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Picture where you and your knee are now

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6 minutes ago, froggg said:

Champagne cork from the cricket World Cup 😍😎

No..the one with the conical white helmet.

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On 04/08/2019 at 20:37, Boycie said:

Some say Marseille is a S hole. What’s your view DFR7?

Update. I was wrong about the community I was staying with, it’s actually an Algerian one.

Very welcoming people, my AirBnB host took me for lunch yesterday. He then managed to find one of the only places in Marseille that has Sky Sports and, after the game, we walked round the old port. It’s really lively at night, with loads of different stuff going on. One such event was an Algerian group playing music, to which a huge circle of Algerians were listening to, with kids dancing in the middle. Really good atmosphere and no alcohol involved at all.

Really enjoyed Marseille. Now just started a 10-hour coach journey to Bordeaux.

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