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  1. One win from Wembley ?

    If we beat Barnsley we are away at Spurs. Will it be at Wembley or will they switch it to somewhere smaller?
  2. View from the outside

    "It's pissing it down!!" Grimsby fan
  3. You need explosive speed as a striker. Marathon runners are skinny because they need.constant pace. 100/200 metre athletes are very muscular because they need speed. There is a fine balance though
  4. Who will make way?

    Not out of favouritism at all. But under the past 4 managers he has constantly been picked. This would suggest he shows more to people who see him day in, day out than he does to me during 90 mins on Saturday. Be that attitude, commitment or skill. That is why I'm certain he won't be dropped and Weimann will.
  5. Having seen him up close, he looked very trim and probably a little more muscular. Mr Thorne however is deffo carrying extra timber.
  6. Who will make way?

    I think he will start sub, but long term, one swallow does not make a summer so Russell. That's what I would do, but he will obviously drop Weimann
  7. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    Lawrence won't be match fit, but the only way to get there is to play matches. I would have started him and take him off when he tires. It must be terrible for the likes of Bennett and Anya to watch Russell play so poorly, yet retain his place. It's not good for the team, the squad or even the player himself to keep picking him. Apart from that, happy enough with the team
  8. Best looking team in the league

    Is Boycie says Ok?
  9. The big hand points to 12 and the little hand points to 5.
  10. We won't wait a whole season. 13 goals in half a season and we'll have him back like a shot
  11. She only drinks when she's driving
  12. Hope that's not dependent on appearances. Didn't even get on the bench on sat.
  13. Jeff Hendrick

    yet he couldn't hold down a starting place at Derby. It makes you wonder what happens to a player when he puts on a Derby shirt. Johnson, Butterfield and Blackman all excellent till they put our shirt on.
  14. We have a very different idea of fun!!
  15. Repeal and Replace

    It will take 2/3 more seasons before we will be competitive. No team will buy the players we don't want and as stated it's obviously a 1 out 1 in policy at best I would prefer a 2 out 1 in for a little while at least. Let those contracts run, if we recoup any money that will be a bonus then start again. I don't however and never have thought Rowett is any more than a stop gap manager. Keep him for these next few seasons, then get a good manager in when we are ready to move forward again.

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