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  1. It’s surprising how things change, a few weeks ago we looked guaranteed a play off spot at worst. Now play offs look a distant dream. As it stands, we look also rans. This may just be the boost we need for Monday. I don’t think I’ve ever planned a trip to Nottingham with less expectation of success. We are poo at being top dog as we have proved, so underdogs may just be what we need. As long as Frank doesn’t have another meltdown over selection and pick a shocking team and formation, we may just pull off a shock
  2. He has gone off the boil in recent weeks, like the majority to be fair. It’s not helping him to be played in a different position every game. I feel he’s the epitome of a confidence player. When we play well he will have a blinder but if he’s having a tough day he starts running down blind alleys rather than into the dangerous areas. He will be a very good player at this level in a season or two
  3. Where is everyone planning on pre match drinks. Think l may need plenty b4 this one.
  4. Agreed but a few wonder strikes ( well about 10) should be more than enough reason to leave him on over a player who was equally ineffective and has had 0 strikes ( wonder or otherwise) for a couple of years now. He could have taken any 1 of 8 players off and none could have argued. But 1/0 down, against a team like Millwall and in desperate need of a goal, for me your top scorer stays on
  5. It could be perhaps that by staying friendly with one of the top 6 clubs in England, ensures we get first dibs on loans for next season. Lots of things wrong with last night but this isn’t one of them. Behave yourself !!!
  6. He inherited the most or probably 2 nd most expensive squad in this league ( behind villa). He’s spent around 12 million. Which as you stated came mostly from Vydra’s sale, but I suspect last seasons squad will beat this seasons squad in terms of points. I like him and hope we stick with him but we haven’t actually advanced. Just imagine how many points we would have got with Mount Wilson and Tomori in last seasons squad. Zero transfers and those loans would have seen us far stronger. Although I doubt he had any choice in getting rid of Vyds.
  7. There is no point in getting in a more dangerous area if when you receive the ball, you turn around and pass it into a less dangerous area. There is every point in leaving your top goal scorer on the pitch who even if he’s not looked likely to score for 75 mins, is a far better prospect than leaving someone on who’s not looked likely to score for 2 Years. Bryson is finished at this level, I know it, the vast majority of fans know it, deep down I suspect you know it. But he was great in 2014, blah blah blah. Some fans are more concerned with nostalgia than fact
  8. The atmosphere last night was poor to begin with but had turned toxic by midway through the 2 nd half. A couple of blokes in front of me (SSU) block h started on each other. One then walked out as he probably realised what a dick he was being. I feel our fans feed off the team and not vise versa. It’s horrible watching grown men turn on each other, frustration gets the better of people sometimes. Especially when you know you could manage or even play better than most of em did last night ( I exaggerate)
  9. The fact he was picked was upsetting but to play the whole game was criminal. At 1-0 down he took Wilson off with 15 mins to go ( from memory). He wasn’t having a good game but he’s our top goal threat. If we had a 20 yard free kick in the last few mins who would you want to take it?
  10. Bryson has been POTTY All season. Tomori Keogh should share poty as it’s a great partnership at this level
  11. The goalposts haven’t moved. We’ve just forgotten how to put the ball between them
  12. Then you should be ashamed of yourself
  13. That’s why I said he was no worse than 5 others. The reason I mentioned him was due to his continued inclusion, despite his pitiful performance all year ( hull aside). At least all the others who have a shocker get dropped ( bogle aside) and some get frozen out for ever it seams
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