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  1. Gap tooth ram

    Boxing Thread

    Pretty much sums my thoughts and prediction up perfectly. Well played sir.
  2. Gap tooth ram

    Christmas Present

    Tickets for Shef Utd away to watch the artistry of Derby County on Boxing day. At least that's what I'm getting.
  3. Gap tooth ram

    European Super League

    I'm assuming as double European cup winners, Forest are automatically included.
  4. Gap tooth ram

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    Ended up in the Buck Inn with about 60 Boro fans, good crack though.
  5. Gap tooth ram

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    Anyone know a decent pub in Whitby to watch the game?
  6. After the Boro game today, we'll have played every team in the top 7.
  7. Gap tooth ram

    Khabib v Mayweather

    Not for me this. Khabib is primarily a wrestler, so if one of the consensus best strikers in MMA can barely land a glove on Mayweather, then no hope for him. Khabib has better cardio than McGregor though, so could see it going 12 rounds and Mayweather winning as many of them as he decides he wants to on the the night.
  8. Gap tooth ram

    What are you eating tonight

    @froggg @Steve How Hard? @Angry Ram come on fella's I'm getting withdrawal symptoms here!
  9. Gap tooth ram

    Boxing Thread

    Wasn't he 44-1 on to win, massive upset if that's the case.
  10. Gap tooth ram

    Khabib v McGregor

    Just feel Ferguson is too durable for him. Both excellent strikers but Ferguson has tremendous BJJ and can see it ending on the mat.
  11. Gap tooth ram

    Khabib v McGregor

    Wouldn't be the 1st time Dana said something and went back on it. Money talks and a new belt, a champion in 3 different weight categories, a trilogy fight and the name McGregor guarantees record PPV's.
  12. Gap tooth ram

    Boro (A) Tickets

    That makes 2 of us, although the wife has signed off on the match yet!
  13. Gap tooth ram

    Khabib v McGregor

    I'd be really surprised if Pettis beat Ferguson, agree about the other undercard fights though. Really think McGregor needs to get it done inside 2, as I'm still not convinced about his cardio. Seen several interviews in the last few weeks and always sounds over amped and breathless and still looks big for weight. Think he's already looking at the new 165 belt that's rumoured and the trilogy with Nate if he beats Pourier.
  14. Gap tooth ram

    Khabib v McGregor

    Mcgregor was erratic by his usual standards, sounded like his mouth couldn't keep up with his brain which is saying something! Think the talk about Russia and and his dubious funding got Khabib rattled though. Can't wait for the fight but can't see past a Khabib win I'm afraid.
  15. Gap tooth ram

    Khabib v McGregor

    1st face to face press conference tonight, so interesting to see what antics McGregor gets up to.

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