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  1. Well as far as Sunday's go, that was ok.
  2. My first thought was Alex Neill but the talk of Hughton makes sense. Trollope was his number 2 at Brighton but I'd like to see a possible change there or addition to the staff with Liam Rossenior. Youth coach at Brighton so will know Hughton well and always talks very well on the TV. He could also be groomed for the main job a couple of years down the line if successful. Ideally keep Lampard though.
  3. So Sky Sports are now running the story and they have that much confidence in it, that's its second on their top of the hour headline news to a MUFC supporters groups opinions on the signing of Dan James and their potential other transfer targets. Talksport legend Dean Saunders this morning saying that Lampard should take the Chelsea job, as you never know when it will come up again, followed by a minute later saying that Chelsea sack their manager pretty much every year. To reaffirm Dean's status as a leading insightful pundit, he the produced this gem when talking above Wales "the thing is with teams like Hungary and Cyprus, they now have the best players in their countries playing for them in the best positions." Who'd have thought it! So in summary, slow news day.
  4. Rob Dorsett not getting enough clicks with his Lampard to Chelsea line, so decides to turn to another Midlands club he can spout a rumour about to get clicks. I suppose not being a London or north west correspondent he has to throw more poo than the other SSN mob.
  5. The hindsight merchants out in full force, bravo.
  6. For various reasons me and the two other people I go with cannot attend the game (gutted!) and once friends have realised this, they've been asking for our season ticket numbers so they can get tickets. All requests have been declined.
  7. Bob Marley, 3 Little Birds, seemed to work well last night.....
  8. Does this also mean that hypothetically we can lose around £54m over the next 2 financial years, meaning that 3 year period would then still be within the £39m acceptable loses? Not that anyone wants this but just interested if that is how it works? Would certainly free up Lampard to have some extra wiggle room this summer, especially with so many big earners off the books.
  9. I was looking to see if @coneheadjohn had his carrot out.....
  10. I was more worried about what @Parsnip might try to make out from the boot reflection after #bathtapgate
  11. Absolutely gutted about this. Grew up through my teens listening to The Prodigy and one of my all time favourite bands. Saw them at the Carling Academy in Sheffield about 13 years ago and it was my favourite live gig ever, the energy was unreal. RIP Keith, that waiting room in the sky just got a whole lot livelier.
  12. I threw my teddy out of the pram over the weekend and vowed not to go again until after the stoke game. As usual as time passes I calm down and now not only am I going tomorrow, I'm taking my lad to his 1st ever game. It's times like this we all need to stick together, no matter how grim. A cold march Tuesday night at home to Wigan isn't a glamour tie, but I think it may prove to be our most important game this season.
  13. Gut feeling is it will be Watford at home.
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