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  1. froggg

    Oh go on then, where are we eating?

    He opened one in Sandbanks a while back, wonder if Mel’s been in for Moules et Frites?
  2. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    Each to there own. 👍
  3. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    Have you ever tasted it though?
  4. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    Obviously with garlic chilli and mint.?
  5. froggg


  6. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    He’s done his research to be fair 🤣
  7. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

  8. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    Good memory 👍
  9. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    Or make the gif work, it is funny.
  10. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    Can @David delete this post as the gif wouldn’t have it😬
  11. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

  12. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    Do you mean crushed peas with chilli garlic and mint per chance owld bean?🤣
  13. froggg

    Christmas Dinner

    It’ll be a carvery extravaganza for about fifteen family and friends again this year, suspect chicken pork and lamb will be the fare, but certainly no turkey 🦃 😬
  14. froggg

    Aberdeenshire Rams

    It was with a ‘Wholly Humble Heart’ that I had the pleasure of meeting you two top Rams, (didn’t realise that Martin Stephenson and the dainties was on in Derby, gutted to have missed that) any way hope you had a pleasant journey back and we’ll see you next time.

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