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  1. Yeah that's what we're looking to do, we were just hoping we could do something to help this sale go through in the short term. Doesn't sound like there's an easy solution though unfortunately
  2. Evening All, Need a bit of advice if there are any legal eagles on this board? We're looking to move house and accepted an offer on our house and had an offer accepted on a house nearby. Our current house in on a Private Road which has a management company looking after the upkeep of the road. We're all directors of this company and all own one share. This was fine until they guy who did all the admin went through a difficult time and his wife acting on some dubious advice dissolved the company, another owner tried to sell her house and because of the all issues with the sale sued him. He started a new company to help with the sale but didn't transfer anything from the old company. Now whenever anyone sells a house in the street there are no end of problems with not being able to lift restrictions because of the old and new company mess. Our buyers solicitor has jumped on this and it looks as though the chain could collapse. I've spoken to Land Registry who said that it shouldn't be an issue for the sale to go through and then the buyers to register with them after but their solicitor won't hear of it. Anyone with any experience of this sort of thing and is there anything we can do to lift the restriction to enable the sale to go through?
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