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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I looked at the Cardiff forum this morning and coaches had indeed left by 7 am. I would have done the same if the fixture was reversed. Law states that a football fan over the age of consent and not in charge of a motorised vehicle should attempt to drink his or her shoe size in pints prior to any fixture. I don’t like Sunday football and dislike 12 o clock kick offs even more, but accept that TV money is a nessasary evil. But surely these stupid fixture times should be reserved for local games, especially in the colder months. The balance between fans and broadcasters seems to have tilted too far in their direction in recent years
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    He was talking about Billy Davis 😂
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    We have lots of clever people on this forum, regarding rules on all aspects of football. Surely someone should have a definitive explanation of who and why a game can be called off. Although I could have and would have made it from 20 miles away, that’s down to my choice of car and excitement for the game, but accept someone from a different area or different mode of transport would consider it impossible. I’m sure it used to be if both sets of players can get there, then game on. I’m equally as sure this won’t be the case now. The wild speculation and conspiracy theorists could be quashed by a simple quotation of the current rule, regarding this situation
  4. Derby Snow - Game called off

    They could have called it off earlier but at least the 3,000 Cardiff fans got to spend a few hours in glorious England before having to go back to Wales
  5. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I am really annoyed it’s been called off. Not the decision to call it off, because I’m not privy to all the information. But was looking forward to a full house and a game I thought we would win. The difference between our game and all others is the kick off time. If we had the luxury of waiting till 11 am to decide, I’m sure it would be on. But having to decide at 8 am on a Sunday, involves guesswork.
  6. Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    Their fans thought they would be in trouble, spent pre match in a pub just over from the ground. To a man ( and woman) they thought they were in for a terrible season. We need to win this and win it well. Forget 2 CDM’s and go all out attack. They are bottom for a reason, actually 2 reasons, they can’t defend and can’t score. Be all over them from kick off , score early and they fold. As much as I would be happy with a 1/0 win. We should beat these by at least 3. Momentum is priceless at this critical point in our season
  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Who skives off work just to go shopping??
  8. Derby Snow - Game called off

    The official site says it’s on too
  9. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Had a look at their forum. Coaches have set off. Their snow hits later, so getting home may be difficult.
  10. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    We have used up our get out of jail cards. We’ve had a bloated squad and struggled. We now have a threadbare squad and are still struggling. It’s time to roll up the sleeves, pump the chest out and show our true colours. No more “let’s get a point “ nonsense. We need no more lacklustre draws. Gary show us you’re more than a shirt and jumper combo!!! Pick a team who can win, not one that may not lose. Lets not die wondering
  11. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I’m sorry Kevin, but I don’t believe the weather was the problem versus Fulham, more so the team selection and formation. Once Palmer came on and we ditched the 6 defensive player set up. We were the better team by far. If we had started on the front foot, I think everyone would have praised all concerned for getting the game on
  12. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    There seems to be less and less middle ground on here these days. You are either classed as on message, lock stock and barrel or the epitome of the devil himself. I personally like to moan at the bits I dislike, whilst praising the good bits. We are a 2 nd tier team, with 2 nd tier players, when averaged out and a 2 nd tier manager. It stands to reason we have a mixture of good and bad, or we wouldn’t be where we are. There are 2 ways to improve our situation, firstly to support the club and secondly to identify the weaknesses. So surely both sets of fans are of equal importance, with the same goal in mind
  13. Derby Snow - Game called off

    It’s horrible here in Nottingham, it’s not snowing tho
  14. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Don’t think they’ll let him do it twice
  15. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Tonight seems to be the worry. Amber warning ⚠️ for Derby area. Also South Wales. They could have a tough trip. Won’t be called off unless it’s terrible due to Sky( the broadcaster not the meteorological forecast) I remember Leicester playing Ipswich a few years back, it was atrocious weather, but they carried on regardless

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