault of a "poor" pre-season if we don't have a good season. It may be that we aren't very good. It's always important to remember this. It took England fans decades of blaming Polish goalkeepers, Diego Maradona, penalties, Beckham, Rooney etc. before we all collectively realised in 2010 that we were not as good as we thought. We then lowered our expectations, invested in youth, and got better. Maybe we are doing the same.
  2. Owners are ultimately judged by who they appoint as manager and whether or not they are successful. Despite pronouncements of “perfect fits” and “only one candidate” this choice is pretty much pot luck that no club or owner consistently gets right. I would say the best approach is to chuck as much money as possible at it until eventually it turns out ok. Mel is doing this whilst doing lots of other good things around the club.
  3. True, but only one of them is still occassionally refered to as a football genius in song.
  4. I agree with that he was treated harshly by fans for some fairly moderate statements against the snake but I cannot agree with those saying he did not get enough opportunities. He played under several managers with several sytles of football and could not get into the team. This includes when out on loan. Opportunities are made by impressing in training. Still at least he tried to make things happen by going out on loan rather than sitting on the bench in the youth team with little intention of trying to restart his career elsewhere like Anya. I'd much rather save my ire for him.
  5. Joe Royce once said that he was the most talented player he ever saw but that he would get you relegated.
  6. Not really sure of his ability but winning a player's player of the year award is a pretty big deal as it disregards any fan bias. Aberdeen's squad is probably equivalent to a decent League One team and I would suggest that signing a 22 year old from League One that had just won player's player of the year would be a worthy addition to our squad.
  7. As it seems that Blackman and Butterfield will definitely leave, could it be that we have offered them a relatively small fee of say 50k for a year’s contract that gives them the option to leave for free whenever they want and still collect this money? This gives the player a relatively small amount of cash for doing nothing whilst allowing us to shift the FFP losses to the following year on the cheap.
  8. GK- Carson (unless sold, if so replace) RB-Bogle, LB - Malone CBs- Keogh, Davies CM - Shinnie, Holmes, New Forwards - Mariott, Waghorn, Lawrence. Subs - Forsyth, Evans, Bennett, Josefzoon, Thomas, Sell - Huddlestone, Wisdom, Thorne, Martin, Anya, Lowe. Hudds and Lowe are saleable but the others have little chance of being sold as they will be lucky to get half their current wage elsewhere. I would say we need a centre half, at least one centre-mid, and a wide man. This is exactly what we had on loan this season. Don’t buy anyone unless they’re a lower league bargain like Holmes. Youth to fill in the gaps.
  9. Regardless of yesterday’s mistake, I have been oddly unconvinced by Roos despite him not doing much wrong. Think he is an excellent backup at Championship level.
  10. Largely because he has been ineffective when starting. He’s had a handful of decent cameos when brought on as a sub when we’ve been chasing the game.
  11. I didn't make it today as I'm 8000 miles away but the atmosphere was probably identical to the 2006 play off final before we scored, and that was awful. 2013 was better as we played well almost to the end. Recency bias and the passage of time can make us forget this.
  12. Well he is eligible to play so he might have turned up expecting a game!
  13. An even easier work around would be to get Mel to buy them for another company and then loan them from him for a fiver a week.
  14. Taribo West Leon Osman Tom Ince Bobby Davison (second time around) Fikayo Tomori Harry Wilson Mason Mount George Throne Alberto Bueno Shefki Kuqi
  15. True, but it would take about 3 years in the Prem before we become one of those clubs. Fans always demand better than they currently have.
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