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  1. Go on then
  2. Rid of Ince??? Goals win games mate. I would say Ince is irreplaceable at this level whereas Hughes isn't. Blackman is almost irreplaceable too. Can't believe we could find another professional footballer as crap
  3. They do at Derby. Just have to be less **** than the rest of em
  4. I bet it's Patrick Bamford. I'm sure I read he's a posh footballer
  5. The other way is to not buy anyone. I personally think losing ince and gaining 2 defenders, weakens the team as a whole. If we have to balance the books, keep the best players let the expensive flops run their contracts down as nobody other than Derby is daft enough to spunk all those millions on mediocrity. Then start again as the wage bill lessens. I honestly believe the mistakes in the transfer market over the past couple of years will take about 3/4 seasons to recover from.
  6. And boring. In front of a back 3 fair enough but the only time we should even consider 2 holders in front of a back 4 is away to top of the table teams or a switch of formation late on in games if we are 1 up
  7. I have no idea about the financial intricacies but I agree entirely about squad size. It's just getting ridiculous now. On a footballing front, if this was to happen and with the signing of Wisdom and Davis. I think we may be looking at copying the Chelsea formation. With Whalen and Thorne as holders.
  8. I agree, he is starting to stagnate at Derby now. He's too good for the championship. For his sake a move to a mid table or above, good football playing side would do him the world of good. Everton perhaps. This needs to be his last season in the championship. Hopefully he can help us up, but if not wish him well elsewhere
  9. It might be a "school" night but can't let this pass without a celebrity beverage or three
  10. 40/1 shot wins the Derby.
  11. Cheers, thought as much. Surprised by the 10 stone bit tho. Looks more muscular than that.
  12. He's not that tall mate. Not sure he's even 6 foot. Get crouchy in. He would be lethal in this division
  13. That's 4 centre backs 2 full backs a defensive mid plus goalie. Won't let many in but may be a tad boring
  14. By that logic vydra, Butterfield et el should be world beaters but aren't. It's not how much they are brought for, it's their performance that matters. I don't think Keogh is great but he's better than Hanley. Especially if stripped of the captaincy and playing alongside better players. Thus just concentrating on his own job and not worrying about others
  15. I'm shocked we've finally signed a quality player for only 500 k. I've not been so shocked since my optician diagnosed me with colour blindness. That came right out of the purple too