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Picture where you and your knee are now

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On 08/06/2019 at 21:33, Mucker1884 said:

Sorry, I should have made it clear... that’s Muckerette’s knee!  

I can't be the only one who looked at that picture and thought "where can I get me one of those cracking two tone sofa's" Surely 😉 

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Posted (edited)
On 31/05/2019 at 00:58, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

Is that from the new IPA range in Tesco? I’ve been meaning to try some but couldn’t find any in there the other day. 

You know when you've got a picture of someone in your head, then you meet them in real life and it's like what the fu......how the fu.....

Mind... Blown.....

Nice to "meet" you pal 😉


And what a brilliant, brilliant thread by the way. I've only seen from page 144 (ish) to 141 and it's been cracking.

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On 26/05/2019 at 09:50, ramit said:

It's been a grueling, but exciting week.  Paid a deposit on this 85 square meter property in Costa Blanca South Cabo Roig Spain, but we don't have the keys yet because the real estate company is dragging it's feet, as is the norm in Spain as i have come to accept.  So we have been clearing the front part and fixing what needs fixing, but that job is only half done.  An Irish man has rented the place for the past 8 years.  He never fixed anything, apparently spent most of his time in a chair smoking and drinking, so all plastic materials need removing inside and there is some light repair work needed as well as complete refurnishing.  Am not counting any chickens yet until signature is completed but we are not worried as we have a human tornado for a lawyer, probably the best in the business in that area.  i will return to Spain hopefully within two weeks to complete repairs, furnish and install appliances and then we have a couple waiting to rent it from us for a year.  We need to do that as we are extending ourselves financially a bit.  After that, it will be completely paid for.  We got it at a very good price indeed.  Great community, good neighbors and fantastically situated within walking distance to beach and everything of interest.  We are so tired, but very happy.  What shall we call it?  i like Casa Jenn as that is my wife's name, but my good friend suggests Lion's Den because of the gate figures.  Without his help and his gracious wife we would never have been able to pull this off.  Wonderful friends and only a few doors down the lane.




If you call it that. the locals will call it Casa (ccc(Hen

How about Casa Blanca 😉

Enjoy it pal. Always love to see people getting themselves a place abroad to unwind and relax in.

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At a nice little outdoor venue, right under our nose on the doorstep but first time for gig.

Conkers watching ELO experience (even spotted Colin Gibson there with all the other baldies 😂).


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