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  1. Beer Thread

    Phew Affligem, superb.
  2. Beer Thread

    One or two but has to be done 😎
  3. Beer Thread

    Black blues Abbey 6.3% (Dublin)
  4. Picture where you are now

    found it.
  5. Live games 2017/18

    Damn it, not Mr Kane again?
  6. Live games 2017/18

    I don’t as I have Real in my acca 🤑
  7. What are you eating tonight v2

    I know, the Weinstein of food pictures 😱
  8. What are you eating tonight v2

    Any pictures?😋
  9. Christ to see John Higgins play such a poor shot....... irritates le merde out of me. 😡
  10. No Siri on Apple TV?
  11. Spent a couple of hours I’ll never get back cooking sticky ribs for dinner and she didn’t like them ‘too sweet and spicy’. I liked them, all washed down with a ‘tramps piss’
  12. What are you eating tonight v2

    You haven’t quite got the hang of this food photography malarkey yet have you? 🤣
  13. What are you eating tonight v2

    Roast belly of pork, crackling, roasties carrots and peas with leeks and bacon, all washed down with Rioja tinto.
  14. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Chimptastic result folks, well played DCFC now off to cook dinner and celebrate.
  15. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Rubbish fella, you had a bit of play last twenty minutes of first half, couldn’t score a sitter and went on to concede again in a second half that we had the best of, end of.

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