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  1. Liverpool v Man U sounds like a funeral.
  2. Doodle

    Come on lads beat forest

    Brilliant 😂😂😂😂😂
  3. I think mobile phones have a big effect on the atmosphere at all grounds. People around me seem to spend half of the match concentrating on the screen with betting apps and social media etc. Than concentrating solely on the football and getting fully engaged
  4. Doodle

    Come on lads beat forest

    Is it too early for a quip about his Spirt being at PP on Monday yet???
  5. It’s average at best. Can be great and awful in equal measures
  6. Doodle

    Disabled Seating.

    Wouldn’t think the view is all that great from the bottom of the south stand where a young lad usually sits, towards the West stand. I don’t know but he looks to enjoy the atmosphere more than a perfect view
  7. Doodle

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    The teams who roll us over are the strong, physical teams with a good mix of skill and thuggery. I suspect other managers will now know this and set up accordingly. I also suspect that the 2 red cards we’ve seen in the last few games could easily be 3 on Monday. With the match on telly the ref could easily be sending a dirty forest barsteward off.
  8. Doodle

    Max Lowe Aberdeen loan updates

    Probably best all round if he stops the full season in the Scottish premiership and next year if he proves too good for that level, we should loan him to an English league 1 side.
  9. Doodle

    v F*rest (H) - Predictions

    2-1 Derby Wilson
  10. Doodle

    Take it to them lads

    Take more than that to destroy b4’s passion and dreams
  11. Doodle

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    I’m in Prague so didn’t go today but reading this thread, sounds like a few posters are actually disappointed we won. Some would rather lose and say “ I told you so” than win ugly. And their constant criticism be proved wrong. It’s funny how the match day threads get less than 30 pages when we win but nearly twice that when we lose. I hope we win next week and couldn’t give two tosses if we we are a complete pile of dog mess. The teams that get promotion from this league are the ones who win well but more importantly, win ugly when needed
  12. Doodle

    v Wigan (A) - Predictions

    Wigan 1-2 derby Wilson
  13. Doodle

    Looking for a 1979 shirt

    I think Mr Jackson may like these
  14. Doodle

    Go for it derby go for glory

    So come on lads just relax and play football that we know you are cable of. im not con Vinced

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