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  1. I dare say @Angry Ram @froggg and @Steve How Hard? would give it a go, not so sure about @Boycie though.
  2. So would that mean we'd become like Star Trek then? Groovy, I'm gonna bag me a shuttle pod and some hot alien! {disclaimer- I'm making light of a serious situation}
  3. One I forgot, the littlest hobo. Great theme tune!
  4. Some great shouts in here. A few I'll add : transformers button moon the fraggles Johnny Briggs funhouse rainbow olly the ox smtv Jace and the wheeled warriors Galaxy high Dungeons and dragons Heathcliffe Count duckula The wuzzles Games master Never seen any of these shows since, so no idea how they'd survive the test of time, but made for a happy childhood.
  5. In a word, no. See it going the same way as the Crolla fight, hope I'm wrong though.
  6. So then, Kovalev Vs Yarde, experienced pro Vs the young lion, what we thinking folks? Hope Yarde wins personally, but think Kovalev wins a biased home score card myself.
  7. Prepare for a lot of games to be moved for TV. Worth it though!
  8. Yes. Just yes. Nothing to not like about this. Either attacking midfielder in a 3 or at the top of the diamond behind Waghorn and Marriott. Bielik, Shinnie and Dowell behind. Sexy.
  9. Is this going to turn into one of those threads where everything daft was always "a mate". Like the time "a mate" went to A&E with something showing up on an xray where it shouldn't be? ***disclaimer - this is neither me nor "a mate"***
  10. Well as far as Sunday's go, that was ok.
  11. My first thought was Alex Neill but the talk of Hughton makes sense. Trollope was his number 2 at Brighton but I'd like to see a possible change there or addition to the staff with Liam Rossenior. Youth coach at Brighton so will know Hughton well and always talks very well on the TV. He could also be groomed for the main job a couple of years down the line if successful. Ideally keep Lampard though.
  12. So Sky Sports are now running the story and they have that much confidence in it, that's its second on their top of the hour headline news to a MUFC supporters groups opinions on the signing of Dan James and their potential other transfer targets. Talksport legend Dean Saunders this morning saying that Lampard should take the Chelsea job, as you never know when it will come up again, followed by a minute later saying that Chelsea sack their manager pretty much every year. To reaffirm Dean's status as a leading insightful pundit, he the produced this gem when talking above Wales "the thing is with teams like Hungary and Cyprus, they now have the best players in their countries playing for them in the best positions." Who'd have thought it! So in summary, slow news day.
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