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  1. An extension.... on the house you dirty swines!
  2. Maybe, but you speak the truth.
  3. I think if the fight had happened 3 weeks ago as originally planned, Ferguson would have had the edge but with the extra prep I think he may come unstuck via stoppage in the championship rounds. Can't stand Cejudo. A poor man's McGregor. Runs his mouth with his "Triple C" talk and trash talking anyone that will listen. Fair play to his achievements but a real bantamweight finishes him. Cruz in his prime would have schooled him, but he's just had too long a lay off. Ngannou's fight could be blink and you miss it, but I thought the same thing with the Lewis fight and that turned out to be snooze fest. One things for sure, there ain't a bad fight on the card.
  4. I agree with every prediction, even the comment on Cruz!
  5. UFC 249 this weekend. Stacked card including the prelim's. With no fans it'll be weird, something like the TUF series level of noise, but really looking forward to it. Just hope all the necessary safety measures work and it don't come back to bite them on the backside.
  6. So whilst I'm still at work and the wife is furloughed, I've tasked her to look into this. Got a flyer through about a month ago from BT, advertising all sky channels (sports, movies, Sky one, Sky Atlantic, etc.) As well as BT sports for £60 a month all in HD. She called today and they confirmed that and in addition can do super fast broad band and phone line as well for £90 a month all in for a 2 year contract. Currently use a mixture of Sky and BT for all this and pay just short of £150 a month. We have Sky Q though so get UHD. All seems a bit good to be true. Anyone else use BT for their full TV package? Just wondering what it's like? Do you get UHD in for the price or is that seperate? How many programmes can you record at once? Can you live pause, rewind, etc? Any channels missing you thought you'd get? After 13 years with Sky we've never really had to chance to go through it and feel sick of them taking us for granted, so now's the time I think. Just don't want to jump into a 2 year contract and instantly regret it! Any feedback welcome and thanks in advance.
  7. Got told today annual pay rises have been scrapped and annual bonus due in June has also been stopped. Throw in a cancelled holiday to Gran Canaria at Easter (now moved to September - fingers crossed), my 87 year old gran with dementia and a serious heart condition being rushed into hospital with breathing problems (once treated told to get her back to the care home as its a safer environment for her right now) and now schools closing its fair to say it's been a poo week so far. Thought I was doing OK until I heard Eurovision had been cancelled, how will I cope!
  8. I have an autistic son and this poo makes my piss fizz! Hope they get what they deserve.
  9. All these years we've been laughing about wind and sleet costing them games and on Saturday it really did!😀
  10. I fully understand this post mate. My lad is autistic as well as having spina bifida. We've had loads of battles over the years with school and the local authority and I have had those same blank faces looking back at me, so I feel your pain. I'm lucky in that the wife is phenomenal and deals with pretty much everything, I just get rolled out if she thinks she might lose her poo and needs a calm head ,or needs me to use big words. Not saying I can offer anything other than the quite brilliant advice @Alpha has already given (think he's missed his vocation in life reading through this thread!), but if there's anything specific I can help with (by I, I actually mean the wife), then drop me a message. Good luck, stay strong and remember your not alone. In other news I'm with you, @Alpha and @Mostyn6 on the DIY front, maybe we should set up a group and one weekend a month we can all take turns helping each other further butcher our house's!
  11. If it's good enough for Nottingham......
  12. The only positive I can hope comes from this, is that we don't spunk a load of money on bang average, last minute, panic signings. The play offs are gone, so concentrate on finding a pattern of play, continuing the blooding of youngsters and have a clear transfer strategy for the summer and start working on them now, to give the manager a full pre-season.
  13. Your right that Khabib is a better wrestler, was more referring to the fact that Usman is physically even bigger and an elite level grappled. Ferguson would be a great fight for McGregor and would fancy him in that. Ferguson has been dropped by people with way less punching power than McGregor.
  14. All the fights that are being talked about don't end well for Conor. Usman is just a straight no. Bigger stronger wrestler than Khabib and much better stand-up. Looses inside 2. Masvidal. Has superb cardio and is a dog. Can take shots and give them with interest. Basically a harder Nate Diaz. Only chance would be to make the fight at 155. TKO in the 4th for Masvidal. Khabib. See the first for how this could go. I do however think Conor can catch Khabib and he been stunned on the one occasion caught previously. Think this would be more competitive than the 1st. Tough to cal but would still go Khabib by submission. Gaejthe. A terrible match up. Takes shots better than anyone in the division and has KO power. Gaejthe by stoppage in the 3rd. Maywether. No, just no.
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