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  1. I was looking to see if @coneheadjohn had his carrot out.....
  2. I was more worried about what @Parsnip might try to make out from the boot reflection after #bathtapgate
  3. Absolutely gutted about this. Grew up through my teens listening to The Prodigy and one of my all time favourite bands. Saw them at the Carling Academy in Sheffield about 13 years ago and it was my favourite live gig ever, the energy was unreal. RIP Keith, that waiting room in the sky just got a whole lot livelier.
  4. I threw my teddy out of the pram over the weekend and vowed not to go again until after the stoke game. As usual as time passes I calm down and now not only am I going tomorrow, I'm taking my lad to his 1st ever game. It's times like this we all need to stick together, no matter how grim. A cold march Tuesday night at home to Wigan isn't a glamour tie, but I think it may prove to be our most important game this season.
  5. Gut feeling is it will be Watford at home.
  6. We'll win. Don't know how or why but we will.
  7. Maybe he was there for none footballing reasons. Maybe Mel has looked at ways to generate extra revenue and has turned Moor Farm into an exclusive daytime members only dogging club and he couldn't afford membership.
  8. Happy new year fellow rams. Let's make 2019 a year to remember. Good health to you and your families.
  9. I still can't understand why they play the Derbyshire poet and Steve Bloomers Watching 10 minutes before the players even come out. Get everyone up just to let it go flat again.
  10. To add to this make sure you go to channel 403, Sky Sports Football as the option is only on this channel. It's not available on 401 the main event.
  11. Is it wrong that I'm excited to see what this thread produces today? No pressure on the budding master chefs!
  12. Me too, looks a good fight night week and a tough one to call. Early prediction is Frampton on points.
  13. Like the pundits said afterwards, Fury only gets better and at 33 I don't think Wilder can change enough. The only way Wilder wins is if Fury get over confident. Despite the gulf in class, that right hand is an equaliser. The best thing about this fight is it proves Fury is back as a serious and credible contender
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