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  1. View from the outside

    You get nothing for a pair. Not in this game
  2. View from the outside

    Their keeper was the better keeper by far. He made 3 great saves and plenty of other good ones too. Whilst Carson stood and watched for most of the match
  3. Curtis Armband

    Can’t swim
  4. I think manager, players and fans deserve a great big pat on the back for yesterday. If I had to pick fault, did anyone notice how far out of position Keogh was for our 2nd goal.
  5. FA cup third round USA news

    Pity it’s not 3 PM Saturday
  6. Better than pi$$ed off
  7. Why Why Why Weimann

    Could play both and bully the poor teams. Lose one of the back 6 and let one play in a free role around the central striker and the other to stay wide. They could easily interchange to create even more uncertainty amongst the oppositions back line
  8. Why Why Why Weimann

    Sorry to make you explain twice, I’m too lazy to scroll backwards. But who are you putting in instead who would make a difference? I still think it’s the system that needs tweaking in these games
  9. Why Why Why Weimann

    Why may I ask would you not start him against teams who sit back? He is a better finisher than any of our other wide players. I do agree we need to tweak the team in such games but would suggest lose 1 of the DM’s or 3 at the back would create the extra body we need to break down a crowded defence. He seems the embodiment of a confidence player to me. A good run of games would be far better than benching the lad in my opinion
  10. Don’t want to say I told you so but that’s just spooky.
  11. Agree, they won’t be far off come may. Kodja would make them a far better side. Just looked a bit short of fire power today
  12. Was a great atmosphere today, fans even singing after the game in the concourse and the streets. I still think the atmosphere is best with 25/6 thousand home fans like today. Rather than the full houses of a couple of years back. Lose the glory hunters and the true fans enjoy themselves more
  13. In all fairness to Bruce, I think Villa could play like that all season and would win most of the games. Just not when they play against Derby
  14. Just got in. Best game of the season in my opinion. Well should probably say most enjoyable game of the season. Both teams played some good football both sets of fans created a great atmosphere. 2-0 down my Lord was probably the loudest we’ve sang for ages.

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