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  1. Agree, however the gozney rockbox is dual fuel, and most owners prefer to cook with gas.
  2. Thinking of getting a gozney rockbox pizza oven and doing Indian/kebab style pizzas as part of my pop up restaurant business, you know it makes sense.😂
  3. No mate I do pop up restaurants in Dorset mainly in micro bars, obviously redundant at the moment 👍😂
  4. I’ve got tables available in Christchurch, you know it makes sense 👍
  5. Shush.......trying to sound like a chef.
  6. Roast belly pork, roasties and mixed allotment vegetables, white sherry and garlic jus, all washed down with a glass of cider.
  7. froggg

    F1 2020

    What an exciting finish to the race today with all the blowouts, Lewis now only four wins behind Schumacher.
  8. Frittata, not for me so washed down with nowt.
  9. Roasted lamb meatballs in a puttanesca sauce, all washed down with a glass of IPA.
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